Volumes - Hope Lyrics

All flashbacks lost in my way
Stuck on the black, smacked down on my face
Yea I've been handicapped by a ball and a chain
Locked down in my cell, four walls can relate facts
Little kid but a bigger world in the photograph
Out playin' but landed myself in Alcatraz
Outcast intact hooked to a polygraph
Lookin' to find myself but lost again like the artifact

Over yesterday
Stealin' hours away
It's all for nothing
Still I can relate
I'd love to think that you'll be fine
I get it out the way
Take another saint
It's all for nothing
Else but numbing the pain
And still I hope that you'll be fine

I've been trying to reach you
With these words that don't get into your head
All our bridges are burning
And there's nothing we can do but pretend and hope

Lost cause, can I still find hope?
Find a way to cope but I still need the antidote
Noose tied tight on the rope till I choke
But I won't stop breathing till the top of the slope
Say my prayers and put me down just to rest
All my demons be calling but I feel blessed
The needle callin' me, got me feelin' stress
Keep on waking up, another crest on the chest

Over yesterday
Stealin' hours away
It's all for nothing
Still I can relate
I'd love to think that you'll be fine
I get it out the way
Take another saint
It's all for nothing
Else but numbing the pain
And still I hope that you'll be fine

I've been trying to reach you
With these words that don't get into your head
All our bridges are burning
And there's nothing we can do but pretend and hope

So sick of the lies, the whole world just died
Just look at my eyes and then you realize
That I'm really just that high I OD'D and demised
And baby don't cry just pray up at the sky
Don't justify when I'm crucified
Then glorified and then amplified
And there's nothing we can do but pretend and hope

I've been trying to reach you
With these words that don't get into your head
All our bridges are burning
And there's nothing we can do but pretend and hope

Oh love, sing it to me
Say run, dare me to breathe
Show me the pattern now
And there's nothing we can do but pretend
And there's nothing we can do but pretend and hope
And hope

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Volumes Hope Comments
  1. Z0MBIEx


  2. James W.

    This rapper is missing something, something biological, something that starts with a c..... hmmmm

  3. Johnny Martinez

    That chorus tho 🔥

  4. Clubbed Seal

    Patiently waiting for a new album..


    Sounds like linkin park with chugs... what happened the drums sound so simple and just bland..

  6. Jordan Noel

    Definitly Linkin Park-ish, I love it

  7. Guillermo Pastrana

    0:47 "all the british are burning"

  8. Wings of Ashes

    "I've been trying to reach you,
    With these words that don't get into your head...
    All our bridges are burning
    And there's nothing we can do but pretend..."

  9. Sakata Gintoki

    this song isnt actually bad

  10. Bert Thibodeaux Jr

    R.I.P. Volumes

  11. Ian Wurtsmith

    this is fucking trash

    dastardly RUG 92019

    You're fucking trash

  12. BrandinoPulidoLA

    Jesus. After this album, Michael needs to come back and save this band. Sucks I only listen to VIA and No Sleep, but those albums I’ll never get tired of.

    Seab The Vortian

    i love Michael Barr a lot yet i don't want him back to Volumes... i mean, as Gus Farias is on this band, Volumes will be quite dead, if Barr decides to come back to Volumes, they will just hold Michael's carreer back, it will be completely counterproductive to Barr's curriculum...

    And yeah, VIA is a masterpiece.

  13. Erik Granados

    Hey guys! I uploaded a cover of this song on my channel, I hope y'all check it out and let me know what you think! 🤘🏼

    Cristal Greene

    hmm.. let's see. :)

  14. Isabella Rodriguez


  15. Kyle Abbott

    I think it would sound better as an instrumental (:

  16. Logan Kalber

    What happened to you Volumes?

  17. Cristian Andrade

    Diego's production truly shines on this song

  18. Heywood Yablowme

    These guys been killing it for years if you like one album I think you'll like them all fuck it roast me😂😂😂

  19. BK VJ

    Wow this is SO fucking DOPE


    similar to linkin park

  21. Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52

    What in good god fucking Christ is this?

  22. Marryon Lillibridge

    as a hip hop and metal fan this is fucking awesome

  23. Nicole L


  24. Arturo Garcia

    Thumbs up if you can't get the chorus out of your head/

  25. JetFire_The Wise

    your not a real metalhead if you only came here only for the rap verses!.. #JustSaying

  26. Holla0421

    They never fail to make my heart skip a beat❤🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘

  27. Kelsey Brown

    I love their growth and change. <3 Much love.

  28. DjHoUsE27

    Volumes has found the sound. Rock on

  29. MightyCoco94

    The song is alright but i feel like the whole rap thing they are trying to hard cause in all honesty the bars are shit.

  30. Sawyer Bateman

    What Volumes can do to make them not be pop punk anymore: Get rid of the new singer, get Barr back, let him lead the band, musically and lyrically, and get another guitarist. They kicked ass before. Now they're mainstream. Like their music video On Her Mind irritates me cause they make it look like a music video for a hip-hop or pop song. Old Volumes would have slapped New Volumes in the face for that.

  31. TeamSesh97

    gus dont be afraid to rap on your album buddy, u can do it as best as the others. please embrace that man, some bars on some sick djent grooves would be a game changer

  32. Gabe Clouse

    Every thing on the album

  33. Matthew Mccune

    God, it makes me vomit in my fucking mouth how people constantly over analying and criticizing every fucking band ever....WHO GIVES A FUCK! This shit is lit...and btw....they dont give a fuck a long with their fans...hate on ...this shit makes panties drop and sells shows out...so fuck you...

  34. Damar Hadi

    Awesome rap metal

  35. Kei TheKorono

    I love how far this band has come. Keep up the good work. Can't believe the views aren't higher...

  36. Rachel Dunn

    ok can yall recommend me bands similar to volumes?? 👀👀👀 im still listening to the same bands from '10 and i need halp lmaoo

    Erik Granados

    Rachel Dunn check out Blindspott or Blacklist (kinda of the same band)

    Wings of Ashes

    My Ticket Home!

  37. Brenda Smith

    My brother got me hooked on this song

  38. Steve Brown

    The cleans sound like Dead by April in this one.

  39. Allison Cruz

    Great song

  40. Martin Lowery

    I really connect personally with the lyricism in most their music. As a recovering addict, we have to reach out to those still fighting. They are fighting for their lives, every day and today it could be over. I'm really enjoying the new sound as well. More of a mainstream solid mix than the precursors, but still holding true to their originality of the low tuned guitars and tight knit sound. I wouldn't exactly call this pop in any form, but I love the rap; I love the melodic features and the screams mixed with the clean vocals. This is a production masterpiece.

  41. Dave k

    Garbage. RIP volumes

  42. Chris Swift

    1:50 2:03 i love that scream rap)

  43. Basic2Green

    I fucking love this song! Hands down best song on the album

  44. Athena

    Really digging this album!

  45. Ty Orf

    fucking dope. This album excels at being different without sounding like shit.

  46. あべんABΣИNISMΣ

    am i too late to know this album is lit af?

  47. Stevie's Universe

    Love the sound!

  48. Tiffanee Blue

    lost cause, can I still find hope?

  49. emocobra666

    cool cool song

  50. Fight Talk

    The bass line is absolutely sick.

  51. Tyler Seaver

    Fuck the hate, its lit

  52. Mirko Fustinoni

    Linkin Park goes djent.

    The album is growing, I prefer the old sound but this is just different, neither better nor worse.

  53. LEWZR

    best song Volumes have ever made besides Erased!

  54. Ashley Luchsinger

    Linkin Park much??? I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

  55. Over thought

    This song is sickly legit.

  56. Dimitris Vasileias

    I just can't get enough of those harmonies!

  57. Marc Hayden

    lol y'all haters mad cause volumes has changed up their game and it's amazing stop hating they didn't steal nun smh y'all need to learn

  58. Dumbass Libtardian The III

    turned into wigger core

    im retarted

    No, wiggers are 10x worse. Trust me.
    That would be the same as calling this "emo". HELL NO.
    Edit: Atleast it isnt ICP! lmao


    but the majority of the band is Hispanic... and the other singer is black

  59. Headphones z

    is this album about doing heroin? I'm confused

  60. MlgEinstien

    This is one of their best song I ever listen from Volumes

  61. Dr. Phil

    my girlfriend likes this song... that's how you know it's terrible..

  62. Jordan Osz

    Man oh man....

  63. TheOrangebox3

    Is it just me or do the lyrics seem directed at Michael Barr.. kinda makes me sad.

  64. Человек Человек

    I like that Volumes try something new, make experiments with their sounding! It's good that new album are sort of some gay music, it sounds great, professional) Go on, guys!

  65. Darwin Lopez

    Love it.

  66. Brent Edgell

    i think it's pretty ballsy of the vocalist....he was like "hey man, do you guys care if i start rapping? cause thats like what we should do" and everyone else was like..."uh..sure man"

  67. La Lewdzy

    As someone who has listened to Volumes from No Sleep, Via, and Concept of Dreaming. I can say that this new style, sound, and singer is what they need. I love the old Volumes but this, this is just breath taking to see a band that was barely even known across the internet, become so big and inspire so much as a matter of fact. Bringing on new fans who should really listen to Volumes from the older albums then reach on to this. Then they'll understand. Myke Terry is fucking amazing. The cleans make me wanna climax violently. Plus we have yet to hear his high screams and his growls. I mean, I heard it at the Mitch Lucker Memorial Show.

    im retarted

    Terry used to be the vocalist for Bury Your Dead where he did 2 albums as the lead vocalist and did heavy as FUCK screams. Also in Waves Control and Left For Dead he screams some repeated lines.

    Cameron Montour

    The Concept of Dreaming was life-changing.


    He also does some backup screams in feels good

  68. James Nester

    this album let me down so hard wow this shit sucks

  69. Diego Kingston

    This is shit is garbinnnnski

  70. Lord Bowser

    It's like what Linkin Park sounded like when they were still Metal/Rap.

    Johnny Martinez

    You mean before they grew up?

  71. Woe Woe

    Not a fan.

  72. bladexeon

    They need more of these cleans TBH. I know its not their style but damn theres so much potential there!

  73. Drake Schilling

    Interlude + Hope = Music video ;)

    Carlos Leiva

    Drake Schilling fucking hoping for that

  74. Steven Littleton

    this new album by volumes pretty good

  75. Frightlion

    Gus stop bringing your Rap project into Volumes, and head back to your roots. Thats how you got your fan base in the first place. Don't forget about us.

  76. Nick Vuolo

    Favorite track on the record.

  77. Mr.Clean

    Is there a genre that consists of hip hop and metal?


    TheGuitarist_Dude nu metal?

  78. Sntient


  79. Tan

    was so scared for this album. this is amazing.

  80. Quentin Backaert

    I was and still am the biggest fan of Via and No Sleep. But holy shit this new record is GREAT and fresh af. This band just keep getting better.

  81. TommyXIII

    This album is lit and Michael Barr's new music is lit. I wish Barr was still in Volumes but life is good.


    TommyXIII Myke Terry is an excellent replacement though. I think the band as well as Barr are all doing pretty well right now.

    Shane Crampton

    bruhhhh +1 is such a fucking banger of an ep

    Nigel Sayah

    Lit lol

  82. fountain 2345

    this is insane 🤘

  83. Searching For Nostalgia

    Always good stuff

  84. Brian Brooks

    I mean the rap isn't that great but this song is fucking beautiful

    Pitra Agung


  85. Jimmy Lynch

    Sooo who does the rap parts?

    David Fore

    Jimmy Lynch That would be Gus or Yogi whichever you prefer to call him.

    Jimmy Lynch

    David Fore oh rlly. I figured he only did the screams

    David Fore

    Jimmy Lynch There was an interview I watched and he mentioned/hinted at a song he rapped on. My guess is this would be that song.

  86. Mario Cipriano

    Any idea who that rapper is?

    Pitra Agung

    Gus/Yogi :v

  87. Monsieur Breakdown

    It's really cool, but a huge step back from VIA's compositions, still diggin' it

  88. PowerofMetal247

    I was kind of worried about the album when I heard On Her Mind but this song is fucking dope! Can't wait to hear the entire album.

  89. Ciroc Obama

    I have no clue why you wouldn't just change the bands name. oh right you still got the Mexican screamer who sounds like he has peanut butter in his throat. and dresses like a straight up wigger now. its clear someone you kicked out wrote all your previous music. embarrassing.


    dan pom is there any reason to mention his ethnicity? oh and if you dont like it just dont listen to it mate... theres no need to hate


    I can't stand rap in metal, whenever I hear it that's the end of the song for me. But this sounds so right! they didn't over do it. ie Hactivist hahahah smh


    Adam Hageman it doesn't matter i could list off other bands. they're the reason the rap metal stuff you somewhat like that came from bands like them or Korn or ratm


    Wordsmith so your telling me that because I like a modern metal band I automatically have to like slayer, or Metallica? that makes no sense.


    Wordsmith and I clearly just said that I don't like rap in metal so how are u going to say that I somewhat like it? I can't stand it. lol


    But you like Hacktivist tho lol. Ur butthurt relax dude


    Wordsmith do u not know how to read? when did I say I like hactivist? I said I don't like hacrivist cuz they over do it. hense the ie. how am I butt hurt. ur literally making no sense 😂

  91. ThatKiDwiththeDrums

    I shouldn't even like this but I love it.

    Paul Benoit

    ThatKiDwiththeDrums right?

  92. Oledole1337

    turned into Hacktivist


    it's all in the delivery. Hate Hacktivist and DVSR but Volumes do it differently.

    im retarted

    How the fuck can you hate DVSR?
    Guess you hate all rap metal then. The album they released is some of the most original, heavy, and insanely lyrical shit I've ever heard.


    it's just not dynamic vocally or instrumentally. It gets samey if you're just in it for the sonic aspect and not the lyrics/rap flow or whatever the fuck. Not my kind of shit. I'm just as picky about rap as I am about "rap metal"

    Arturo Garcia

    DVSR is awesome. So is Smash Hit Combo. This is just a bit more chill to listen to but also cool.

    Arturo Garcia

    @falt agreed. dem aussies are killing it. I also like smash hit combo from france too.

  93. Andrew smith

    Being someone who's listened to volumes since the good ol via days when they had 3 guitar players I can say this is such a great sound they have going it's a nice change because TBH this genre is so dead but they're changing the game

    Seab The Vortian

    ISSUES did this way before tho, they're not changing the game, they're just doing what they can do to be mainstream for a while and then they'll jump to the new sound, probably, i mean, isn't even the first time this band did that...

  94. Jaysus777Live

    wasnt too sure how id feel going in to this album. after about 6 listens now i can say i love the album and new sound Volumes has. This track might be my favorite

  95. Bryan Virula

    can anyone recommend me some songs from this band?

    Brixanna Giron

    Bryan Virula everything that they've done is amazing


    NickStone68 nah bro no sleep is fucking fire too, try pistol play n mixture n the 2nd track

    Greg Wright

    on her mind! 1st song i heard by them

    Aaron Lewis

    Bryan Virula edge of the earth

    Patrik Lenck

    Praetorian Foil The outro is awesome!

  96. Matthew Reid

    I really wish Volumes would blow up and go mainstream, they fucking deserve it

    Ghosty Frost

    They deserved it after VIA.  They no longer deserve it but ironically they prob will go mainstream.  I think that's their goal


    Matthew Reid i hope to god they dont, cause mainstream has always been shit, i want these bands to b not known. it feels more special to me

  97. Azure

    its deff different and as a longtime openminded volumes fan i can honestly say this isnt b bad at all 👽👍