Volumes - Hold On, We're Going Home Lyrics

I got my eyes on you, you're everything that I see
I want your hot love and emotion endlessly
I can't get over you, you left your mark on me
I want your hot love and emotion endlessly

Cause you're a good girl and you know it
You act so different around me
Cause you're a good girl and you know it
I know exactly who you could be
Just hold on, we're going home (going home)
Just hold on, we're going home (going home)
It's hard to do these things alone (things alone)
Just hold on, we're going home (going home)

[Verse + Hook]

[Bridge x2:]
You're the girl, you're the one
I gave you everything I loved
I think there's something, baby
I think there's something, baby


Home! Home!
Would you take me home?
Would you take me home?
Would you take me home?

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Volumes Hold On, We're Going Home Comments
  1. Dennis Mescall

    Best cover ever

  2. Mark Mora

    Ended up being one of my favorite Volumes song

  3. Cultyng M

    landon tewers did the best js

  4. Brad Giles

    Somebody needs to cover eyes closed by Halsey

  5. tweetonthis

    This rendition is so fucking much better just 🔥🤘🖤

  6. Kawaii Imouto

    I remember when Barr was in the band. Good times :(

  7. XxNyx NemisisxX

    Punk goes pop is rlly good for listening to pop songs without your reputation crumbling 😂

  8. MagicalCatClaw

    it's really good, but I don't feel like they put enough of themselves into it

    •Lady Skins•

    This was made back in 2012. They've changed a lot.


    •Lady Skins• I know. I listen to them. I still stand by my statement

  9. Nathan Streb

    Can't stand drake at all, but this cover goes hard and now have a reason to listen to this song. loved the lyrics but couldn't deal with drake.
    bravo volumes, bravo!


    Unbelievable good!!!! Awesome!!!!

  11. Justin Green

    What's band name

  12. really good

    This is an amazing cover. Simply great and I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner.

  13. Ralph Garrett

    I speak greater over your life!!!

  14. itsanolive

    anyone else think the singer sounds a bit like nick jonas

  15. matt mccauley

    I like the punk goes goes pop deal here only cause only the sorry ass ecuse for musicians theses guys cover makes this shit worth listening to. the original shit is trash. 90 plus % of these so called musicians dnt even write their own shit. fuck em all.

  16. Brittanie Chantel


  17. Hasnain Tinwala

    the original Is good bt this is far better than original

  18. Jason Field

    didn't really like this when it first came out and now it's one of my faves, the cleans are majestic

  19. Nick Kringle

    Good music is good music. Period.

  20. Kyle Inman

    Volumes' last good song... :/

  21. notrllyedgy

    0:46 Always catches me off-guard.

  22. Brian Bayer

    its a cover. yall need to chill.

  23. chantel memeow

    I'm in love 😍

  24. Matt Novak

    Barr killed it. No questions

  25. Notsosupermario 74

    First time I heard this version was at hot topic lol

  26. xxXxII24IIxXxx

    Pop goes djent?

  27. Tiago Prior

    How can I turn on the Volume? AHAHAHAH GET IT?!

  28. Fanny Bnrl

    Fav part from 0:47 to 1:02
    Idk it's just amazing

  29. Sweet Leaf

    Wow I got alot of catching up to due, how did I miss this one 💗 it

  30. Dustin Brinnon

    I'd listen to Drake... if all of his songs were covered by Volumes.

    Arturo Garcia

    Dustin Brinnon bruh...you're not wrong. I totally would too...

  31. Matthew Ramroop

    When the vocalist of Intervals can sing this song better than Drake himself, there's something definitely wrong...or right, depending on how you view this dilemma

    Salvatore Cusumano

    Drake isn't a singer. So, not really hard.

  32. Igor Aragão Silvestre

    That is the first time I listened to the original song before the cover released in Punk Goes Pop... That makes me triggered somehow!

  33. Grandpa Mosses

    this is really good

  34. Ruben Oolhorst

    this is lit

  35. John Lewis

    The original version is better.

    Pitra Agung

    John Lewis I think this one is better :)

    John Lewis

    Pitra Agung This version is pretty good too.

  36. James Bergeron

    Check out my piano cover with Volumes :)


  37. Susan Hergett

    wow its georgus I like this muuuch better than theoriginal

    Pitra Agung

    Susan Hergett definitely

  38. TheKuzzyOne

    Hi (sorry for my English)

  39. Lee Ara

    Best version of the song in my opinion.

  40. zuku uyanguren

    gosh gosh bang bang

  41. nacho Quijano

    eeeesa alto temaaaa

  42. JF Klumb95

    The clean vocals sound so familiar

  43. Warsam corso

    What is this shit ???what's appening tout volumes ??!omg

    Dakota Conley

    What's happening to your grammar? Omg!!!!
    No, but seriously. It's Punk Goes Pop, lol. All bands do >covers< differently.

    Warsam corso

    Im french sorry for my grammar lol

    Dakota Conley

    @Warsam corso Lol, it's all good bro. Just picking at you.

  44. Luiz Henrique

    Desculpa Drake, mas isso ta perfeito.

  45. Malik Hoff

    GOING HOME!!!!!!!!

  46. Snap C1ty

    That guitar slayssssssss

  47. vince2point1

    the moment when you know more metal bands than pop songs

  48. Spencer Guest


  49. Mr.Clean

    Sorry Drake cx

  50. Matt Magee

    There is aboslutely no gus in this lol


    Matt Magee there is though. better less than he's already got. mikes got such a nice voice

  51. Qurida Pearson

    TAKEN IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL💙 ❤️ 💙 ❤️ 💙 ❤️

  52. Austin V

    0_0 havent heard the original but GOD DAMN EPIC!

  53. PRAISEdaLloyd

    This is definitely the worst cover of the album.


    PRAISEdaLloyd there’s only 2 good songs on this album and one of them is definitely this one lol

  54. Audrey Owen Petrus

    This gave me chill. #VTEAM

  55. Trevor Green

    I want to learn how to play this on guitar, if anyone knows any tabs or tunings please let me know!


    +Martin Francisco nah most volumes songs are drop a# or below

    Martin Mikuška

    most used tuning is dropped A and dropped Ab/G#. They have few songs in dropped F# (only Mixture comes to mind), but most of the songs are written in dropped A flat.

    Trevor Green

    Im thinking drop g#, it sounds like it for the most part, thanks guys!


    The ending is in f#

    Kendall Estep

    +Trevor Green gotta get those slinky strings man for that big thick "djenty" sound. Well the strings might as well be slinkys but I meant the earnie ball slinky strings

  56. Ronit Mukherjee

    3:31 is beautiful <3

  57. Nadia

    Fuck me thos whole Album is fucking epic I'm so in love


    Prepubescent girls think this is so deep.


    +backdonutz2012 I just like more than one genre of music. Usually I listen to metal but I also like this. So whats the deal


    +Nadia The deal? Absolutely nothing.
    I like to bullshit people, occasionally.

  58. Tori Robinson


  59. Erxson Collier

    Man, the voice of vocalist that sing on the clean is soooo gooooddd. I'm in love with his voice ♥

  60. Keats Flores

    A band called HUNG blew this cover out of the water.

  61. cliftonc83

    Oh my gods! Guys! Nailed it!!!

  62. Erik Djuka

    voll die scheiße

  63. Yeol Apns

    Aquela música pra hora do gratino! <3

  64. cikei

    Volumes can make soils become good music :O what a miracle

  65. Christian Valencia

    To good

  66. Nathan Williams

    I'll listen to this version over Drake's any day of the week.

  67. Maxwell Max

    every Drake's song in cover is another level... OVOXO.

  68. Stephii Loveless

    this is better then the original.

  69. Kabuzino

    I've listened to volumes' songs but i find them too much brutal, hard screaming for the most part, i'm not a big fan of those. Someone can advise me bands that make song like this ? (I'm okay whith scremo, but not when it's only violent scremo during 4 minutes :') )

    Justin Robbins

    +Kabuzino Check out Emarosa


    +Kabuzino what the fucking cancer did you just say

    Chung Boul

    Infant Annihilator

  70. Chan Bunn


  71. Cheyenne Helis

    love this verson

  72. Judy L

    I love this! Beat's Drake all over the place.

  73. REVHΛN

    Hey guys check out my guitar cover of this song on my channel...Also had Erased 6 string cover

  74. xfterglow

    Oh my fucking god we've established that it isn't punk. It's just a catchy album title what's so hard to understand?? Most people will just listen to the damn thing without caring what its called as long as the content is still the same, why does it matter?? Not all catchy titles make sense.

  75. FadeItFilms

    I really do love Pop Goes Punk, but some of this stuff gets extremely cheesy, this song on the other hand is one hell of a song, and it really does beat the original. So bloody good.

  76. Kollapse Records

    this song is wicked sick like bad ass epic work

  77. Veggie GoodVibez


  78. Dedyouth

    Why is it that everything Volumes makes gives me goosebumps? Fuck xD

  79. Mike Sanchez

    I wanna Download this song! but for android...how do I do this?

  80. Katlyn Aguilar

    Is there a version of this without the cleans? I swear ive heard it but I cant find it anywhere

  81. AnnziaWolf

    Haha I think its really funny how so many people complain about music sounds unoriginal or "mainstream" because I would really like to see those people go make an original sounding piece of music and then come to me and tell me how easy it was =p that's just my opinion though ^^;

  82. MexiSpartano

    Still sounds better than that terrorist drake can ever do.

  83. Rafa Carvajal

    Take that pop culture, we just made chicken soup out of chicken shit!

  84. ComplexWarfare

    Holy shit who cares if it isnt punk its still amaximg music you wanna bitch about it make a complaint box and shove your shit in there no one wants to hear a bunch of pricks disliking music in the comments we wanna see people having fun and talking to each other

  85. Timmy Foster

    This isnt Punk.

    Kozliek, Butcher of Truth

    +Timmy Foster and you're not punky.

  86. crystal black


  87. Mrsbarger878 081612

    Loved it.. That voice omg yes

  88. Fancy McReynolds

    This is by far my favorite cover on this volume of Punk Goes Pop. His voice is freaking beautiful. My god. And I actually really like how there isn't a lot of screaming. That's why I love Punk Goes Pop. I love the rock sound but I'm not into screamo so I love it when there isn't much screaming. Honestly, they did an amazing job. Way better than the original.

  89. Trevor Carrigan

    Shit no wonder Casey's voice sounds familiar, he used to be in Periphery

  90. jCat Prod.

    Stopped following when I heard No Sleep. Such a sad deal here. What a waste of talent.

  91. Talking in Whispers

    I listen to this song. A lot.

  92. alice margereta

    Djent goes pop


    +alice margereta was looking for this comment hahah

  93. Woley Woah

    Original is great. This is also great

  94. Ray Walsh

    Omfg these cleans are a gift from cuthulu

  95. iammyownghost

    this isnt even punk just pop

  96. Alessandro Nascimento

    Metalcore forever <3

  97. Josh Kennedy

    it's a great song