Volumes - Coming Clean Lyrics

There's nothing that I can't control
I'm living like an animal
Can't even feel the love no more
And I don't even think I have a soul

Always feeling like a black hole
Light one up and then I always end up being afloat
Got me fucked up waking up in Baltimore
Heart and soul swallowed whole always feeling low

Am I living a lie can't even trust myself (am I lost or found)
Look into my eyes can't you see I need help (I think I'm lost not found)

Will we ever learn man take it easy there's no reason
Leaving behind thinking for a feeling that is fleeting
The pain of waking up to what you've built around you crumbling
Will we ever learn man take it easy there's no reason

Damn living near impossible
Got me jumping through these obstacles
Rappin' now scream inaudible
Reinvent the steel yea its phenomenal

I've gotta make up my mind before I lose myself (am I lost or found)
Inside I'm falling behind scared to say I need help (I think I'm lost not found)

Coming clean I've been so high for too long
Finally I've found the strength to hold on

Am I living a lie can't even trust myself (am I lost or found)
Look into my eyes can't you see I need help (I think I'm lost not found)

Will we ever learn man take it easy there's no reason
Leaving behind thinking for a feeling that is fleeting
The pain of waking up to what you've built around you crumbling
Will we ever learn man take it easy there's no reason

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Volumes Coming Clean Comments
  1. The Antarctica Project


  2. mad traz


  3. Ali Adi Saputra

    Sounds like Linkin Park - Point Of Authority ?

  4. SIXX 662

    Gota linkin park vibe

  5. OmizaruHaven

    Got those Intake feels

  6. Turd Sandwich

    I love it

  7. Mikus Palmis


  8. Mailer Daemon

    love this song love you guys!!!

  9. Timexdistance

    Someone was passing stickers for this album out at a falling in reverse concert I went to last month. I placed it on the back of my skateboard:) good stuff

  10. Arcdemon44

    Ep was decent but for me this is the standout track, easily my favorite.


    I thought coming clean was definitely the best then throughout last few weeks ALIVE has become my favorite I think.. Really hoping they continue with this sound on next full length. It just borders mainstream for more ppl to listen. Trying hard to get these guys on local radio every week but they always give me the rundown, labels blah blah blah, which is BS. A band like Volumes deserves a chance for the masses to hear them on local radio.

  11. Jordan Saks

    Heavenly <3

  12. Indra Jaya

    this ep is soooooo damn good,no sleep and via vibes woooho


    Genuinely been loving everything that Volumes has been doing since their first single for Different Animals that got so much flack. They're walkin' in Grace of the Spirit with no fear and it's a true inspiration... I'm proud of these dudes :)

  14. Thaynan Almeida

    Chega até arrepiar!

  15. Parkway Driver

    Djent goes pop...

  16. The Banished Child

    Fuck i can't get enough of this song!!!

  17. KonceptZ

    This album makes me want to fall asleep. Not the Volumes I used to love.....

    Chris Cole

    then find a new band cause clearly you arent a true fan. we dont need you here


    @Chris Cole just because you are a "true" fan, you are going to make yourself believe this album is good? Cmon dude. I've seen Volumes 3 times. I love them. But this album is fucking trash.

  18. Joshua Valdez

    Hell yeah brother



    I dig this a lot!

  20. Calibur43

    1:50 is that Different Animals - Pullin’ Shades atmosphere they should nail again for this next album as well.

  21. Jamen Muxworthy

    The only actually good song off of the new ep


    You should def give ALIVE another listen!

  22. The Sight Of Impact

    This song is freaking amazing!!! 🔥VOLUMES IS LIFE

  23. Henrique Fratus

    Banda boa pra caramba super fã 🖤🤘🇧🇷

    Dexx CWS

    Muito foda o som dessa banda!

  24. Øzzie Beatz

    Best song on new album 🤘🏻

  25. Salvatration

    Literally only No Love and Until the End are decent tracks. These other four are hot fucking garbage. Volumes continues to be a waste of time since Different Animals.

  26. George Achu Chirayil

    this is good music. I needed this shit right now.

  27. Sweet Leaf

    Loving the shout out to Bmore 🤘💖

    Jordan Saks

    me too from Baltimore!!!! Volumes forever!!!

  28. fantasma

    terry's doing a work that is beyond great. i'm sure Michael feels proud of Volumes.

    Athos Oliver

    @Yung Yogi you're keeping volumes better and better <3

  29. Anna Oggier

    this is making me so excited that VOLUMES IS BACK!!!!!! the song is just the right amount of heavy and just great!! i love it because its a nice blend of tones and really is a great song to jam to!!!

  30. JoeyBurger121

    I could go without the first 30 seconds tbh but the rest of the song makes it worth it

  31. JoeyBurger121

    Groovy as FUCK. Thank you Volumes

  32. AlexInRevolt

    This shit hits hard 👊🏼 loving the new volumes

  33. DrumsAndMetal

    I'll stick to wormholes.

  34. J Bowzur

    I miss tracks like “the mixture” and “wormholes”


    True Volumes fans def agree. I miss bouncing with their songs rather than falling asleep.. I was worried when No Sleep came out because I only liked half the songs. Different animals came out and I was outta there lmao

    Brandon Whitaker

    And edge of the earth.. this new shit is wack tbh i jam volumes almost every day for years. I feel like i have a right to kind of complain

    Josh Stern

    Michael bar isn’t here that’s why

    Aaron Corneau

    I mean I get ya'll, but damn.. Wormholes a good song, but it isn't THAT good. Not saying this is a masterpiece, but this EP is solid


    @FamineSSBM I guess im not a true fan. I became a fan after DA. I always thought they were decent but to me the song writing is overall much stronger on the more recent stuff. To each there own.

  35. Jartyom

    Love when they include rap into their songs and they do a great job on blending them together like in this song, Hope, and On her Mind


    Jartyom u jus named the only 3 songs where they incorporate rap vox. but nevertheless i agree, other bands like memphis may fire nd the word alive that have tried rap verses have seemed very forced nd cringey. only volumes, dvsr, and hacktivist can do it right

    Jugal Gogoi

    @TeamSesh97 agree,i think because Gus is an actual rapper, the raps seems to sound natural, not forced as you have mentioned the few other bands.

    Butters Stotch

    I know, Pouya went hamlet on “on her mind”.

  36. Lucas Shaw

    Post-Hardcore Malone

  37. Dat Boi

    this made me cum

  38. TBT_Jerry

    This slaps hard

  39. mpk 666

    This song is my least favorite so far. I really don't like bands trying to implement rap but not quite getting it. It almost never sounds good. This really disappointed me compared to the other tracks.

  40. FairlyUnknown

    Hard pass. All it took was 5 seconds in with that "Wooooaah" and I knew it was going to be pretty bad. The rest of the song went exactly as I expected too. The real song should have started at 1:48 onward because that was at least good. I appreciate the lyrics that went into this but it just didn't gel properly.

  41. daniel fishkind


  42. Dr. Phil

    This new papa roach is really gay

  43. Joshua Martonyak

    Anybody else feel it at the 1:50

    Dan Fair

    deftones vibeeeeeeeee

  44. Bortmanola

    Get Scared and Volumes in the same month... i so fucking happy!

  45. cole tanner

    bad djent. sounds like limp bizkit or tryhard linkinpark


    W h a t. They have this kind of sound since forever. How the fuck does this sound anything like LP or Bizkit?

  46. henry danger

    Beatiful voice🤘

  47. Zack Goeken

    Okay, this song got me when it went from rapping to singing to screaming. Pretty dynamic vocals.


    oh boi, is this nu-metal?


    I'll say it... give me Limp Bizkit over this


    CPGZDNCND ur prob referring to the vocals but i got some nu-metal vibes from certain riffs throughout the ep. but overall this is definitely not nu-metal... sworn in nd alpha wolf is nu-metal

    Davide Marconi

    Nu metal revival

  49. David Tordoff

    What ever happened to the old volumes. This is shit.

  50. Juliano Sena

    Que lindo!!! 👏👏👏

  51. The ABacross

    DJENT is present and I'm glad they're not going in trends and staying heavy. Thank you for not going Trap Metal like I Prevail did.


    I prevail is bullshit.... Plus Volumes has better clean vocal than them

    Angiras Darbha

    Wut? Did I miss something? Explain the I Prevail thing

    Davide Marconi

    I Prevail are a band for trends

  52. 44bobito

    this song sounds great

  53. Ernie Sanchez

    Bought time they dropped some new shit.

  54. James Murphy

    Even my cats have bonerz

  55. rocknroller 418

    Hope (part 2)

  56. kourey wheeler

    Been listening to this since I woke up at 7 now I’m at work I have this ep on repeat I got used to it fast it only gets better every time I listen VOLUMES thank you so much cause your about to get me through my day.

  57. Frak The Gods

    Djent is life

  58. ngi productions 808

    Mmm better last album vro

  59. soft punk

    been listening to he is legend have we??

  60. Blonde Ambition

    Intro hooked me hella quick- the rest just got better and better. Love this

    spike james

    Yeah i got hooked fast man

  61. Ana Morales


  62. Christian Rodríguez


  63. MetaXDeathCore

    Nice 😉👌🏻

  64. Angel De La Cruz

    Ah yeah!

  65. Noah Harned

    God guitar parts are so generic. Same old watered down djent wanking. They are lucky the tone is good.

    Joey Stout

    Hey that's y'alls opinion if they weren't growing they wouldn't still be relevant

    soft punk

    @DNMii damn, i'm shook!!!!!!! hahahah


    @soft punk I got really triggered OMEGALUL

    soft punk

    @Yung Yogi the root of the problem is bands that suck are trying to play like meshuggah lol

  66. Ethan Smith

    volumes is so good!

    Noah Harned

    *were* good


    Was*** so good

  67. Deprived Scum

    The guitar sounds so grimey, i love it!

  68. Vagrant Ender

    Fuck yea this is the best song

  69. spacetape

    second to comment

  70. HUESO clash of clans

    First to listen