Volumes - ALIVE Lyrics

Am I alive (locked away locked away again)
We're living a lie (no escape no escape from this)
Why couldn't I make you see
Should've been there
Saved you from the light

Should've made things right
Now I'll never get the chance to
Tell you exactly what you mean to me
I should've got the chance to
Tell you exactly what you mean to me
And I wish you were here
Falling down
Watch me drown
Falling down

Am I alive (locked away locked away again)
We're living a lie (no escape no escape from this)

I ask you please don't give up
Devil inside don't know who to trust
I promise you live through us
There's nothing to discuss

Pick you up and don't let you fall
Don't take it there when I risked it all
If I could take it back I'd answer your call

Falling down
Watch me drown
Falling down

I miss you on days like this
Now in my heart and my mind
Carry the thought of you with me

Am I alive (locked away locked away again)
We're living a lie (no escape no escape from this)

Pick you up and don't let you fall
Laid to rest for once and all
See you again some were that I know
I will go

Am I alive
We're living a lie

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Volumes ALIVE Comments
  1. Drake Schilling

    volumes is finished. Enjoy their old music and this. Because Not only is michael barr out but Gus, also heard Diego is leaving since gus was kicked out. Change the band name please before you guys ruin the legacy of volumes.

  2. Justin Walker

    Jammin!!! Love the new stuff

  3. JEOismyname

    Love this song

  4. Scuzzy

    please use this style more(this song in specific) in your new album. god damn

  5. Alex Yepez

    the cover art looks like a character from hellraiser

  6. Davide Marconi

    I feel those clean vocals

  7. BigMittenGaming

    It's like Demon Hunter meets Atreyu with a dash of killswitch. That's a great thing. Love this EP and the different sounds. It shows versatility and that they can be heavy and also catchy and melodic radio quality songs. This song could no doubt be on local rock station in Detroit area. Already been trying to get Coming Clean on local radio peoples choice. More ppl deserve to listen to you guys. I expect to hear you guys on the radio soon! (and no, radio play is NOT a negstive thing.

  8. Diamondboi88

    I love volumes. 👍

  9. Brian Deel

    Mixed with some deftones and killswitch. Dig it.


    I hear demon hunter, atreyu, and killswitch.... And that's a big compliment.

  10. Mikus Palmis

    Dude on the cover looks hella inebriated... but hella introspective too...

  11. Justin Walker

    Nice!!!! Good stuff

  12. CosmicQuaesitum

    New listener here! Tbh this song is amazingggggggg but im nit a screamo type tho such a shame :(


    But this isn't screamo tho.

  13. Allan Bloodworth


  14. Mark T

    wow its so generic. such a shame good bands end up completely devoid of what made them appealing in the first place. from djent to mainstream rock?

  15. Steven Kindred

    Anyone else thought of Howard from Killswitch @ 2:15????

    Kenny Hager

    Howard from Light the Torch?


    @Kenny Hager Light the Torch is underrated as helllll. They go hard

  16. Joseph Bastidas

    Myke was such a great addition to Volumes. Loving this.

  17. Jules

    Definitely my favourite song of the new ep! So happy they're back with new music, hope to see them on tour soon!!

  18. HIGHTS


  19. Morgan Arment

    Love when song have personal relevance, I can definitely relate to these lyrics & that’s what I love most. Fingers crossed y’all tour through Seattle! 😍🤘🏼

  20. Brianna Hecht

    11/10 my favorite song from this EP. A super close friend of mine and I just had a huge falling out and this song hits home. Love you guys, glad there’s new music ☺️❤️
    Please come up to Rochester before September, or Cleveland or Columbus in the fall 😂😂

  21. MetalDragon

    Bringing the 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Christopher Lane

    My favorite song upon my first listen. Now this song hits me harder than before. Thank you Volumes for this song 💜

  23. Steven Kindred

    You can feel the fucking meaning in this track & it’s so balanced & refreshing. The whole EP is a banger. Looking forward to the new album.

  24. thycreator3296

    This is the third song in a row that started with a snare hit LMAO

    bby shan

    what's funny about that? idk shit bout drumming lmfaoo :(

  25. daniel fishkind


  26. kourey wheeler

    When the fuck are you coming to the east coast I need to see you guys

  27. Adam Ashton Kinion

    Well done

  28. Yo !

    Nosfa! Que agressivo!

  29. The Average Guy

    This has some "No Sleep" vibes to it. Good thing that they're in the melodic route to this one. Respect.

  30. TBT_Jerry

    Thank you for this song Volumes
    It’s a song I didn’t know I needed during this moment in time
    Thank you

  31. David Tordoff


  32. 44bobito

    this song sounds great

  33. Samuel Dhampir

    I wish they utilized Myke’s cleans more.

    matt kilty

    They do in different animals

  34. ROARraps

    Love the backup vocals!

  35. Kamil

    Love the tune - Love Volumes with Myke Terry. This track may be the best from the EP - I really hope Fearless Records
    that there will be a CD edition to purchase (I'm an old school) need to own physical media, digital is like funny for me...

    Pasta Yogi Investigative Reporter

    Bless you man. Aint many left like you!


    @Pasta Yogi Investigative Reporter I ain't owning an album until I can grab it into the hand and put into the player or LP on a record player. It's sad that it's dying but tbh - who will buy digital album if he can have a CD for same price? Just wondering ;)

  36. Les Fourmies

    tasty as always

  37. Hawken Valhalla

    One of the only good songs on the EP. Pretty big downgrade from their last record imo. They are underutilising the clean vocalist on most of the songs with this one and 'coming clean' being the exceptions. They also seem to have lost most of the groovy riffs from the previous record, which is a shame as its what made that album stand out.

    Christian Castillo

    Also this EP as a whole is better than Different Animals

    Hawken Valhalla

    @Christian Castillo False.

    Christian Castillo

    Hawken Valhalla you just don’t know what groove is lmao

    Hawken Valhalla

    @Christian Castillo Sure thing buddy. Keep spreading fake news.

    Christian Castillo

    Hawken Valhalla LOL

  38. turboneon414

    Sure people will like this but god is this awful, band used to be so good.

  39. Monique T.

    This ones my fave so far

  40. TGW Meijer

    this is awesome i discovered them a year ago in the end of april. And now this EP, brings some nostalgia with it


    You should hear their old shit

  41. RethXia

    The vocal tone on the album is very low, but overall beautiful

    Michael Lord

    likely a mix decision...it forces you to rock out the track to get the vocal where it feels powerful. psycho-acoustics at work.

  42. tenaciousjoe24

    I hear that bass creeping in volumes. I see you

  43. A-LOW Rx


  44. Dogst st

    This one is already my favorite song!!

  45. Noah Harned

    This one's not bad

  46. Logan Johnson

    The clean and harsh vocals lack cohesion unfortunately. Edge of the earth would be a prime example of this band doing it right. Just my .02

  47. James Murphy

    Why do we drive on parkways but park on driveways?


    And why do we broad on broadways and walk on boardwalks!? George Carlin wants to know!


    Cuz parkway drive

    James Murphy

    Yes butt piss

  48. Tantania Phifer

    I think this one is my favorite!! :)

  49. James Buchanan

    Absolute 🔥🔥🔥

  50. Joswen Ginorio

    Wtf! This came like an RKO out of nowhere.

  51. Ryan B

    This will take a long time to get used to

  52. rocknroller 418

    A new album? Hell yes

    Roy Navi

    it's EP

  53. Aaron Chapman


  54. Nikhil Shakya

    Now this is good