Volumes - Affirmation Of Ascension Lyrics

Maintain a perfect picture for a perfect time
Everyone was guided towards the truth
The message of the entire world would rest on the back of me

In the end of it all, it comes down to one or two things
And if you got money
Then I got money
Why would you take credit for what you didn't create?
The mission of three hundred solid

We will be given wings
Explosions in the sunset
Igniting in my mindset
Just follow me into the clouds
Where we lay all of our secrets down
Drop to my knees
While we were given freedom
Never have I gone this far with any help
An honest approach to living
And learning about myself
Well goodbye for now
I'm chasing it down

I've worked so hard
To make this moment mine
You will hear my voice above the rest
You'll watch me shine
I've worked so hard
To make this moment mine
You will hear my voice above the rest
You'll watch me shine

Reminiscing of the days
Where you used to be someone
A shinning a spectacle so far from reach
Decades later we had encountered
A final time
I walk in silence passing by
Like a diamond
Like there is no one left
With money to be made
Quit lying to yourself and make the move

Let's get one thing straight man
Yeah you're filthy fucking rich right?
Let's get one thing straight man
All my life I've been trying to
Make money mean something to me

All my life I've been trying to make
Make money mean something
All my life I have been trying to
Make money mean something to me

I've worked so hard
To make this moment mine
You will hear my voice above the rest
You'll watch me shine

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Volumes Affirmation Of Ascension Comments
  1. Curt Fuego



    1:56 you watch me shyte

  3. Zachary Hernandez

    My brother wrote the lyrics

    Curt Fuego

    Zachary Hernandez he might be lying to u

  4. Andy Ruane

    Let's get one thing straight man, so you're filthy fucking rich right?!

  5. Naz Idoura

    The first 1:10 was gold.

  6. Max Miller

    Favorite chorus on the album

  7. Z Man

    I've worked so hardddddddddd

    Erick Souza

    To make this moment mineeeeeeee

    Dez Gaming

    Lmao right when he said those lines I read both comments I'm dead 🤣🤣

  8. Sahil Vaidya

    3:22 makes me want to kick the wall and break my leg

  9. wwejeffhardy619TV

    What the fuck time signature shit is happening in the first 0:16 seconds? Someone with a good music theory background please explain


    It sounds like a 4/8 to me or a 4/4.

    Max Miller

    its 4/4. you can always tell by the backround cymbals. If the cymbals are too complex, try keeping an easy fluid tempo and if you cant keep the same beat then the time signature is off to some degree. The entire song is in 4/4


    It's all 4/4. Just wonky as shit.

  10. Amanda Jezick


    Gabriel Patrick

    Yesssss this is now a classic misheard lyric

  11. Alex Menendez

    3:33 is the angriest entry into a breakdown I've ever heard.

  12. JordanDoesStuff

    The fucking chorus. So sick.

  13. Shelton McNab

    3:24 "lets get one thing straight man, get your filthy fucking french fries..." lol

  14. Tommy Gunnz

    With your filthy fucking french fries!!! ;)

  15. El Eulz

    Oh my god your band is so awesome

    Where can i download Via free ?

    Gojira The Gamer

    you cant love them that much if you want their album free...

  16. Tyler Blue

    Volumes are seriously raw. So pumped for their new material.

    Zachary McIntosh

    +Andrew Sousa all day. no sleep is garbage next to this.

    Kyle Abbott

    agreed this album is flawless like northlanes old stuff so much better then now. A new singer or changes in bands can really ruin everything. Just look at suicide silence after they lost mitch it was never the same.

    Jslim Threenine

    This comment didn't age well.

  17. Ya Boy Jojo

    "Get your filthy fucking french fries." 3:27

    Justin Stransky

    Lol!! Isn't it "yeah your filthy fucking rich, man!" I hope it is that...I been singing that line for 3 straight months now!!.....I dont want to sing about filthy fucking French fries....🤔😒😞....actually??? THAT SOUNDS FUCKIN GRAND!!! IM GOING TO GO GET SOME FILTHY FUCKING FRENCH FRIES!!!🤑🤘👍

  18. Sean T

    Volumes sound nothing like BOO. Especially BOO after A Higher Place.

  19. Andrew Robertson

    Clearly you've never heard Born of Osiris.

  20. Daniel Wolk

    The albums alright....not the greatest but its alright. Need to step it up a little bit though.


    this albums a masterpiece

    Justin Stransky

    Are you kidding me?? Please tell me your talking about the album different animals.? There's no fucking way you're talking about VIA!!VIA was the greatest fucking djent album ever made, and ever will be made!! a true Masterpiece 110% across-the-board!! no one can touch it... who's going to touch it???😕 seriously??? NAME one better album that's djent than that one!!! not going to happen dude!!! AND DONT SAY ERRA!! THOSE GUYS BLOW!!!🤮🖕🤬

  21. OhItsTiFred

    he's mexican don't expect too much of him

  22. Cragmortis

    They have that new age awakening message. Makes people think more about the all instead of the small. How we are part of the universe and our minds are free to explore it.

  23. Jacob Miller

    honestly. I don't know a single band that gets me pumped and jumping like these guys.

  24. JosieLand~

    i love it :D

  25. Lucas Sheldon

    I definitely should

  26. Stephan nfsjytjy

    Fight him.

  27. Seth Black


  28. Zachary Tomlinson

    Whoa! I just realized starting around 1:12 there is a really awesome melodic guitar piece going on in the back! Someone needs to remix this so that can come out more.

  29. nick nasty

    The second vocalist sounds like Saud Ahmed from The Crimson Armada

  30. Zach Kerekes

    yeah you're filthy fucking rich right?...obviously haha dafuq french fries

  31. Lucas Sheldon

    People who leave comments like that annoy the shit out of me.

  32. AxcepT


  33. Vincenzo Coppola

    this band marks a new era for the "CORE" music

  34. D Mood


  35. Bedds Marie

    Hands down, this is my favorite Volumes song<3


    French fries are Belgian.

  37. MOUNTAINS MusicChannel

    puuaaaooo tenenenennenen new naa teenenene.........0:34 tenenenneuet tennenuet

  38. camr666

    i dont think it sounds like either of those bands. but ok haha

  39. Anthony Leber

    So groovy =)

  40. Kasey C. Jarrell

    This video rocks out loud

  41. SimqleHD

    HAHAHA <3

  42. SimqleHD


  43. IWonderIff

    Definitely a more nifty and fun song to rock out to, on guitar AND drums!

  44. Austin W

    3:20 ahmazing

  45. M Sw

    I think Volumes sounds like fucking Volumes they really don't remind me of any other band sooo.

  46. DarkPassenger

    HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHHA OMG. Im cryingg hahahahaah lmfafaaoooo

  47. Jp Alva

    Dnt u get this about the illuminati for reals listen to colombian faction

  48. Mitch Adair

    fuck yea dude thanks for pointing that out

  49. VVORMWOOD____


  50. ChazONfirE

    The BoO was to throw ppl off lmao but this shit right here that is volumes grooovesss !
    \\nn// (0) .. (0) \\nn//

  51. Bavo Vanneste

    Yeah you're filthy fucking rich right?

  52. Vaughn Blesser


  53. Evan Stiner

    sounds like youre a dumbass... Just saying.

  54. Josh Lenz

    A+ for the music, weird lyrics tho...

  55. Spaz IsNot

    @TigerBloodElite Also, if you don't compare bands, how do you know who's best? Lol

  56. Spaz IsNot

    @TigerBloodElite Oh I'm sorry. I don't need thumbs up to know I'm right. ;)

  57. Lavaalamp

    it doesn't even sound like BoO lol

  58. TidaLwaveMedia

    Volumes and Structures TEAR! Emmure licks off!

  59. Kasumi Mode

    All. My. Life. I've been trying to. MAKE! Make money mean something. 3:49 I love that part.

  60. theguymanish

    please tell me more about your degree in music theory? berkley you say?

  61. TK Dub

    I don't know about you guys. But they sound like Volumes to me.

  62. ChazONfirE

    I think this sounds more like born of osiris then emmure ..... Noobs

  63. Javla dod

    these guys sound like emmure? yeah maybe if emmure didn't blow horse cock

  64. Jordan Alexander

    Amen to Abstract Art.

  65. Alex Monro

    Abstract Art & Open Arms to Damnation are still my favourite BOO breakdowns.

  66. Aric

    All my life i've been trying to make money mean something to me.

    powerful line.

  67. DarkPassenger

    You are 9000% correct. I really hate fools.

  68. Spaz IsNot

    @TigerBloodElite - You obviously don't listen to many breakdowns. The breakdown you speak of doesn't even come close to comparing to the intensity, the beauty, or the complexity of most, but specifically, Born of Osiris. (Before 'The Discovery' album, their music was all based on ever changing breakdowns) Breakdowns that would make you cheer out loud for the band without control.

  69. Tyler Gates

    @ThreeTowerCity Aw damn, I just commented the same thing before seeing this. You beat me to it :/

  70. Tyler Gates

    3:24: Let's get one thing straight man, get your filthy fucking french fries!

  71. Grindy McBlast

    emmure sucks. volumes owns yuh fuckahs.

  72. Adrian Lopez


  73. Lavaalamp

    @ThreeTowerCity even those last two words aren't lyrics, that made me laugh

  74. Daniel Sepp

    this band is a gift for music.

    haters = epitome of shit. please, learn to listen...

  75. Endorphin

    These guys and Structures kind of sound the same. I am not saying that is a bad thing hough :)

  76. Carlos Barbosa

    what is this song about?

  77. OnlyBadSalmon

    @guruman112 what?

  78. melkyyy53

    Their drummer is so good it pisses me off. -_-

  79. A Thom

    @iFilm732 Hahhah I noticed that too was about to post it hahahahah

  80. bulletproofscales

    Amazing band, fuck the haters.

  81. frizzybob

    ^ do you ever realise how retarded you sound ?

  82. matthiacal1203

    wow for someone to even compare them to emmure. those r people that shouldnt even be able to criticize music bc clearly they dont know good tunes

  83. Russell Fang

    @sumeetsxesingh I absolutely love volumes.But my fav band right now is universum.But i hate all the hate that volumes is getting they should be getting recognition not bullshit

  84. Russell Fang

    @sumeetsxesingh Yeah i know :D.But like thats what it sounded like to me when i first heard this song.

  85. 22wwert

    3:43 someting something

  86. 22wwert

    3:46 "something something"

  87. Nick Foley

    @DylonIsTehName oh, dude I can follow that. I hated Between The Buried and Me when I first heard them because of Tommy's rough vocals, but shit, the band wouldn't be the same without him. And now, he's got one of the best solo prog albums out and front man to the top progressive band in the world! YUH BTBAM

  88. Jarrod Barnes

    @baseball1441 yeah i did lol

  89. TouchableGore

    @armysoldier921 Minus Legend and add Counterparts!

  90. astronomicat

    september 27th, all the best music came out that day

  91. guitargod909

    I don't get it, Does the drummer just use his bass drum every time the guitarist strums? It's kind of annoying.

  92. xdeadmeatx

    So many people are hating on this band because they heard other people hating on them and jumped on board. The emmure comparisons are simply dumb, and calling them deathcore because they have 'djent' riff breakdowns is silly. They're hardcore playing with a djent tone and all of a sudden they get 1000% more criticism than they would if they used a marshall amp with everything cranked to 11.

  93. Jarrod Barnes

    @VeritechVF1A Troll harder candy ass

  94. evaninboots

    i know its all about the music, but seriously does anyone else no what the title of the song is talking about? it seems like everyone is still fucking ignorant to the changes taking place on this planet

  95. Joseph Leonard

    @MattPlaysDrums187 Volumes and In Dying Arms

  96. Joseph Leonard


  97. Matt Altomare

    two best bands: Between the Buried and Me & Between the Buried and Me

  98. Ramiro Garcia

    @YourParentsRDivorced ignorant or right?? ya now u look dumb