Voltaire - Worf's Revenge (BiTrektual Version) Lyrics

I'm the order of the Bat'leth
Son of Kahless
Your family has no honor
But I couldn't care less
I was born to kill Federation swine
And I celebrate with a barrel of blood wine

I drink the Raktajino, I eat the gagh
When my homies get to Sto'Vo'Kor I yell "qa'plagh!"
'Cause I'm the chief commander on a Bird of Prey
I wake up every morning out to own the day
I'm the MacDad Klingon when I beam on board
I was at the signing of the Khitomer Accord

I never sweat about a Romulan dude
He's just a limp-wristed Vulcan with a bad attitude
And they're sly and they be telling lies
A shout out to Martok who lost an eye
To the dominion, and the Jem'Hadar minions
I'm on them like a transwarp engine
Fear my snarl heed my speech
Watch me blow like a warpcore breach

I'm not a lowly white p'tak like that Barclay guy
I don't need a holodeck to get a parma'kai
When the ladies see the beast I got between my thighs
They say "Perhaps today is a good day to die"
I hit Ezri, Troi, Jadzia too
Watch out Janeway I'm coming for you
Cause I'm the MacDad Klingon with the humanoid bitches
Cause my head ain't the only part of me that's got ridges

I've got the visions of Qo'noS on my mind
I've got visions of Qo'noS on my mind
I get visions of Cardassia on my mind
And that my boot smells like Gul Dukat's behind

I hate the Tribbles
Those little furry shits
But I love my Klingon bitches
Cause they've got three tits
I got a dagger and a bat'leth in my hand
If you were any other man
I'd kill you where you stand

I killed Captain Kirk
I killed Picard
I bitchslapped Riker like a Klingon Targ
Cause my name is Worf, I'm the son of Mogh
Ex-Federation officer and Klingon rogue

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Voltaire Worf's Revenge (BiTrektual Version) Comments
  1. Marina García

    This at 1.25 is too good man XDDD

    Il Pirata della Luna

    You're right!😂😂

  2. Chaos Bearded Gaming and more

    Mr Voltaire can u make a How to play When You're Evil I need to learn

  3. Majorcaro

    I love this song.

  4. Good morning Hinata-Kun :3

    Man I can't wait for the Voltaire Dubstep album to come out

  5. Good morning Hinata-Kun :3

    Voltaire rapping Has science gone too far?

  6. The Good Rev. Clemens

    "My head ain't the only part of me that's got ridges" LOL

  7. Eli Eli

    Very smart guys but if u are smart lisent that song with 1.25 speed and see how it fell try if u see my comment.
    ( I am not real Aurelio Voltaire i am big fan this is a sugestion.)

    Eli Eli

    +The Lair of Voltaire Of course i am not the real Aurelio Voltaire i never pretend that i make that cuz i like your music i am not real Aurelio Voltaire.

    Radomír Časta

    +Aurellio Voltaire Try 0.5, sounds a bit like Doctor Who theme. :D


    +Aurellio Voltaire Perhaps not the most tactful way to show appreciation toward someone you look up to. No offense, just... maybe not the wisest method.

    Eli Eli

    All the people in this world are free to show their appreciation as long this is not a bad thing and i am sure having a name like my favorite singer is not a bad thing.


    @Aurellio Voltaire I know, I'm just saying you should be prepared for the backlash. I don't have anything particularly wrong with it... it's just probably not the best way to go about it.

  8. Rossmoth

    Fuck bitches,get credits.

  9. Butt Quack

    Great work out song. I'm serious.

  10. The Good Rev. Clemens

    Klingon Style!

  11. eight216

    @Aaron S: Yes!

  12. Noddist

    Lets hear it for Voltaire's genre: Dark-Folk-Gothica!

    Il Pirata della Luna

    And Geek 🖤

  13. asherdelampyr

    It's like hearing all these songs again for the first time. Love the remixes! I'll still play "Banned on Vulcan" but I think that BiTrektual may replace it entirely in time.

  14. Virgil Woods

    I played the first few seconds of this vid and had to pause for a bit because the badass levels were far to high.

  15. Maisey Mayhem

    OMG this is better than the original...normally I hate remixes and revamped songs, but this is so awesome. This work done on this song, heck the whole album.

    Sam Fagin

    Maisey Mayhem All of the remakes on this album are better than the originals. Especially Cantina.

  16. Michael Johnpoll

    Working on an article for my university's paper. Not sure if I want to go for Bi-trektual, a throwback for The Devil's Bris or both. I'm thinking both.

  17. Neo Blackjack thee enraged

    Godless ones

  18. Virginia H.

    I was totally headbanging throughout this song. Thank you.

  19. DisloSkater

    These are liquid awesome! People who can't hear the difference clearly aren't listening properly - this is cool stuff.

  20. Alexander Rueben

    I like the song, but this version is much better then the original.

  21. Chris Brown

    Well done, I love this even more than I loved the original

  22. BlackTemplar124

    Qo'noS(Kronos) is the Klingon homeworld

  23. Robert Powell

    This is great. Love it

  24. ShadeGames

    Voltaire rapping
    Shutting down
    Error diagnostic complete


  25. ThibautVDP

    voltaire rapping....
    cannot comprehend...
    automatic shutdown-meltdown averted

  26. dillon moore

    This isn't more polished! It fits more to what I think a klingon would be singing! The other one was too nice nice. This kicks ass.

  27. Amber Hart

    Is anyone else amused that there's a track making fun of Worf pooping, and then the next is his revenge? xD

  28. Marshmallow The Kobold

    Only you can make anyone like rap :3

  29. Marshmallow The Kobold

    Wow voltaire, you are an amazing jedi

  30. Ramanoser

    ya know, he shoulda done one, all the chances for Q to do something silly.

  31. ThibautVDP


  32. Aaron Salisbury

    little saddened there wasn't a single song about Q.

  33. Verb Ish

    Everything I know about Star Trek I know because of you, Voltaire. You're like a gateway drug.

  34. King Person

    Worfs revenge of Worfs Revenge xD (Sorry just had to do it)

  35. Mike Mic-Rock

    Brian is my favourite drummer and Voltaire is my favourite singer, along with the rest of an amazing band, this is my favourite music of all time :)

  36. xAerolisTx

    Also you sound very much like Worf.

  37. rorororl

    I really love your music :)

  38. siouxsettewerks

    My oh my, there really is an interesting people mafia!

    I was friend with an awesome gal, singer of Katzenjammer Kabarett, through her I heard of then met the Dresden Dolls, and I was in awe...
    Unrelated at that time but I had been a fan of Neil Gaiman for years, then I heard Amanda and Neil where together, and on top of that that they hung out with Adam Savage...
    At that point I thought maybe there is an interesting people mafia!
    And now Brian plays with you!
    Fuck! Maybe earth is a fine place..

  39. Campbell Boyd

    Banned on Vulcan was really just the demo for this! The final version we hear here is SOOOOOOOOOOO much better!

  40. The Lair of Voltaire

    Thanks! I'm really glad you appreciate the effort and all of the hard work that went into it. A few people were like "This is just the same as Banned on Vulcan with just a couple extra songs." It sucked to hear that because soooo much work went into this album. So.. Thank you!!!

  41. unorthodoxJ

    Good lord all these songs you redid sound so fucking amazing

  42. Aivent

    OMG, this album are one of the best ever

  43. TheBaconCrusader

    This is fucking brilliant

  44. MR MegaMeat

    i personally really hate rap, but for some reason it doesn't feel like rap whwn voltaire does it.... one of my fav songs now =)

  45. XavierCrossca

    You and me both. I hate rap, yet I am drawn to this.

  46. Morrigan Laveau

    I'm just gonna raise an eyebrow and roll my eyes... x}

  47. Olduri

    There is far too little star trek music. Far less of klingons rapping. This needs to be a thing more often, you magnificent music man.

  48. sontraxOFFICIAL

    I guess you never heard 1° fan

  49. Christopher Rose


  50. Morrigan Laveau

    KAPLAH!!! lol

  51. The Lair of Voltaire

    Nope, it's me imitating Michael Dorn. But I'm really glad you thought it was him!

  52. Lilith Kooks

    Is that Michael Dorn rapping?

  53. Zombification101

    I like the music better in this version, but I liked it better overall with Voltaire doing the actual singing/rapping.

  54. Freem Tariphe

    Better than the original version! :3

  55. AnthroTsuneon

    That opening guitar then.. @[email protected]

  56. Kitty Vlad

    I just wasted way too much time trying to figure out if a fictional alien race's women actually had three tits. *puts head down* I need to get off the internet.

  57. Greek Animetard

    ...<3 _ <3... this song is full of magic...
    First time I heard something like this from voltaire.And by something like this I mean FUCKING ELECTRIC GUITARS!Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention like I should but...WHO CARES THIS IS AWESOME!!!!11

  58. Deomina Nizhenzi

    So....there is officially nothing Voltaire CAN'T do.
    Silly songs? check
    Serious songs? check
    Songs so bizarre and screwed up you can't help but love them? check
    Songs at least partly in random languages? check!
    And rap songs. check.
    Musical. Fucking. God.

  59. Jesus Madrid


  60. Godman873

    Voltaire can rap too... Wow....

    He could probably put a lot of rappers out of a job too.

  61. Maeve .K

    But also quite awesome. Like everything Voltaire does.

  62. markrik1


  63. Spooky

    you're voice is too beautiful for "rap"! and as always, beautiful tunes :)

  64. Akumokagetsu The Awesome

    Voltaire, you are a fantastically underrated musician. There is now an entire section in my personal playlist labeled only 'Voltaire'.
    And it is MASSIVE.

  65. The Lair of Voltaire

    I think you mean the old version, yes?

  66. Morrigan Laveau

    I actually need the lyrics for this lol x)

  67. The Lair of Voltaire

    There are many more instruments on this version than on the original. And of course having Brian Viglione on drums only makes everything sound epic!

  68. TheCosmicWallaby

    I have nothing to say.
    Actually I do...
    No, not suitable XD

  69. 14Flamefish

    Happy 100th video, Voltaire!

  70. MamaMidnight98

    I like this better than the solo album version. :D All of my yes.

  71. steampunkredneck1

    Normally I consider rap to be lo'laHbe'ghach butlh but this was a Q'apla. Sorry for switching back and forth, my knowledge of the tlhIngan Hol language is a bit lacking.

  72. AnthroTsuneon

    This song is awesome to the point where I want to sing with it whilst typing all the lyrics as quote o.o

  73. JarvisChrist

    Oh wow. This is amazing.

  74. Matthew Gooding

    Actual country was originally dark.

  75. ZXC77777

    Voltaire, I'd love to see a nice, dark, gothic, rap album. You darkened country, this is only a reasonable pursuit.

  76. endless013

    I don't know why exactly why but this version sounds a little more polished

  77. Jesus Madrid

    He already did.

  78. Prince Louis

    Holy shit. Voltaire is rapping. I was not prepared for that. This is so... unexpected.

  79. NickHerfMemeCentral

    Voltaire rapping....Now I've heard everything. XD

  80. Mage Rabbit

    This is you're 100 video!!!!!!!! how do you feel?

  81. Jake Manzo


  82. jeryek13

    Awesome, somethings I preferred about the first one, but this one is also pretty good

  83. witchGender

    @mostermaaaaan he did, it's called "It's Bigger on the Inside"

  84. Maeve .K

    How could you?

  85. mostermaaaaan

    uhhh mister volitaire uhh sir can you do a doctor who thing next

  86. KnightProphecy

    this is a wonderful song, i can't get enough of it

  87. theanimeawsome

    hey are you going to do a song or somthing for this halloween?

  88. theanimeawsome


  89. VideosJacked

    Voltaire, I love this song. And (sorry) first.