Voltaire - The Sexy Data Tango (BiTrektual Version) Lyrics

If, while you're out in space, love
You're horny as a targ
Take a tip from a security chief, love
That fat slut Tasha Yar
She discovered the pleasures of Data
He became her sexual pet

'cause he's fully functional, and anatomically correct
He's fully functional and anatomically correct

His Defiant, with its thrusters, will explode in your wormhole
And he'll rub his trusty spangler wrench on your warpcore manifold
His multiphasic torpedo, will penetrate your rift
And cause a quantum singularity in your transwarp conduit

So if you're a filthy horta, Data's your bestest bet
'cause he's fully functional, and anatomically correct
He's fully functional and anatomically correct

He gently massages your gel packs
While he replicates some lube
Then he thrusts his throbbing razor beast into your Jeffery's tube
So lower your shields, spread your nacelles, to make room for his craft
As he docks his delta flyer into your big fat juicy aft

So if you're a filthy horta Data's your bestest bet
'cause he's fully functional, and anatomically correct
He's fully functional and anatomically correct

His pelvis: a tireless engine, he shakes it when he struts
He's full of dilithium crystals, in his bolts and in his nuts
He too likes to be pleasured
He will put you on your knees
And if you're into disgrace
He will cover your face with his android anti-freeze

If you're a filthy horta, Data's your bestest bet
'cause he's fully functional, and anatomically correct
He's fully functional and anatomically correct

He's fully functional... and ripped for your pleasure...
and anatomically correct!

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Voltaire The Sexy Data Tango (BiTrektual Version) Comments
  1. Mike Crowley

    robofucker national anthem

  2. OlafttheGreat1998

    This is so filthy. I love it.

  3. nincure

    I love you Voltaire! 💚

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  5. emily davis

    this was the 1st voltaire song i heard!

  6. Dev Hann

    So...he's fully functional and anatomically correct?

  7. Uke_It

    This makes me feel..... interesting

  8. Cheeze Lizzie

    I keep listening to this

  9. Uke_It

    I have a teacher named Mr. Data, that's all I can think of as I listen to this...

  10. Glitch the robot!

    Roflmao 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  11. Rain Cloud

    I love this song ❤😂

  12. Zeuseus6609

    I wonder if someone dared him to make a song that was entirely android/star trek innuendo and he just said challenge accepted and whipped this out

  13. bhaskar parangi

    sexy data

  14. I dream in neon

    Worf is ribbed for your pleasure

  15. Devon Avery McAllister

    Damn, I can't stop listening to this song, and I don't even LIKE Star Trek. Wait to go, Captain!

  16. Chikita96

    I love this song :D

  17. Axel Lamoree

    I wanna know who does all of the drawings for these. Anyone else wonder that? No.... Just me.... Ok..... I just go wonder all by myself....


    Voltaire might do them himself, considering he illustrates his own books and comics.

    Axel Lamoree

    Drakost Cool! I didn't know that...

  18. Pouncey

    Technobabble innuendo?


  19. Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood

    somebody needs to send this to the writers of the Big Bang Theory

    Jonathan Mckiddy

    Why so they can scalp it like the rest of geek culture?

  20. John Disco

    sorry to disagree or party pooper but...data defintion of fun is will be entirely different from ours. how could a song like this be written about data who is.. ya know, pure. sorry cant see that.. good thing i read the lyrics before it ruin my image of data.

    The Lair of Voltaire

    I guess you never saw the episode where he gleefully agreed to have sex with Tasha Yar and told her "I'm fully functional and skilled in a variety of techniques." Maybe you don't know Data as well as you think you do. LOL!

    John Disco

    @The Lair of Voltaire dude, that a long time ago since i saw that. since it a small details. it didnt accorded to me. BUT still hearing that song (only half way) is still kinda just sounded weird for data. hearing data saying that is okay . but this. no.

    John Disco

    @The Lair of Voltaire I understand it your song and you can do whatever you want with it, but to my own opinion i just not liking this song. but also to put this in a simpler way, like i said before data definition of "fun" will be entirely different from ours. meaning him saying that is in a term of being logic. and as android knowing "moves" and having sex is just being in a term of mating, since it a logical thing to do. especially when he is still learning how to be a human. How this song wrote it's like though a dickhead. which data is not. So before you say i DONT know data, think it like how data view things as android; seeing thing only though logic. not dick heads.he should not be viewed that way. if i remember my reaction when I first hearing saying that (thanks for a reminder) i only see as a humors. not him being a perv or a sicko. the song just applied that. not hearing this song and reading the lyric, so I can avoid my image of data being ruin.

    No one Nowhere

    ...if you were a Sim in the Sims 3 No Sense Of Humour would be the trait you were born first with. Even though I don't think Infants can be born with that trait. Also the player would be unable to edit the trait even with cheats and the Unstable trait would change every trait you had except Unstable AND No Sense Of Humour. Because you are CURSED! And no Simmer should download you because then you'd corrupt their game with your curse. And turn all the other sims into that girl from the Ring. And then everyone would die in seven days.

    ...I feel like this comparison got away from me.


    Best Comment Ever.

    I still think it's hilarious that in Sims 3, you can build a SimBot, and program to well, become a sex bot. Add in the cigarette mod, and don't ask me how, but a robot can become addicted. Hilarity ensues.

  21. Sanity Theorist

    This album is absolutely filthy, I love it haha

  22. Bladehold

    this song LMAO

  23. TGOTR

    8 people were not into disgrace.

  24. Belen Romero

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  25. That Bowler Hat Guy ASMR

    This is gonna be stuck in my head for ages!

  26. cdstick

    Miss-titled... better title...
      The Sexy Data Tangle...

  27. Xavier Vega

    Greatest......Star Trek song.......EVER!!!!

    Anil Sharma


  28. Dellinger

    This song brings out everyone inner giggling Child.

    Cheeze Lizzie

    Sharplosion I thought I would never laugh about these things anymore but this song I can’t even

  29. Paul Cooley

    Dear god I was giggling whole fucking song. XD

  30. Lindi Rufus

    Try listening to this song while drawing nude figures

    Caitlin Knight

    Lindi Rufus, were they anatomically correct?


    @Caitlin Knight you win the comments 😂

  31. Miyu Limlíriel

    This is probably my most favorite parody song in existence :3 I've been giggling to this one for years now, and I'm always sad when someone doesn't know this song.

  32. Reyna Timberlight

    is it sad that I know which episode of Next Gen this song is based on?

    No one Nowhere

    Nah it's the second episode and it sucked I'd be surprised if you didn't remember it.

    Dev Hann

    Yup. Saddest thing in the world

  33. Edgar Gtz

    Sounds like 'the beast of pirate's bay'.

    Blue Tentacle

    Edgar Gtz Same singer :p

  34. sillygnomecircus

    @GoddessAriana It's Mr. Sulu. Spock is also from Star Trek too so that was a good guess, but I think he normally wears blue :)

  35. AppleVannie

    Last week, I encountered this Horta/Horda for the first time. Now I find the start of the chorus... highly illogical. ^^

  36. Tyler Silverstein

    So I was watching Next Gen the other day, like I do many weekend nights, and saw the episode "In Theory" and this song was the only thing I could think of, and could not get images out of my head.

  37. caitlyn blahblahblah

    its probably because George takei is gay

  38. NickHerfMemeCentral

    You just know sexual innuendos well. But I'm on board with you on that. XD

  39. Rosemarie Olson

    Voltaire, did you put Sulu on the front of Bitrektual because he seems to be a homosexual (at some points...), or because of other reasons?

    green cat

    Bitrektual sounds like bisexual. So....

  40. Virginia H.

    Being that Data (and Spock) are my (two) favorite characters, this is very pleasing to me. Thank you. I just bought it on iTunes.

  41. TwinHuginHelmet

    I've never watched Star Trek, yet I understand every single word.
    What's wrong with me?

    Anna Wing

    Even the least-nerdy among us still speak the language of sexual innuendo.

  42. Jay

    Before I heard this song, I had no idea about Data... I am now a proud Data cosplayer xD Thank you so much mr Voltaire for making my life take the good turn... the trekkie and gothic turn! I can't thank you enough

  43. Natasha Struble

    It is not possible for me to remain completely depressed or unhappy while listening to this song. Thanks so much for creating it (and tons of other great songs) that always seem to make me grin even after a bad day.

  44. TheUltimateMHFan

    I hear this song and I cannot stop thinking of "land of the dead", don't know why.

  45. Matteo Turner

    I first heard it years ago on a YTMND page...didn't know who it was and then I looked up Voltaire and heard it on Banned on Vulcan, I like this version best.

  46. PrincessTripliclita

    It's still cute....

  47. Zachery Kondos

    this was the first song i ever heard by Voltaire...and i will lul my kids to sleep with Good Night Demon Slayer now

  48. Ariel Rudy

    You're awesome

  49. Ariel Rudy

    I'm disturbed by this..yet..i keep listening

  50. Shaun Mannix

    Well fuck you too.

  51. Severin Slightlee

    Voltaire, do they make any more of you anywhere? If so, where I can find one?

  52. Melanie Lamar

    are you from tumblr? there's no room for tumblr idiots in here.

  53. TyrantrumTV

    *as George Takei* Oh my!

  54. HELLISHWerewolf

    I take the other comment back this is the most WTF song of yours Ive listened to yet

  55. Sailorsega

    In YOUR endo. :p

  56. Matthew Whisennand

    This one is great... I still like the older version better, but darned if this doesn't have its own allure :D

  57. Sailorsega

    You've had three months since you made that faus pax. How much Trek have you watched since? Feel free to ignore season 3 of T.O.S. when you get to it. I wish I had. :p

  58. Raven Ried

    I really should stop comenting on all ur videos befor u think im some insaine crazy fan girl....LOL! I cant help it xD

  59. ThibautVDP

    who blew whose wormhole?

  60. Monius13

    Voltaire is the most brilliant mind who ever lived! This is actually the first song I ever listened to by Voltaire. Then The U.S.S. Make Shit Up. And now so much more. I"m currently trying to acquire all things Voltaire! :)

  61. PsychoticGeek23

    *listens to this song*
    *spits out tea*

  62. Robyn Meldrum

    lol made my day

  63. Forlorn Junk Heap

    Never has technobabble sounded so dirty

  64. Al Gore

    best song ever

  65. GoddessAriana

    I know, you're right. Voltaire actually enlightened on that. Look through the comments and you'll see where it get's cleared up. Have a wonderful day Aaron =).

  66. GoddessAriana

    Aww, thank you ^-^!

  67. Aaron Salisbury

    obviously sulu

  68. untimely Augur

    please put lyrics in the description

  69. Angry Nerd Bird

    A little beyond that, I think. ;P

  70. The Lair of Voltaire

    yeah, and she's also VERY cute. lol!

  71. TheDanishGuyReviews

    I'm holding back my Nerd Rage, mainly because you're actually trying, instead of being a jerk. Have a nice weekend! xD

    ~ TDG

  72. GoddessAriana

    Oh............ fail on my part, I only seen Star Wars so I'm bad at this stuff x).

  73. The Lair of Voltaire

    It's not Spock... it's Sulu. Spock wears a blue shirt and has pointy ears.

    Fennec Fox

    The Lair of Voltaire blue **uniform**

  74. GoddessAriana

    I think it's Spock from Star Trek who he's kissing. And the album is called BiTrektual (implying hot stuff lol). So yeah, I do think it is a guy. Have a wonderful day ^-^.

  75. GoddessAriana

    Voltaire kissing a guy on the album cover = AWESOME =D! lol

  76. PropagandaPenguin

    for some reason i laughed out loud the first time i listened to this, you never do seem to Dissapoint me, i like alot of your work

  77. AnthroTsuneon

    I feel this song is ribbed for her pleasure

  78. aryllia

    Voltair is not Japanese. The term you want for the cover art would be "gay", or "homosexual" for political correctness.

  79. Ricardo Gadelha

    No problem ;)

  80. [T6] SouLLesS

    thank you I wasn't sure if it was Banned or Trapped

  81. Ricardo Gadelha

    Banned on Vulcan actually ^^

  82. [T6] SouLLesS

    I think this song was also on "Trapped on Vulcan" which came out a while ago

  83. Entraya Crosshill

    Im a bit jealous. I first found out about Voltaire some.. Time ago

  84. Weranisma

    Thank you, but I think I'm a few years older than that! ^^

  85. Ashen Oni Creations

    Love this song, so catchy XD

  86. Dante Sparda

    i like more the original version :P

  87. Morrigan Laveau

    What can i say? Resistance is futile? :P

  88. ErsatzEngelReborn

    Ooh, amazing! Thank you for making another version of this, Mister Voltaire!

  89. litichana

    To bad I have not found a website where I can watch the other seasons…. Can’t effort to buy them -.-

  90. litichana

    tthe virus made the brains behave as if it was intoxicated by alcohol.... i know because i spend the last 21 hours watching the whole first season xD

  91. Mage Rabbit

    He has the sexy voice no lie, i'm not even gay and i still get a boner?

  92. Morrigan Laveau

    This is when Tasha had sex with Data, she and the crew were "infected" with some sort of virus lol

  93. Morrigan Laveau

    i hear you

  94. Nicole Olivier

    Voltaire, if you guesting in any places in florida leave me a message because i wanna see you live :)

  95. Entraya Crosshill

    I think i prefer the old version just for the 'correct' ..

  96. Mage Rabbit

    Anyone else got a boner as soon as you herd voltaire?

  97. Morrigan Laveau

    By the way Brent Spiner should listen to this LOL

  98. Morrigan Laveau

    I just had a Datagasm! The sound is great! :) Congratz! ♥

  99. HFTD

    Amazing, you are simply a genius voltaire.