Voltaire - Screw The Ocampa (BiTrektual Version) Lyrics

We were in the badlands one day
Chasing B'elanna and Chakotay
We were wizzed then to the delta quadrant
Fuck, that's far away

I wanna go home, please let me go home
I say 'screw the Ocampa, I wanna go home.'

The caretaker had an array
That could get us home safe
But Janeway, that ignorant slut
She blew it away

I wanna go home, please let me go home
Drop me off at a worm hole, I wanna go home

So now I'm stuck here for years
In the delta quadrant, I fear
With the kazon and hirogen and a brother with pointy ears

I wanna go home, please let me go home
Talaxian chicks are ugly, I wanna go home

So hoist up the aft nacelles
See how the warp core burns
Tell Janeway to go to hell
I wanna go home

I wanna go home, please let me go home
I say 'screw the Ocampa, I wanna go home
I say 'fuck the Ocampa, I wanna go home.'

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Voltaire Screw The Ocampa (BiTrektual Version) Comments
  1. Eliza M

    Anyone getting beach boys vibes

  2. suicune2001

    This is the best thing about Voyager. LOL

  3. Glitch the robot!

    Fuck going home I was built to explore

  4. The Mediocre Collector

    Screw the Ocampa? I think Neelix did...

    James Daniels

    Well, just one😋

  5. Chris3478604

    lolololol tim russ "i bitch slapped him"

  6. Violet51000

    I actually don't like this version of the song. It's catchy, but I just don't think the new beat fits it. Plus, the extra voices break the flow of the song too much.

    I'd just prefer the original... It really was one of the best, most funny songs I've ever heard.

    Wish I could find the original though, since this version seems to mask the original when I try to search it which sucks.

  7. mndjoy

    Me right now after a double shift

    Shannen C. Wright

    +mndjoy HAH!

    James Daniels

    You work in the Delta Quadrant?

    I'm impressed--are they hiring?

  8. James Daniels

    I actually like this a lot more than the original: It's catchier, and the cameo voices are fantastic <333

    I just wish he'd made it longer, like he did with "USS Make-Shit-Up" :)

  9. unorthodoxJ

    I think I like the original, less upbeat version of this song best

    But the cameos from the actors make it worth it

  10. ccghidorah1

    I was under the impression if it was just tuvok, Paris, the doctor, and 7of9 in a shuttle pod, they could get home in a week

    James Daniels

    @Mush V. Peets He broke the Warp 10 barrier and achieved infinite velocity--occupying every point in the universe simultaneously. Unfortunately it caused him to hyperevolve into a giant salamander :(

    Still--can you name another starship helmsman who did that? ;)

    James Daniels

    @ccghidorah1 I'd go so far as to say you don't even REALLY need the Doctor: Tuvok and Seven, being a Vulcan and a Borg, are the healthiest and most physically resilient members of the crew--they can take a lot of punishment before they need medical attention, and what little doctoring they need Paris can handle.

    Alex Francey

    @James Daniels What Warp 10 barrier? I thought we all agreed that episode never happened?


    To be fair, by the time the series was over, they were the only characters I liked.

    James Daniels

    @Alex Francey You are absolutely correct, I must have been thinking of some other show😉

  11. John Shepard

    Look I know Tuvok was put into the "No, Mr. Worf," position when he became head of security on any Federation starship, but why's everyone gotta ignore Ensign Kim?

    James Daniels

    @Android 16 Because the main lesson of all 7 seasons of Voyager is that the universe HATES Harry Kim.

  12. virusguy5611

    O_O that is so AWESOME!

  13. TheMutepoint

    The first time I caught episodes 1 and 2, I came up with 4 ways they could have both gone home, and blown up the array...

    The easiest way would have been to set a time delay on the tricobalt devices that they used to blow the thing up, and then randomly press buttons until stuff happens. Because random button presses is how EVERYTHING works on star trek. ^_^

    Criminally low prices

    They couldn't have set a delay because it would have taken an hour for the array to charge up and they had the Kazon on their ass

    James Daniels

    The REAL way to do anything you want on a Federation starship is to use the main deflector dish:

    That thing can do ANYTHING the writers decide they want it to do that week.

    A Starfleet deflector dish has more vaguely defined, suspiciously convenient, used-once-then-totally-forgotten abilities than Superman.

  14. ZachTheTechnoWizard

    I'm with you on that. haha

  15. evilplummulplive

    Had people listened to Ensign Kim however, the entire show would've been over in the first two episodes and some people wouldn't have made quite as much money as they did. Incidentally, has anyone else picked up on the fact that the whole time Kim was on Voyager, it was still technically his first mission? Helluva place to start.

    James Daniels

    Harry Kim existed exclusively to give Voyager writers a way to vent their personal frustrations.

    If something utterly horrible and incredibly unlikely could possibly happen to a human in space, it would happen to Harry Kim.

    Kim should have taken a page from his counterpart on Battlestar Galactica--Felix Gaeta--and mutinied...

    Actually, that's not a bad idea for a Voyager "Mirror Universe" story😊

  16. MrTrenchcoatguy

    I take exception at the use of the word 'brother' in a racial context.

  17. Denimatron503

    Haaaa. I just now realized that the cover art, Voltaire is wearing Obi wan's bullshit armor from "The Clone Wars" 2003 ish animated series. Good reference. Good times. Good songs. Love your music, Voltaire.

    James Daniels

    I JUST started watching Clone Wars on Netflix--never had time to see it while it was on Cartoon Network, and I'm a bit of a Star Wars completist😉

    Point is, I've been familiar with this picture far longer than I have been familiar with Clone Wars...

    When I started watching the show, I KNEW I'd seen that armor somewhere else😀😀😀

  18. Matthew Whisennand

    I liked the old one more, but the guests are awesome!

  19. ahshones

    Oh yeah.and screw gama!

  20. ahshones

    Voltaire,I love your work!I heard about you in a Friday the 13th event on adventure quest worlds.I'm still waiting for the next Friday the 13th event!I support you all the way,dude.Voltaire for fucking ever!

  21. Natalia Storm

    Yes! A song about Voyager!

  22. Kamino Neko

    Oh, is that why you've started using your first name?

  23. Freem Tariphe

    This version is cool, but I still prefer the old one. :) Keep making great stuff!

  24. Dio Brando

    finally a BiTrektual song video that doesn't have a political, racial, or religious debate going on in the comments.

    James Daniels

    Hey yeah...I didn't even notice😀

  25. PinUpAC87

    I do my typing exercises to these songs, and I've been finding myself trying to match the tempo of each song. It's fun when I match the beat.

  26. Morrigan Laveau

    The only thing i dont like about this song its that its a short one! because i really love the sound and you guys voices! ♥♥♥♥

  27. Morrigan Laveau

    I always remember the video you posted about the blooper....GREAT SONG by the way i love it!

  28. Jesus Madrid

    I bitch slapped him. :D

  29. MParix

    Thank you so much to let us already hear the songs, we'll by them anyway!

  30. The Lair of Voltaire

    It's because I think I'm that stupid German indie band that called themselves "Voltaire" after I told them they really shouldn't because it would cause confusion.

  31. Apentogo

    Hmm isnt GEMA supposed to...well im sure that it shoulndt Be on many of your Videos i mean you put them out on Youtube for everyone to Watch its your Music and so on but still Why is it that here in Germany theres the stupid GEMA blocking all your Videos?

  32. Ironheade712

    out of curiosity have you ever heard the song If I Only Were a Goth by Thou Shalt Not

  33. Casper Tapper

    Oh my god, they-this-this is amazing D:

  34. The Great Reed Warbler

    i loved this one as an acoustic, and i love this version too...even if i dont know shit about startrek.

  35. Sono

    To be honest, I'm not really a Star Trek fan (Majorly Star Wars though) but I love this song. Awesome job.

  36. silvek99

    Awsome ;)

  37. Morrigan Laveau

    I hear this and makes me think the video you uploaded with them lol

  38. Ricardo Aceves

    To the folks that are giving you crap about re-doing a song from a previous album: Screw the Haters.

  39. OrcishAxeMan

    This version is catchy, but I think I prefer the original.

    The New Worf's Revenge kicks so much more ass tho! Keep it up Voltaire! You're my favorite Artist!

  40. Rocky Andreotti

    These songs are incredibly awesome, funny and just downright WRONG!! Not that I'm complaining mind you. ;-)

  41. Antonio Andrés Pitura Largaespada

    I was waiting for this one :)

  42. MozacaAxestripe

    I love this new version even more then I loved the original, which was a whole lot. keep up the great work my good man!

  43. Nicole Olivier

    you've done it agian voltaire :)

  44. ladytremere85

    That makes this already awesome song all the more awesome.

  45. The Lair of Voltaire

    Garrett Wang and Tim Russ who played Ensign Kim and Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager

  46. ladytremere85

    Who's singing with you on this one?

  47. The Lair of Voltaire

    It was uploaded about 20 minutes ago... give it time.

  48. Alexander Baruta

    It really is a great piece of parody music.

  49. Ghrim

    You deserve more attention

  50. Aaron Salisbury

    only 5 likes and 22 views wow

  51. Ursidae Estoria

    another great work

  52. Alexander Baruta

    Totally not first at all