Voltaire - Docking Bay 94 Lyrics

Well it's hot as hell out there
and the suns they bake the streets
but it's cool in here, in this cantina where we meet.

The room is full of faces
I've never seen before,
I guess folks look strange
when you've run away from home..

Well, It's pretty rough in here
there's a guy who pushed me 'round.
On my friend he laid a hand
and it ended on the ground.

Then we met a hairy beast
and his partner's name is Han
and they've got a ship
that shined in the Kessel Run.

I left all the talking to Obi Wan.
And though he's old I think he's the only one...
who gets who I am
and that I need a change
and his eyes light up, when he says my father's name.

Docking Bay 94, that's where we're gonna meet
and they'll take me, take me, off of the dune sea.
See my family is gone and there's nothing left for me
on this wasted, wasteland, they call Tatooine.

They say we're off to meet a princess
I never dared to dream or even think it.
She'll be so pretty I bet I won't be able to resist her,
But then, my luck's been so bad, Mister,
she'll probably end up being my own sister!

Docking Bay 94, that's where we're gonna meet
and they'll take me, take me, off of the dune sea.
See my family is dead and there's nothing left for me
on this wasted, wasteland, they call Tatooine.

We reach the docking bay
and the ship's a hunk of junk
and I worrying if
I'll have to ride in the trunk

Then some troopers shoot at us
and I'm wondering what for
and Han guns it and blast us
out of Docking Bay 94!

Docking Bay 94, that's where it all began
now the engines are roaring, goodbye ball of sand!
I'll visit other worlds,
I'll avenge my father's name
One things for sure, life will never be the same
after Docking Bay 94.

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Voltaire Docking Bay 94 Comments
  1. Daniel Bedinger

    This song inspires and I cry for Old Star Wars!
    Dam you Disney!

  2. KelZaan

    R.I.P Peter Mayhew We met you at the docking bay, and life was never the same.
    May the 4th be with you

  3. Domen Gašperin II

    Are they gay? They should be. I'm tired of this heterosexual crap.

  4. Brandon

    most underrated voltaire song

  5. Darth Spock

    Aww luke bby :3 In love with this song!

  6. Elias ribeiro

    Adventure quest worlds .-.

  7. KelZaan

    May the 4th be with you Voltaire!

  8. Samurai Cat

    U HAVE DONE IT AGIAN VOL! whenever I think I have heard em all. you manage to top your self. I am a fan :)

  9. The Good Rev. Clemens

    This song truly moves me, and you can't say that about a lot of songs

  10. IkeRetsam

    Easily my favorite Star Wars inspired song.

  11. HeadshotWaffle

    Go, Voltaire Signal Corps!

  12. Chris Campbell

    Always wondered if you're into the EU at all.

  13. Trinity Dawn

    I wish you'd do a show in Wyoming, or Denver.

  14. sarahellen vlogs

    He ran away and shortly after was hired as an stop motion animator, then when that went down hill, he became a rockstar. The Lucky, lovable, jerk! :P

  15. kojott93

    Hey Mr. Voltaire, I have a question. I've sended link to this song to my friend, and she said "Thank's, Voltaire is good for everything", and I answered "Not everything, he probably cannot fix a broken leg". So here is my question: Can you fix a broken leg? Because if you can, you are good for everything. : )

  16. Vlad Aloysius

    in that case, are you anxious at all for the new sequels?

  17. Tony Rutledge

    I'm a bit disappointed to read that, but oh well.

  18. The Lair of Voltaire

    Probably not, I hated the prequels.

  19. Tony Rutledge

    So, any hope for a prequel song in the future?

  20. Don Woods

    It's Sulu and Ben Kenobi.

  21. Kadesman

    Is that man on man action I'm seeing or do my eyes deceive me?

  22. Aaron Salisbury

    usually when people say hundreds or thousands they mean within the hundreds or thousands place

  23. Froce712

    When I begin to have a steady income, I shall buy ALL the Voltaire stuff I can

  24. Ironheade712

    i always buy your albums directly from you except for Devil's Bris which i bought from projeckt records and Hate Lives in a Small Town which i bought from a comic book dealer in chicago who is a fan of yours

  25. Zahinn

    This is my fav song from this album...it has this humbling quality lol

  26. The Lair of Voltaire

    Yes, you can!

  27. SirWatson

    Dear Mr Voltaire, Can i perhaps use this song and make it into an animation? Credit will go to you ofcourse! Your songs inspire me a lot, and i love this song so much! :) Keep up the good work! and i hope you keep inspiring us for years to go!

  28. yakovlevism

    yeah, my friends all bought your stuff, we all think its awesome. now im gonna buy them again not that you're emailing signed copies of your albums!

  29. Daykiller01

    Which of the 3 original movies did you like the most? And of that movie what was your favorite part?

  30. Marco Italo Massi

    That's also my feeling, I loved every single song of the previous album, I prefer the goth and gory Voltaire, but, you know, he's an all-round musician :)

  31. steampunkredneck1

    What do you think, he became a totally badass Goth musician!

  32. ClicClikBang

    Personally, I'm more fond of the Riding a Black Unicorn album because I loved the crude humor in many of the songs. Cathouse Tradgedy was just brilliant, yet Innocent contrasted that by being deep, very uplifting, and beautiful. Obviously this album is directed to a more sci-fi nerd sense of humor, and that's really what I admire Voltaire for. His music selection and sense of humor are so versatile and wide that you'd have to be insane to not at least have one song by him you like.

  33. TheArcadianKnight

    Voltaire, I was wondering if you could tell me the chords for this song? I'd love to learn how to play this.

  34. armegeddis

    Well... that's still 300 hundreds, technically.

  35. hellsvortex

    Will definitely be picking this up when my pay comes in all the music you do is great Voltaire keep it coming!

  36. Tony Rutledge

    I wrote something just like this once, don't think you found out, but it's still weird

  37. Angel Raiieanna

    As many times as i've listened to this, I still cry every single time. Thank you, V. Love it.

  38. tntdynomite92

    Voltaire told me I'd like this song, on Twitter. He was wrong... I love it.

  39. Childe0H

    He knows how inspirational and comforting his music is for people who can't afford to buy them too, so he lets us listen to it freely.

    Sensitive and noble soul, Voltaire you are awesome! I'll always buy the songs when I can, you deserve all support, kind sir.

  40. kunai ok

    No 1 dislike and it 100 likes that crazy and funny keep going likes goto million

  41. dexter4290

    Thank you Voltaire! My pre-order arrived today :D

  42. Alder

    Brilliant :D Will buy via iTunes soon!

  43. Necrovoker

    genius! Can't wait to receive my pre-order :D

  44. solidwolf sixx

    because your goth

  45. Shanzikull

    Picking up on that whole "Voltaire musical" idea someone mentioned before, I'll just throw this out there: Voltaire and Emilie Autumn.

    And it's nice to hear the final version of this, by the by.

  46. The Lair of Voltaire

    Isn't it obvious?

  47. solidwolf sixx

    you ran away from home when you were 17 how did that work out just curious

  48. ruggaboo35

    Must get job to buy album! Darn this small town and lack of jobs for teens! >.<

  49. Godman873

    Thank you for uploading this album! Even though money is tight for me right now it is still nice to be able to listen to these awesome songs!

    Keep up the great work!

  50. The Lair of Voltaire

    hundreds? HA! Try $30,000. Yes, you can hear it here for free, but that doesn't mean you couldn't support the cause by buying it. lol!

  51. yakovlevism

    i like how he paid hundreds of dollars making this album and still gave it to us for free

  52. Charlie CraftDiy

    this is absultutly beautiful :)

  53. LemonPlanter

    Ditto... as soon as I have money. :/

  54. TheDrWeirdo

    This is what happens when you don't do sexual innuendos all the time: you create a beautiful, heartwarming song for fans everywhere.

  55. laoscuni

    voltaire, once again you amaze :)

  56. jeryek13

    He gets money from adds, but hey I'm sure buying albums is waaay better

  57. Morrigan Laveau

    ♥ Beautiful song ...

  58. Spooky

    You are a genius when it comes to this. That and a massive bro for uploading the album up so we can listen. I will buy it anyhow, just cause I want you to have money so you can be happy. [And make more songs ;) ]

  59. theanimeawsome


  60. Joss Sammel

    we need more dark humor here... would like to hear a ....more dark version of this

  61. savuall

    I luv this 0w0

  62. Skunkishblue

    I love this song so so much! From first hearing it on the Lair of Voltaire I just knew it would be one of the greats! I love this so much, And It always Manages to bring a tear to my eye. Nice one Voltaire!

  63. david dobbs

    I always enjoy your music on a pure and simple musical level but it's always said a little more to me as well I hope you keep doing what you do...and I'm really enjoying your new album.

  64. DDB0rg35

    69 views in a Voltaire song?!? I must be in heaven.

  65. queeerpumpkin

    Wonderful! c:

  66. KiddCrowley

    Absolutely brilliant Voltaire, I loved it as always