Voltaire - A Romantic Guy Lyrics

I'll buy the champagne
Take it back to the place
We're staying tonight
That's right, a hotel down the way
I'll take you out to a play
Keep ya dry in the rain
And I'll open each door
Before you, chivalry's my way

But in time I'll make you sigh
And here's the reason why
'Cause I'm just a romantic guy

On our second date
I say I just can't wait
To call you my own
And I'll be yours and yours alone
In time you will find
I'm the trusting kind
I am true blue
It's true I'd never cheat on you

But in time I'll make you cry
And here's the reason why
'Cause I'm just a romantic guy

Strike up the band
Give me your hand
Playing our song
So come along
It won't be long
'Till everything goes wrong

Now you're throwing a fit
And you're drunk off your tits
And you're making a scene
You're mean, you're screaming in the streets
Seem your logic has quit
Personality split
And your reason is treason
Like some rats above a ship

It's no surprise
I'll say goodbye
I don't need a reason why
I just don't have time
For that shit
So if you're prone to Histrionics
Hey, babe lets keep it platonic
I just don't have time
For your shit

Now we all have a misgivings
I'm not very patient or too forgiving
I'm just, literally just a romantic guy

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Voltaire A Romantic Guy Comments
  1. Arcanus Zenbrk

    I know in the context of the song (at least I think), it's one girl Voltiare's referring to that starts to go AWOL on their 2nd date, but I can't help but think of it as it's two different girls. The first part of the song is about the (in story) singer's true love, who has something happen to her after "everything goes wrong" with the song afterwards being another attempt at dating. The singer, unable to find anyone as amazing as his first love no matter how hard he tries, is reduced to being *just* a romantic guy

  2. Stephanie Holey

    I love this song

  3. Trishcraft

    From watching i believe he will buy you some amazing shoes as well lol!

  4. Don's Game Corner

    I certainly get a Frank Sinatra feel from this, thats not just me right?

  5. UsagiAngel Rabbit

    Does anybody think that Daria Cohen is going to use this song?
    Like if yes
    Comment if no

  6. Glitch the robot!

    Lol that was sweet & then in started to make me laugh in the middle.... I love it

    EJ Simas

    Nice find babe! Lol I love voltaire! I've been listening to them for a while but I never heard this song XD

    Glitch the robot!

    @EJ Simas I've listened to Voltaire for 4 years & I'm still discovering more of his music

  7. Faneli'art

    i like it ! it's a cool song

  8. Jaime Escobar

    LOVED THIS SONG!!! :D!!!

  9. Brie Brown

    This is like the "nice guys" anthem.

    Phobos Maelstrom

    kindof the opposite. He says in the song that he'll do everything to be kind and romantic but won't waste his time with a broken person or be in a one sided relationship just because he's romantic.

    Sydney Wheeler

    Right, he piles on the bullshit until she becomes the slightest bit problematic and then it's splitsville.
    But he's the hero of this tale, yeah, because he's put on the right facade up into this moment.


    @Phobos Maelstrom But isn't that what a lot of "nice guys" think they're doing?

    They show the most basic, minimal signs of kindness, and when the object of their affection does not see them in the same way -- they're broken or selfish.
    I feel like Voltaire knows this and is commenting on how self-destructive this behaviour is.

  10. Hiheko

    One of my favorites from any album

  11. candy spiders

    Fancy goth boi

    Hi chris🙃

  12. Don't Know Don't Care

    First song I'm listening to by Aurelio and I have to say, I'm in love. Can't wait to listen to more

    Il Pirata della Luna

    Don't Know Don't Care Welcome! :)

  13. unokitsune

    You're a romantic man who doesn't have time for bull crap true colors of potential significant others which are easiest seen when they get drunk.

    Just like I don't have any time for people who can't accept I am awakened and can see spirits as well as other things. Good Sir whom I don't know, you sir come off as an old soul.

    Good sir you sing
    And spirits weep
    And in my heart
    Your voice doth creep

    So melancholy
    The tune of your voice
    A moment to write
    Honesty my choice

    So rare the Bean Shidhe
    Of fabled and modern lore
    An unheard male variant
    Thou is this and so much more

    So much love
    Thou shadows your heart
    Your walls break away
    Your voice a night lark

    You are connected
    To the Realm of the Dead
    The Morrigan's sacred realm
    This needs to be said.

    You might feel lost
    But you're always found
    Stay true to you and your soul
    Your guides help you around

    You are awakened
    Your soul is bright
    Just as the stars
    Shine in the night

    Bonnie B-G

    unokitsune Random question, but are you from Ireland or a pagan? 🤔


    unokitsune well well well, it seems I've found a valkyrie here in midgard


    Fucking what?!

  14. D Roberts

    I LOVE this!!!

  15. Karma

    My favorite song of the album!

  16. Ariel Shealy

    😱😍how am i just now finding him?!?!?!?

  17. Wenchesandmead

    <3 Perfect. You make such gorgeous music! What goes through your mind when you write it Voltaire? Like what inspired you to write this song.

  18. Tristyn Miller

    There's that Ooky Spooky horn section!