Voivod - Tribal Convictions Lyrics

Dance for masters... primitive
Full of colors... offensive
I've just arrived
Like a flash in the dark
My life has been
Lit up like a spark
They turn around the big fire
They sing a song to get higher
I've just got here
To find underbrains
I'll watch their voodoo
That starts the rain
Are there any forces
Are there two faces
Are there some chances
We've never seen... that before
It's what we've been... waiting for
It just arrived
To save our lives
The flying lord
The god of all time
Have no idea... what it thinks
But have no fear... we trust it
It is the leader
Of our sacred wars
Came from the sky
It rules so far
Are there any forces
Are there two faces
Are there some chances
They're searching for something
Something to believe in...
Their convictions
Blood effusion
Is it a crime
Their convictions
At the right time
Their convictions
Under the sigh
It's gonna be more
It's gonna be war
It's gonna be...
Who's the god
Who's the dog
Who's the dog
Who's god... Who's dog
Who's god... Who's dog
Who's god... Who's dog
Who's god... Who's dog

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Voivod Tribal Convictions Comments
  1. Whyte Groovin

    strong sonic pounding terror , the spaced - out thrashers of the 21 th century !!!

  2. Ricky Taillefer

    AS IF it was necessary to say that: Who's the god
    Who's the dog
    Who's the dog
    Who's god, Who's dog
    Who's god, Who's dog
    Who's god, Who's dog
    Who's god, Who's dog

  3. Thierry Almeida


  4. Dean Rossiter

    One of the best and my favorite song awesome video. The first time i seen this video was on mtv s headbanger s ball.

  5. Bryan Daniel

    This song is another example of the genius that is Voivod.

  6. Arturo Palomares

    Bien lo dijo Jason Newsted"Ellos son de otra galaxia"y creo que tenia toda la razon...son unos autenticos cabronazos!!

  7. I am Alpharius

    It really has tsken me 30 years to truly appreciate VoiVod for the GENIUS level.
    They were on some NEXT LEVEL shit.

  8. Anabasis

    There was, and is, nothing like Voivod. Total innovators.

  9. GrayNeko

    30 years later, this still gives me chills. Voivod were and remain the real deal. TO THE DEATH!!

  10. Hot Hot Burma

    @ 3:01 onwards is just the craziest shit ever.

  11. El Scourou

    is this what one could call.. psychedelic metal?

  12. Keremcan Büyüktaşkın

    One of the most unique and original metal songs ever made. VoiVod deserves huge respect!

  13. Иван Васильев


  14. AgentOfOblivion

    3:49 Part always gives me goosebumps

  15. Angel Puente

    There’s nothing like voivod aesthetics

  16. DecarabiaSatanachia

    Voivod and Tool. Both in a league of their own and inspirational.

  17. A Single Red Balloon

    In 2019, still best intro ever

  18. TabOD66

    Away has always been one of my favorite drummers ever and it was an honor to meet him year ago in my hometown in Finland in Tau Cross show . He told they (Voivod) had supported Metallica just two weeks ago in a big stadium concert somewhere and now tonight he will play in small bar in Turku and how great it is !!! :)

  19. Carlos Thomaz Albornoz

    Old School Thrash Metal... God Bless...

  20. No Comment

    Un Abrazo muy fuerte pa esta peña que son mis Idolos of litttle yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! High arms strongs for this Group!!!Voivod jajjajajaa!!!traca!!!fireeeeee!

  21. 3Storms

    True story: back in 1993 on their Outer Limits tour my friend Jason and I were noticing the posters all along the wall behind where they were selling their tour shirts. I told Jason I wished I could get one, but the lady selling the shirts said they're not for sale. Literally from behind me Piggy comes out of nowhere, and begins pulling posters off the walls to give to us and anyone else who wanted it. Then he dragged the rest of the band out to sign all the posters, and the show didn't start until they were done and everyone was happy. The guy was a total bro.

    Manolis Amolochitis

    That's actually a really cool story


    That's such a Voivod thing do to! I really love those guys.

    beyondthegreatdivide six

    So glad I got to see them on this tour, and in a very small club. Got there early, stood right up front. They were so unique in both image and sound. Their hair, , their names, guitar shapes, angular riffs, no over-usage of power chords, strange vocal style, album cover artwork, etc.
    They claimed to be from Quebec, but that we all knew that was a lie. They came from the planet Voivod, and were there to kick our ass.

  22. Tobias Häggberg

    Excellent *rubs hands together*

  23. Stefaan Lambrecht

    One of the very first metal video's I've seen in my life 30 years ago, and it's still ahead of time.

  24. Tam-Ère Maime


  25. Rolf Gris

    It’s pretty obvious that Pantera where influenced by some of the shots in this video. When the fast part kicks in it is very much alike the Mouth for war video and during the solo you have 5 minutes alone video



    Franko Bose

    GABRIEL BEHD amazing SONG.

  27. Stuart McCorquodale

    Perhaps THE band that got me into thrash.

  28. brandfather

    the greatest track off their absolute masterpiece album "dimension hatröss".


    Every track on it is excellent. There isn't a single B-side filler track on it (or Angel Rat or Nothingface or Outer Limits).

  29. Adrian Moore

    Tribal Convictions was always one of my absolute favorites of VoiVod. It's a powerful song this band was so unique and intelligent. VoiVod's drummer Away (Michel Lengevin) was a brilliant drummer and artist. God I miss eighties metal.....


    i would jam this album everyday, and i swear because of this song my mom started to enjoy voivod. This isnt just a masterpiece song, ITS FUCKING ART.

    "Are there any forces.... are there 2 faces.... are there some chances"

  30. hattross


  31. Atomic Blu

    i just picked up dimension hatross on vinyl. sounds just as good as when i had it in 88. good to see there rereleasing all this good stuff

  32. Henry Vorselman


  33. Breona Clark

    best album in 1988

  34. Tobe Damit

    I was assistant director on this one and on Psychic Vacuum. Both were directed by Claude Gregoire.


    @Tobe Damit Well good job man! Those 2 videos got permanently tattooed in my brain back when they came out. They both changed my life.

    Tobe Damit

    @CarcPazu Wow really! Thanks man and thanks to the guys from the band who hired me and director Claude Grégoire to have shown faith in me. It's still one of my best eperience music wise. BTW kool fact i'm a pygmy from Hatross DImension dancing during Psychic Vaccum Piggy guitar solo. I'm tripled and elongated. I have a website called Loud Alien Noize in which I talk about Voivod 2 or 3 times ( Iena whoole articles). I'm looking for soemone who would write a good review of their last alsbum The Wake! I would publish it under the author,s name of course!

    Johnny Black

    Great job indeed, been a fan since '87. Still watch both videos today at 43 years old.

    Jeremie Lederman



    Great video !!! Marvelous editing and ending !!! One of my favourite videos of all time !!!

  35. Bugsy Boy

    When I first saw this video on MTV Headbangers ball back in the eighties I digged it...hard as fuk

  36. Stephen Hester

    Ahead of their time in 88, still ahead of their time in 2016.
    RIP Piggy

    Snezana Bogdanovic

    Oh no my friend,he just is elocvent like all untalented mediokritet critics.Just listen and trust yourself.It is too forvard.


    Somebody censor Dying crow

    jody howell

    DyingCrOw is fucking RetarDed!


    update: still ahead in 2018

    Alisson Silva

    Still far ahead in 2019

  37. Chris Klingelchris sixx night

    good scifi metal!!!

  38. MrHighway666

    only good thing to come out of French Canada


    Sword's Metalized album is pretty bad ass too.

  39. giantrobot9000

    Great song, vocals are terrible though. I would have been into the band if they had someone who could actually sing.

    Jeremy Slaney

    I always thought that Piggy's guitar playing and and Away's drumming were the biggest strengths of Voivod


    the more you listen to voivod, the more you realize that snake voice fit em best


    I really like his voice actually, fits the music perfectly, and I think it's dated quite well too, unlike Joey Belladonna for example (who I love by the way)

  40. teresa tall

    Whose dog

  41. timbo slice

    this song helped me get thru my childhood!!

  42. AllHaveShadows.com

    *Classic!* One of my all time favorites. RIP Piggy. Viva la VOIVOD!

  43. Jeremy Slaney

    A vastly underrated thrash metal band, whose sound and musical influences made them stand out from the crowd.
    RIP Piggy: Although sadly gone, DEFINITELY NEVER FORGOTTEN

    Evo Etherington

    Way way way ahead of their time.

    Captain Harlock

    Underrated? It's a legendary cult band, not a commercial shit

  44. sex6cult9revolution

    The great dyslexic existentialist debate:
    Who's God? Who's Dog?

    Tobias Häggberg

    Ehhhr, ok. To compare God with a dog? Oh well, i am not the prude type but hey, i am a christian. Anyway. Just for the record, i want it to be in the record....is it now? Yes.

    Tobias Häggberg

    I realize i am a bit too sensitive now, sorry.

    Phil Wragg

    @Gods Elect Atlantis rael but the so called God might not be ur friend!!

    humanoid bastard

    Who's ogd

  45. Ал Бах

    Супер. Просто супер!!!

  46. Reverend Benzo

    I've never seen....that before before.

  47. yo Gonzo

    Who's dog?

  48. stephane prigent

    en France,ce morceau est apparu dans "war and pain"!!

  49. Bad Wobot

    Great classic record

  50. hattross

    More true Now than then!

  51. Vlad The impaler

    Hochelaga(2000) brought me here

  52. TNT Qc

    Yeah!! Dimension Hatröss, asti de bon album!

    francois untel

    kriss oui man!

  53. billhillard

    RIP Piggy (Denis D'Amour) we miss you.

    Mikaël Rathe

    i went to school with his daughter....

    Charles M

    @ShamlanXQC did ya bang her

  54. sabrunobia

    best band ever

  55. Bo Lidst

    Batman batman batman

  56. Brian Reddish


  57. cthulhugamete

    Best intro evah

  58. Demarquies Harge

    woo so beautiefull I like it

  59. NINJATRONdnb

    Classic video i havent seen it in years

  60. Petros Manolis

    Maybe he is in Dimension Hatross, who knows?

  61. Rick Robinson

    Messy, discordant, digital, everything Voi Vod were and are at their best. Love it. RIP Piggy indeed; what an amazing legacy of chaotic riches he left us.

  62. TheRrroooaaarrr999

    IQ 134 -band

  63. mat shoveler

    Probably the best Voivod ever

  64. Pepijn Bart

    I started with Metallica and Master of Puppets.
    This song reminds me how I searched for the album after seeing it on television.
    Changed to Voivoid after having it.
    Went to a gig a lot of years later, sadly with Eric Fores. :P

  65. Rick Sandoval

    The best unique sounding metal band at their time!

  66. jamatheo

    Actually, I don't think they were that underrated. They were always kinda big among the people I hang up with, and I loved and respected them back when Dimension Hatross was released.
    R.I.P. Piggy.

  67. chito


  68. 2manynotes

    Their masterpiece for sure...

  69. ExLionTamer2

    I wasn't convinced about this until 1:52 and then I tripped the fuck out!

  70. RSFO

    Metal, punk & hippie in one! My kind of band! Peace on the psychedelics, mon! =D

  71. CarloS Piña

    fuck no this band kicks major ass son

  72. David Cruz

    Voivod was WAY ahead of their time! The ultimate marriage of metal, punk, and drugs!

  73. Dylan Imperi

    fucking sick, take out metallica. put them in the big 4.

  74. Tim Baden Johns

    When the alchemists of metal came to earth they left behind some of the greatest masterpieces known to the progressive genre.

  75. sex6cult9revolution

    Voivod ponders the questions that have trouble mankind from the beginning: Who's God? Who's Dog? Whose God? Whose Dog?

  76. sex6cult9revolution

    Here Voivod ponders the question that has long troubled man: Who's God? Who's Dog? Whose God? Whose Dog?

  77. daniel lekki

    Psychotic sound

  78. Rico453

    voivod man! loved this song when i was 14, i'm 35 now and still lovin it!

  79. heavymetalismystory

    voivod,voivod,voivod,voivod,voivod.......r.i.p.piggy thank you...

  80. utuber2

    umlauts were very popular in the 80s

  81. seantalarico

    This is one of the greatest things humanity has ever created.

  82. Dusarrion

    Best Voivod song by far if you're a metalhead. I recorded this video on Mtv one night on HeadBanger's Ball, I still have the VHS tape but no player to play it :( Also on that is King Diamond's Welcome Home. 1988 I believe?

  83. Thesortvokter

    E T E R N A L P S Y C H E D E L I C M E T A L

  84. Maz75

    fuck, same happened to me :)

  85. djmm1397

    this band deserved A FUCKIN LOT more recognition than they got. they were the only thrash band that was different. canada has badass musicians

  86. signorellil

    @Kastlefeer Kicking ass is just an understatement when you're mentioning "Tribal Convinctions". This song kicks so much ass that even Chuck Norris would be scared.

  87. CarloS Piña

    i gotta see them live!!

  88. Terry Floyd

    Noise had some great bands in the 80's. One of the best!

  89. Pepijn Bart

    All these sounds come together in one of the greatest songs ever!

  90. SergioWW1WW2

    Incredible Thrash Progressive Metal... \m/ !!!!!!

  91. drax13

    I still clearly remember the first time I heard this song, about a week after it was released. It changed my life forever. I've shared them with many people over the years; some get it, some don't. VoiVod is a powerful band, and were always more than just a 'metal' band. They were doing something important, whether they knew it or not.

  92. shanemiscarriage

    7 people need a tribal conviction

  93. irons punk

    Fuckin brilliant band.

  94. firebird116

    getting to see them live during this era is one of my most treasured memories

  95. JuanCarlos X

    Excelente, anoche Voivod toco en Chile y todo estuve alucinante !!!!!

  96. Mamasto2

    Wow-that brought me back to my angst filled teen years- still sounds as good as it did 23 yrs ago- such underrated talent

  97. sex6cult9revolution

    @TheEhce That's Blacky. Away is the drummer.