Voivod - The X-Stream Lyrics

There is the need for speed
Everything that exceeds
The point of no return
And this one's gonna hurt
All set before your eyes
A human sacrifice
It's time to clear the ramp
Who wants to take a chance

So let's roll
All night long

I like the smell of fuel
I got myself a bruise
The only time it's real
It's when I shift the gears
A few in every town
The death defying clowns
Gather with all their rigs
And kids are burning wheels

Yeah let's roll
All night long
Always pushing it to the X-Stream

One game to entertain
The gain is the pain
You might crash in flames
Or jump off the planes
The pavement's made of stones
In parts with broken bones
But you ain't out of luck
You live around the clock

Yeah let's roll
All night long
Always pushing it to the X-Stream

1001... 1002... 1003... Open

Another world record
And this one missed the curve
What's gonna make me stop
Who's gonna take my guts
One split second and go
One tire had to blow
C'mon and give me five
I died of what I liked

So let's roll
All night long
Always pushing it to the X-Stream

1001... 1002... 1003... Open

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Voivod The X-Stream Comments
  1. Kako Tv



  2. Its Kuya Mo Kevin


  3. James Brousseau

    Good Golly Miss Molly, could I possibly make my headphones Play This Louder !??!

  4. Southern Drinkstruction

    \m/ Yeah let's roll all night long always pushing it to the X-Stream Metal \m/

    Joe St. Germain

    In guitar hero 2 got over 400,000 points in this song

  5. Erik B

    Its good music to dance to.

  6. Daniel Vasconcelos

    Que música! Voivod é uma das melhores bandas do mundo. Esses caras são demais.

  7. johnperrie Cristobal

    Awsome Nice Guide

  8. Brandon McBadass

    lol it sounds like the guy is yelling Saints Rowwwwwww

  9. Sahathai74

    In 1:40,first time I think that lyrics are "Always pushing it to the x-stream.....melon" = =

  10. Stéphane Bouchard

    @dummmmm76 yes.

  11. totaltranquility

    The best Voivod song I have enjoyed after there Pink Floyd remake!!

  12. Amy Carter

    @Satan1564 Burning rubber in a 1969 Ford GT40 to this song.

  13. Amy Carter

    To the circuit with this song. I race to it. Voivod is Badass!

  14. judas swe

    @WhoaDamn2 I Agree

  15. majorblood87

    @SlayerCrampsMisfits your a moron, what does it matter what their guitars look like?

  16. eurorocker79

    You obviously never saw Piggy's "space guitars"...
    Check out some 90's pics, those things were bizarre!

  17. Jason K

    @syedsaim The singer of the mellow tune used to sing with the gathering, and they are not mellow. The connection makes it valid, the content does not.

  18. syedsaim

    why is there a soft song in the suggestions box.

  19. alphasounds

    Voivod is my first band since 198...
    I was glad to see them with blacky in wacken 2010.
    Jason made the groove to straight.

  20. RyanFresh

    I relate to this song in many ways because whatever I do, social life, church, family, and work, school, I do everything in the extreme.

  21. Buttfukk Bill

    This is rad because it combines the old school thrash feel with a greasy, Butthole Surfers/White Zombie kinda vibe.

  22. Scarecrow545

    Ok. Cool.

  23. Scarecrow545

    I actually wish he'd gone back to Flotsam and J after Metallica. He was brilliant with them.

  24. Erik B

    This song has a good groove to it. Makes me feel like dancing. lol.

  25. kah jun


  26. Daniel Bae


  27. pinpunazo


  28. Daniel Van Damme

    roooääär is a killer album too

  29. Astromonster

    Awesome song,but Killing Technology is much better...
    Long live VOIVOD!!!

  30. blanchette007

    No, it's Denis "Snake" Belanger... from the city of Jonquiere, Canada !!!

  31. gpalmamrw

    I still prefere anything form the pre-nothing face era, anyways, long live to the Voivod!!!The post-armaggedon vampire Lord!!!!

  32. ernieoovayuk

    is this really the video for the x-stream???

  33. VAB0L0

    Yeah, but in French, as Voivod is French-Canadian(Vive Jonquière!), D'amour means of love.

  34. BUDOKAI1

    Sound Spanishy/Italian in Spasish De Amor means of love so D'amour sounds a bit like it

  35. VAB0L0

    I know. I was born in Jonquière aswell. ;)

  36. sean mcmahon

    i like boys

  37. Alexa T

    Who gives a crap where they're from?

  38. BLUEGENE13

    there from Jonquière, Quebec, Canada

  39. Angel Renta

    bl4ckmuso is an Italian idiot.

  40. VAB0L0

    Turns out it's just a video of Away driving to Fairmount Bagel in Montreal.

  41. VAB0L0

    'Cause Langevin and D'Amour are German last names? I think not.

  42. ramano11

    love the song, lame vid though

  43. Jocko Jonson

    ooh sick burn. =)

  44. FairlyWhite

    Sodom + Vovoid + Destruction = HELL ON EARTH!!!
    \m/ German Thrash \m/

  45. Estúdio V8

    fucking right

  46. BlackSphinxGG

    Piggy is indeed dead (cancer) and Newstead is in the band.

  47. BLUEGENE13

    how does this only have 7000 views


  48. BLUEGENE13


  49. CalculatedHatred

    I mean, I love metallica but past ...And justice, it shouldve been called something else.

  50. CalculatedHatred

    yay for newsted leaving that shit band called metallica and joining a REAL band called voivoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. jay webster

    go piggy!

  52. deathangellink

    piggy étais extraordinaire

    un putain de bon guitariste, le meilleur du quebec

    et sans déconner je connais personellement son cousin cedric qui étais à son enterrement

  53. 2extream4us

    word son me too

  54. BlackSphinxGG

    T_T On t'aimais Piggy.

  55. sebastian tupper

    real rock!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  56. Charles Meier

    The song that got me into Voivod.

  57. jartor666

    I love Katorz, Voivod kick ass!!!!!
    Great vid

  58. Matthew Reed

    i love this song