Voivod - Psychic Vacuum Lyrics

Still twisting and suggesting
Some passengers
Play with my nerves
It paralyses dexterity
Inculcating anxiety
Can compromise my reason
Reach out of trance
How could I stop the entrance
Over the stress
I have to find the weakness
Involve a quest
Between my mind and myself
Head is like a burning house
What can I do for my rescue
Inverse the strike to take the lead
Then following what I believe
Ain't got the same conception
I'm now able
To push those spirits outside
My thought is free
And forever lives in me
Psychic transfer
I've stolen their unique power
Nothing can stop the evacuation
Nothing can stop the psychic vacuum

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Voivod Psychic Vacuum Comments
  1. NAC

    This would've been a great addition to the Toxic Avenger II soundtrack.

  2. Adam Harvey

    3:13 great simple guitar riff. I remember this so many years ago on Headbanger's Ball and, as a teenager, I just didn't get this group. But revisiting 15+ years later....digging.

  3. Templo Sagital

    A m a z i n g one of my favorite Voivod songs

  4. criops

    NoThiNg CaN StOp The PsyChIc VaCuUm ))))))) I saw them on this tour in Boston w/ a very young Kreator opening when I was 17. I gave the drummer some of my artwork & he introduced me to the other band members. The new lineup is great too.

  5. Angel Puente

    Piggy is like playing backwards in that main riff

  6. Angel Puente

    Snake in his hyper cube

  7. Thomas Farmer

    Metal would've not developed it's prog- ness had it not been bands like VOIVOD,Watchtower and Mekong Delta.

  8. D.Bruce S II

    Saw them 5 times from ‘86 to ‘91. From the Cubby Bear in Chicago to Mables in Champaign, IL and somewhere in San Francisco, the venue escapes me (better drugs in the bay). Blew me away every damn time. Watching the crowd get thrown by every change while we kept pace ... a sonic tsunami.

  9. Darren Zwengel

    Soundtrack of my life, genius album that stands the test of time. ♡

  10. Amilcar Valença

    Original...only...sounds great !!!

  11. Kevin Braswell

    Remains mindblowingly impressive, iconoclastic & polarizing. To this day I still wouldn't know how to categorize this for someone.

  12. ferox965

    I remember seeing this on MuchMusic when I was younger...it freaked me out...this has aged very well. Great band.

  13. James Brousseau

    The 240 px actually makes it look cool

  14. Andrey Murr

    Voivod 4ever!

  15. zack paulo thrash

    RIP🕇dennis d'amour (piggy)🕇

  16. Mark Outram

    I know some people have pointed to the 'low budget' appearance of this vid but, for me, that's the very reason I love it. One of Voivod's great talents was that they created their own universe in which you had to immerse yourself. The very DIY nature of the artwork here just adds to it in my view, especially that last minute or so - spooky, quirky, intriguing, powerful : immense. Perhaps my favourite video of theirs. Thanks for the post.


    I was definitely a trip when it came out.. I remember watching it and not knowing what to make of it...usually the greats start that way.

  17. Gretgor

    One of my favorite videoclips of its time. It's so crazy and psychedelic I can't even mind how low-tech the effects were in comparison to nowadays.

  18. Angel Puente

    Cyberpunk genius
    This has to be made into a movie
    Please god!!!

  19. Mark Boyd

    So far, 21 people have given this vid a thumbs down. 21 people just don't get it. Really cool call Vezonmodder on the Nothingface album art. WOW! A good year and a half before Nothingface. This is the tune that cemented me as a Voivod fan. Piggy was a genius...totally unorthodox and brilliant.

  20. Brian Wood

    goddamn fuckin legends!!! hail piggy forever!!!

  21. Angel Puente

    Favorite vid of all time!!!!

  22. Augustus mustus

    God I loved this song when I was 14...STILL DO! This album changed my life...

  23. NYBowhunter72

    Sorry all, but these guys suck! I thought Id give em another listen cuz I couldnt tolerate them on Headbangers Ball as a kid, and now I remember why.....Holy shit, theyre awful


    NYBowhunter72 not for everyone


    NYBowhunter72 they are amazing, just not for a dude like you..

  24. JMH

    what a great guitar sound Piggy had, that disonance is delicious

  25. Herby2xlc

    psychisch instabil aber hammer geil^^

  26. Nice marmot.

    I used to tape Headbanger's Ball on MTV. When I saw this video on the tape I had to rewind it for another look. So much different than anything else I had ever heard. Amazing. Took my ten-speed out in search of Voivod music. Couldn't find Dimension Hatross, but I came home with a cassette of Nothingface. Hooked forever.

    Darren Zwengel

    I remember when i first saw this vid on headbangers ball, was already into vod, but my mind was blown.

  27. JC Abram

    These guys fucking suck!

  28. Kati Cole

    this song reminds me of moving away from my home

  29. themetalmaster01

    only a true music lover could love voi vod as much as I do

    Mark Boyd


    Andrey Murr

    Amen to that,brother fan!

  30. Yhan Hi


  31. signer530

    3:21 looks like Snake took one hell of a bong rip

    Jonathan Jensen

    more like 3:26


    signer530 hahahaha

  32. Rich Dinapoli

    Great band. Brings me back to when I was 14.

  33. Ultratyp3 Mania

    Sounds like Waterside

  34. Eduardo Alves

    This song brings me back to my 10, 11 years old!! Masterpiece!!

  35. cyberdon

    Perfect band.

  36. Violence1320

    2:09 best part XD AHAHAHHAH they are jamming with piggy

    Mr. Schneider

    @Violence1320 Best part at 3:26.  Found myself laughing uncontrollably.  Great song.  And I must say, love your thumbnail.


    @Mr. Schneider lmaooo sounds like snake is like " woah nothing can stop the vacuum !!" XD and Thanks i always want to change it to Dimension Hatross cx

    vapor dreams 翁萎円

    R.I.P. Piggy

  37. yan mousseau

    the end of it all, is at the end.......great end of the psychic vaccum....

  38. Syro Nesis

    Piggy's guitar work on this particular song is spell binding. That riff at 0.19 sec just says it all. One of my favourite bands of the 80's. Revolutionary!

  39. Vezonmodder

    Fun to see the Nothingface album art in a video before Nothingface was actually released. (0:41)


    @TheInnerStation Thanks! It's great stuff indeed. I still haven't really found the patience to listen to Dimension Hatröss and Nothingface in its entirety though, but I will.

    Yannick Messias

    @Vezonmodder hahah How not? Nothingface is understandable but Dimension Hatröss is not a hard listen at all

    Dan C

    You need to listen to this album all the way through, as it takes you on a weird and wonderful journey through the cosmos! It's probably Voivod's best attempt at a concept album in this respect.

    jesse Vortex Sungte

    Vezonmodder It was already released and this song was in that album.

    Frank Stevens

    That just now got my attention too..and Ive seen this video dozin times over the years. Dont listen to the only bloody idiot in this threat

  40. sabrunobia

    best band ever

  41. Fred G


  42. VOUDONBOI420

    Nothing can stop the PSYCHIC VACUUM

  43. Steve Drew

    still way ahead of their time. glad to see them back. 

  44. Mike

    I like pizza

  45. RavenousMedicine

    Absolutely! This album is a great starting point for any future Voivodian! and that's almost always the case with Snake's vocals. but man, once you get used to em, you couldnt imagine Voivod without him! Voivod is one of those rare bands where every musician brings a vital piece to the table, and everything just naturally communicates spectacularly, like some kind of awesome machine.

  46. Sudsy Sutherland

    Wow Keith was awesome with Carnivore!I'm a Massive Carnivore Fan,Peter Ratajczyk Steele was the reason i picked up a bass guitar in 1990 after hearing the 2 Carnivore albums & then Type O's first 2 albums which were left over Carnivore material.But ya Keith was a huge inspiration to me.I talk to original Carnivore drummer Louis Beateaux all the time & have interviewed him for my metal website (themetalpitdotnet) &have been friends with Johnny Kelly since 1996.That was so sad about Keith.

  47. BridgetC

    I wasn't from Brooklyn but lived there for a long time. I was originally hatched in Pittsburgh, PA. Keith from Carnivore was my boyfriend for a couple years, but after the Carnivore days. He passed away due to complications from a bicycle accident in 2005. Sad.

    hostile graveyard

    TYPE O NEGATIVE. nice.

  48. Sudsy Sutherland

    That's such a cool story to hear, & especially from Brooklyn New York listening to Voivod.I'm from Canada so Voivod was such a HUGE Part in my Life.I'm also a HUGE Type O Negative & Carnivore Fan & if your from Brooklyn New York you know all about Peter Steele & Carnivore/Type O.Carnivore was so ahead of their time i thought.But back to Voivod, I also listened to other great Canadian bands like Annihilator,Razor,Anvil,Monster Voodoo Machine,Killer Dwarfs,Sacrifice,Exciter,Quo Vadis,Hypocrisy.

  49. Azazel Acheron

    And he WAS out there...

  50. misumi75

    génial!!great band!!brutal and innovative!!

  51. Luciffrit

    Ok Primus kinda remind me of them. =O


    Actually, voivod was first (1982).

  53. relworp74

    Snake's vocals can take some getting used to if you've never listened to Voivod before, but Dimension Hatross is a classic album! Easily one of the most innovative rock/metal bands of all time.

  54. Tanya Billett

    I love this band!!!!! now where is my poutine and Maudite?

  55. Gobi Pup

    amazing. so SOO PROUD that they are still kicking so much ass in 2013. a fitting lovely tribute to a legendary musician. rip piggy.

  56. matt falkowski

    I remember this video debuting on that channel that use to play videos. Thanks for posting it. \m/

  57. Themostancient

    This song is so awesome on so many levels...especially in the context of the album!

  58. godstomper

    This video really defined what kind of band Voivod was in the 80's. Different from everyone else.

  59. Vermonol

    Classic band. One of the best ever

  60. RANDYJR72


  61. Luciffrit

    Kinda remind me of Primus.

  62. Kurama363

    French Canada

  63. zeth205

    Ringworm is awesome.

  64. zeth205

    It's funny my friend won't give em a chance because he think they are generic thrash and points to their first album, the thing is from this point on they weren't so much thrash as they were some kind of progressive punk thingy, and then something else happened and angel rat was born, but i still like the outer limits but by that point they were prog rock, and after that I never gave that much worry about, but I digress. They are one of the most unique bands I've ever heard.

  65. admeer70

    Only Piggy could make one chord sound so good - that's the beauty of his style and of this amazing band.

  66. yourg loud

    where are they from?
    this music isn't from this world, this is amazing!

  67. Jeremy Allen

    Yeah Im into all those bands except for a couple that I havent heard of. Rwake, Dazzling Killmen and Human Remains. You should check out Dr. Acula and Killwitneydead.

  68. AvntXardE

    the part at 3:13 is probably the best thing i've ever experienced in music...

  69. driekone

    Right on. I won't argue with that. Not sure what kind of stuff you like, but if you dig any hardcore or punk stuff, you should check out Deadguy, Botch, Coalesce, Burnt By the Sun, Today is the Day, Rwake, Integrity, Ringworm, Dazzling Killmen, Disembodied, Human Remains, and Dillinger Escape Plan.

  70. Jeremy Allen

    I guess its just the sound that I'm not into. The vocals don't do anything for me and the music isn't very "exciting". Im usually open minded which is the reason I checked this vid out. Not for me.

  71. driekone

    RIght. No sweat man, I am just fuckin' around. Why don't you like them? They've been an influence in the music scene. Sort of thrash/punk type of metal, but I definitely think they bring a unique sound.

  72. Jeremy Allen

    No not really trying to be cyber tough guy. lol just being a jack ass at that point!

  73. driekone

    This band is so underrated...But sometimes I dig that. Sounds gay and all, but that makes it more special. hahahaha.

  74. driekone

    Cyber tough guy.

  75. mybestregards

    You said "Cradle of Filth perfected black metal." Any insight you have has immediately been thrown out the window and dismissed as a joke.

  76. Jeremy Allen


  77. Bastard471

    . top that.

  78. Shawn Bentley

    Too fucking cool.

  79. tel107

    The whole dimension hatross is fucking insanely EPIC!!!

  80. SuicidalNun

    I have found a new addiction.

  81. youfools

    These gents along with Coroner have always topped my list. Love "Piggy's" dissonance.

  82. Jeffrey Lee DiNapoli

    You're 44, me too, perhaps we moshed together at L'Amour? That place was the shit back in the day.

  83. nvmbrsdoom5

    @BridgetC This album was hugely important to me when it came out and I listened to it through crazy & tough times, so I get where you're coming from a bit, I think. Voivod will always be my favorite metal band. Cheers.

  84. WeedVulva

    @BridgetC where you from back then i didnt see any chicks into VoiVod lol im from brooklyn

  85. James McDaniel

    voivod was the most unique band of their time

  86. U-Man 2020

    Absolutely brilliant band. Piggy was a truly unique musician. I am happy that the band will carry on. I feel Dan will be able continue where Piggy left off!!

  87. BridgetC

    @666fuckoffandie 18? haha, try 44.

  88. BridgetC

    This entire album was so important to me. Living in Brooklyn NY, only white girl for miles, I lived in my headphones. That means I lived with tapes and Voivod - Dimension Hatross was played constantly. I miss those days and I still love this band. RIP Piggy.

  89. progressive gen x'er channel

    These guys were always wierd. Creative, but wierd. I like their older material best.

  90. rebusd

    @anatolzygorwski yeah... they were quite the partiers, from what I heard around the scene back then. True quebecers.... :)

  91. eyung250

    voivod try to come to Antofagasta again my friends

  92. Mike A

    Honestly to me Voivod has never done anything even slightly terrible I own Angel Rat, Negatron, Phobos, Voivod, Katorz, Infini and both of there DVD'S and nothing on any of those is even below average most bands wish they could write songs half as well

  93. seantalarico

    One of the greatest metal songs ever written. What even comes close to this.

  94. jerryskid1

    Piggy was easily one of the most innovative guitarists out there. R.I.P.

  95. greysequences

    Damnit, why couldn't I have been born twenty years earlier?

    I really doubt I'll ever find a band I like more than Voivod, really.

  96. Angel Renta

    Haha you think this is bad, Ravenous Medicine is even worse. the video, that is. The song kicks ass.

  97. ADeadHeaDz

    Huh. Nothingface shows up at 0:40.