Voivod - Polaroids Lyrics

Hostile white
Blizzard's rage
Frosted face
The sore shoulders
The weight of days
How far to go
In desert snow

Where the wind takes our dreams
Where the scene is unreal

Across the Iceland
Enduring fate
The hills of sickness
The cliff of fear
Months in darkness
The loss of time
Only a limelight
Flows in the sky
And every morning
Buried in place
Zombies awaking
And keep the pace
There is no crossroad
Nor choice to make
It's always further
Always ahead

Where the wind steals our dreams
Where yourself is revealed


Turning in circles
Our worst nightmare
No more supplies
Nor food to share
All the strength
I've left behind
Would be useful
Now that I die
It doesn't matter
Not anymore
Only a limelight
Flows in the sky
Glows in the sky
Where the wind takes our dreams
Where the scene is surreal
Where the wind steals our dreams
Where yourself is revealed

Who wants to land
On no-man's land?
Who wants to end
On Morgoth land?

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Voivod Polaroids Comments
  1. Southern Drinkstruction

    \m/ Where the wind takes our dreams where the scene is unreal \m/

  2. explorerr1985

    voivod themselves are oxymoron!!!

  3. PopeShaitan

    Piggy strikes from beyond the grave. Excellent! Piggy will live for ever... Hail Piggy and the mighty VOIVOD, to the death!!!! And beyond...

    Patrick Therrien

    Excellente toune punk!!❤

  4. Jason Eubanks

    Not like Piggy is completely missing... he did after all leave them with enough guitar riffs on his computer to do about two more albums before they even need to write more.

  5. Satanail Smrtdanski

    @gpalmamrw hahhah. I lol'd, man, I lol'd.

  6. InTheWoods91

    oh my god so fun to play on bass

  7. eyung250

    voi vod rules!!! no more to say

  8. sylvain coulombe

    Et oui je continue d'etre fidele a voivod||

  9. Mechamen

    @majorblood87 lol they do that over here in almost every college..
    they make you do stuff like run around in the street, naked (or nearly naked..) and stuff like that :D

  10. Brendan McGlinchey

    @majorblood87 Thanks friend; i was unsure what that meant .I'm from Europe and not very clued up on North American culture.

  11. Brendan McGlinchey

    @majorblood87 Eh? Hazing? Wossat?

  12. Brendan McGlinchey

    @majorblood87 Hazing ????

  13. majorblood87

    @poulsontheprick and justice for all rules. i heard the reason there is no bass is because they were hazing newstead and took his bass out of the mix.

  14. majorblood87

    @poulsontheprick hazing is kinda like initiation. You have to do something embarrassing or painful or stuff like that before your accepted into a group. Frat houses in america used to do hazing until some students died or somethin

  15. fogzax

    This mix of Polaroids sound less compressed than the CD version

  16. Brendan McGlinchey

    @SnakesBlues I'm sorry if you disagree...i think i will say that And Justice ... , is shit ;i've never liked it ! It wasn't aggressive enough ( for me...) .I also think there is a subtle difference between "not what u expect" and " overproduced" .Exciter from Canada were a flop too,and they're first 3 albums were storming until they lost John Ricci ( i believe he left for personal reasons.)What say you friend?

  17. Brendan McGlinchey

    @SnakesBlues I know it might sound crazy but respectfully , as i was into Metallica from the release of K .E.A. and eagerly waiting on Ride ....and then M.o.P ; I guess the over production( and i don't know if the rest of the lads were trying to be clever here ....) but there is no BASS on the And Justice Album for whatever reason.The overall sound is wooden and empty .Its even Commercial ( dare i say it ) in the extreme.Not what Metallica fans expected to hear .!!!!! anybody agree?

  18. StonePhill

    28 years of music evolution....that what VOIVOD is.


    Voivod Rules! I'm sorry but Death Magnetic SUCKS! It's has some potential, but the songs are way too long, I think they tried too hard, they should of simplified it, Anyway Voivod is and always will be a kicks ass totally original Metal Band!

  20. Gobi Pup

    like anyone else in life who doesnt understand, just ignore them

  21. Brendan McGlinchey

    There is something Jazzy or anti symmetric about The Vod; This is sheer fucking class.Pisses all over Metallicash.................I stopped dead listening to them when they released And Justice..cos it was shit.Plain and simple-without the "WINDMILL (CLIFF) THEY WERE JUST STAGNANT MULLET MEN.James get back to Bach covers..........

  22. wargasty


  23. Fredache Hammerhead

    @tetuhetu A(fucking)MEN

  24. Nic Swick

    Anybody who has criticism for metallica should go back and listen to the stuff that came before the Black Album and Bob Rock. It doesn't matter if they sold out. It's what they did before that point in their careers.\m/ R.I.P Chuck Schuldiner \m/. Voivod ******* rocks!

  25. TheMotogavlas84

    Come on, metallica was ok till black album ( not included).
    Who criticizes Voivod is at least an ignorant.

  26. Jake Star

    they are so creative they have there own style they are labeled as thrash but I chose not to label them most thrash bands sound like metalica anthrax or slayer but voivod is just so damn origional. I dont realy listen to metal anymore because I dont like the direction its going in but Im always going out of my way to listen to them.

  27. Pedro De Oliveira

    @Vxitha Yes, those few thinkers are people that don't give up to mainstream, and that was Metallica before. Now children listen to Metallica, and they rhink they're cool. But that's not the meaning. The idea is feeling how is the music, the harmony, the well elaborated solos... And they WERE the thrash metal great guys .

  28. keith s

    listening them since 92, im 33

  29. Pedro De Oliveira

    @kjk811 Please, Metallica doesn't exist anymore! And Voivod was the great Voivod when Piggy rocked out with Blacky, Snake and Away. But Voiovd is making their songs to the people who is interested in them. Metallica is making songs to their banks account and for the dog's and grandmas' iPods.

  30. Jason K

    @irkedd I ditto your entire comment with a slight change. I'm 36.

    Greetings from London, Ontario Canada.

  31. DarienMusicJunkie

    Fucking Sick video from a sick band!!!Voivod is awesome.

  32. nightly alignment

    @conquistador73 I also knew Voivod was awesome ever since listening to dimension hatross in 1988 -

    I am now 37.

    greetings from Hallandale Florida U.S.A.

    R.I.P Piggy.

  33. nightly alignment

    I knew Voivod was awesome ever since listening to dimension hatross in 1988 -

    I am now 37 and mourn the passing of a genius.

    greetings from Hallandale Florida U.S.A.

    R.I.P Piggy.

  34. archie524

    I listein voivod since 1988...and I'm 50. Greets from Windsor, Ontario !

  35. conquistador73

    I listein Voivod since 1988...And I'm 37 . Greet's from Poland !

  36. gpalmamrw

    man that's an oxymoron, haha, progressive and punk, haha, only Voivod man, only Voivod.

  37. zerockstar


  38. Ivano Forgione

    maybe you are confusing something, the first album is W&P (which was remastered and reissued a few years ago, but originally published in 1984), RRROOOAAARRR! is the second, KT is the third, you probably meant that one with your last statement?

  39. Ivano Forgione

    I remember Phobos, I love it, and Idon't think that Forrest' performance is mediocre. I love every Voivod album, although I think the best part goes from Killing Technology to Outer Limits, both included. Before they were just one of the bunch, not yet defined, after that they kinda lost the vibe, but still Phobos and Katorz are really great albums IMHO (and even the others, to a lesser extent)

  40. RavenousMedicine

    one of my favorite Katorz songs.

  41. sluana1

    Listen to a new Voivod song on my page, its from the new album, due out in june 09.
    Album is called Infini.

  42. TheMoi

    How can you "remember" it if you're only 16yo? I mean, don't act like you were listening to voivod in 96.

  43. voronOsphere

    Great Animation of Away's great art. Did he animate it? Great Song & Video!

  44. Zz0tt

    unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful

  45. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    I would say "Dimension Hatross" and "Nothingface" are good places to start.

  46. gpalmamrw

    I wouls really love if the next Voivod album would mix this progressive cybermetal sound with old ass raping post-armaggedon thrash metal of the first years, that would totally kick major ass, maybe something between katorz, Dimension Hatross and War And Pain.

    R.I.P. Piggy.

  47. kingfowley

    anyone who puts contrived, shit bands like metallica in the same breath as music first bands like voivod should just really be ignored as much as possible when talking about music!

  48. kjk811

    I kind of agree with bonbonchanson, although I do think Death Magnetic is the best thing Metallica has made in years. But Voi Vod, these guys don't give a fuck about what's relevent their music is timeless, and I think they're in a class of music on their own. Not many bands can claim that.

  49. Teuvo Bro

    Easily, let me help.

    - "Killing Technology"

    - "Dimension Hatröss"

    Something to start with. Even "RRRÖÖÖAAARRR!!!" is absolutely great, you only need some love towards extreme hardcore-metal to understand it. It took me some months to get into that album in -88.

    Otherwise, Voi vod is beautiful and mellow music. The band has evolved like Pink Floyd from album to album, so there is no real way to put some album in a better light than an other. They are all masterpieces.

  50. kalamay

    I just newly heard this great Canadian band along with Annihilator. Aside from this great album, KATORZ, can any true Voivod fan tell me what's their another great album?

  51. blackcorridors

    I love the atmosphere on this one, beautiful video. (and musically Voivod kick ass of course)

  52. Listendudeok

    garbage or not bluerainer, I suggest you listen to Psychic Vacuum by VoiVod, it suits you quite well. And I mean especially the title.

  53. Sir Scavenger

    Is that a personal preference or is it because Metallica has sold more records?

    Record sales doesn't prove shit regarding talent! People like Britney Spears have sold millions and how much musical talent does she have? Very little!

  54. Nuno Pascoal

    And I heard someone complaining about Jame's vocals... And what about this guy's voice? F*CK


    ONE of the true original metal bands of our time..retaining that quirky CANADIAN sound that so many others have tried to capture....

  56. Yousuffering77

    Geia sou patrioti!

  57. Mike R

    Anybody know where the mill footage was taken
    for the vid?



    Metal Greetings to all VoiVod Fans from Hellas(Greece)!!!!!!!
    Another Great Song from a "Unique" Band!!!!!!!!

  59. Eduardo Berkel

    Piggy acid guitars are the best. This sound rememb Nothin Face. Very good. dam Pig is dad.RIP.

  60. studbully

    very cool vid.
    love AWAY's art.
    miss you PIGGY!

  61. CalculatedHatred

    Quebec metal is #1 in canada!
    Newsted wouldnt leave metallicunts for no special reasons!

  62. jartor666

    Yes, next year, they touring with Andreas Kisser from Sepultura, and next year we have another Voivod album.
    Voivod is an incredible band, and Jason jamming with Andreas on stage, they really going to kick some asses.

  63. jerryskid1

    Will Voivod ever tour again? Replacing Piggy is impossible.

  64. jartor666

    Great song!! Great band!!!