Voivod - Dognation Lyrics

Here they come
With their guns
March parade
Under the sun
Here they come
Helmets on
Stoic faces
The stand has begun

Fear is growing with the hours
Intensified by the fever
Dead town
Black out

With an axe
Special tool
Busting in
Breaking rules
Just like dogs
Hooked on drugs
Blind searching
For marginality

It uses all kind of power
A message is blowing
Through the speakers
Strip search
Black out

I put my hands
In the white sand
Here used to be
Paradise island

Vacation goes in order
Terrorized villagers
Supervised foreigners
Covered up massacres

So much of a nonsense
Better hide
The evidence

So much of a disgrace
Better leave
Without a trace

All includes all

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Voivod Dognation Comments
  1. Telrunya598

    If you already like this then I recommend the journey to listen the first nine albums of Voivod too since I think those are better in every way. But I do not consider my self a stone rocker...You'll require an open mind and some affection to the raw, wild, space and sophistication. ;-)

  2. Alec Ferris

    I'm not sure it was just Bob Rock; even with Rubin producing on Death Magnetic they felt a bit rote (at least when you compare them to groups like Deftones, Mastodon and Machine Head who remain at the top of their game). Rubin's turned into such a hands-off producer, maybe they need someone who'll work with them a little more. Nick Raskulinecz seems to get good results with plenty of artists.

    I'm not convinced it was really a "sell-out", they just lost their fire and haven't quite regained it.

  3. Jesber Van Page

    Immigrant song :D 2:26

  4. halso21

    I think everyone,who knows Jason,hears that he is better than metallica let him look like.


    noone doubts that...... I downloaded the version of "Justice" album with enhanced bass and it sounds 100 times better..... "MoP" is a masterpiece, but I think "Justice" is the only Metallica album, where everyone's playing is top-notch...... even Lars sounds great on "Justice"

  5. Sup Mayne

    saw this cd in a store for 2.50 and i knew it use to be like thrash but this is okay i guess lol

  6. jartor666

    The intro is amazing!!!!!