Void Of Vision - Ctrl Freak Lyrics

Internet master race, let's fucking get this straight
Turn off your upper case, say this to my face
Well sure it's healthy that you're unable to express your anger through physical violence
But you'll find that manifestation of said emotions just doesn't cut it when spoken through silence
You're just a loser abusing what you can't afford to lose

So put your money where your mouth is, tell me how does it taste?
Those words just don't mean shit if you can't say them to my face
You're self-conceited, self-inflated
With a contradictory point of view
Well you're still seated and I can't believe it, how much you're bending the truth
You're just a loser abusing what you can't afford to lose
Back up those pretentious words, because no-one seems to have heard
To practice what you preach is to first have learnt how to speak

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Void Of Vision Ctrl Freak Comments
  1. Weird Facts

    Best Band hardcore !!

  2. anahatas

    Aye lmao kappa

  3. C pt Fox

    Can't really understand this new Alexisonfire singer.

  4. Dani Pretel

    The fucks machines

  5. Nattty

    So many people hating for no reason, don't like it move on. At least these boys got an album with UNFD wtf are you doing ?

  6. garnmowitdown

    Wheres the hype coming from for these guys? This is uninspired rubbish.

  7. Aiden

    this is pretty shitty.

  8. The Squid

    I don't like how some of the members wanna dress like gangsters, it's like c'mon stay Metal!

    The Squid

    good point...
    I'm not I'm more familiar with the genres of a thrash/death type


    xVIOLENCEISTHEANSWERrx Hardcore did not come from NYC, it came from LA, San Fran and DC


    if you were metal you would know that it doesnt fucking matter what someone wears...

  9. Toms Alcore

    ono opo iki

  10. moist melvin

    A band that will fizzle out quite quickly. They do not have a lasting sound. Very generic, very boring. Also the idea behind the film clip is lame as fuck. Don't comment on a bands music otherwise they will discover all your personal details kidnap you and place you in a white room where you will be forced to listen to their shitty generic sound, keep it up unfd!!!!

  11. Damien R

    the music is good but that jersey bro goddamn

  12. Rene Meijer

    when the skinny white boy says "say it to my face"

  13. Maria Thompson

    Void of Vision are an AMAZING Australian talent. They have really hit the mark with their latest album Children of Chrome. However you label them hardcore/metal who cares! They're brilliant!!

  14. SealedourFateOfficial

    This song is gold

  15. Coffin'z Calling

    I like the song, the meaning behind it is so true in alot of stuff today

  16. Antoine St-Laurent

    hellions wanna be

    Ciggybuttbrain 666

    Sound ls nothing like em.

  17. AD | STUDIOS

    Australian Sylar

  18. Nate Firestone

    The vocalist sounds like Shawn Spann of I, the Breather! & I dig this! 🔥

  19. Frank Tomaiuolo

    Yo, I'm amazed how well they got that tone only using MESA 4x12!! Good job boys!!

  20. ddanahs

    don't u dare to say they're just complaining that they have haters. what you think rappers or other singers do? stfu seriously... everyone loves when rapper rap about fans and haters, but it's wrong in this genre...???-__-

  21. Pandha Forever


  22. Mizter Meschie

    Void of Vision and Ocean Grove are the best goddamn hardcore bands in the scene right now, please do an American tour that'd be beyond awesome.

    Mizter Meschie

    @xMXUx Metal/hard/whateverthefuckthey'regonnacomeupwithnext core


    +xMXUx saviour, fresh Nelson, purity, hindsight, perspective, parkway drive are all great bands


    TheHardcorekid Saviour and Parkway are indeed pretty awesome (except for the last Parkway album, that's just terrible imo). Those aren't hardcore bands though. And I've never heard about the other bands you mentioned


    they are all melodic hardcore bands. I also forgot to put Reactions on the list. Reaction is a hardcore band.


    this sure as hell isn't hardcore. and hell touche amore, counter parts, and capsize to everything both of those bands do. but better.

  23. jess Maldonado

    wow good Music👍😉i'Love it....kiss from Argentina✌☺

  24. freecrocs

    Ocean Grove changed their name?

    Ciggybuttbrain 666

    They used the same producer as ocean grove did on black label which is sam bassal, thats why it sounds so familiar to OG.

  25. Warnerchild

    How did they get on a good label?


    What do you mean? Do you think they don't deserve to be?

    Time Navigator

    By being talented unlike your worthless ass

  26. Arrktic_

    I don't speak English very well but this song is a fucking




    dude stfu and play the music

  28. Blueskythinking

    What's the message behind this video? Don't criticise us because it hurts our feelings?


    +Ciggybuttbrain 666 what are you trying to prove? That the guys in this band are also egotistical, insecure pricks? If I happened to be around them and this conversation came up I'd stand by my word because I believe everything I've said is reasonable and fair. You're the one flipping out and acting like a child implying that I'd get beaten up for simply acknowledging the fact that not everyone's going to like this. Lucky you don't have your real name on your account because you've made a real ass out of yourself in this thread. Thanks for the entertainment.

    Dan Boreham

    his real name is Jett Wilson, Buddy. check him out.

    Zé Morais

    Haters gonna hate...that's it

    Ollie Midson

    Onya Michael!

    Ollie Midson

    That's the problem with IPHYB. I mean sure it's fine if your beef is in the name of satire and you're having a laugh or whatever, but people in that community have talked shit on my group's work and us personally on the internet faulting us even though they barely know us personally. Like, is constructive criticism a thing of the past?


    Played one of my first shows with this band. So great to see such an amazing live performance deliver some serious new noise

  30. Kangiten Productions

    This shits fresher than Woolies - well done boys.


    Even better than coles fresh

    damon harris-Brennan

    Forget prices are down... we want BREAKDOWNS