VNV Nation - Legion (Live) Lyrics

Enveloped in a sentiment
A sound that rushes over me
Engage an impulse to pretend
I have a faith that's pure

You must not forget how to dream
Please indulging everything
Entertain the thoughts you have the strength
Of those you want to be
Cheers and tribute may greet your saviours
Still your reckless thoughts will survive
Anachronistic and impulsive
Did I tell you that I am anachronistic and impulsive?

And what will happen?
Will I dream?
I am too scared to close my eyes
For a second, please hold me
None can change in me these things that I believe
But I don't know what happens now
I am too scared to close my eyes

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VNV Nation Legion (Live) Comments
  1. Dominik Nowak

    best interpretation ever,,,,

    Dominik Nowak

    do 2_04 :=)

  2. VNV Girl

    Still beautiful <3

  3. Kelvina Casillas

    This song gives me goosebumps every time.

    Welt Schmerz

    Me too.
    Everytime I listen to this song it makes me think about the inevitable last moment before death when you feel the fear - "what is waiting for me there, beyond the point of no return?" Despite any faith or esotheric knowledge, one cannot be 100% sure anyway... And only Hoz De La Muerte shall unveil the truth.

  4. jose antonio fernandez palacios

    alguien me puede pasar el link de descarga de este directo,o me pueden decir que directo es

  5. Fernando Augusto

    Perfect !!!

  6. Antonio Brell

    Grandes VNV NATION.

  7. yetzi quintana


  8. C Bue

    This video should have way more likes and views then it does. What a voice.

  9. BlueManIan

    This song perfectly describes my anxiety disorder.