Vixen - I Try Lyrics

I try...not to...falter
I try...not to...let you down
I try...not to...argue
I try...not to...fight with you
Try try...not to...notice
I try...not to...speak aloud

But every time that you go crazy
Knock me down you call me lazy

I try...make you...want me
I try...make you...feel so good
Try try...make you...happy
I try...make me back

But every time I make you smile
You give an inch then take a mile

It makes me crazy like you
(I will get to you)
And I can't figure out what to do

But every time that you pretend to love me
You want to keep yourself so far above me

It makes me crazy like you
(I will get to you)
All this pain that you put me through
(No more pain from you)
It makes me crazy...

I try...not you
I try...not to...let you go
Try try...not to...feel it
I try...not to...

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Vixen I Try Comments
  1. William Rutherford

    I love the sound. I wasn't a HUGE fan of Vixen back in the day, so this is new to me

  2. Nestör Feranna

    #VIXEN #ROCKS !!! ImI ImI

  3. TheWatcherofsky

    This album is a sample for me that the Heart and Soul of Vixen was the great Jan Kuehnemund and although it is evident the absence of the magic of Share, Janet and Roxy, this album is superior to any work of Vixen without Jan

  4. Michel Murray

    MM FANS.good band vixen

  5. CICI38109

    Love this song. 😍😍😍

  6. Rodrigo Candia

    Temazo. Bien rutero. Muy linda melodía

  7. Mark Dooley

    I love this album and also their earlier stuff with Janet Gardner !

  8. nathaniel marreromorales

    una banda de las pocas femeninas

  9. nathaniel marreromorales


  10. nathaniel marreromorales

    recordando los viejos tiempos recuerdos a cargo de vixen

  11. Paulo Oliveira

    sdds sdds ... Jan <3

  12. MonsterHuntressRoon

    I really like this song and I'd love to see Janet Gardner rearrange this song with Jan's guitar work and sing the lyrics herself.

  13. Arbiter UK

    This Has to Easily be one of my favourite Songs, from Vixen shame they only did bout 4 Studio Albums, woulda liked more, such an Underrated Band

  14. CaTomassini

    I miss The old Vixen

  15. mick l

    great that the original vixen members patched things up before jan died life is to short for grudges 

  16. jeffreyevans1

    jan had a good singer bass drummer wish should do a gig with them now i like to know if she singing now

  17. SeattleMarksJoint7

    I don't care what anyone says.... this album's incredible.  RIP Jan.  I heard someone dogging this album so had to listen for myself.  I've sampled 4 tracks and they're all great.  The singer in all 4 sounds very much like Natalie Merchant.

  18. Eric Springer

    I had no idea this group had put stuff out in the 2000's.....not a bad track, it has some of the old Vixen feel, but I hear the modern effect, and it is a great song actually!

  19. IcedMaidenUSA

    This is a good example of when ya ain't got it, you ain't got it!!! This band was made famous with the 1988-Edge of a Broken Heart line-up and any attempt to recreate that era with new members is just silly. Hell, this song sounds NOTHING like they did when they really rocked with the above mentioned song, and "Rev it Up".
    Here, they sound like a hard version of Fleetwood Mac..haha. Too many bands, like Vixen, try to rekindle old glory and it just AIN'T gonna happen, not like it did in 1988!


    This sounds great to me and sincere. You do know the original fake Vixen had outside writers come in and write the contrived hits yes?

  20. tsuvachel17

    Different from their old stuff but still good!

  21. 93mustang

    This is good. But gosh I just love Janet, Roxy, and Share.