Vixen - Don't Want It Anymore Lyrics

Your eyes are wide open
But you can't keep your mouth shut
Every stranger's look
Like a cheap shot to the gut

You've been climbing up that ladder
Every rung is getting worse
Everyone thinks you're so
blessed but you feel cursed

You think you want it
So you try and get it
And when you got it
You don't want it anymore

You wake up every morning
Five nineteen a.m.
A man about the town Déjà vu again

Today it will be different
The only way to play
Is to break the rules if they get in the way


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Vixen Don't Want It Anymore Comments
  1. Cobius

    There are 3 vixens, the classic lineup, the tangerine version, and this one. I love all of them

    paul roger

    but the founder is Jan

  2. CICI38109

    Too many complaints
    If you were a true fan you would appreciate this album as well
    If you listened to the songs early in their career before the lineup of Janet, Share, Roxie, and Jan, when they were in the movie Hard bodies this is Jan's vision
    I can say that detoured away from that when the famous line up was created but it worked for them
    Made them famous
    The problem with this group was I believe creative differences and the inability to combine what they both brought to the table meaning their different music styles
    Me listening to this album with just Jan
    And listening to Tangerine
    I could see the disconnect but nonetheless I love them both.
    I will continue to be a fan of Vixen in no matter what shape or form.

  3. metallooney

    R.I.P. Jan!!!!!!

  4. trinity gunner

    this is not vixen Janet Gardner is the original singer this woman is not,,,,,,,,,

  5. gr1mriper

    good dam it, i don't wana bring no ofence but they ain't worthy of the name Vixen, they should change the name of their band

  6. Julie Fernandez

    this is shit :)
    vixen was vixen with the original members... I would be more happier if the new ones were better.. as to say.. "ok they changed but for better" but the fact is that they didn't :(. They changed for worse.
    do something about it! bring roxy, share and janet back and kick these artists away!

  7. meetwar

    FANTASTIC!!! I'll love vixen forever. 20 years later, I am not looking for the music you did, I'm looking for the music you do!! and it is great. Great voice, it sounds to me like Steve Nick, and thats the reason I love it ;).

  8. simicslob

    they were beter 20 years ago