Vivian Green - No Sittin' By The Phone Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
We used to sit over there
That was your favorite chair
But now I sit here alone
I can still smell your scent
So fresh in my head
Still feel you kiss me goodbye
I washed clothes today.
Found some of your garments
Guess you forgot them when you left
Took out the trash as you would
And dined by myself
Guess I better get used to this

We used to sit over there
That was your favorite chair
But now I sit here alone
No use crying bout it,
I'll have to do without it
And no I won't sit by the phone

Oooo it's not like you did me right
I was just comfortable and used to you
Now I see, I must first love me
And maybe Mr. Right will come strolling along


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Vivian Green No Sittin' By The Phone Comments
  1. Ramon Woods

    I swear I read the comment section of heartbreak songs and can sometimes relate THIS I could understand and vibe with on multiple levels ever since high school.

  2. Monique Dorsey

    love this song

  3. Melanin Magic by Mika


  4. Telly Price

    Who still listening in dec 2017🤘🏾❤️😩

  5. Alicia Jordan

    Absolutely love this song and this lady!

  6. Tokkie Epris

    I love this album! She's back go Vivian!

  7. Tiffany Hodge, LMSW

    I played this album until it me thru!

    Paul Donovan

    @Tiffany L. Hodge:I feel you on this,because I used to constantly "drive myself crazy"worrying about one chick or another leaving me for another guy,until I found this wonderful little thing called"self-esteem"and began to see a no-good chick leaving me,as a case of the TRASH taking itSELF out!! I NO longer cry about it,I simply do without it!! MOST of the chicks who left me weren't WORTH much,but I was(as she said on this song)just "comfortable"and USED to being with them!! Excellent song!!

  8. Janice Zeno

    Still waiting by my phone for my birthday wish...♥

  9. stephon baez

    Love it

  10. Tawasha Walker

    Love the jazz melodies & blues in this song

  11. Skidily Doo


  12. Octobre Dublin

    Loved the entire album!!!

    Paul Donovan

    @Octobre Dublin;especially"What Is Love"."The Music"and my favorite"Final Hour"!!

  13. Candi Young

    Music sounds like "Go Away Little Boy".

    Michael Sanders

    Nice mood, brown liquor music in my view, plus a cigar or two........

  14. blackchang1981

    Never gets old.

  15. cashaiesha

    I looovve this song. It speaks to my heart and soul.

  16. troy hall

    True that!!!

  17. Marsha Banks

    I love this song. Viviian Green is a great artist that is definitely underated. She's beautiful, talented and gifted. As long as she makes songs, I'll keep listening and buying. Keep up the good work Vivian.

  18. Soundfactory

    Best part: 0:00 to 4:39.

  19. Jenn Bunny

    Man her CD was one of the BEST CD I ever heard in my life. Such raw talent! Had her cd on repeat lol my boyfriend at the time hated her because of me lol

  20. Jenn Bunny

    RIGHT!!!!!!! SMH Amazing talent. And because she not showing her a** to the world, no one really gave her a chance. SMH love her!

  21. torturedgenuisgirl

    Its very rare that I can listen to a album without skipping a track. She is very underrated.

  22. doreen brown

    @Lyricly84Beautiful YESSS!!!! between this album and mary j blige my life i swear i brought like ten times!!!!! somebody always beat me for those albums

  23. Kenneth Hayes

    The first video, Emotional Roller coaster made me a fan! The cd has kept me looking out for this singer ever since!

  24. Mood Swings Around

    LOVE IT...Soothing to the soul..relaxes my mind

  25. blackchang1981

    Classic-One of my favorites by her. So underrated.

  26. Um o

    Love this song. Check out a video paying a tribute to this song. These young ladies do appreciate real talent when they hear it. Go to no sitting by the phone starring nyesha

  27. Damaris Cruz

    I still sing this in the shower.

  28. MsMusiqisinme


  29. thesunwillshineonme

    i love her she sings beautifully

  30. SouthernSongstress

    Man. I am really feeling this song. I love the old classical feel to it, simply beautiful

  31. thesunwillshineonme

    i love this song it is so beautiful

  32. MsGolightly

    Hands down my favorite song on this album. It's so different from what we were bombarded with the year this came out. I was still in college when this album was released, and when I heard this....just wow. She is so talented.

  33. Siddy H

    smh im goin threw it tonight

  34. Tashi Neekz

    get used to it ppl those who hav tru lyrics dat don't matter rather they like rubbish dat sometimes u don't even understand wat he/she just said!!

  35. Jamaikangurl

    This is one of my favorite albums. She is such a great artist, but so underrated. She sounds even better live.....

  36. MissAbri

    another under-appreciated artist!!

  37. Bri K

    i loveeeee love loveeee this song

  38. Joyce Meets World


  39. jdr1987

    elegant and beautiful. this is real.