Vivian Green - Music Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
As far back as I recall
You've played a major part
Inspired me to see my place, in life
You give me reason to create
Everyday is brand new
There's something you introduce
And you've touched me in those places
That no one but you can reach

You take me to this high
I feel like I can fly
The melodies you send me (la da da da da da)
The music of my heart
The music of my mind
The music of my soul, the music in me

[Verse 2:]
And here I am at this place
I've tried to get to all my life
Where I can give you all my love, so much
Where many people we can touch
I won't disappoint you
Show me the world I'll go with you
No limitations to our journey
Please help me be all I can be

[Hook twice]

I've been in love with you(with you)
with you all my life(all my life)
Through everything it's been just you and I(you and I)
You know my thoughts, what is deep inside
You allow me to interpret them through you


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Vivian Green Music Comments
  1. Don Hiram Pick

    People been sleeping on this song for more than 10 years.

  2. Nereida Teron

    Go baby Ruben Ortiz

  3. Tremaine Dawson

    I was the person who requested this. I still love it

  4. Shaleah Robbins

    I'm going to make remix with lyrics

  5. Shaleah Robbins

    does anybody have the piano music to this

  6. Samantha Le Morin

    My all time favorite vivian green song!!!!

  7. StarDryfter

    Blue Diamond❤❤

  8. 92SandersChick

    i love this song my fav by her

  9. kalesia lee

    i love this song becuz its so true i can relate it makes you think nd dance at the same time

  10. Tahaira Thompson

    i loved this album and this song i can relate too people sleep on vivian get it together lol

  11. Samantha Meyer

    I love this song, it's my favorite of hers too...

  12. Ebony Coats

    Somebody must have slipped and fell and accidentally hit the dislike button...Im ean come on....anyhow I love this many memories, so many memories......I WONT DISSAPPOINT YOU, SHOW ME THE WORLD AND I WILL GO WITH YOU BABY!!!!

    Paul Donovan

    @Ebony Coats;that's because a lot of young people are emotionally immature and have never been through a real loving relationship!!

  13. Choc0dancer

    lol, I adore this song to Novemberrain - she's singing from her -whole- heart and I love it!

  14. EZanger

    This song just gives you a feel of what she's got going for her. It's a great song. My sis played it for me from her CD and it's one of the reasons why I 'took' it from her. ;)

  15. Chanrica Blackmon

    can u put up superwoman, one of those days and fanatic off of this album 2? i love this album