Vivian Green - Gotta Go, Gotta Leave Lyrics

Couldn’t have given you more.
I tried to love you like you loved me.
Maybe for wrong reasons....maybe.
At first it was beautiful.
Every girl has a fairytale.
But then you wake up and see
it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
It turned into screaming days and solo nights.
Just wasn’t right (yeah...)
I didn’t really wanna see you,
was happy when you were leaving yeah...
I liked how it felt when I was by myself.
And that’s the way I wanna be,
So please, don’t beg and plead,
Just let it be.
Just let it be...


I gotta go. I gotta leave.
So please don’t make it hard for me.
I’ve gave enough, I’m tired of love,
I gotta let it go... [2x]

Couldn’t have given you more,
Gave you everything.
There wasn’t anything that you were denied (yeah).
But you should never give it all...
‘cause sometimes there’s nothing left
but bitterness and regret,
and it just ain’t worth it.

‘Cause then there’s the sudden change
Out of nowhere, it seems.
Never know I could be so mean,
But that’s just how far you pushed me (yeah).

You say it just isn’t fair
and you didn’t know.
You need to take responsibility for your own,
‘cause you’re grown.
And you known (yeah)


I gotta go. I gotta leave.
So please don’t make it hard for me.
I’ve gave enough, I’m tired of love,
I gotta let it go... [2x]

Now I take the blame
for trying to stay and work it out.
Shoulda left before it got complicated,
Shoulda left when there was still some happiness.

Yes I take the blame
for having faith in the relationship.
I thought it made me complete,
but the truth is,
I’m complete without it.

(Gotta Let Go-ooo-ooo-oo)


I gotta go. I gotta leave.
So please don’t make it hard for me.
I’ve gave enough, I’m tired of love,
I gotta let it go... [2x]

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Vivian Green Gotta Go, Gotta Leave Comments
  1. Shatima Buckner

    This is me now Im tired done with this b.s. marriage im in

  2. Diana Garland

    Let it go now

  3. BlkBarbie86


  4. lilga1018

    This hits the soul very hard............ I see a lot of women been hurt, it works for men the same way

  5. Danielle Jean

    Still listening in 2020😍

  6. Marquita Hunter

    This song will always and forever touch my soul 😩😩😩

  7. J R

    I was a pre-teen maybe even younger When it came out still listening years later 😂 as an adult I can relate on a whole another level

  8. Love Dimples

    Listening in 2020

  9. Valoura Suggs

    2020 I'm here again

  10. Ethel Hickson

    Best song still

  11. Clara Johnson

    I love this song it really matches my situation perfectly

  12. Marquia Johnson


  13. Taylor Dené

    The part where she says get all the baby stuff get the baby and leave 😂😂 still cracks me up like damn what the baby do !!! But this is my favorite song from her


    That's some cold shit but if she gotta go she gotta go! 😔

  15. Shydrika Willis

    Jammin 2019

  16. China Williams

    I was 18 when I meet my boyfriend now I'm almost 21 and I'm leaving him

  17. Jalea Alexander

    From 3:14 to 3:44 she spoke my "shitutaion" relationship with my ex. I should of left go back then but those days are behind me I'm happy with the two beautiful girls we made today. I had to let it go!!!

  18. Andrea Randall

    2019 still here how about you

  19. Charles Parker

    I'm a man that fucked up multiple times.. I'm sorry... I'm sorry.. I miss my son...

  20. Jassmin Ransome

    I was 18 or 19 and this was my life..glad i left

  21. PotHead Music

    as a man never thought I'd rather to this song✔

  22. Brenda jackson

    Anyone 2019????!?!?!

  23. Brittany Cortez

    I felt every word 😡😢💔

  24. James Jones

    love it all day

  25. Shannon JaMyra

    Like if you’re going into 2019 listening to this

  26. Atanasio Smith

    I as MAN really feel this song by Vivian, to be the victim of verbal or physical abuse is no joke!!! I'm a peaceful man, & before I take verbal abuse, I will leave because that kind of treatment only feeds the negative side of my personality, and that's the side that scares me!!! 😔😩😭

  27. Abagail Halloway

    November 2018 #BrokenHearted

  28. Zkia Scott

    Life 💯♥️😎

  29. Ebony Saunders

    Plzzzxz go whn u can

  30. Amanda Fevrier

    That's right absolutely true !!!

  31. Kindred Cocoa

    You should never give it all because sometimes there is nothing left but bitterness and regret and it just ain't worth it.

  32. Misty Nights

    Damn shame I forgot some of these lyrics up in this piece!! LMAO

  33. kidd kayy

    I gave enough im tired of love i gotta let it go i gotta go i gotta leave so please dont make it hard for me

  34. Ashley Thomas

    2018 ANYONE ??????

  35. princess smith

    who's listening in 2018?

  36. Nisaba El

    @Nina I sure hope you left him and have moved on. your beautiful Sis. Don't ever let someone have the much power over you. everything that glitters ain't gold.

  37. Amanda Fevrier

    Wow that song is deep now I know how my sister feels

  38. Nisha Nisha

    It ain't worth it

  39. Necce C

    Ladies leave if u not treated right

  40. Brittany Johnson

    Man I feel every word to this song

  41. Myana Mitchell

    Who in 2018 listening

  42. hungrychance14

    I remember when this got airtime on the radio, major throwback. Her new song I dont know brought me here.

  43. Mariyah Pope

    2017 still listenin

  44. D Lawrence

    This song here, is life. For both males and females. Thanks Vivan!

  45. POCKETS The Marmoset Monkey

    This song motivated me to leave my ex after playing it over & over & over .... girl before I knew It I was long gone

  46. Ariana Divan

    Played this in front of my abusive ex once. He said "I'm tired of you girls making song you don't mean"

    Looks like I meant it. 4 months free.

    Santorria Porter

    Ariana Divan how did you over come it

  47. Desiree Sampson

    I am in my

  48. Karima Echols

    I'm pregnant now but I'm leaving him his daughter the disrespect beating ect has to end so I'm walking away

  49. Karima Echols

    Some men or women don't and will never know what you have until is gone

  50. rose jarrett Chery

    heart broken need to leave

  51. rose jarrett Chery

    going through samething

  52. Sheena Smith

    y'all pray for me I'm going through this now it's so hard to leave😢

    Karima Echols

    Sheena Smith 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Stephanie Hayes

    Sheena Smith it

    It really is 😭😭😭


    It is but when it comes to life or death. Or your kids being effected then it makes it easier

  53. taylor and brooke sisters

    good song

  54. Kierra Cymonee

    Still here in 2017

  55. Akeya Ruffin

    listening to this now. I'm getting legally separated and then divorce will follow...

  56. XxDarkSkin Beauty

    I Used To Listen To This Song Everyday After My Son Was Born. It Explained My Life In Detail.

  57. BodyByNibor Dance trainer

    I'm tired of love. love don't love me😞

  58. Michelle Messerschmidt

    music that speaks to your soul. still listening in 2016 SC: Mook_Keeper

  59. Meka Roane

    my end of relationship song and put it on repeat

  60. SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020

    Yaas this song is the truth sanggg vivian!😃😃

  61. Arthur Farmer webb

    I gotta go....

  62. Sneaker head.K

    Vivian:get the baby
    me:what the baby do😭

    Leo Queen


    Cynthia Terry

    She's talking about her leaving not him 🤦


    Sneaker head.K me and my sister use to say the same thing when we was little but then I realized she was talking to her self 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    Jasmine Black

    She’s Talking In 3rd Person Lmfaooooooooo

    Ethel Woods


  63. Christian Banks

    This song goes both ways. I left and divorced my wife under similar circumstances best decision I ever made.

    Janine Moffett

    Hit mymessage

    Sherrane Sutton

    Delisatay me too!

    Lois Dennard

    Delisatay 😳😛

  64. Michael Harrison

    I was in boot camp thanks to the state of Maryland

  65. Queen_Of_Domination

    This song came out when I was divorcing my husband. I played the shit out of this song.

  66. Jasmine Jones

    I love my boyfriend it's been two years but it's getting worse I could leave but losing his daughter who I'm attached to hurts more... he knows I've never been in an abusive relationship but he started to make one n blame me

  67. shaquanda white

    love this song💞💞💞

  68. Brittany Brown

    still listening

  69. 20st Mudda

    prayers are up

  70. Toni Davis

    Love this song.

  71. msred honey

    you better leave it only gets more down

  72. msred honey

    you better leave it only gets more down

  73. Queen_Of_Domination

    I swear I used to play this shit backwards and forwards when this song first came out. I was breaking up with my ex-husband. I felt the words. He was grown, but made excuses and he failed to take responsibility. I was still young, in my early twenties. I had no kids and graduated from college. Leaving him was the best thing for me, because I would go on to find the love of my life who treats me like gold.

    Dellisa Obranty

    Im about to leave my boyfriend he playing with me now im up sat. My heart feel like its breaking now

  74. toni hodge

    Brandy i hate u this song is for u u lying cheating bitch

  75. Debria Evans

    this song always do something to me, listen to it everyday !

  76. nina collins

    I was 21 whn I met my fiance, im 25 now & I'm leaving him. We hve a beautiful home & family together. I've been so scared to leave, he's 35yrs, but things just aren't right. I've been lied to, cheated on, hit on, spit on, disrespected, neglected but I stayed thru it all bc he promised me things wld be different. He's 35 & my breaking point was a wk ago whn he didn't tell me he wasn't coming home, I asked why & he said he doesn't hve to tell me sh*t. 4yrs he has nvr done tht, but I've officially had enough & I truly feel I hve to let this go. Yall pray for me

    Tony Davis

    @Lady Sparkle sparkle ✨ girl foh 😆

    Brian Thomas

    Time is only doing it's thing. Let it go. Get your life together find strength in your faith and family and be happy again. Don't look back it will work out for the best of both parties just BELIEVE!!!! that tomorrow will be better GOD got you!!!


    I'm definitely praying for u nothin good Gon come to his azz karma strikes hard

    Akeya Ruffin

    I'm praying for you.

  77. myemrah123

    Who ever produced this single and video should be fired! They cut the best part of the song, when she kicks him out of the house. The song and video are boring without it.

  78. Sanique Richards

    I used to stay up every night when I was like 11 years old to watch BET's Midnight Love just so I could listen music like this 

  79. Octavia Wilburn

    I love this song.

  80. Lapis Lazuli

    i always thought she was saying " i gotta go i gotta leave so please dont make it hard for me. i'm GIVING UP, TIRED OF LOVE, gotta let it go." but thanx for the correction lmao


    Lapis Lazuli shit I did too lol

  81. Lashay Sims

    Shid this da truth

  82. 251musiclover

    Sooo Real...

  83. Tiame Freeman

    gotta leave when it is time to go so dont make it hard for me

  84. waneelicious

    yea dnt forget the palm's facial clothes and baby wipes

  85. lifeof maranda

    This how I feel

  86. shantale cleveland

    Im over it gotta go. I tried to love you.

  87. Asha Sims

    I liked how it felt when I was by myself


    Vivian green is a great Artist underated

  88. Shorty Davis

    Top 10 Breakup Song!

  89. Monay Brown

    My break up song Love it

  90. roseann marfitt

    totaly identify!!!! leaving is not as hard as staying, when the pain gets great we let go!!!

  91. brandalain hunter

    I miss music like this.I wish she would come back along with some of my old r&b favorites.

  92. optobubbles

    "GET YO ...ISH, GET YO ..ISH &GET THE FUQ OUT" (in my Angela Bassett voice) ....LMFAO

  93. Nicole Patterson

    love this song

  94. YeahxAnd

    Omg. Someone else understands how I feel too...

  95. Shay Boog

    So please don't make it hard for me.