Vivian Green - Emotional Rollercoaster Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Last night I cried tossed and turned, woke up with dry eyes.
My mind was racing, feet were pacing.
Lord help me please tell me what I have gotten into.
Ran my 3 miles to clear my mind, it always helps me out,
It's my therapy when I'm losing it which is usually.

I'm on a emotional roller coaster.
Loving you ain't nothing healthy.
Loving you was never good for me.
But I can't get off.
It's emotional roller coaster,
Loving you ain't nothing healthy,
Loving you was never good for me, for me,
But I can't get off.

[Verse 2:]
Yesterday I told myself I was gonna be okay.
Gonna start a new day, be truly happy.
I was gonna take control of me.
But eventually reality hit me
Mentally, physically, emotionally.
And I opened my eyes and realized
That I was still being taken for a constant ride on your...

Emotional roller coaster.
Loving you ain't nothing healthy.
Loving you was never good for me.
But I can't get off.
Emotional roller coaster,
Loving you ain't nothing healthy,
Loving you was never good for me,
But I can't get off.

So tired of you making love to me, then disappearing so suddenly.
Up and down it goes.
And I'm so tired of you pacifying me
With promises you know that you'll never keep.
Round and round it goes.

I am on a emotional roller coaster.
Loving you ain't nothing healthy.
Loving you was never good for me.
But I can't get off.
It's emotional roller coaster,
Loving you ain't nothing healthy,
Loving you was never good for me,
But I can't get off.

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Vivian Green Emotional Rollercoaster Comments
  1. gigi love

    Beautiful still 2019

  2. ByFaith

    Love this song.. ❤️

  3. Hehateme Davis

    Dedicated to machelle bryant, kelli rene marshall you can have some too 😒

  4. Darkness Falls Gothic

    Listen in Dec 16

  5. Victoria Everett

    Love soul music it trigger feelings I didn't know I had!!! Kids in this generation probably don't even understand this type of music. Old school players know about being on an emotional rollercoaster that's for sure!!!😵

  6. Sharon G

    Loving You Ain't nothing healthy is something 💯 where is she ?

  7. Vania Thomas

    My life in a nutshell

  8. Exotic Type

    song will forever be ICONIC!!!

  9. Dominic Smith


  10. Tyrese Hayes

    I feel this song always have💪😎


    It's 2019 this song still gives me chills

  12. keisha Lynn, Fisher

    Such a classic/timeless song... will be listening until the end frfr😍🥰

  13. Elso TheDemon

    Almost 2020 and I just keep getting off one roller coaster to get on to another 😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. Jessica Smith

    0:25-30--sisterhood yes!!

  15. JerDore_Marie

    17 years agooooo and still hits😍😍

  16. lechelle masters


  17. Latasha Weddington

    My song

  18. Sky's the Limit! Forever Young

    How does he show up to hear her sing with the next chick's lipstick on? The nerve.

  19. boss chick

    This song puts me in the zone...i love it u go girl

  20. Dana Glover

    Luv luv luv this song by Vivian Green💕

  21. joseph sherman

    I drive to this make me think still 2020

  22. Angela Fantastic

    Loving him was never good for ME🤔

  23. Karen Grant

    Still listening......11/23/19

  24. Charles williams

    Great musicians and song writing on this album

  25. jamaal lee

    Yup, pretty much sums IT up!!

  26. Linda Peterson

    Just in and out your life

  27. bigbanks313

    When music had every feeling u had. U can always find a track. This song was catered for woman. But all men has been on a emotional roller coaster 🎢 ride once before as well.

  28. Mc D-Twist GMG

    Both men n women can relate

  29. Tamarika Roberts

    Mood music currently 🙄

  30. Nolita Cue

    Still listening to this song its the truth I have been in this same relationship but I had to get myself out of it I couldn't do it no more I'm still playing this video in 2019

  31. sweetpeepauline

    Sang Baby

  32. L Dana

    2019 somebody? ♥️♥️♥️
    Have a nice day everybody 🤩

  33. Honest000w

    She hasn’t even aged! Like what🤷🏾‍♀️

  34. Brittany Smith

    This song makes my face sad and my kitty happy

  35. Mandy Branch

    She was on an a emotional roller coaster for a dude looking like a college sophomore! Lmao !!!

  36. Michelle Shelly Danielle

    Still my jam

  37. R.B.M

    THIS IS STILL A CLASSIC FROM THE SOUL AND NOW ITS SAD NO REAL WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY PUTTING OUT GOOD MUSIC ITS ALL ABOUT CHASING MONEY NOW $$! Please tell me any good WOMEN in the comments section thats really needing a good brother without the rollercoaster

  38. Eric Williams

    Vivian green what can I say what's already been said simply beautiful sister with a beautiful voice 😎🙌

  39. Bust It Down With JAY

    2019 and i still sang it with a broken heart .

  40. Alexas Brooks

    Bipolar this helps better than meds

  41. mymilly

    I promise you loving you aint nothing healthy

  42. Brandon Page

    Dear Heavenly Father Zeus please prevent this from my life no rollcoaster remodel Chavez quickly my Lord job and all...Aman Aman

  43. Sheka w


  44. sweetpeepauline

    Love this song and Viv👍🏽💕


    Love this song shes so beautiful

  46. Dijah Spurlock

    Emotional 🎢
    ❤️ you ain’t nothing healthy

  47. Shari Payne

    What is the lead male actor's name?

  48. Celeste Davis

    I didn’t know she made this song 💚

  49. Tavia Richards

    WoW she looked beautiful!! Beautiful song!

  50. cussandra robertson

    He was the one who LEFT 💔

  51. Blu Aubrey

    Who here in oct 2019

  52. kurTia karter

    I dont know whats wrong with the men today. He can be ugly, Fat,Homeless etc... you can take a chance and once you have built their confidence they start smelling they self and act just like all the rest. I give up!!!

  53. Vishai Clarke

    Bruh this song hits my soul! Who still listening in 2019?



    Nkenga Warren


  54. Babylovesg E

    I've been on a emotional rollercoaster since this song debut🤷🏾‍♀️

  55. Martin Chestnutt

    She is HOT! ❤️

  56. Karina88

    Love this! hits your soul in the right way...

  57. firerabbit811

    Those cigarettes made me feel a little too much improvement

  58. Skynyrd Dan

    still a banger in september 2019

  59. Ahmed Benchennouf


  60. Gemini Queen

    Where is she? 👀👀👀 ima need for to make some more music....I love her

  61. Saundra Brown

    Sister Girl you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, and I praise the Father that you didn't bow down to the Baphomet. All praises to the Most High. You are a Daughter of Zion 👑. Hallaluyah!!! 🌹💖💯

  62. stacey hernandez

    Who else felt this in their soul?! Man! 😒

  63. Amethyst Wine

    I want that skirt❤️

  64. Chantara27

    I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster for a decade and I finally got the strength to walk away and start putting myself first. #LoveYourselfFirst

  65. Serenity Hansberry

    I still need that skirt

  66. Epithany Reighn

    LOVING You was never HEALTHY for me ! Yes Classic

  67. Yoshiyahu Yisrael

    I can't relate to the content. But her sound and energy touches me. I wish people could make posistive songs that feel so good.

  68. Aqueelah Goins


  69. Ice Turner

    Perfect 👌🏾 way to understand the neurosis and psychosis of the female mind

  70. NoLieAllTruth

    Was that pink?

  71. Earl Flowers

    How many of you research every word and utterance of this song?

  72. neenee0708

    I listen to this song several times a year. I don’t even know her other songs.

  73. Jasmine Gary glasper

    I love this song

  74. Brittany

    AUGUST 2K19

  75. Ikee Ikee

    Mind Fu....g song since 2010!!!!

  76. Sharon Powell

    2019 gang! I am happy to say I can again listen to this song without crumbling emotionally because the lyrics embodied my pain!!! It’s been YEARS since I’ve been able to listen to this!!! Thank God for healing, even when I thought I’d never heal! I know it’s real healing because I’ve had it on repeat today, and I am able to just enjoy the beauty of the song ❤️🙌🏾❤️🙌🏾❤️

  77. Gigi Brown

    My shiiiittttt, 🗣 you hear me!

  78. S. G

    This song is still 🔥 & she's beautiful 😍😍

  79. Gery D

    The emotional is the same.... Nothing changed..... Fake people, fake pictures.... Everything is fake.... And dead

  80. taemoni

    I will definitely see her tonight.

  81. Breezy b

    Neo soul artists where are y'all? Real soul music has been gone for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy tooooooo long.

  82. Mac B

    I CAN GET OFF:) Pray and trust god.

  83. Mac B

    Big facts emotional roller coaster soooo not healthy. Loving you was never good for ME

  84. Cecilia Skipp

    🤗That mood though🤫

  85. Brittany Sweet

    Brittney sweet

    Brittany Sweet

    Brittney lashay sweet

  86. MoN3yRiCh38

    This song is the best!!!

  87. Stephanie Bailey

    this reminds me of Channel O anyone can relate???

  88. terence mayers

    Timeless track

  89. Chocolate Don

    “It’s my therapy when I’m losing it which is usually” I felt that


    STILL 🔥🔥🔥 IN 2019

  91. Jamilah Anderson

    Love ut

  92. crazy songs prachitiwari

    nice 👌👌👌👌

  93. Angelique Garza

    Queen naija sent me here

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    This song will never get played out!! 💯

  95. riz1738

    1:59 this song get me through 💜💜💜

  96. Clear The Fog

    When you go from listening to love songs to heartbreak songs in less than 3 weeks 😫

  97. ba kapitan

    i'm so faaaaaaded

  98. Elmer Spudds

    I'm so faded.😁