Visions Of Atlantis - A Life Of Our Own Lyrics

There's a voice that I hear and it seems like a call
At night, when I cannot find sleep
It's the sound of the void, that can entrap us all
The beast that hides in the deep

As it reaches out with thousand arms
Grasping the hull of the ships
It's the omen of doom from the songs I recall
A terror that makes grown men weep

A great soul, faces all
Even what rumbles and crawls

May the Kraken come
May we get caught in a storm
We will keep our calm
True love will carry us home

Here its presence I feel as I tumble and reel
The fear I will have to resist
This danger awaiting, the storm unabating
I can't ignore it exists

Sailing far away from common paths
The truth as the cause to espouse
We will face our demons, the worst of their wraths
A true heart, the only lighthouse

A great soul, faces all
Even what rumbles and crawls

May the Kraken come
May we get caught in a storm
We will keep our calm
True love will carry us home

As we leave no trace
The doubts we erased
The monsters we faced all alone
The illusion failed
Our truth unveiled
We'll live this life of our own

May the Kraken come
May we get caught in a storm
We will keep our calm
True love will carry us home

May the Kraken come
May we get caught in a storm
We will keep our calm
True love will carry us home

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Visions Of Atlantis A Life Of Our Own Comments
  1. sjrtrdmanship

    Video is great, melody is fantastic, voice synergy is perfect Lyrics is so-so, to be honest.

  2. Дмитрий


  3. Дмитрий


  4. The Mystic Euphoria Project

    Another great song and WOW ! Please tell me who creates your amazing lyrical videos ?

  5. Fantasma de Esparta

    Amazing Song! Greetings from Brazil!

  6. Fernandez Rocha

    Beware of the kraken 🐙

  7. Larguirucho Jujujajujaju


  8. Frodo Hobit

    I look forward to seeing you(are) on Masters of Rock

  9. aschlauch

    Such a beautiful song! Thank you VoA!

  10. acidomuriatico59

    La band più scarsa della terra...sezione ritmica indecente

  11. A Kn

    It’s so beautiful 😍😍🤘

  12. cardanvp

    Wooow. Just amazing as always! Regards from México

  13. Nicholas Sire

    a great soul
    faces all

  14. kotelna kotelna

    one word..masterpiece..

  15. returnformer

    this is the "easy listening" version of symphonic metal. not bad per se, but just plays it way too safe plodding along with generic sympho lines without really doing anything interesting. even the lyrics are pretty boring, and kinda weird. i guess theyre just a different band now, never to make something like Delta again...

    Doctor Velvet

    This comment was way too hard to find. Spot on in every sense. Although, I will go a step further and say that no, it is straight up bad.


    @Doctor Velvet bad in what way? Too generic? I wouldn't call that bad per se. It sure beats rap or pop. It's not as if the singing is off key or there's a lack of musical sense. It just doesn't do anything interesting.

  16. Elric de Melniboné

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn...Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn...

  17. Emiliano Gonzalez

    You are the best. See You in uruguay in March!!

  18. joao david

    beautiful, excelente, brutal, parabéns

  19. Juan espinal espinal

    Que pena de su primera vocalistas con razon dice la vida es verve esta vocalistas tanpoco esta nada mal

  20. seb vial


  21. René Ramiro

    Que feos efectos :/

  22. J. M.

    So nice.... love it🤘🤘

  23. sjb3287

    Clementine ❤❤❤❤

  24. Joakim Berg

    Real good

  25. Jan Jirkovsly

    Pěkný krásná muzika fakt supr

  26. 100 Krakens


  27. Larguirucho Jujujajujaju

    Merecia un video de mas calidad como los otros 3 es el mejor tema del albun donde se destacan ambos y el mejor tema del 2019 creo que no debe faltar en los directos.

  28. Сергей Резников

    Божественный вокал

  29. Metal Maven

    Beautiful track! Clémentine's voice is so incredible!

  30. Marcelo Lima

    Excelent song

  31. Janusz Jankes


  32. Petr Sidorov


  33. johan romero

    Simplemente fantastico,saludos desde Bogota Colombia.

  34. Martino1999

    Im the only one who Thinks thats all a philosofic methapor?

    One Vivo

    Me a fan and I'm trying to decipher the meaning of their songs..

  35. Adriano Giorni

    Make live videos from this amazing tour

  36. Karina Rocha

    Visions of Atlants é foda!!!!💖🤘💮

  37. Ato mas

    One of my favourite Songs of the Album! After listening to the whole Album a few Times i must say : There really is no bad Track on it!!! Symphonic Metal Album of the Year for me 👊

  38. MuzakMaker

    This video is a great way to showcase why I love this band. The lyrics, the music, the vocal talents and a hint of how amazing of a show they put on live.

  39. Vsevolod Nedora

    A bit safer than I wished VoA would go, but... I guess these days it is the preferred direction.
    Overall, -- beautiful, easy flowing and melodic. A pleasure to listen.

  40. AJ Federowicz

    AveSome 🤘

  41. Craig Naert


  42. magnum573103

    Good work, see you in february

  43. Obsessive Devotion

    Me encanta la canción y la puesta en escena.
    Me recordó a las pelis de piratas del Caribe.
    Seguir así.

  44. Tuco Oliveira

    Brasil 2020

  45. Lee Cooper

    UЁ! KRYTO!

  46. Shanon Lecointre

    I had goosebumps listening to it I love it!

  47. Celtic Bituitos


  48. Ozzy Cortez

    This was a very wonderful video but I did love it.

  49. Sjoerd Top

    Nice! Also that you can see the band in the background.

  50. Вячеслав Евсеев

    Класс клип!Молодцы ребята!Напалм рулит!!!

  51. Don Pierro

    Wunderschön freue mich schon auf Erfurt wenn ihr kommt

  52. Федор Шенкурский

    Альбом вышел классный!!!

  53. Adam Jensen

    True love will carry us home. Fuck you Kraken. No matter what.

  54. Gonzalo Figueroa

    excelente vídeo y buenas letras.

  55. Leandro Mello DSN

    Looooveee it 💛💛💛💛

  56. МИШАНЯ

    so easy to listen easy style really liked the guitar solo

  57. Swagat Santhosh Pillai

    Here before 1000 views! ✌️✌️

  58. Asgardian Protector

    Love this song. Been blasting it on spotify for a long while.I Miss Siegfried

  59. Lucas Prestes

    Q banda incrível, isso sim é música de vdd...

    Lucas Prestes

    Sou de São Miguel arcanjo

    Bmth Forever

    BR-MT Rondonópolis ☺️🤟🇧🇷

    Matheus Matheus

    BR-ES Vila Velha

    Henrique Selman

    BR - CE

  60. Xipe Tótec

    Metal is Forever

  61. José Ramon Silva Guerrero