Violent Soho - In The Aisle Lyrics

He waves to the locals, while he walks around
Draggin' a cricket bat in the ground
Sucker for slackers, glory and rage
Waiting for god. Waiting for god

He yells gibberish to pick a good fight
Breaks his head into a wall every night
Free up the country for glory and rage
Waiting for god. Waiting for god

Why does everything you say sound hollow?
Why does everything you say sound hollow?

Waiting for drug fucks to carry him home
Sunk to the carpet, it's eating him whole
Nihilist pop shit won't leave him alone
Waiting for god. Waiting for god

I wish you would only exist in my mind
Away from the world and the feelings inside
Great pretender that leaves you behind
Waiting for god. Waiting for god

Why does everything you say sound hollow?
Why does everything you say sound hollow?

Why does everything you say sound hollow?
(Why does everything you say sound)
Why does everything you say sound hollow?
(Why does everything you say sound)

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Violent Soho In The Aisle Comments
  1. Chris Welcome

    I'd love to try this... But I been arrested too many times :'(

  2. Ryeinaldo Bettahavmamony

    This is the most intelligent music video I have ever seen.

  3. Brian Warner

    BITCH! I gotta stay limber for them long rides. I would not want to stiffen up so far from my pants.

  4. Jake Drake

    I think I may need to move there...

  5. fatpizzaman

    If anyone would like to learn how to play this song on guitar, check out the tabs to it in here:

  6. Whisper95

    That last riff is practically my own summer by deftones

    Dale Kay

    Whisper95 thank you! They never admit that they listened to Deftones but you know they did. We all know dude.

  7. Gaming Pidgeot Let's Plays

    Haha, that's my dog and late grandpa at the start

  8. Dale Kay

    LEEEEEXXX!!! 💛 Can’t wait babeums.

  9. Jim Griffin

    Gosh, I no longer feel “small”! This is great, they have so many good songs. I’m 52 but skateboarding, and their songs are so much fun to shred to. 😊. I’m from Columbus, Ohio. But stumbling across a lot of these aussie punk bands have got me so stoked!! 😊😊🤘🤘🤙🤙

  10. jokzz zz.,.

    2018 I'm still hear this awesome song

  11. Joshua Wilkie

    Unless you are a super styling Free Flyer, being naked amongst public spaces is the best way too fast track a feeling of utter freedom. A-Bay the best destination of Noosa, Australia. Conversations with one you have never met before in ya BirthDay suit, really fast tracks getting to know one another. Nudity does not necessarily imply anything Sexual, more just showing a comfortableness within oneself. I have a lot of respect for Violent Soho, also too our posthumous character portrayed. We have turned into such an up tight ridiculously uptight Nation, look at the 70s much more freedom existed. Catch Your naked arse at A-BAy Sooner rather then later :)(:

  12. Karma You There Bruh?

    The guy has guts.

    Dario Western

    Karma You There Bruh? Damned right I do, ahahahahaha! :-D

  13. quentinateacid

    damn, i wanna live in australia instead of austria lol

  14. Chris Welcome

    This video and song makes me feel like riding a bike naked

  15. Joaquin Silva

    chile ?

  16. Fauzi Rakhman

    beautiful naked.............................


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  18. CollyBearBeats

    This is beautiful. Such a chill and kind approach to life. People's reactions are normal - i mean - friendly. I live in Poland, some throng would probably lynch the person hanging around being naked. Living in Australia would be something.

  19. Ethan Payne

    this video made me smile warmly while my confidence soared through the air :) <3

  20. Sebastián Ramírez Muñoz

    whats my age again?

  21. Patrick

    If you look closely he is actually wearing a g string. Not complete nude.

  22. Joe Fagot

    "Rape god! rape god!"

  23. Alex A

    I just realized this is filmed in my home town

    Master Funk

    Fuckin brissy


    Violent Soho is from Brisbane. Almost all of their music videos are filmed here.

  24. lisquidsnake

    Holy shit...I've been yelling "ready to die! ready to die!" when the lyric is waiting for god...durp

    Fionn O' Flaherty

    lisquidsnake you know its grunge when the lyrics are unintelligible


    True. Turns out I only really knew about 30% of violent soho lyrics. been screaming them loudly and incorrectly for a minute now lol

  25. Asura RqX

    Violent Soho changed my life.
    I love it !


    PLEASE come to mexico :(


    That would be like a dream for me dude :T

    Julian C

    SLIPPERY ANUS come to brazil

  27. Elmo Blatch

    What a beautiful story :')

  28. Pauline Foote

    great drums... and filming.. thanks

  29. Alex Litherland

    I've met this guy, he was in a flash mob I organised back in 2008


    +Alex Litherland Which one was that, in the Queen Street Mall or in Brunswick Street at the 2 High Festival?

  30. Michael Quinn

    Damn, the Meriton was still being built when this was filmed.

  31. Dario Western

    I have just subscribed to The Fine Bros channel, which is famous for "Kids React To" and "Teens React To" videos on news, music, social and political issues, viral videos etc. and I asked if they could do a kids reaction to this video.  It'd be interesting to hear what kids REALLY think of public nudity, especially when our legal system claims that seeing adults naked is harmful to them.  IMHO, certainly not if the expression on the young boy's face in Redcliffe is anything to go by.  ;-) 


    +Dario Western HOLY SHIT YOURE THE GUY!!!

    Chris Welcome

    Love this clip bro. Makes me happy when I'm down

    Chris Welcome

    @fila365 He the man lol

  32. Rain Dance

    Wow! This dude has balls going out in public like that XD

    Dario Western

    Thanks!  My balls did go out, and nobody was killed or injured by them.  ;-)


    @Dario Western LOL!!!! I am actually happy for you for doing this if this make you feel just free and doing what you want without injure nobody (pls excuse my English I am from Panama) Bless :}}}☆

    Dario Western

    @00Victoria00 I understand what you meant, thanks a lot!  :) 

    The Junks

    @Dario Western Was that Bulimba area ?

    Dario Western

    @The Junks It was actually in Redcliffe. 

  33. MaffeMoviesHD

    Genial video :p 

  34. Hells Bells

    This guy has balls going out in public naked lol

    Jake gahungidumainti

    +Dario Western i read on the rolling stone that the guy who lent you it sold the bike to his mum because he couldnt get back on the bike with the image of you naked on it hahaha fuck man thats gld.

    Fede Saurio

    Hero! :)


    you're nuts bud.

    Dale Kay

    Hells Bells Bad Ass!!!

    Ashy Boii

    Hells Bells he does have balls

  35. mikethemotormouth

    0:54 Anyone else get think that kid Really likes what he sees?

  36. Anji Marion

    I hope he didn't get into too much trouble riding around like that! but I guess he was wearing a helmet.

    Dario Western

    @Anji Marion the only time we got stopped by the police was in Redcliffe.  We told them what they were doing, and they weren't too fussed but they told us to move onto somewhere else. 

  37. Eric C

    At least he is wearing a helmet

    Karma You There Bruh?


    Brian Warner



    And socks☝️

  38. SatanSauresRex

    swear this is the streaker from state of origin

    Dario Western

    No, it's not me, his name is Wati Holmwood.  :-)

  39. Lil Swift

    Please do an under 18 show l, and guess what it only has to be in brissy

    Dario Western

    They already did one a few months ago.  :)

    Lil Swift

    i only discovered them a few weeks back, and when i saw they had a show i got all excited then i found out it was over 18, aj maddah better concider these fellas for soundwave if not this one the next one, cause they have potential to be huge, to sell heaps they just need some more coverage sw would be great for them 

    Dario Western

    @Eli Engwicht They're still getting good coverage.  The album this song is taken from "Hungry Ghost" has just re-entered the Top 30 after being on sale for 18 months, they've been doing some new recordings, and also scheduled to play at a music festival in May on the Sunshine Coast.  :-)

  40. Chainsaw McCullagh

    Best music video i've seen in ages!!!

  41. SideOneDummy

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  42. Justin Menego

    3:22 Violent Soho make a cameo in their own music video!

    Mr .Q

    They do it at around 1:45 aswell! 

  43. kinky mermaid

    Holy shit, I love this guy. I was in the video like three times hahaha 😜


    Aaaaaaah, that's so sweet Hannah!  Are you going to see Double Lined Minority when they play in Brisbane on the 15th?  Cheers - Dario!  :)

    Dario Western

    @kinky mermaid Hey, are you going to see Violent Soho at the Big Pineapple Music Festival next month?  It'd be good to catch up if possible!  :-)

  44. racerfull

    hey guys,,, you´re fucking awesome,, You should come to Europe!!!

  45. amazingflavour

    Good 'real' music still exists :D!!! Love this song so much mate.

  46. Lyall Nitz

    What a legend of a clip well done!!!! 

  47. fatpizzaman

    The World Naked Bike Ride is happening in Brisbane this year on April 5th!  Check out and  :)

  48. martothebohss

    Epic video boys!! Love the bit seeing him rip around redcliffe and can't believe that bloke didn't get arrested haha!! So good.


    The redcliffe police did arrive they were relieved to hear they did not need to take him to the Caboolture mental hospital.   Cool cops.

  49. TheBoseo

    Where is this in Brissy?

    John Jacka

    Redcliffe at the start and looks like Kangaroo Pt Cliffs at the end

  50. John Jacka

    Heard this for the first time on MMM tonight. Killer song...

  51. Suse Bennet

    This video always leaves me with a smile, no matter how many times i watch it

    deflater mouse

    yeah, something great about it. Perfect mix for the song. Reminds me of nights in the Valley, 1986.

  52. drugstorerecords

    hahaha i sat on that wall years ago when I was skipping tafe to smoke a spliff! unbelievable. small world lol

    deflater mouse

    @drugstorerecords I used to sit on that wall 25 years ago when K Point was a low cost area to live.

  53. Mitch Rice

    dope tune

  54. Bossku Positif


  55. Dario Western

    I am not the State Of Origin streaker, his name is Wati Holmwood.

  56. BoogieManSince1977

    Fuck yeah....... Brissie <3

  57. C. Alexander

    Sneaky band shot at 3:21

  58. HeavySwordWarrior

    what the fuck

  59. Ben Killen

    the state of origin streaker is famous

  60. Isra


  61. pwst0kie

    where did he keep the change to buy that coffee!?

  62. Sikjacksains

    anyone know how to find the eleventh track titled hungry ghost off this album on youtube? Can find all of em except that song!

  63. flsvdragos

    Trop fort comme d'habitude.

  64. fatpizzaman

    They did whilst filming the first part in Redcliffe, but when we told them it was for a video clip they just mellowed out.

  65. emanym

    Wouldn't the police stop him?

  66. Ryan Coomber


  67. Trey James

    I love all their songs and videos