Violent Femmes - Issues Lyrics

Why you coming round?
Why you coming here?
You tell me that I'm worthless as I turn to get us a beer
You're living at the top
I'm dying underneath
I don't need anyone at my grave laying their wreath
So don't insist

You tried to tell me 'bout your issues
I don't need to know about them anymore
Your issues
And why you're standing in my kitchen door
I don't want to talk about it
I don't care
But what's that glistening in your stare?

They say the world is round
Will you have another beer?
Killing time all the time isn't what brings you here
Life is at the top
Death is underneath
So I don't want anyone digging up from beneath
Darling, insist[?]

Do not tell me about your issues
Oh god you're gonna talk about them more and more
I'll get some tissues
Cause soon you'll be crying on my kitchen floor
I don't need to talk about it I don't care
But what's this hovering in the air?

How can you be so cruel?
How am I just a fool?

Cause I'm glad you came around
So good you stopped by here
It was really pointless but it proved to bring us more near
Now you're in the top
And I am underneath
What the fuck's going on? I know this will bring us grief
But I can't resist

You and your issues
I wish I didn't have to hear them anymore
But they're your issues
So now as were lying on my kitchen floor
Go ahead and talk about it I don't care
While I'm running my fingers all through your hair

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