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Yo so as we end this, one love to all y'all for always showing support. - that's where all the merchandise at, the tours is at. Follow us on twitter: @Vinnie_Paz @JusAllahMMA @DJ Kwestion / / Until next time. Uno.

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Vinnie Paz Outro Comments
  1. SaveTheWorldRadio

    “Lucifer” most certainly does not run the public school system. Go wash your mouth out with soap, say three hail Satans, read Anton’s book then apologize for your behavior

  2. Never Legend



  3. Madma7

    Respect from Scotland.

  4. Josephine McCormick

    Respect from Belfast

  5. Abu YaSaR

    Respect from Palestine

  6. anonymous anonymous

    Finally, vinnies getting the fucking respect he deserves as one of the most talented lyricists of all fucking time.

  7. Kevin Schneider

    No subtitles available ?? What a surprise..

  8. silverkingukable

    The world is going down in flames,noones talkin' about it and trying to get laiddd... What happened to the home of the brave,we tryin' to get paidddd!

  9. Mane Name

    Conspiracy theories are for stupid people to feel smart,. Vinnie Paz & Alt-right cocksuckers, better known as the tiny dick Syndrome

  10. The Path of Eudaimonia

    I don't agree with the message and conspiracies of this track, but I still love it so much. Great one.

  11. Amir tanha


  12. Lucille Rose-Davis

    Dipshits 💀💀💀 Niggas really still believe in the Illuminati 😂

  13. PxJx Perez

    Lyrically 🔥

  14. ginofun

    respect till end of days nl

  15. elitist douche bag

    Lmaoooo I can't believe I listened to this pseudo intellectual idiot at one point. If you still fuck with this dude and you're not a teenager you need to grow up

    bur bor

    big kek

  16. One K

    What is this woke rap?

  17. Infected Mushroom

    Romania here! Big up!

  18. Mr G Productions

    Research hollow earth 🌍 access in North Pole

  19. Tommy Chong

    Seth Rogen of Rap Vinnie Paz

  20. La ϟϟ

    Remember the Goverment Want you to believe that h1tler was the bad guy 😉

    Allfa FeNiX

    He was a bad guy, lol, bad example

    Allfa FeNiX

    @La ϟϟ they are all cunts, but that doesn't change the fact Hitler(his army) killed many innocent people (women, children) who did him no harm, millions got killed cause he was a racist sadistic maniac, Idk how he can be good? 🤔

    La ϟϟ

    @Allfa FeNiX Do your Research. People are in prison as we speak.

    La ϟϟ

    @Allfa FeNiX

  21. Saif Almutawa

    respect from UAE 🇦🇪 Abu Dhabi

  22. Mr E

    Still listening - 2020

  23. Pensiero Ribelle

    Support from Italy
    Vinnie, come back to your real homeland🇮🇹🇮🇹

  24. Emir Cayir

    abi benim düğünümde çalar mısın bu şarkıyı

    Jonny Bravo

    Tek gelmez kanka grup olarak istersen olabilir

  25. Whit *

    Wonder if private schools are corrupt too...Well if they’re Catholic then…

  26. zʀɛąΐvɪɴɪ- 17

    foda salvao do brasil importante é a mensagem independente da lingua

  27. _ KHG

    Respect from Hungary! 🇭🇺💥

  28. Omar Nabulsi

    much respect and love from Palestine <3

  29. Daniel Edwardsen

    When the world is projected and its a shit hole 😂😂😂😂

  30. Mikk

    +coverment is the biggest maffia ffs .

  31. Christos Antonopoulos

    Fat mutt

  32. Christos Antonopoulos

    Get the fuck out of my face

  33. Triple Digit

    Best lyrical rapper in the game, no doubt

  34. Christos Antonopoulos

    Whats this end of days shit. When it comes to survival of the creation it will do what it must to survive fuck the vatican muslims and every cunt with their morals.

  35. John Wickstrom

    Democrats come to mind.

  36. John Davis

    What video is the intro from?

    Michał Żurawski

    David Icke

  37. Uncli Cher

    Maybe i lissen this song 1 million time.!

  38. Nichoals Nastari

    0.5 is fire sounds like gods speaking

  39. Keith Blevins

    24m views is amazing!

  40. Zer schmetterLing

    Every Part is just telling You sheeple the truth, its so paradox You guys Listen a Beat, give a like .. All cool.... Than You call people conspiracy theory hahahaha Hope humanity gonna terminated as soon as possible

    Best track in categorey try to tell Whats Up... Big Respekt we All Know how pac and Biggie ends, pac already try to Tell You sheeple, haha u Know a shit with your space brainwashed mind. Peace

    Phillip McLeod

    I feel even stupider after reading this comment. You just want to say everyone is lying to you and pretend you're smarter and better than everyone because you're different. Lay off the drugs and maybe you'll be able to think again. We've had people like you say the same shit for decades. Still nothing.

    Zer schmetterLing

    @Phillip McLeod well guy, this process take months to years untill you ready tot it....youthink i got born and belüge that?,,,,man one research youryelf ,you will get mad coz truthhurts

    Zer schmetterLing

    Im Not Prophet or make thisfor Profit , I want share i informations , facts youghys easyliy research , go research , i stuty histori , I have spend 7years A find stuff like thehistory is all a hoax .....dependsonson you ,gut go research bevor du support warlords life Clinton , Obama ,,,, trump First leader who fight against war ...
    Nasa gets 53.o0o.00o Mio & each day tomake cgi picks people happy about , it makes me sick close , just no care watch fake news an d etwa in you r w0nderland man ,Respekt that,this make you another guy ,,First hard,,now with all Books andknowledge im happy to tell even my familie the truth

    Phillip McLeod

    @Zer schmetterLing I have no clue what the fuck you are saying. My advice to you would be learn English. Nobody is going to learn anything from you if they can't understand you. I've done the research. I have common sense. You need to research the other side of the argument.

    Zer schmetterLing

    @Phillip McLeod Not all but everyy politican already did in you r face , they actors ... puppets nasa lie for 53 Mio at a day , you can buy any Person ,ist simple....Person speak ? before droped one work theyy mistery die,,

    11.9 .... 27 people murdert , for telling Not see and hear a Palin .... All diese

    Detreux beligien pädophiler child seller , got busted , all who was able to talk ....dead like 29 ppl murdert

  41. Muhlis Kaya

    Represent the real Hip-Hop
    Respect brother from Turkey 🏴

  42. Calidir

    Uk 2019 election....

  43. Balanced Lion 7

    Raise up outlaw better place better change non m

  44. Samet Erciyas


  45. federico Merli

    Jeez what a sound. Rezpect from italy

  46. Urasc Haterii

    Respect from Romania!

  47. pepper rock

    Don't know about the skeletons on the moon, but I'm sure NASA has lot of them in closet.

    p.s. Islam was created by Vatican and Muhamed was a Jesuit.

    John 14:6 King James Version
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  48. Krzysztof Morowicz

    nowadays not only black box from corner of the room tells us what to do and think, brainwash is even in our pockets, i mean smartphones, they've changed people by those black mirrors into agressive masses wchich only eat junks to full, drink % like tanks, do some drugs and fuck everything what moves, what ppl see is what ppl do, TV is full of violence, ppl became violent, porn is full of perversions, ppl became perverted pigs, common pop music is full of "party hard", ppl party to the limit, whores of industries (music, film) are an idols of children, for expample miley cyrus flashing her booty in teenagers tv stations inspiring to young girls to become a whore, it's really terrifying me whats happening in our ages, and there's more... corrupted elites, satanists, vaccines, chemtrails, 5G microwaves etc. and im really sorry for my weak english :>

  49. OverdosE DjMeaningless

    Vinnie paz is a really tough factor ✊

  50. Noga Baram


  51. Serkan Güngör

    2020 den selamlar!RESPECT FROM TURKEY

  52. Todd Holmes

    Not only dope as "F" but true as "F"!!!! 🙏🏾

  53. Abdallah Belhaouas

    God bless you

  54. Salmo GoD

    Gem spacca molto di più comunque..

    Colui che commenta i video su YouTube

    Effettivamente anche gem su sto beat ha spaccato un botto

  55. Sad Bag Mikey

    Totalmy Shit from guantamo

  56. elkog1

    wow sick ass song

  57. Roe Ase

    An eye opener👏🔥

  58. Andrew Giandalia

    Was Here At 7K Views.
    Now In The Millions...
    I Shared This Hundreds of Times.

  59. Kreate Majik

    The end of politics ~>

  60. Imad Thuglife

    in 0:09 who is he? I want to watch that interview

    Roe Ase

    Dawid icke

    Imad Thuglife

    Roe Ase thank you!!

  61. Lay Lobinson

    The greatest hypnotist on planet Earth is a oblong box in the corner of the room. It is constantly telling us what to believe is real.
    If you can persuade people that what see with their eyes is what there is to see, you've got them.
    Because they'll laugh in the face of an explanation that portrais the bigger picture of what's happening...
    - David Icke

  62. Leponesa Lehloka

    #vinnie the rapper#vinnie the paz#vinnie the God

  63. Nicholas Plusnin

    God bless Vinnie Paz and crew!

  64. Death Rager

    vinnie paz better than eminem.

  65. biglance

    LOVE DAVID ICKE!!! great mixing in his message in here, fucking genius!!!!

  66. sntz eee

    The truth is out there

  67. الزعيم العظيم

    Respect from Saudi Arabia

  68. Бай Шнур


  69. biglance

    Powerful Message....someone has not taken their SOMA....good on ya!!!

  70. Adoring Fan

    who know you could make a good hip hop song without an 808

  71. Efe Deniz C

    Both Saudi and USA government wants dajjal to come out, it's soon but only some are aware...

  72. Béla Somogyi

    Respect from hungary

  73. Blondie

    Whoever disliked this video is brainwashed by the government

    alexander bech sternald

    @Phillip McLeod Dude, talk to the wall.

    Phillip McLeod

    @alexander bech sternald I am. You are my wall. I just said that. Oh that's right... a wall can't listen.

    alexander bech sternald

    @Phillip McLeod Your life seems so important.
    Do you feel special?

    Talk to the wall.

    alexander bech sternald

    Dude really..
    You are the one who can't listen.
    Or read?
    Cause you keep claiming i wrote stuff that i didn't, several times.
    You claim that i claim something, just because you claim it.
    But since i claimed whatever you are on about and I haven't edited any of my messages?
    You can prove it.
    You should be able of copy paste, quoting me.

    You can only quote me for the stuff i've written (That is the rule, that is your proof.)
    And the things i've written, that I stick with.
    That is my thoughts and my opinions, alright?

    But don't tell me I am a flat earther or a round earther and what not.-

    Again, Merry Christmass.

    alexander bech sternald

    Guess I am somewhat of a poet ;)
    "That is the rule, that is the proof"
    Damn... Didn't even think of that...

    I AM A POET!

  74. bosta 095

    R E S P E C T F R O M
    🇹🇷 T U R K E Y 🇹🇷

    Mustafa Mert


    Saif Almutawa

    Geber git. bu dunyada en serefsiz insanlar siz. turkiyeye bi kere geldim bi daha hiç gelmek dosunmiyorum insan bok gibi davranyorsunuz

  75. shapen360

    It’s a good thing that Vinnie is a good rapper, because he believes some crazy shit.


    Oh shit, I thought this was satirical lmao! When he said that hilarious line comparing a fluorine-containing molecule and ionic fluorine I was certain it was memes

  76. Gam eR

    This will bump in to 2020

  77. Abdulelah

    المخطط الماسوني

  78. M. Star

    Sick work for sick minds

  79. Mezmerized4Life Jay

    More relevant today than ever before 💯

  80. Michael Schneider

    who is the speaker at the beginning? does anyone know that??


    David icke

  81. Cristian Matei

    Who's the documentary guy talking in the beginning?

    Björn Näslund

    Cristian Matei David Icke

  82. White Male

    All true KKonaW

  83. beenCookingSince7

    Gemitaiz kills this beat fra

  84. Rapid wird masta WSW

    Respekt von Österreich 🇦🇹

  85. Kuczi Kuczi

    Peace and Respect from Poland Warsaw 🖖✌

  86. King Dedede

    Based David Icke intro

  87. احمد سعيد

    🇱🇾 Respect 👏👏from Libya 🇱🇾

  88. Free Spirit Killa

    Dope track but stop with the antivax nonsense

  89. Diana S.

    Szó szerint
    A mai világ himnusza
    Wake up
    Respect from hungary

  90. Danny Quidiani

    People listening in 2019? Leave a like.

  91. No U Reviews

    I can't tell if you actually believe all this?