Vinnie Paz - Landscapes Lyrics

From Roslindaley to Philly to anywhere on the map really
I been spitting real raps like a bastard
Clapping with the Mac milli
What's happening is I'm actually stacking
Strictly re-enacting life graphically
I've been challenging these cats to come and ask with me
If they can but they can't cause I'm that shifty
My army is too large, my conscience been drowning
I dumped his ass in the fucking lake, he never been found
And I've been down and out, rose out of my own ashes
The rest of you's is stupid as dogs sniffing your own asses
When I was grown I seen holmes making his own acid
Sniffing coke with his folks then coming home plastered
I seen suicides, overdoses, and chrome blasted
I war with people who wanted me in my own casket
I made it out alive in stereo to stare at you
The Dimock to seven-figures right here in America

Ghetto landscapes, where a man is determined by how much a man make

[Reef The Lost Cauze:]
Lost Cauze lyrical leviathon, literally leave your limbs
Littered laying in the lion's den
Lying men make we want to fire ten into their spine and limbs
Buy them a fucking heart, you got beef then don't deny it then
Fuck a fair one, air gun share some
The MAC make a fat nigga leap like Air Pun
God rest the dead but God bless your head (no homo)
And my dojo is calm, breath, and lead
I sit in a dank basement blowing bank statements
On a dank fragrance planning my next invasion
Like Slaine in The Town flick, quick as a hundred rounds spit
You fucking pussy cats, I'm a hundred pound pit
Astounding rocking a hoodie make of hound's skin
My balls, your broad loves her lips around them
A nigga say he fucking with me, he a clown then
You should kill yourself for even hanging around him

Ghetto landscapes, where a man is determined by how much a man make

[Vinnie Paz:]
I rose above everything they threw at the kid
Pops dead, no fucking bread, doing the bid
I had a choice, I could rhyme or put two in your wig
Cause an option for me was never pursuing a gig
Yeah I made demos, they spit in my face, begin again
I started having reservations like an Indian
I'm a man of God but I started to sin again
Cause motherfuckers was sleeping on me like Lithium
It's a lot of years later I'm still nice with the hands
I'm a dick to my people but I'm nice to the fans
Some other rappers talk shit but they rightfully stand
Dig in the same fucking place where they rightfully stand
Me and Slaine been around the fucking world together
Drinking bottles, sniffing something, fucking girls together
And the objective is to take over the world together
And the objective is to take over the world together

Ghetto landscapes, where a man is determined by how much a man make

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Vinnie Paz Landscapes Comments
  1. BigLordJimbo


  2. duval rodolphe

    64 snakes hate this masterpiece, FOOLS

  3. 51631 BOSS

    🔥🔥🔥All Day

  4. Luke Hammer



    Yeh baby

  6. Trevor Siders

    I'm a man of God but I started to sin again cause mother fuckers were sleeping on me like lithium. I'm a dick to my people but I'm nice to my fans.

  7. ienjoyblazing

    I mean yea when you got a whole crew and all your dickskin it pretty easy.

  8. John Holden

    Why can’t I find this song or album on Apple Music??

    d b

    because they are not on Apple music, try hit them up on social media or buy their albums to support them

  9. O Tigre Furioso

    Rap foda.

  10. George Banna


  11. Brother B

    Ripped this bitch apart👊🏽👊🏽

  12. Yan Gosselin

    cant believe i heard that bomb beat for the first time today ….-_- Wooowwwwwwwww Thats dope man


    X2 Deff but at least im not a Bunch off Dogs running around sniffing their own asses

    castellano Del sur


    castellano Del sur

    Saludos desde Málaga 🇪🇸🏖️☘️☘️😘👏👏🎶🐙😊

    castellano Del sur

    Saludos desde Fuengirola ☘️🏖️🐙🇪🇸🏊🍫🚤

  14. Jack Mioff

    I constantly like and unlike than like the video just so its at the top of my liked videos, gotta have it at close reach cause its that 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. derekhugh

    slaine face looking like a hairy 8ball on the cover

  16. Adam Mok

    May 10, 2019 💪💪💪

  17. Hræfn

    That beat reminds me of godfather

  18. jeremy bishop

    2019 boi

  19. Matty Seabourne

    Rappers who got it this year
    Marlon craft
    Chris webby
    Ren Thomas 🔥🔥🔥

  20. daniel flint

    2019 <3

  21. K Dubz

    2019 👌😎


    Platform to Whipping the ship out of this piece of Garbage when it's all said and Done ⚡💀⚡

  23. Alex Beaty


  24. Rossa O'Donovan

    Savage bars, lovin the way the irish inspired this boston hard shit, peace and good day to whoever reads this

  25. redrussian fox

    Still bumpin this in 2019!


    2020 here we go

  26. GRONK

    Hey slaine I don't no if you read these, but please look at this track we made. It would mean so much if you herd it. Fucking love your music brother....

  27. GRONK

    Never stopped playing it

  28. Sanity In Chaos

    Came back for the old slaine 2019

    Tauri H

    feel you!!

  29. DMA defyntmusic Australia

    lol every paz verse the same. even that gay little switch in the last 4 bars. dudes an over rated choad that thinks he can box

    DMA defyntmusic Australia

    @ThePoohat couldnt agree more, hes just a sad little man who wants to be a badass when he grows up lol

    Adam Mok

    Shit little ugly midget cunt.

  30. jdbankshot

    yo, slaine, love you, therefore..... i beg you to drop at least 50 pounds, maybe even 75. don't need you to drop dead of a heart attack, bro, especially now. same for you, vin. y'all need to live to 100.

    Ryan Mayo

    Slaines lost alot of weight, you'd know that if u weren't an idiot

    Method Saimonas

    what kind of comment is this? you his mama?

  31. Creater Official

    Still remember opening up for Slaine back in 2015 💯

  32. Filip Syryca

    Vin killed this!


    4426150067.i am Acnom. I want to make a group with a slaine and invite vinnie and reef
    . La coka nostra gang... What

  34. Bodhi June

    How has everyone in the entire hip hop community not heard this song? Some of the best bars of all time!

  35. Mario Balotelli

    Where a man is determined by how much a man make.

  36. giorgos spuroglou

    Respect from Greece

  37. Der KommiSSAr

    Is that sample Common?

  38. Assad Ali

    I met Reef in Toronto

  39. Javier Ignacio Urbaneja Luque

    Slaine el puto amo

  40. Abuze LDC

    Prahhhhh for realllll shietttt.

  41. Plarks Rom

    Repeat Offenders Music. Australian Boom Bap…

  42. Joran Stein

    At 2:06 : God Bless your head "No Homo". lol...

  43. Stab Me

    I've ben doown n out

  44. Alex Fay

    Yea I’m deaf mothefucka

  45. Jason Appleton

    Reef n vinny Str8 from Philly ANYTHING they spit I relate too...💯🤔

  46. Mr. Mushagiamy

    Who's still bumping to this in 2018 ?

    A Fellow Brother

    it's 2019 and where still going strong!

    Adam Mok

    May 10, 2019

    Okazaki Tomoya

    June 2019

    clayton hart

    A lot of people.. Because music isn't fruit stripe gum.

    Travo Yehle

    August 2019

  47. Daithi Moloney

    Nice, way better at 1.25 speed

  48. anti rehab

    reef tore this apart

  49. Marcellus Xenophilius

    this sample.

  50. djangoR invisible

    Real dope track, love it brother!

  51. Frank Scassatore

    Big up from italy!

  52. noname lastname

    better be recognizing reef the lost cauze, motherfuckers, loving the comments in the underground....the vibe is just right

  53. Lt. Magnum

    Reef at his finest.

    Cory Passenger

    you can say that again Fo'realz

  54. Luke Hammer

    yea I did it a few times. Forgot the URL. Thanks !

  55. mike4333

    Reef killed it

  56. Bohumil Bedrich

    Listening to Migos after this feels like a joke.

    Anthony Brennecke

    This comment should of got your ass banned from the whole internet

    brian mcgill

    @Anthony Brennecke imagine not liking someone for an opinion.

    headcoLd 7

    Welcome to reality ?

    steve lafrance

    Recognize real music when you hear it...FYI its not the migos

  57. Nikos Mark

    Vinnie P SOLO
    Vinnie P SOLO
    Vinnie P SOLO
    Vinnie P SOLO
    Vinnie P SOLO

  58. Trevor Siders

    I've seen suicides overdoses and chrome blastin

  59. Tomislav Matejević

    Hahahahaha...lagana tamburica skoro.

  60. Lt. Magnum

    Strongest verse by Reef.

  61. Luke Hammer

    if anyone knows where I can find this song is appreciate it. looking everywhere !

    Joseph Reckert

    Slaine A World With No Skies

    Luke Hammer

    Meaning it's not on iTunes

    Sam P

    Luke Hammer - go to (google it) and type the URL from this video in the search bar and it will convert t to MP3 and then you can download the file.

    Hope this helps bro 👍🏼

  62. billy sandoval

    People sleep on Lost Cauze one of the dopest rappers ever.

    Callum Hanlon

    I don’t know about that but he is definitely ill, he kills this joint amongst some heavyweights

    Mitch Connor

    He's my favorite rapper..crazy word play and ill flow...and he just gets better and better each album other rapper is like that

    Rossa O'Donovan

    chek out bad lieutenant

    Mr. Perfect Misconstrued

    Let's keep it 100, all of AOTP is dope as fuck. Apathys last 2 albums masterpieces. Celph is easily punchline king. Reef been fire for like 15 years. Outspace is fire. All of them.

    Ian Dowdall

    Easily. Is anyone more prolific? And razor sharp consistent the whole time?

  63. Adam Mok

    This beat, fucking hell, how did this skip past me

  64. pheksy

    Big up Hirolla on the beat

  65. Jason Nichol

    slaine is better than em,slaine even made himself.

  66. Tyler. W

    Real rap, fuck these new rappers.

  67. archimedesnation

    Pure talent

  68. Blood Clot

    Lost cauze lyrical leviathan !!

  69. Blood Clot

    Lost cause lyrical leviathan !!

    Jason Nichol

    fucking badass line!!

  70. Death Dealer

    only thing could make this banger better is if the cult leader ill bill was on it still dope as fuck tho

  71. Ariba Moutsatsos

    Slaine YOU ARE GREEK MAGGA MOY!!!!!!!!!!

    breakfreak mooose

    ti einai auta pou les re? lol


    Νταξ ρε συ, μερικές φορές το μαντολίνο μοιάζει με μπαγλαμαδάκι


  72. First Medic

    it goes like this

  73. Petrakis Dionisis

    This instrument is Greek and we call it Baglamas at Greece (Mπαγλαμας) ....

    breakfreak mooose

    standard to xerei k o slaine man :P


    Μαντολίνο είναι

    frank incense

    More like a bouzouki .

    Rick Rick Rick

    Always wanted to ask that question. I’ve heard that instrument being played when listening to many Greek songs.

  74. Lou don't watch that

    These mafuckas been Killin it

  75. Anfubvinch

    This is the best fucking rap song I've heard in a long time. That lyra instrumental is perfect


    Reef fucking kills it


    @rvca562 Yeah, and Slaine too

    Marcellus Xenophilius

    It's a lyra, interesting. Any idea what sample this is?

    Der KommiSSAr

    You ain’t listening to the right shit. Underground been putting it down since your favorite rappers went soft. La Coka Nostra pre “a brand you can trust” was dope as fuck. I wish they’d put out all the tracks that came before the official album.
    There’s so much out there that you have to seek out. Record labels spoon feed you what they want you to buy.

  76. Cameron Berry

    I've always said that Slaine has a similar voice to Vinnie Paz. Really interesting hearing their voices in the same song!

    5.56 Only

    You're crazy


    +Cameron Berry search up big kurt he sounds like vinnie paz forsure


    what? jus allah does...or at least he tries to. slaine has a boston accent. vinnie has that italiano/phillie flow in his accent


    this is in the priest of bloodshed mixtape as well. is this in  no skies album tho>=?


    +SYED SHAZEB I don't remember the details, but the original leaked and the released version was 2.0, with the original having some differences


    @MrSmapdi oh I see.


    @VeteranCape go back to school kid


    @***** wtf you talking about

  78. randy vanhoozen

    I'm ashamed that I'm just now hearing this song


    Its underground, its supposed to be hidin for the right people to search and find


    I'm proud to say I'm still hearing this song 8)

    d b

    nearly 2020 I just found this

    jason augusto

    just found this song. and slaine

  79. yudaya100

    Omg.... Reef...holy grief.. That verse was fucking hard!

  80. yudaya100

    Omg.... Reef...holy grief.. That verse was fucking hard!

  81. Aidan Platt

    underground for life

    Dumbo obmuD

    Aidan Platt ebfufjkcugcukfxi

  82. Jack N

    Reef's verse is sick. I felt like Vinnie's was disappointing on this, which is unusual.

    Marcellus Xenophilius

    he is talking bs.
    vp though:
    I rose above everything they threw at the kid
    Pops dead, no fuckin bread, doin a bid
    I had a choice I could rhyme or put two in your wig
    Cause an option for me was never pursuin a gig

    I feel that

    C D

    it's alright, just a weak ending with the bit about him and Slaine fucking girls together haha

    Vicious Warmong

    Jack N yh man.I thought he was gonna drop a bomb on this as it's the type of beat vinnie goes in with his hardest

  83. maurillo diablillo lujan

    buenisimo !

  84. Qhashbba

    Heavy Metal Kingz comming soon!

  85. JoeFri

    1st verse was Slaine, then Reef and the Paz. All 3 smashed this track but I think Slaine had the illest verse

    Callum Hanlon

    JoeFri yeah I used to think Reef killed it but the more I listen to it, Slaine definitely murdered this track

    Rap's Games

    That's what slaine does

  86. JoeFri

    1st verse is slaine, then Reef and then Vinnie. And all 3 smashed this track although I think Slaine had the illest verse

  87. hs dei mudda

    who is the first one ? slain or reef? sick track but the first verse is just way too sick to be so unknown . or maybe its just too good to be well known

  88. JewUnit6

    slaine n vinnie had ridiculous verses however, they didnt even come close to that reef verse

  89. S.O. Creed

    All 3 of them.. Die hard !

  90. William Rogers


  91. rcamine


  92. matt allison

    sick as fuck.

  93. Dhakhar

    Lost Cauze lyrical leviathon,
    literally leave your limbs littered layin in the lions den

  94. Nick Vilasenor

    Vinnie always on that Third world shit One...

  95. Drew peacock

    reef always rips the track up


    Reef's wordplay in his first four bars is incredible, props to all three for this song!

  97. thejamy2009

    good looka like init haha :)