Vinnie Paz - In The Middle Of Nowhere Lyrics

Yeah... Who's fucking house you think this is?

[Lawrence Arnell:]
Destroyer of dreams, the bearer of bad news
I lay waste to your self-esteem and your attitude
So show gratitude, for leaving it right there
Instead of laying this left hook on your right ear
I'm a nightmare, so if you scared easily
Then keep pinching yourself, you'll awaken eventually
The same sympathy that have a dude sending just a dollar a day
To some poor kid in the middle east
Will have me taking your teeth out, instead of your knees
At the very least, it's one less mouth to feed
My family breed MCs with pedigrees
Master level artistry, so pardon me
If I appear to be speaking too cockily
But this is my house, you bout that? Then silence me
Or ride with me, the oddity, you on an odyssey
I'm obviously more than what your eyes can see

My will is a bitter pill to swallow for the critical
Crazy since a baby, momma said I'd never sit still
Pacing like a pit bull, peering out the window seal with a pistol
My entire aura is sinful
It's hard to comprehend what I've seen and what I've been through
Nightmares and dreams in the means that you ain't meant to
See I grew up around fiends who robbed people for beans
And now they live in the scenes that I present you
They say the language of love is universal
But violence more commonly spoke
Especially when the government is plotting
And the love is all just rotten
Get a shotgun, you don't wanna be broke
A positive way of life, born in a winter cold froze
Raised in a human summer where the sinners hold toast
See them fall like the autumn or you spring from the bottom
But those old ghosts stand so close
You're in my house

One thing I know
I can see right through what you're about
I'm the last of a dying breed
You ain't welcome in my house
When the world turns into dust
Ain't trusting no one, no doubt
One thing I know
I can see right through what you're about
You're in my house

[Rite Hook:]
Go ahead try puttin' the fire out
Coming outta my mouth, I'm a violent rhymer
Rhyme about the guys that'll ride around the downtown for hours
Yeah the ground I pound it
Sounds the same as when I swing in, buck your face
And my crew'll back me up when the cops are chasing me
Cause they just helped me stomp out imposters' brains
And they'll even get me off on a monster case
Cause money buys anything, so what you thinking chico?
I scream it in your face like you missing free throws
I'll throw your people off a bridge for cheap thrills
And keep killin' like it ain't shit to me still
I'm a dying breed, you're a dying human
Matter fact, you're a lying piece of shit, a pile of doodoo
If you ever get the chance, get a silencer and shoot you
Shoot yourself in the silence cause it suits you

[Vinnie Paz:]
Lil' man, real power never changes hands
And that's the words of an alcoholic and jaded man
My whole life, I ain't never really gave a damn
It's different now, I engineered an amazing plan
I watched my life slip away like it was grains of sand
I'm back like I never left, but it was painful man
Everybody always hopeful that the plane will land
I rather live like a warrior, then the pain'll stand
I have a fractured psyche like David Ban
Bare knuckle a mothafucker and take his land
I'm simple now, more of a meat and potatoes man
Live at the barbecue with Joe Fatal fam
I'm cut from a different cloth, it's an ancient strand
I put the type of pressure on you that could break a dam
Keep my name out your mouth, Vinnie name is banned
I bring a rock to motherfuckers like a famous band

One thing I know
I can see right through what you're about
I'm the last of a dying breed
You ain't welcome in my house
When the world turns into dust
Ain't trusting no one, no doubt
One thing I know
I can see right through what you're about
You're in my house

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Vinnie Paz In The Middle Of Nowhere Comments
  1. 2014 Yılında açılmış öylesine bir kanal

    from turkey 🔥

  2. Adrian Tschida

    They went manson family on the beat!

  3. Dj skeptical Live

    🔥🔥much love

  4. Bold Ventures Int'l.

    Best verse Vinnie ever spit

  5. here2stay ok

    Fukn vinnie

  6. Cody Kiss

    My whole life I ain’t never really gave a dam,
    It’s different now I engineered an amazing plan
    I watched my life slip away like it was grains of sand
    I’m back like I never left but it was painful man
    One of my favourites from Vinnie Paz

  7. Vincent Castillo

    One thing I know I could c right thro what your about 💯💯

  8. Commander Waffles

    Lawrence Arnell should've said "laying this right hook (Rite Hook) on your left ear."

  9. Hans Dampf

    VP for life :)

  10. Matt P

    Rite Hook

  11. Shawn Crane

    Any women who like?

  12. Jordanna Abrie Salas

    I'm simple now more of a meat and potatoes man


    marry me bitch

    Anti Anti Anti Dempsey Roll

    Best way to be

  13. Anne Philip

    Thanks for make me feeling some goods vibes in Toulouse FranceThanks to Vinnie Paz for his bigs  greats  beats and his gud fuckin lyrics luv

  14. 2 wizzy

    hell is reall ,... hahahahahaha better behave hahahaha freedom of speech hahahahha FUN THE MENTALIST

  15. 2 wizzy

    dont poke a dragon by the end of his tail if you cant see his foot standing on your trought

  16. 2 wizzy

    to the destroyer of dreams ,.. are you puching nightmares? ,... if soo ... spike bomb with aids blood on a childs birthday party ,... does it come close ? if not ,.. maybe your child should be the chosen one ,... that ,ll bring it closer dont play with fire crying bloody kids wanna hold there mommies,.. remember smile now die later ,... FUN THE MENTALIST

  17. lance jared

    rite hook always kills the hook

  18. rickytorrez69

    Beat straight 🔥

  19. Chris Ryan

    Dope shit!!
    My first time hearing Rite Hook.
    Rite Hook is sick as fuck.
    Thanks Vinnie Paz

  20. Amar Harriri

    all of them. .killed it. .shut out to laurence arnell. .for blessing the joint ...

  21. AJ G

    "I have a fractured psyche like David Banner" - very true Vinnie Paz I feel that

  22. Reggie Barkley

    Vinnie paz killing it

  23. LordFridge

    This is so fucking good.

  24. jayone451

    Looking at my dirty hands thinking i should be in jail
    Now here I am trying my best to reverse the spell
    Driven by the shame I create my own personal hell
    Trying to hustle the devil with this broken soul I'm trying sell
    The only time I didn't succeed is when I tried to fail
    You gotta cut a snakes head off never grab it by the tail
    Be smart and analyze your steps before you take em
    I aim at your strengths and attack until I brake em
    Take the heat to you swine until I'm seein bacon
    I fell from the heavens to oppose you just like Satan
    you can run all you want but I'm catching you regardless like Jason.....

  25. Tom Ludlow

    Slaine Smashes it, bad boy tune.
    Mad props to Pazman!!

  26. Avery Clements

    slaine is my favorite rapper ever

  27. Ryu Hayabusa

    I can bump to this all day

  28. boredkid444

  29. Francisco Villa

    That beat tho!!!

  30. Alex Tzigeris

    alcoholic and jaded man,this right here speaks to me

    Parental Guardian

    dont follow in his foot steps lol


    @Parental Guardian He's sober now, watch the podcast where Vinnie talks with Joe Rogan



  32. Carlitos Brigante

    Even Slaine sounds good in this song.

    Chocolate Pizza

    Slaine always sounds like a boss.

    TheChosen Sarmale

    +cew27 don't do drugs kids...

    Matrix Deprogrammed

    Slaine is fucking sick bruh!!

    Ahmad Al-Ghamdi

    Even water is wet

  33. 1RouGhL1

    Luvv this shit

  34. Toodamnfluffy

    good shit

  35. TheJapierdole44

    fuckin AVEsome  ;)