Vinnie Paz - Chalice (DJ Kwestion Remix) Lyrics

You and your squad better praise the real God

[Jus Allah:]
I have been to hell before
Befriended the Devil and Skeletor
Wish I could visit the fellas more
Wish that I could get more bodies through the cellar doors
I'm always thinking of others
Should probably think of myself more
But I don't worry about cells and house scores
I'm more into L's than house stores
I like wars and whores
Cores and shores
Liquor and Coors
Sex, cigarettes and sycamores
Always got one to roll up
And one twirled
All about guns and girls in this underworld
So I got a truckload of guns and gusto
But I don't go around shooting ducks and buffalo
I like it when the streets are crowded
I don't think to be discreet about it
Drinkin' blood beats a salad
So I gotta put a lot of work in
Cause I'm usually thirsty again
Before it even leaves the palate.

You and your squad better praise the real God

[Vinnie Paz:]
I'm shining out here
Jedi Mind grinding out here
I'm from Philly where it's filthy
Take your diamonds out here
Motherfuckers broke eating Top Ramen out here
Fuck the police, graph writers is bombing out here
Ain't nobody better at this fuckin' rhymin' I swear
Any second, any minute, any time of the year
I remember when it was nothing but violence out here
Now these faggots rappin' like they fucking common out here
I'm about to set the mother fuckin' drama out here
45s, gebalando, big lamas out here
Everybody think it's sweet 'cause now Obama out here
He the third cousin of Bush, he lyin' out here
You the lamb I'm the mother fuckin' lion out here
Where were y'all when my step father dyin' last year
I'm once in a lifetime, Haley's Comet out here
God's and nerfs and moors, we Islamic out here

You and your squad better praise the real God

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Vinnie Paz Chalice (DJ Kwestion Remix) Comments
  1. alvin jones


  2. Adam Passano

    REAL RAP 💯💪 much respect do!! -401-

  3. Nathan Condren

    you'll feel it come out

  4. Nathan Condren

    5 ejaculations inside removes the metallic uterus

  5. Mabus Beast

    Great song

  6. Gregory Diub

    So stronnnnnnngggg!

  7. Michael Mendoza

    How can compare this to new shit? Im glad there is an underground... only for the real heads!!!!

  8. Lee T

    Nice remix. Jus Allah bodied that track.

  9. Richard Fox

    slaughterhouse's hammer dance sounded week when i mixed it with celph titled's shit ayo im an [-SA-] stealth assassin yo o k?

  10. Brad Mellenbruch

    Jesus H Christ Nigga Elohim your stupid as shit

  11. Luke Dugas

    Elohim is Jesus Christ

  12. Up Front

    We Islamic out here!!

  13. otinzek

    5 ème sous sol dans ta gueule

  14. Daddy Homess24

    Everybody think it sweet cause Obama out here
    he the 3rd cousin of Bush he lying out here!