Vinnie Paz - Bushmaster Music Lyrics

"The fuck you say now, huh? Hey, huh. Bam bam bam. Mothafucka I'm strapped. You don't fuckin' talk now, huh."

I got the AR-15, let me hit his head
Heard us running up inside the crib and then he shit his bed
I ain't trying to hear nothing cousin give me bread
The only thing inside the duffel bag shrunken heads
That's how motherfucking grimy we are
You don't wanna see how motherfucking violent we are
Yeah or where the motherfucking silencers are
What the Asiatic motherfucking sciences are
I know you saying that this motherfucker curse a lot
I'm just trying to balance out the fact you rock a purse a lot
I heard you suck dick and walk around in skirts a lot
Listen to Kanye West, recite his verse a lot
Pazienza I don't rock with that soft shit
We juice crew Hilltop hardcore shit
We got the? digger uncut raw shit
To put his motherfucking body in the morgue shit, yeah

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Vinnie Paz Bushmaster Music Comments
  1. bennogob

    Furious instant like ! Thx for upload !


    your welcome!

  2. B N

    This whole song is the definition of hardbody

  3. Mabus Beast


  4. Caner Küçükkeskin

    the winnır paz B)

  5. Rob T


  6. MumblzDelusional

    Beast track!!!!

  7. XskeggöX MC Luv

    vinnie pistol raw as fuck

  8. prodby mors

    sample similar to alchemist one am i sure?

  9. Nicholas Snodgrass

    Hahahaha he put Kanye on blast😂🔥🔥


    Nicholas Snodgrass Because Fuck that nigga

    Mr. Perfect Misconstrued

    Fucking facts. And Yeezy know better than to say a thing about it ctfu

  10. German Alcaraz

    STU BANGAS!!!!!!

  11. druha10304

    just saw harsh times , thats where the beginning comes from , i dunno the other sample.


    From the movie Colors, good ass movie if you haven't seen it

  12. Jumal

    Vinnie paz verses are music to my ears

  13. Caiman Industrial

    1 love and respects to the 2 titans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greetings from Greece guys!