Vines, The - Winning Days Lyrics

The winning days are gone
Because I know just where I'm seeing
Was given eyes I know
I can hear
Cause underneath there's gold
I need to get around to find it
And when I want to go
I can dream
I've been trying
All my time

I'm just seeing it rise
Cause it could be the land that's over me
So I just wanna let it breathe

The winning days are gone
Because I know just where I'm seeing
Was given eyes I know
I can hear

Cause underneath there's gold
I need to get around to find it
And when I want to go
I can dream
I've been trying
All my time

I'm just seeing it rise
Cause it could be the land that's over me
So I just wanna let it breathe for now

Get up and go outside
It can help your mind too
Get up don't hide away

Cause I know where there's gold
(Get up and go outside)
I didn't know when I was flying
(It can help your mind too)
I'm sinking like a stone
(Get up don't hide away)
I can dream
I've been trying...

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Vines, The Winning Days Comments
  1. elemileTLDR

    Starting with Winning Days and peaking with Vision Valley, I will always remember Craig as a very talented composer of hauntingly beautiful songs.

  2. Hamdaoui zakaria


  3. KingKasín Divine

    los conocí hace 9 años cuando tenia como 5 o 6 años y me encantan ustedes cuando me deprimo los escucho a ustedes los amo con toda el alma y me en contento les agradezco mil gracias :,D soy de México.

  4. Fredy Riantiarno

    12 2019

  5. thomas wermelinger

    what a beautiful little jam...

  6. Sai Bea5t

    someday we will be the best version of ourselves

  7. Jerry Ross

    I love this song so much anybody else

  8. adyltd

    NOVEMBER 2019

  9. sharnapi

    We really need song to be heard on stations, calm and breathtaking

  10. cheeseburger walrus

    I swear this is the most underrated band ever. They got a bad wrap as being a "Nirvana clone", which may hold some merit if all you looked at was their radio played singles such as "Get Free", "Outtathaway", and "Ride". But when you listen to their other stuff, and their full albums as a whole, you realize that they were goddamn amazing in so many more ways. Sure they could do the edgy "grunge" stuff well, but look deeper and you'll find something amazing.

  11. Scorpionthe Rulez

    Such a peaceful music video ☺️☺️☺️

  12. Tamarode Records

    Why i cant stop playing this

  13. santiago nozal del cerro

    increíble great fantástico grupo como estos son los que se echan a faltar ....great songs forever the vines

  14. Bdc Ins

    Song when you cant pass school exam


    2019 still remember till now

  16. Kiboy Channel


  17. Tamarode Records

    Damn!!! I love it!!

  18. Carlos Maqueda

    2019 saludos desde Paraguay

  19. Jon Hopkins

    The singer looks like Louise Wener

  20. wahid zami

    Kapan ya The Vines manggung ke Indonesia???

  21. Rômulo Damasceno

    Muito bom😊

  22. natii 90

    me encantan los temas de esta banda..lastima que no estan los verdaderos integrantes..una pena xq las bandas no suenan de la misma manera cuando se disuelven los miembros originales..a propósito, craig era muy lindo lastima que ahora esta hecho mierda jajajajaj.

  23. Tiago Melo

    The Vines songs on my channel, get in there.

  24. Bob Cob

    craig nichols has is one of the best singers

  25. OSanoBR

    No Charlie Sheen comments? Aff...-_-

  26. annisa_ L

    I miss kinda music like this

  27. Ebi Udang

    My winning days is my day as a teenagers, i used to play this songs with my mate in the studio. Never thought of repeating this songs this days, and thinking about the old days is my winning days, which is gone already. No! I believe i still can rise and have a winning days again!!

  28. Too Lazy

    I am Snoopy

  29. JIESUS

    This makes me remember past friendship that ended. Almost like a song about moving along. It's been years, still one of the best pieces of music out there. ❤

    Firdaus Haniphah

    i feel you bro.. i got same situation as you.. hmmm

  30. Ana Laura Nava

    Ay dolooooor

  31. Tiara Mustika

    Still my fav

  32. Gary Lupano

    This might just be one of the most well put together songs ever. There is so much going on and it just all works so well....then the minor key build at the end to release into the Major chorus is bad ass. If I had to be stranded on an island for the rest of my life and only take one song...probs would be this

  33. Rudi Tutta

    The Beatles + Nirvana = The Vines

  34. John Forero

    Close your eyes : the beatles

  35. Ricardo TR

    I dont know why this song doesn't have more views. Sorry my english.

  36. Pitax Grind

    Last listening to this song in 08' and now i hear this for nostalgia

  37. Wan Siti shazzelyn Aida Wan Sharifudin

    I feel bad for those people who never knew about this song

  38. Ricardo Martinez

    Que tema tan hermoso no me canso de escucharla

  39. Sánchez TV

    Craig es un genio :v

  40. darkempire92

    this song still worth it 💪🏻

  41. Yogi Suprastian

    Its 2019 & i still love this song so much

  42. Paulo Pereira

    Men That kind of song I make too!!!!!

  43. Hell Grind

    I left black metal scene the first time I listened to this song.

  44. PapaBattles

    Whenever im at my saddest i always listen to this song. It always tears me up but the ending always makes me smile. Thats why i love this song.

  45. Babeh Harvan

    March 21 2019 still got the vines 😍

  46. Britnyeah

    And I thought this song made me feel like crying when I was 17....
    Same effect, only different in my 30s (where does the time go?!)

    Titus Celani

    I'm sitting here now thinking back to when I was 15 doing the same thing

    Paola Barrera

    Yep, me too.

  47. Amir Yusoff

    chill going down my spine! the music i listened to during high school 2006...and its already 2019 wow

  48. ady ltd

    Up 👆

  49. Koko ,KS

    The click five. ..?

  50. Alessio Masca

    10 years today ❤️

  51. Queens of the Drone Age

    The vines should have lasted longer, even now ,why not come to the spotlight my brothers. JET too. Is rock dead? No, it cannot be. You will be here forever lads/

  52. stereotypea123

    if u were in a rock band in the early 2000's and didn't have this hairstyle (of the singer) you weren't shit lol

  53. stereotypea123

    this song had me in my feelings back in high school lol

  54. えなりかずき

    I love this song

  55. Emily Iannielli

    Such a talented band ahead of its time. It’s sad they didn’t get the recognition they deserve ❤️

  56. Nany Pc

    Essa é bem nostálgica pra mim!!!Amo essa música!!!

  57. guntur triflex

    favorite song

  58. Dhitaaprillia Andhiar

    This is 2019 💗remember my junior high school 😖

    judy garcia

    Same ):

    saktian anggara

    Sama 😌

  59. Winz Winz

    Okay, been in junior and high school when hear this song, miss the vines

  60. Gianfranco Cairo Lopez

    Every time I hear the chorus, I feel like crying

  61. Abraham Mendez

    What a beautiful song

  62. Syahaz

    So calming tho.

  63. Annelia LK

    Wow this is good. So lucky to find this gem in Spotify’s Discover Weekly

    Gianfranco Vasquez

    Same here lol

  64. maniac1204

    Es una joya está canción

  65. Anthony Hill

    Reminds me of my high school years. I got so old lol

  66. capung adi

    Saya suka lagu ini. ,

  67. sudibya_oneperson Sudibya

    I like this song

  68. 8170youngwilliam

    Timing and location just seem to be against this band

  69. mayoko rk

    The best fycking group indie of 2006 i have the disco ,golden time indie and rock 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  70. Fanny ari

    Gracias por transmitir magia y majestuosidad 💓

  71. Emanuel Darío Rodríguez Emmert

    A quien no le puede gusta esto???

  72. Jean Roel


  73. jralvins jr

    Fucking beautiful song

  74. Chris Evans

    Lionel Messi with long hair 2:45

  75. Esther Agnes

    This song is so beautiful.i never forget that😊😘

  76. bubmah axr

    it's near the end of 2018, and this music vid just had a million views?


    polska przejmuje te muzyke 2018

  78. Greisy Torres


  79. yudhi pradipta

    craig should joint as new nirvana singer

  80. Fidhialini Munasik

    grunge people..

  81. Blk Nic26

    The riffs are music to my ears 💙💙💙

  82. Blk Nic26

    I’m feeling a Beatles vibe. Gosh this song is so beautiful 💙

  83. jose ignacio sandoval

    Que clase de Lucas Espinoza es este?

  84. Enrique aguirre

    Presente México en el 2018.... Gran banda!

  85. Diego Fe

    2004- 2018

  86. katia Guimaraes

    So cute :)

  87. M O N O T O N


  88. gun room

    2018 stil good song

  89. Lizzy TV

    I listen so much of the vines! Can someone tell me other bands with this style? I really like it.

    Lucifer Sam

    The Young Veins, if you prefer The Vines' softer songs such as this one.

  90. Lilisau

    idk, is my favorite song since to much years, this song has been my soundtrack, thank you The Vines.

  91. Anthony Ciconte

    The vines changed my life. Now I'm here to change theirs. The earth is flat. Craig Nicholls' revelation is an important one.

  92. CakraNegara TV

    😍😘 it

  93. Mitch W

    This band is criminally underrated.
    Much love from America.

  94. tomtomthebear

    One of my all time favourite bands every song of this album alone holds so many treasured memories..!!!