Vines, The - TV Pro Lyrics

See the late night talk show guest professional
A movie star and some kind of telectual

Hes a she cause shes got more obsessional
Cause whenever I get uptight know you will

See the late night talk show guest I guess you will
A movie star is some kind of telectual

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Vines, The TV Pro Comments
  1. Kiara Araid Huamani Pinon

    de la csm

  2. Cody Stegemueller

    Beach boys on cocaine

  3. Chatillionte

    This whole album is a musical fever dream

  4. Pdaus Mohri

    Like klau org malaysia

  5. Pep Abukas

    How come I don't know about this song before! Damn, this is dope bro!

  6. cris ro

    Fucking masterpiece

  7. Alliff Haiadz

    Still Hooha!! January 2019..

  8. Syahaz

    Lovely tune!!!

  9. Zatzzo

    great song and probably the most underrated album of all time.

    Queens of the Drone Age

    Definitely. same as evil town man. beyond words. like a pagan ritual heavy as all fuck. No other band can or ever will come fucking near this band.


    @Queens of the Drone Age Agree! 👍👌

  10. Roo The Otaku

    See the late night talk show guest professional
    A movie star and some kind of telectual

    He's a she cause she's got more obsessional
    Cause whenever I get uptight know you will

    See the late night talk show guest I guess you will
    A movie star is some kind of telectual

    Queens of the Drone Age

    ...... so epic. beyond genius

  11. Jay VanDevender

    My favorite album of the 2000 zeros!

  12. Queen of Pentacles

    Wuu haaahh !!!!!


    My fav part lol.

  13. Steve Harris

    For those like us who appreciate music, THIS IS IT !!!!

    Queens of the Drone Age

    a dying breed man

  14. David saputra


  15. Chris Butler

    The Vines are massively underrated & this is one of their finest

    Queens of the Drone Age

    it is exceptional and fucking heavy also interesting I design. they are the Australian doors of our generation man. rock on


    Agree mate.

  16. Twisted monk

    This sounds psychedelic as hell


    Yeah haha.

  17. Jeremy Dubois

    the vines really impressed me with their first record. by the third song i was sold. grunge, pop rock blended with electronica creates blissful art.



  18. Sam Bird

    I have made a group for Vines fans that want to talk and share their great music! Feel free to join.

  19. Kristi Magdalene


    Kristi Magdalene

    Banned from life? That too.

    Marcus MIDI

    Ignore him, he makes no sense. Posting negative shit about an artist he doesn't love- his problem not ours ;)

  20. Mohd Isnin

    what???only 400+ like for this song.this song is out of this world man.its very mesmerizing

    Queens of the Drone Age

    it is definit3ly from another solar system my man

  21. Lucas Villarreal

    Cuando a argentina

    Mohd Isnin

    +Lucas Villarreal bender?

    Facundo Ulloa


  22. wenaldy

    Uuuuhhh Ahhhhh...!!!!!


    I like that part lol.

  23. Hanging Rock

    No one needs The Vines. No one cries over Vines songs, or includes them on breakup mixes. They're vague, inoffensive noise, a band attractive to sheltered teens who find Hot Topic punk and nu-metal goth overbearing. Don't get me wrong: It's a shame you can't go straight from N*SYNC to The Jesus Lizard, but that's just the way it is. You need Nirvana. And when you're playing by MTV's rules, you can't get to Nirvana until you see a cute, awkward gurner from Hurstville talking about them in brutally staged interviews.


    no one needs nirvana, they suck

    Mike Phalen

    What bit your ass?

    Queens of the Drone Age

    @Mike Phalen he has been triggered my sun. Males get like this when they can't play a7. It's a beta male thing

    Queens of the Drone Age

    if you learn guitar like me and play 20 vines song's u will never look back my son. U are a purge

    Darkroom Ignite!

    The Vines were pretty famous. Known all over the world.

  24. Tyler Melton

    Wrong! That title IMO goes to Pearl Jam. Hopefully you know who they are. If not check em out. But The Vines rock I'll say that much! \m/

  25. Harry Rag

    Crystal Castles is shit


    And now 3 years after you're listening to it hahaha I bet you.

  26. xxCcash79xx

    HOO HA!

  27. xxCcash79xx

    HOO HA!

  28. shinobikid14


  29. Vladimir Makarov

    they were pretty famous actually

    gin dom

    Vladimir Makarov jajaja seee lpm

    Darkroom Ignite!

    They were pretty internationally known!

  30. Evey Buttons

    how did this band get by with out mass recognition

  31. Ryan Wilson

    You may not own this song however, you got me to dig out my old copy of Highly Evolved and buy Winning Days!

  32. This song >>>

  33. steraybay65

    The Vines and Jet make me wish BadFinger stuck around long enough to move from '70s classic rock to '70s New Wave.

  34. Joe King

    I L'dOL at that. Double period. oh wait that's triple.

  35. shinobikid14

    lol you did it too!

  36. Joe King

    2:27 Whoo haaa

  37. Joe King

    @halofreak4t5 When saying 'Period' Do you have to add an actual '.' Aswell? Seems strange putting two periods.

  38. bkleindel

    good song!

  39. halofreak4t5


  40. mihaela cherciu

    I feel like they have many influences because Craig listens to alooot of music and I feel like all their influences don't drag them down, they make a new Vines sound with them which is really cool. I've never heard a song that sounds this way for example, it's just great.

  41. ramonthe3rd

    @LethalWiener i was fucking thinking it when i read your comment!!! scary!

  42. LethalWiener

    People say there is a lot of Nirvana influence in this band, but nobody has mentioned The Gorillaz. Am I the only one who hears it?

  43. xxCcash79xx

    @omyitsflyky they're still around. they played a show in Sydney in early 2011

  44. Mitch 91

    I'll give it a 10 cause I just went to Crystal Castles and I'm feeling generous towards real music.

  45. jameyinegyptsland

    I LOVE this track and Winning Day's as an album too. I feel critic's gave this album an unfair "ride" at the time of it's release and i want to correct them all now!! SOOO Winning Day's is a mixture of different influence's from many different band's across the spectrum. Obviously Nirvana, Beatle's, Suede and even Crowded house show their colour's on this journey of a psychedelic, crazy, chilled out but joyous ride through rock, punk, grunge and pop itself. So as a critic i will give this, 9/10.