Vines, The - Ride Lyrics

That's the start, the middle, and the end
Aren't you glad the universe pretends
If I don't get this message home
Once again I'm gonna hate alone
Ride with me
Ride with me
Ride with me, Oh
Ride with me
Ride with me
Ride with me unless you

Bored aloud ignore the right to be
Invite me down because we like to see
The colours through your loaded mind
Fuck the world and liberate our time

Ride with me
Ride with me
Ride with me, Oh
Ride with me
Ride with me
Ride with me, Yeah

I'm not waiting a long life
I'm not waiting alone

Ride with me
Ride with me
Ride with me home
Ride with me
Ride with me
Ride with me home

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Vines, The Ride Comments
  1. Dai Art

    JANUARY 2020

  2. Gabriel Lemos

    Still banging

  3. Javier Adriazola

    Se copiaron de El Bordo - la banda, copiones :v.

  4. chumnold

    Blessed Michel Gondry, I wish iconic music videos like this got a 4K restoration or whatever like classic movie does.

  5. Amber Lamanna

    Still listening in 2020 🖤🖤🖤

  6. Tereza Václavíková

    I love the people
    who wrote this song!!!

  7. Big K’eh 1867

    I played Thrillville a decade ago

  8. maru shopedia

    2020 i see now

  9. Green Man


  10. pepe Matilla


  11. cabrina614

    He looks like Liam Mcpoyle from It’s Always Sunny

  12. Eric Evans

    Scarlett and James Spader had a Baby , it would be the Front Man..

  13. Joseph Hc

    Great video and this band reminds me days of college and also music the inspired me to learn to play the guitar! Excuse my English :/

  14. Joey Shabadoo

    Back when you didn't have the cult of the amateur and musicians could actually make a living.

  15. Bulbasssaur


  16. KDISK

    Finally... After years of searching i have found this beautiful music

  17. Ryan Nichole Berk

    I miss this...

  18. Lauron Amiel Toral

    The first rock mob in history

  19. Fuck Morrissey

    Craig is such a babe to this day ... while people who mad for the dudes from the strokes I wanted to bang Craig so badly

  20. A G

    Anyone know the names of some of those bands?

  21. Márcio Cavalcante


  22. Paul Nathan

    Meat comes first.

  23. Jez Tam

    Memories. Oh i miss this kind of music.

  24. ElAdam

    wow, people still hearing this

  25. luis ferrer

    recuerdo de mi infacia siempre me acuerdo cuando la daban de madrugada por mtv ante de irne al colegio la tenia que escuchar
    aora 2019 la escucho de nuevo😎

  26. The Bridge

    It sounds like. I've hadden it, ive hadden it, ive hadden it

  27. jackelracer593

    warren miller AND MY INNER YOUTH brought me here!

  28. ElAdam

    sadly this song was removed from burnout 3: Takedown

  29. chrxnxmn


  30. Jermarcus Robinson

    Anyone remember the TV trailer for Split Second???

    I remember the trailer and the song!!!!!

  31. Vinícius Ribeiro

    That's the one of my favorite music videos , ever !

  32. Jimmy Ramone

    1:35 lefty guitar!

  33. Rinyapam Shatsang

    Nirvana is back

  34. Cesar No

    I've had listen to this song since I was 11 years old and until my 23 years I understand it.

  35. Lara Pescio

    Rock and roll hit....a hymn and it sounds fresh and young!!!! For more rock and roll.....arctic monkeys's influence

  36. Rudie Obias

    Michel Gondry?

  37. TimesNewLogan

    We need Thrillville 3!

  38. ebertrollerx -

    Se lo merece

  39. Limmuel Hardy

    i had no idea that Owen Wilson played the drums for this band.

  40. Cak Redi

    *2:10** is still epic to this day.*

  41. Michael Waves

    Lol oh yeah forgot about this band.

    Cole Smith

    me too bruh

  42. Tiago Melo

    The Vines songs on my channel, get in there.

  43. The Missouri Traveler

    Still riding..where are you?!

  44. Catherine Callahan

    I love this because it's this awesome mix of mid 00s and late 60s. It's great!

  45. Mauhadconh

    Thom York?

  46. Dino nino

    The strokes and the beatles <3

  47. Ivan Storey

    I hate that they sold the rights of this song to every movie and commercial



  49. Matt Vergara666

    the vocalist looks like Ben Bruce(asking Alexandria)

  50. rodrigo c

    This dude got that same retarded face Thomas York from Radiohead, but york obv does it better

  51. Jc Marshall

    Burnout 3 Takedown.

  52. Gyarren

    I've had this song in my head for literally WEEKS but couldn't remember who the artist was! It's been driving me crazy!

  53. Salty Thirsty Porl S.U

    Here because of Flatout 2 from ps2

  54. gjrrs

    16 years without listen this song!!

  55. Jessica Vega

    Go to hell! "HUGGIES"

  56. Leonard Vaivada

    Singer looks like a young James Spader but I don't know which one.

  57. Jason Lopez

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid anyone?

  58. MaulSlasher

    Talk about replay value.

  59. Mr Rowdy

    I was a student when this shit came out here in India & now I'm close to middle-age

  60. Iliyan Yosifov

    They have to be huge communist fans if they have the old USSR flag .

  61. Danielle Vlaar

    I remember this from Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Thrillville Off the Rails 😃
    this reminds me of Blur way too much, that's why the Song rocks.

  62. Soulshit

    this band has cool catchy tunes and that's it, stop with bullshit that this guys are nirvana plus the beatles, it's a total ripp off and that's fine

  63. efa666

    Dee Dee rides to Yoker

  64. Ceceng Kurnia

    Young Kurt cobain...

  65. Rudi Tutta

    The beatles + Nirvana = The vines

  66. Vance Flippin

    what movie from my youth did this song feature in

  67. Hank Clock

    How Aussie, that drummer even looks like Steve Irwin!!

  68. Harry Giles

    lead singer looks like a mix of thom yorke and scarlett johansson in the face lol

  69. Antonio Honey

    Hey Taaake me awaaaay (8)

  70. Andres Jalil

    Cry with me Ohhhh
    Such a sad song

  71. radiotomi tomiradio

    what a bunch of posers!!

  72. ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    *salvia plath???*

  73. Beni Ardiansyah

    Thom yorke+scarlet johnson=nico😂

  74. Tyler Wright

    the old wb song

  75. Fredrick Burks

    This Group Is The Shit ! The Band Rocks is What's I Means . This Group is Funky you got to Dance on this Tune ! The Ride is L.A. Ca. Song .You Can Fine People Partying Down on Skid Row ! This Song Has Black People Appeal. Rock On Vines . We 💘 Love Your Sound Thank You For Rocking With 🇺🇸 Us ! Joronomo Burks ! Kick Ass Band Got Soul !!!!!

  76. WaterFlag

    Don't know why but I believe this song should have been in the rage 2 trailer, it just fits really well

  77. smg


  78. Ayyy doll fiddler!

    Frontman look like he's about to organize a raid on 4chan. Lol

  79. Over Crook-257

    Remoove Vines, we need forves..
    for autaums, grogs,pryers, and invocation from Books and playing..
    with proud to write you

  80. Arthur Lucas

    What fuck I always search this band like strokes and I forget this name fuuuuck

  81. Jason Kennedy

    Quality video.

  82. Joaquin Flores

    this reminds me of Blur way too much, that's why the Song rocks.
    It's great when a music video is as cool as the song.
    Is it me or does he always look high?

  83. Juan Salotto

    2019 this song still rocks!

  84. Brandon Gonzalez

    diary of a wimpy kid movie Vibes 🔥🔥

  85. Summer Cassidy

    this reminds me of Blur way too much, that's why the Song rocks.
    I wanna know what all those bands playing together sounds like lol

  86. weiming lin

    Imagine how loud that room must have been.
    I wanna know what all those bands playing together sounds like lol

  87. Adam Robb

    No he doesn't, look more closely. He looks like Clay Akin right down to the hair color, just different styles. I'd like to see more from this band though regardless pf that fact.

  88. Italo Cafferata

    Oh man, I used to get so excited when this music video came on Much Music! It's just fun to watch.
    the Aspergers rules!!

  89. maru1690

    Luke and Marissa's mom getting caught by Ryan and Seth.

  90. Alyssa Arredondo

    2019 anyone?

  91. Ucu Sutisna

    Aya bendera palu arit....!!


    Esta rola me eleva hasta el cielo!

  93. Miguel Garay

    The drummers part is my favorite

  94. na na

    I searched 6 years for this song, i finally found it
    Craig looks so handsome in this vid
    rock n roll yeah

  95. 갤러거형제는 못말려!

    2:00 Nedved

  96. R.J. Paul

    I really don't mean to offend any Australians but if this band had been American or English they would have been absolutely massive. Not their fault, not Australians' fault, just stupid preconceptions and maybe poor marketing. People compare them to Nirvana but I really think they were better than Nirvana, plenty of power when they wanted it but also the ability to create pure pop, lovely ballads and quite complex but interesting sons worthy of Bowie. Could Cobain have written Autumn Shade? No way. What I do know is that kids (and adults) will still be listening to the Vines for years to come. 💜

    Jean-christophe Le Bachelet

    Unfortunately, the asperger syndrome of craig Nichols doesn't help their career, sad !

  97. no u not me

    Im here for diary of the winpy kid lol.

  98. Moisés Lopes

    Muito bom!!!

  99. Pirate Aleks

    Why is there a Soviet Union flag in the background? I mean I’m not complaining but

    prime time 9000

    They communist