Vines, The - Emerald Ivy Lyrics

Emerald Ivy on my brain
Give me joy, don't bring me pain
Sing another lullaby
Careless as a butterfly

Try do it right
Do it
Try do it right
Try do it right
Do it
Try do it right

Emerald Ivy oh my day
Feeling oh so far away
Sing of love and wonder why
Take us on another ride
Where it's going I don't know
Maybe crystal river flow
If you wanna take with me
Fade into eternity

Try do it right
Do it
Try do it right
Try do it right (come on now)
Do it
Try do it right (come on now)
(Come on now)
(Come on now)

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Vines, The Emerald Ivy Comments
  1. Chameleon Chris

    great song.

  2. Chameleon Chris

    BeaTles feel.

  3. Queens of the Drone Age

    We are a big fan of the new album 'In Miracle Land' and The Vines' previous work. The music you have put out over the years has influenced songwriters, drummers and guitarists all over the world. Your live shows are amazing and we consider you one of the most influential bands of the last 20 years. We were wondering if you would be interested in making a feature film or documentary with our friend who runs Vorfreude Pictures, based In Canberra to do a few interviews and hang out (we can come to Sydney). There is a lot of video material of The Vines live shows (we particularly like your 2011 Splendour In The Grass '1969' as well as Big Day Out 2003 and Channel V shows). ---- This is a mission we feel is important for both Australian culture and beyond; to educate future generations about Aussie rock bands; The Vines being our finest.
    Feel free to drop us a line:
    [email protected]

  4. karla orta

    The vines is love <3

  5. oasiste ottantaquattro

    remember i talk to the wind

  6. Dáithí Ó Pléimeann

    Why bring out an album like this and not promote it????? Craig must be impossible to manage..

  7. Dáithí Ó Pléimeann

    This is more like it... Digging this and Sky Gazer..

  8. Nowhere Man

    Love this tune is something else