Vindata - Getting Away Lyrics

Morning ritual, so cold and physical
A momentary pull, looking at the sky, feeling so lifted
But at the same time, I'm grounded
I heard they got the place surrounded
I heard they got the place surrounded

It feels like I'm getting away with something
It feels like I'm getting away with something
It feels like I'm getting away with something


Something is coming for me
Invisible waves of an energy
Won't let it go too closely
Watch me, watch me, yeah

Won't let it go too closely (watch me)
Won't let it go too closely (watch me)
Won't let it go, don't let it go, don't let it go too closely


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Vindata Getting Away Comments
  1. Jair Lozano Andia


  2. Arthur Morgan

    Underrated so bad!!

  3. Marcello Doraci

    Love this song!!! What a good vibe

  4. Viva la Revolution

    I normally don't talk about or really even like this kind of art. but I've been listening to this song since it came out and thought A LOT about the meaning and it's always held a special place in my heart so that I feel like I give an accurate description. This music video is NOT the stuff I'd typically like and tbh I'd probably make fun of it on any other day. But this music video suits the music SOOOOOOOO perfectly. Almost like the music were created AFTER the video to fit the Art. Rather than the video to fit the music.

  5. KranxMusic

    I'm just getting into vindata and I thank skrillex and his team for releasing this on his label. beautiful music

  6. Yassine Jirari

    Thaank you so much Soundcloud😍😍

  7. Aidan Mclaughlin

    The most underrated song on owsla...

  8. rpants1975

    Its like a modern day break-beat. Love this.

  9. DanTheMan FPV

    idk wut they are doing, like rubbing motor oil on eachother? idk, but this song is beast.

  10. Joshua Twilley

    I live for owsla music videos

  11. Tyler T.

    yo vindata is so under rated

  12. Homero

    Is aameicing

  13. emmanuel rodriguez

    como se llama esta cancion

    christian eduardo gomez cantu

    emmanuel rodriguez getting away

  14. ノブ子

    I love it

  15. Monserrat Lopez.R

    No entiendo por que no es mas popular, si es mas buena que la mayoria.

  16. Constanza Pérez

    Lyrics? :(

  17. Mihaela Pistol


  18. Mihaela Pistol

    CEIAIA NAGRĂ 😱🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🐻🐼🐨🐯🦁🐮🐷🐽🐸🐙🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒🐔🐧🐦🐤🐣🐥🐺🐗🐴🦄🐝🐛🐌🐞🐜🕷🦂🦀🐍🐢🐠🐟🐡🐬🐳🐋🐊🐆🐅🐃🐂🐄🐪🐫🐘🐐🐏🐑🐎🐖🐀🐁🐓🦃🕊🐕🐩🐈🐇🐿🐉🐲🐾

  19. Mihaela Pistol


  20. danielle wiebe

    reminds me of animal collective.

  21. Darker Side Of TA13OO

    what genre is this

    alberto talledo

    future garage

  22. Markinho Garcia

    Ed Sheeran in 1:46 ? hahahahahaha

  23. Alejandro Ramirez

    Wow, I've waited almost a year for a music video of this song :')

  24. Sebastiano Piva


  25. wpfilms

    So good 🎧

  26. tim walls

    where is the id remix from ultra?

  27. G. Bobob

    What a weird video

  28. gentleman


  29. duckcrisps

    Surprised the kona didn't snap

  30. Alex Almendarez

    Me gusta mucho esta cancion, no se porque..

  31. Mylech XI

    All I remember was taking a shit in a dumpster... why are they playing with it now?! No ONE called me... I'm mad :/



  32. Mylech XI

    All hail pussytain the biggest fuck face everr

  33. Robert Ramos

    beat that 21 pilots

  34. el pepino

    what kind of gendre is this song?
    im not really a music expert, but i really like this stuff =)

    Maty Urban

    +Kevin Unbekannt Is Trap, but this one is a kinda more chill than others...You can search this songs as Chill Trap :D

  35. Luis Felipe Gómez García

    someone knows the bpm of this gorgeous piece of heaven fallen art?


    +Luis Felipe Gómez García 140

    Luis Felipe Gómez García

    @BigBob145 thanks man, god bless u, i love u, ur an angel dude hero

  36. Jesse Hall




  37. Carlos RG

    Esta canción me hace recordar millones de cosas!

    Javier Valdes

    Lose una de ellas las cosas que hacía con mi Novia 😞

  38. Gustav Grime


  39. Jorge Mouta

    Hipster Director: "Oh my god, i had this super creative idea, how about we add black paint everywhere?"
    Hipster maggots: "what a great idea", "O M G you such a genius", "noble prize for this sir".

    Fucking hipsters...

  40. Stefannie cabrera

    I can't stop listening every day this one<3

  41. Atelier Akar

    there is enough reason to not skip this adv. good as fuck

  42. andy martinez

    This is art!!!, and for those who do not have that point of view to this video I'll tell you what we are all made of sin, but unlike many (indirectly), we dance with our sins, we love with our sins, we suffer with our sins, we fought with our sins and above all we live with our sins. We took our sins marked on our skin, but we arrived at a perfect point of being able to live with it and in this video sins are represented as black paint. Thanks for reading

    June Amalisa



    +June Amalisa why you say thanks?


    I though the black paint represented Emotions or Feelings? Like when they are kissing the paint is in their mouths? I dont know xD

    andy martinez

    @NavyAlphaGamers Well, yeah, it can work. Sometimes some videos are made to have different meanings at the same time.


    andy martinez Beautiful just beautiful, the things that are related to this Music video and The song are masterpieces in their own way. One of a Kind!

  43. Lena Marise

    im glad this pops in ad

  44. Jhonatan Amarilla

    Good Song 😊👍

  45. Hà Quang Tiến

    I come from vietnames, I would also like music of vietnames is represented an artistic side like this

  46. Алекс Март

    do shit man

  47. C H I L Z Z z z z

    KONA BIKE 661 helmet ,3 I LOVE IT

    Luke Bailey

    +risqi papuq Haha that is me and my gear, do you ride?

    C H I L Z Z z z z

    Cool :o ... yeahh I ride my Dirt jump bike 

  48. K Kim

    glad this is advertised, actually.

  49. Ivo Popov

    Hit the like button for a bigger penis. 100% guaranteed effect!

  50. BillyX Official


  51. DCan

    such a winter song

  52. Berkehan Gökdemir

    just listen to my podcast you won't regret

  53. Ivan Cortes

    hermosa cancion ...te envuelve super, lo malo es que casi no tiene visitas

  54. Oswaldo Nava

    This song is beatiful !! 😍 Vindata

  55. Ridhan Wifa Adli

    Niceee !!! 👍

  56. Fluffy HotTub

    Getting away from school

  57. Danilo Neves

    vocês são tudo do Diabo

  58. Jeffrey Everything

    I like the bulding up and then the drop, good song 👍🏻💁🏼👌🏻

  59. Cristian Martinez Martin

    que chula copón!

  60. Андрейка оО

    а я обычно отработку в овраг выливаю

  61. Stuch523

    el video esta medio relacionado con Crave de Tristam, la tinta y las personas, orgullo y motivación (?

  62. PWT

    Nice Dude!

  63. Timothy Drew Games

    Look how many subs OWSLA has ;)

  64. Weabe

    it'd alright

  65. makeitdon at


  66. makeitdon at


  67. makeitdon at

    ПЕРВЫЙ НАХ!!!!

  68. Nick Games&Tutos

    hu3 caralho

  69. Leonel

    😍 Awesome 😍

  70. Igor Piech

    wow, black paint!

  71. Dubstep King

    i love OWSLA :)

  72. MrSnipah


  73. lÝkcirl

    I love this song

  74. Lucas Dupuy

    A$AP Rocky please

  75. Lucas Dupuy

    Igual se la meto al mosca.

  76. NimbleNavigator

    So they have a fetish for black paint or what ever the fuck that nasty shit was!

  77. VloneGlobalGoat

    Daniel churros

  78. Vivante Mixes

    what a well done video

  79. Jhin

    Ah no mms ahorita estoy cagando ._.

    Ivan Cortes

    genial la cancion ?no

  80. Cristian P.L.U.R

    Skrillex Remix :v

  81. Jhin


    Timothy Drew Games

    +Fabian Rosales Why are you posting random dictionaries xD

  82. Setherz

    Yep... I had a feeling it was going to get weird.

  83. Tom Newman

    cool af video

  84. i Wey!

    Hey pasen a mi canal soy nuevo espero les guste lo que hago saludos!



  85. OneofMany

    This is art, right?


    A E S T H E T I C


    +BlackEmperorGaming No glass barrier. I can't allow this to be called art.

    Ima Penguin

    +Rowdy Thiering obviously



  86. Goku 16

    the beat is so original and beautiful dude

    Diri Papi


    Alpha X


    Danny's Channel

    Of course, it is made by Skrillex)

  87. Beakie Gaming 2nd

    Does anyone speak english? Well this is awkward!

  88. Lune Luneauxz

    vindata <3 <3 <3

  89. Dylan Medrano Telléz

    que rico

  90. ヘルナンデスCarlos

    new video yeah!!!

  91. Alex Bonilla

    No tiiene sentido el video.

  92. Chris Patterson

    Great video.

  93. leom

    those guys have some weird fetishes


    laugh out loud

  94. Adrian Alejandro Figueroa F

    ALT+F4 XD

  95. Cristobal Silias

    Fui El Like Numero 666 Así O Mas Del Diablo La Compañía De Skrillex :v

    Cristobal Silias

    +Anyela Berber Si Ya Lose Solo Es Pa Dar Sarcasmo Like Si Lo Miraste En Doc Tops >:'v

    Anyela Berber

    @Cristobal Silias ok y like cx

    Cristobal Silias

    Jajajaja Si Lo Miraste En Doc Tops? :'v

    Anyela Berber

    @Cristobal Silias see :w:

    Cristobal Silias

    +Anyela Berber Jajajajaja :'v Soy La Leche Adivinando :v