Vince Staples - Sleep Lyrics

Catch me on a trunk night, throwin' up a dirt bike
English dikes on the back and they screamin', "Fuck life!"
To be honest, only fuck twice
My drug jacket got the thug stripes
I'm glad they hate me, they ain't love Christ or Mike Jordan either
Dip my blunts in ether, chase the last name of Aretha
When they hear me through the speakers man these niggas know I mean it
The mannerisms of a genius, models down to seen it
The flow is scenic
The ho is black, the car is European
Cream soda when we put the lean in
Fuck your team, your clique, whatever you bangin'
I come through blunt lit, bucket low, nuts hangin'
Like nigga what? Nigga yawk! Niggas know me
The fuckin' dollar, crossed to the dark side so it's fuck Obi Kenobi
You active, motherfucker then show me
I tell your fuckin' wife to blow me
Nigga, it's still fuck you (Still fuck you)

Yo, still searchin' for Easter pink on Easter Sunday
Black lip pastor Herb done lit the herb and passed it your way
Master with the nouns and verbs, you haven't heard the wordplay?
I'm the most def here, shouts to black Dante
The stakes is high, who'd like to climb on my gate
Live from the last name of Kanye
I heard your whoop de whoop and blase blases
So when I cut you off consider Kendrick Lamar
You know it's all in the family tree
The helix of my DNA should read T-D-E, what can I say?
I left a acid tab for Da$h on his dashboard
I hope he don't crash tryin' to dash for it
Your bitch fuckin' like, like I paid cash for it
Motherfucker, Soul!

[Mac Miller:]
It's Young Fisherman sinkin' in Lake Michigan
Innocence, voice of an angel, so Minnie Riperton
Gettin' lit exquisite bitch, live from the Wimbledon
Still sinnin' as Bill Clinton, that's ill pimpin'
She butt-naked swimmin', I'm payin' her no attention
Workaholic, got a TV show, I know you seen the crib
Nasty since a youngin' it's unsanitary birth
Watch this beat get buried in a hearse, yeah I kill myself
Mac hippy analog, rap midi turn the cameras off
I made you snap, I'll slap your bandana off
Your bitch greet me like I'm Santa Clause
Mouth wide, I'm high as a satellite see
I'm in ancient Greece gettin' head from Aphrodite
Mac is mighty, got a bunch of whities actin' like me
I set the bar high
This a bizarre ride, word to Pharcyde
In plaid pants, hit a hole in one on the par 5
Eyes closed drinkin' whiskey, let the car drive
These hoes thirsty, see the dick and they large-eyed

Never gave a dollar to the pastor
Hoes can't get inside my home without the password
My past worth was measured by those who got less then now
Safe to say you motherfuckers know you like my style
Paved the way for they new found vision
Now they mad at a nigga, call me dad when you preachin' boy
Never one for trippin', find me full-speed sprintin'
While they yellin' coldchain
Please tell me what it is and what it ain't
Niggas sniffelin', catchin' feelings while I'm laughin' to the bank
Chasin' bitches that they'll probably never get, what a shame
Meanwhile I'll be sittin' in this critical acclaim
Walkin' drowsy off a plane, drinkin' water in the rain
With your daughter tryin' to garnish her brain for future reference
I'm some shit you'll never see in the game
And if I could I'd explain, but this right here's the end

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Vince Staples Sleep Comments
  1. Big man Big man

    Schoolboy would’ve ate on this

  2. Michael Scott

    This is one of the dopest beats I’ve ever fucking heard. Larry Fish had the gems. RIP

  3. zx6r79

    Mafucker said "Im live from the last name of Kanye" Songs the shit, makes me wanna do wheelies on a dirtbike

  4. Memelord69

    Damn where tf earl at he would of killed this shit

  5. Cristian Mancillas

    Where was Earl wtf

  6. acerlabtop

    Mac was so talented. Its not fair 😫

  7. Blark

    Mac killed these beats

  8. Julio Quezada

    “I’m glad they hate me they ain’t love Christ” DASH UNDERRATED LIKE FUCK

  9. You are now manually breathing and blinking

    Bruh the way Mac screams before his verse sounds like he’s calling to his higher power or sum shit lol I might just be high asf💀


    Nigga went super saiyan

  10. Miguel Sanchez

    I wanted to say where has this been but dam where have I been

  11. Tylor Cardinal

    Where the 2019 mfs at?

  12. Zachary Robinson

    Where TF is ab-soul tho

  13. Wayne Wilson

    This beat is fucking filthy 🤯 Mac was too nice with it. RIP young legend

  14. Toni Wallace


  15. Liono209

    add me psn anti square 209

  16. Raphir Merien

    Rip fisherman

  17. drpnasty28

    "live from the....last name of kanye" the way he delivered that bar was cold

  18. Top Ten

    Your bitch fucking like I paid cash for it!

  19. Remi DenDrixie

    "Watch this beat get buried in a hearse, yea i killed myself"

    remember, Mac made the beat..... 🤯

  20. quintin price

    Hearing that kms line by Mac kinda fucked me up

  21. Mugshot Shawty

    To be honest
    Only fucked twice

  22. Don Ali

    What a unique foreshadowing

  23. john espino

    Legendary 🔥

  24. drewdonahue123

    That yeah I kill myself line hurts now

  25. The Last King

    "It's young fisherman sinking in Lake Michigan"

  26. Josh Green

    RIP the goat

  27. Anthony Kurosaki

    Fans who didnt bump this comin in now....

  28. austyn diaz

    Legendary always has. Rip

  29. Jam Jabs

    RIP Yung fisherman

  30. Andy Gulyassy

    Rip mac 😭😭😭

  31. mindflux

    RIP Mac...shit's unreal

  32. El 47

    Mac rip

  33. Zachary Manuel

    R.I.P MAC

  34. Jacob Pagel

    RIP Mac ❤

  35. Ravi Silva


  36. Vid's Videos

    RIP Mac Miller


    he faked his death

    oMFg Wonder

    Liono209 gtfoh if you don’t have proof

  37. Kaeton Ellis

    Earl and Danny Brown and thats it 🔥


    Fr if they both were on this it would be the best fuckin track in existence

  38. El 47

    Soul will be a legend

  39. French

    Forgot how hard Mac went on this

  40. sethdressing

    Been living with Patrick under the rock. What is this mix tape?

    Senzokuhle Bhengu

    Lol it's Stolen Youth came out in 2014

  41. Franco Raminponambalom

    Si ou trouve sa lourd mi gayn pu fai rien pou ou

  42. Aftab Zaman

    "I'm the Mos Def here... shouts to Black Dante"- Genius

    Robert Bautista

    Aftab Zaman on another level

  43. OSFreak

    Why is vince staples so slept on this song... his flow made me go nuts

  44. Yung EastsideJuice

    as if you ain't know

  45. M I C My Insane Consciousness

    Checkout these Lyrical warrior underdogs we just tryna blow up out here please like and share follow all that good stuff. Love y'all ❤️

  46. Guilty Simpson

    This the bizarre ride word to PHARCYDE

  47. bEASToUTtHEbOX

    Don't Forget the Dash

  48. Vladimir Klizschko

    Dash was agressive as hell. Love it. Soulo always on point Mac was nice and Vince killed it beat was crazy


    Vladimir Klizschko Mac made the beat 🔥

  49. 94Dza

    these 4 need a comeback, so dope...

  50. Jordans Monkey

    ab has some jokes adlibs
    "helix on my DNA should read TDE"
    - i dunno what to tell you...

  51. Im Tobi͘

    still mad that my nigga earl wasnt on this track

  52. kingofCOMO


    Ryan Smith

    feel u dude so much shit i slept on at the time

    xavier bankston

    Rip Mac

  53. London Magness

    Imagine a music video for this song

  54. John Smith

    obi kenobi, got that star wars reference

  55. I AM SAM

    live from the uh last name of kanye ;)

  56. fuckJuly

    can y'all stop making your little top 4 lists?

  57. Hoodie

    I can't think of the song but Mac had that "bandana santana tied" flow on this


    James Clery yeah I thought he spit that on a song too


    James Clery it's from Claymation off watching movies he spit it with this cadence on at the radio station tho

  58. Twigz

    who is that at 2:00


    Twigz mac miller?

  59. lissvette prado

    "dip my blunts in ether, chase the last name of Aritha

  60. DATA

    Macs verse is way too hard

  61. skankhunt42

    We're the fuck is earl nigga


    7 months later im askin the same thing

  62. oMFg Wonder

    Hogdy if only

  63. felipe gabriel

    the most underrated song

  64. David Alexander

    dash ate this man

  65. MangaSword8

    Soulo going kff goddamb.

  66. Berseruku_bOnzai!

    how tf does this have 140k views? This world is truly retarded...

    Etienne Robinson

    become a promoter and share it worldwide so it gets more views

  67. Guilty Simpson

    Shit is hot

  68. Drewcifer

    Left an acid tab for dash on his dashboard


    i hope he dont crash trying to dash for it

  69. Ally Rose

    Joel Was here J.W.S>A.R.S

  70. Matheus Matraka

    Aporrataséria, seruga essa mininuuuuu

  71. Lyrical Myracle

    damn I fucking love this kinda shit. This group man 🔥🔥 but they missing Bronsolino && Earl

    oMFg Wonder

    I think they were making warlord leather at this time

    Lyrical Myracle

    @Lvov Noguchi I'm cool wit that cuz that shit go hard asffff

  72. mfxray

    been up for 3 years & only 9 dislikes, that's gotta say something

  73. Quantum Systems

    This beat goes so fucking hard. Haven't heard such a good beat since Jay electronica

    Aaron Rainbolt

    mac miller is a beast ass produced

  74. Jayce Neptune

    missing Earl

    burnt out

    Amphibian nah

    Jayce Neptune

    Gold Soul the amount of likes say otherwise.

    Mike Garcia

    Amphibian facts 💯💯💯

    Yagami Light 1992

    Earl and MF DOOM. PERIOD

  75. Omar Rodriguez Alamillo

    real shit

  76. Watson Gono

    this shit knocks

  77. Jawaun Monger

    ab soul had the best verse

    Jawaun Monger

    mac was close too

    El 47

    Jawaun Monger hell can wait

    aa aa

    His last line was good but it was meh for the most part

    Gagi Ugrekhelidze

    Solo or Mac tbh, personally I prefered mac's but its close

  78. Hasuqi

    Gotta change that shit!!

  79. Hasuqi

    The fucking like are all 6's ILLUMINATE CONFIRMED AND THE COMMENTS SAY 69 66 OH MY GOD

  80. sam smith

    "I left an acid tab for Dash on his dashboard I hope he don't crash trying to dash for it"🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jayce Neptune


    Lyrical Myracle

    +Young White Polo "MOTHAFUCKA...AAAAAAHHH"


    Sam Smith I almost went insane when he dropped that line

    Kyon Sparks

    best line


    this came on right as i was reading this

  81. Same Life



    @Same Life lmao.

    Same Life

    lol thot id ask but ik


    been used so i doubt it, but 12th does use copyrighted music alot so it could go either way

    Same Life

    most teams get away with any cr now a days


    true, obey had to take down one of their recent TT for cr recently tho

  82. Kyle Nelson

    Dash Is Fire On Every Track i Hear

    Leethan Carroll

    Except his own


    Roast squad up


    Scar nigga it's Bless


    lessss go

  83. elias fisherman

    Dash is the most underrated rapper in the game


    +elias fisherman forreal!.. 17 more minuets was fire! :V

    Jacob Peters

    I haven't check out his music yet. Only heard of him from earl and this song. He went in on his features on earls shit

    Xandy P

    Jacob Peters check him out he’s one of my favorite rappers if you’re listening to songs like this you gonna fuck with him

    Cristian Mancillas

    He definitely is underrated

  84. preplocc

    Smh. Not cool! Too ill! ....I hope he don't crash tryina dash for it! 

  85. godSteezy AKA LiL Savior

    1. Ab-Soul
    2. Da$H
    3. Mac Miller
    4. Vince Staples
    But they all killed it! Earl should've been on this shit.

    Zachary Hersh

    @Leethan Carroll Pittsburg 

    Andy Alvarado

    +zach hersh Elimination Chamber by Domo Genesis & Alchemist is as close as it gets; ft Bronson, Sweatshirt, Staples.


    +Leethan Carroll Mac produced the whole tape, I think he has the right to be on it lol

    Leethan Carroll

    @Tupac you obviously only read part of what I was saying, I was saying the reason for earl not being on the track wasn't because he wasn't from the ghetto, I used Mac as an example because hes from the pittburgh suburbs

    alex z

    +Leethan Carroll Mac went to the same high school as Wiz Khalifa, its not exactly the suburbs but it aint exactly the hood

  86. tawanda kambeu

    wouldnt mind hearing earl sweatshirt on this beat

  87. Corey Doucette

    Damn, Mac killed that shit.

  88. Holy Aura

    Goddamn bro this track is fire the instrumental is so dark and grimy. Mac miller fucking went off so did Vince staples. Ab-soul also came in with that wordplay. The only nigga right now better than Noveliss in wordplay soulo is the best wordsmith in the game

    Patrick Whelan

    Eve heard of Joey Bada$$?

    Holy Aura

    @Patrick Whelan yes I know of joseph badmon who doesn't nigga is raw af

  89. Dpnsyoo

    need the instrumental!!

  90. dondon j.

    Your bitch greet me like I'm santa claus..

  91. Solid Ocelot

    I feel like they all kill this, very underrated track

  92. YLTCO

    Imagine steez on this, the beat is just destructive 🔥

    El 47

    YLTCO don't say that bro smh RiP SteelO


    Corny af

  93. Bokeem Blankenship

    Anyone wanna become good at wordplay listen to Ab Soul

  94. Jordan Rhodes

    I forgot Ab was part of TDE. He feels like a different breed lol.

    Timoteo Ramirez

    Jordan Rhodes he’s like the outkast from the group

    Gonzalo Rodriguez III

    He's the black sheep running with a pack of wolves


    He the needle in the haystack

  95. Gyle McGurn

    Damn. I slept on this tape big time.