Vince Staples - Prima Donna Lyrics

[Vince Staples:]
Kick cack ce cool, watch a nigga get it
I be all around the city with the semi naughty crippin'
All the homies say I'm different, police say I raise suspicion
Buy a million dollar home and blow my dome to paint the kitchen
Bitches like, "Is that Venetian?"
Niggas salty when they meet him
Cause they never finna beat him
And they'll never get a feature
I'm a star, tell Billy I'm a bill him for the sneakers
You conversin' with a nigga, better be about the green
I've been broke, I ain't goin' back
Rather go to Calipat, or murdered while I'm shootin' back
Call me King Latifah
If we talkin' bout your bitch and she a keeper
Better keep her in the house
Watch your mouth
Don't be screamin' from the bleachers, nigga

Is it real?
Is it? Is it real?
Is it real?
Real, real
Is it? Is it real?
Is it real, real? Is it it real?
Real, real, real
Real, real, real
Real, real, real
Real killer shit, real nigga shit, real militant
Once you get addicted to it
Is it real?

I just wanna be DaVinci baby
Why they wanna kill me baby?
Feelin' like a pop star, music drive a nigga crazy
Think I'm finna pull a Wavves on the Primavera stage
On some prima donna shit, finna throw it all away
I don't need no accolades, boy I'm here to act a fool
Ask about me, had the shotty, robbin' niggas at the school
Me and Pac Slimm, we been shootin' since the Vans song
Pullin' any trigger that a nigga got his hands on
Lookin' at my vida, all this money, all these visas
All these mothafuckin' mini mes I know they wanna be him
Either with it or against it nigga, ain't no in-betweenin'
If you say you wanna kill the man then dump it when you see him pussy

Is it real?
Is it? Is it real?
Is it real?
Real, real
Is it? Is it real?
Is it real, real? Is it it real?
Real, real, real
Real, real, real
Real, real, real
Real killer shit, real nigga shit, real militant
Once you get addicted to it
Is it real?

[A$AP Rocky:]
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it
Once you get addicted to it

Little sunshine
Fed up with the gun violence
Fed up with the old rules
Fed up with the youth dyin'
I just wanna live forever
I just wanna live forever
I just wanna live forever
I just wanna live forever
Fed up with the songs singin'
Fed up with the gang bangin'
Fed up with the same things
Fed up with my life changin'
I just wanna show you better
I just wanna show you better
I just wanna show you better
I just wanna show you better

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Vince Staples Prima Donna Comments
  1. Anthony Hernandez

    popping tabs and watching this goes crazy


    #dope #yaheardme💰💰💰

  3. Lounged Up

    The day i have kids and can take them to see a movie produced by Vince Staples or Tyler the Creator... Just putting it in the internet universe swamp shit

  4. croncky chetto

    This one video is better than the Vince Staples show.

    I just wish he would make more stuff like this again.

  5. La'Chris Brown

    Where there's witchcraft there's sex.

  6. La'Chris Brown

    Pornography and hypnosis is compatible. If you renounce masturbation you can get rid of succubus or incubus spirits.

  7. La'Chris Brown

    I renounce masturbation.

  8. Meek Robinson


  9. Nic-D

    I never noticed how chearing adoring fans seam like scores of souls trapped in Hell screaming

  10. Parker Chase

    what are the african dancers supposed to represent? just like the cab driver are they some devilish manifestation?
    also when staples is like “i don’t have no bags” then the attendant has a bunch of bags is that supposed to be like the mental baggage staples carries with him that he wasn’t even aware of until he made it to this point in his career?

  11. Parker Chase

    i have never seen this. it’s been growing on me over the years but this actually makes me appreciate the prima donna ep way more than i did initially. i feel like this’ll be looked back on as a criminally underrated ep. what’s everyone’s fav song from the record?

  12. J Skyler

    These 10 minutes are a trip and I hope Vince can recover... Hes fallen off now.
    Rap is a 10 year game. You can make it last 10 years or 2, its your choice.

  13. T. Smith

    The most unique rapper in the game. 💯

  14. Googlee Dood

    I'm TOO damn high for this, boy I tellya

  15. Brin

    He on some mean ass edibles

  16. Jacob Engh

    He definitely does lsd he been chillin with asap

  17. Bryce J

    Remind me of the Big Head cheat on gta 😂

  18. Connor Nelson

    We’ve all had those days

  19. Adam Szasz

    The taxi driver is the exact opposite of a “magical negro”

  20. Matthews Santos

    Gaycation nPs

  21. Our fathers Grace

    This is the difference between heaven and hell he went down to the elevator that leads you to a Good career with the devil if you choose thats what you want. And the wilderness was Gods way of his path of life and he choose the devils way for fame and money. He had to kill all ties with God to get the money from the devil. This prima dona is the hotel all celebrities/entertainers go to when its time for them to make choice on who side their gonna be sacrifice or obidence. And their where fand in there with him because they idolized him so they went to hell with him. GOD is Real and Jesus only deserves to be Idolized any1 else is 1 of satans minions. Don't go down to the Lake of fire with them reach out to God and your Holy Spirit stay blessed and wake up. Repent and pray love and be constant with reading your bible


    Thank you for this post!

  22. 4th Quarter

    OK I dont fault you cuz not at all.

  23. Larry Tunes

    Genius love the vision and the content of your music

  24. The Great

    Lost AF!

  25. BOO X HISS


  26. batmeme

    dude every track on this ep slaps

  27. Alivia Kunzite


  28. Brauny Veloz

    This is better than a lot of Netflix series (・o・)

  29. Sade’ C.

    I still can't believe this is from 2016 I almost forgot

    Sedd B.

    Honestly 😩 I'm here after the trailer for his new show that I'm tuned in for 💯

  30. michael Antwi

    Any time people are signed to def jam it seems lile it covers the fame or sthing

  31. Jazz Peters

    A New Vibe If Anyone Feels Curious

  32. Max Browning

    R.I.P Etika. No bitch niggas.

  33. Red Ericson

    Keep it chill my nigga, don't lose your head, try not to take someone else's head off... Ya feel me.

  34. xotilweoverdose69

    This whole video gave me chills

  35. pipuana

    I bet, the chik in the elevator got a hung like a donkey

  36. Jomama014

    Hotel California, Vince Staples gets it.

  37. jff

    i can't believe this doesn't have 50M views

  38. Cesar Villarreal

    Selling your soul for fame. Fallow the yellow brick road.

  39. Peach Ocean

    Vince has great taste. See how sharp he is. Fashion icon.

  40. Ricky Mccaslin

    wanted a song got a movie

  41. Pheello Au Revoir

    Earl Sweatsirt did this also putting together his music in one video

  42. Luke Clay

    this is still beautiful

  43. Bango Kelly

    That was Harvey Weinstein... nobody's talking bout it...

  44. Joseph Fellis

    Beautiful film

  45. Jayshon Hubbard

    We need to protect this man

  46. Viper Feronzie

    He skipped the whole line.

  47. Ben Strachan

    That track in the elevator! Where can I find that

  48. omar ellington

    At 1:23 I wish there was a full version to that. I got that part on repeat!!

  49. Travis Turner

    As soon as I saw Jimi Hendrix and Tu-Pac I knew you was dead, I love that you brought Andre in tho.

  50. Travis Turner

    I’ve always loved the vibe you give in your videos. This has always been my favorite

  51. Jazmin Contreras

    why has nobody talked about Rocky being featured in this 😔

    Da Bossman

    Jazmin Contreras Cos this isn’t the video for that song

  52. Kayzs Smith

    so this is his hell interesting

  53. Kendra'sSponge ASMR

    All these great references

  54. Madd Genome

    This dude looks like he is related to beetle juice

  55. wellofinfinity

    They got him

  56. ConMan

    Anybody know the song playing in the taxi ?


    At like 1:22 before Smile starts playing

    Fractured Skull

    @ConMan oh its "big time"

    Fractured Skull

    @ConMan if you mean like that weird song with no lyrics that was playing before the window got rolled down. I don't know man.

  57. Dante Deel

    amazing. message very well understood. the whole thing goes really deep more than most people can comprehend

  58. Alex Moore

    2019 **** anyone notice the hotel is that of stanley Kubrick's the shining.
    The symbolism is massive and those who do not understand are still asleep. Awake from youre alpha wave slumber.

  59. farmermoe

    So that's what The Shining looks like in California.

  60. Jalen J.

    Love the Shining reference.

  61. Tonii Fasenntao

    Vince your dope

  62. drew f

    Tupac and Jimi Hendrix. Vince staples is wherever he thinks death leads him or purgatory for that matter.

  63. mariah haley

    The paintings on the wall in the hotel... does anyone know the significance?

  64. JECKL606

    I’m trying to figure out exactly what the tribal people symbolize but my guess is either they’re trying to warn him or they’re trying to destroy him. The dancing around the fire to me represents the people embracing the fire or practices that lead them to hell. Or it’s showing our ancestors who have already fallen attempting to warn vince. Same with the man in the parking lot holding the torch. He’s either letting Vince know he’s walking into a trap or delivering him to satan at the gates, kinda like how black ancestors sold their own people into slavery. In the end his struggle with his sanity and his life is all just for the entertainment of others, as shown in the audience of people applauding his death. The rich, the opposition, satan, how ever you wanna look at it.)

  65. Yung Esco

    Prima Donna In spanish is (cousin Donna)

  66. Thotimus Prime

    American horror story: hotel (2015)

  67. lIIlILucNmylIlIIl

    It was the water that got vince trippin

  68. Muimui Kambinda

    Still going hard in 2018🔥🔥🔥

  69. david solt

    I come back to this video every few months just for the ending

  70. david solt

    Every time you watch the video it has more layers

  71. djef ardeur

    trapped in the matrix of fame!!!

  72. i aint no scrub 05

    Beautiful piece of art

  73. Hash Slinging Splasher

    Prima Donna and TA1300 great pieces of art!

    Da Bossman

    Hash Slinging Splasher Tru Dat

  74. Jason Gordon

    Vince Staples some times remind me as a girl

  75. TeresitoR

    Wasn't that Esteban from suite life?

  76. chriswalker

    Jesus dude, this is a masterpiece. Innovative as hell. Like I'm disappointed by the amount of views, this shit has me hungry. To the top

  77. i i

    he went full on adebisi with the tribe visuals

  78. Jaison Hairston

    9 mins of fire

  79. Kevin Buker

    Vince is that dude foreal love his style

  80. Ekin Deniz Kaya

    5:57 how tf is that allowed?

  81. The Illuminati

    You see the hotel he goes in? Thats Hotel California. The song. Its literally about the dark secrets in Hollywood.

  82. Jonathan Sawaryn

    Kurt cobaine, Jimi Hendrix.Tu-Pac, The Devil

  83. Erik Finkel

    This is some Snake and the Rainbow Jacobs Ladder trippy good shit

  84. Space

    lost roots?

  85. Cyrus

    Mom this isnt the song i wanted for my birthday party

  86. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

    Ppl like he sold his soul lol dude talks about not really caring if his album sells well, as long as he tours and make his. Plus he's not no baller diamond gold jewlery etc. cars and mansions. Rappers who aspire to get those things are the ones you have to worry about.

  87. John

    The red pattern on the inside of the elevator is the same as the carpet of the hotel from The Shining.

  88. Edwin Larapaz

    OutKast in 1 body

  89. Rich Russet

    anyone know who that is supposed to be at 5:56

  90. Rich Russet

    this shit is so creative - i love it.

  91. A Bnasty Film

    one of my favorite videos

  92. JayyBeats

    He sold his soul.

  93. Conciliator

    however you feel about the video, no one can say Vince Staples doesn't have shit to say and art to make

  94. AidBeach 23

    Vince Staples version of American Horror Story Hotel. I Love It.

  95. chin infinite

    The beginning lol

  96. Cristian De La Maza

    Legend says it that the people are still waiting for staples to come out

  97. dvzimm3