Vince Staples - Outro Lyrics

I'm here to tell the world I'm from Ramona park
Diving in the deep water like I know the sharks
Climbing in the king daughter I deserved the crown
They weren't fucking with ya boy, but they heard me now
Me and white boy Mac came to take them back
Way back, back when people used to learn from rap
I'm here to show you motherfuckers what I learn from Pac, Slim
Couple rounds in the clip down for burning that
Beats i murder that, beef i murder that
Heard the shooter yell NNer before he heard the mac
And even if that nigga didn't
Bet he know it's them
Black with a little bit of brown like a doberman
That 1911 hold 11
Go and call the 9-11
He just send his soul to heaven
Bitches say the shows is heaven sitting in the front row
Turned a couple Poly High games to the gun show
Turned a couple Wilson High gangs to the track meet
You be in to rap beef cause you ain't never have beef
Joey thats my brother so I'm part of all of Fatts beef
And you know my strap
Keep talking thats my black bitch

2-2-3 make a fat nigga black flip
One 16 wipe niggas off the map quick
Never had to show a lot of effort with the rap shit
Going for the kill cause I never really had shit
Same old stereo type, got the stereo hype
Hope when I die that I'm buried like Mike
Guys on that prize that ain't even my sight
If you want that fire then he leaving tonight to show
Two claps when I see my yaNNcs
Two straps been moved that across the interstate
Arizona homies call me Flagstaff shortie
Chrome Kel Tec nine and a big black 40
We be shooting up the parties like we got no sense
Ride around city trippin, we ain't got no tints
Hood been my home, I ain't got no rent
We be chillin' on the pop like we livin' on the pop
Never slipping, not trying to see the prison like my pops
Never giving you a pass if I consider you a Op
Don't consider you a threat if you ain't sending niggas shots
Got some killas with me down to put a nigga in the dirt
Light the candles on the curb, send a message to the cops
Snitch niggas in the feds sending letters to the cops
So I never trust a soul, when they ask I'm never speaking
My Baretta Scott King strong and black and she could be
Team trying to gangrene like that old Max B
Old French Montana, macaroni with the cheese
Young Joe Montana throwing bullets through your defense
They need Vince, you should put him on your team
If I die on these streets then consider me a martyr
Enemies ghost 5 deep in the charger
Down to shoot though cause I got that jumper
Been on that block this my 19th summer
Momma playing Stevie Wonder in the kitchen while she cooking
Pigs knocking at the door to take my dad to central booking
Reading books up in my room cause she won't let me go and play
Scared her youngest son will run around and go pick up a K

Fuck that shit you represent I'm here to get these presidents
Wouldn't be the only king to come up where the peasants live
Pray to god I never do the shit that both my parents did
History repeats itself, it's up to me to change it
Watch me burn the book of life and write the pages in my favor
On some King James shit
Call me Mr. on some Rosewood Ving Rhames shit
Keep a pistol in the Gap fleece
We aim quick, leave a nigga on the backstreets
Same old shit, you heard Stuck In My Ways
No the show don't stop, I could do it for days
If you disrespect my family we all gon' fight
Swinging like T Woods, trying to earn my stripes
Yeah that uppercut will fuck him up so say goodnight

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Vince Staples Outro Comments
  1. Ronnie Epting

    This sound like an intro tbh

  2. michael wawryk

    The Bible quotes are ridiculous

  3. Hydrogen

    His best song outside his masterpiece of Summertime 06.

  4. Kingofchamps

    my favorite spng from him and rip mac✊🏾

  5. Scott Weiland

    Chillin' on the pipe like we livin' off the pot.

  6. Bob Accosted

    This is literally how you surf a beat

    Dollar Getter

    I picture a vince staples shark looking for fish to eat

  7. Aaron.

    2019 anyone ???? This song is so underrated

  8. Nuh 1997

    223 make a fat nigga do a back flip

  9. ***********


  10. 雌犬 LANAY XO


  11. El 47

    Ab-Soul would've sounded dope here with his anunaki flow lol

  12. Edge 99

    Yo I remember trippin hard asf on acid with the homie and it was our first time lol

  13. Roni Thaker

    This is the best thing I heard in a long time...Damn killed it Berretta Scott king what

  14. Aaron.


  15. KennysFit

    Still a straight BANGER

  16. TKRDRJ


  17. TKRDRJ

    Best track on the album by far

  18. ***********

    Hello : )

  19. ketsukozapdos

    Forgot Mac Produced this

  20. solo santiago

    Rest in peace Mac

  21. Big O

    R.I.P Larry Fish

  22. Chill Bro

    Shit fire

  23. Elijuhh KCM

    Rest in paradise larry fishscale

  24. quiet man


  25. Vuelo Corp.


  26. Clarence Thermal

    R.i.p Mac miller aka Larry fisherman thank you for all the memories you will be missed!

  27. geezer

    Rest in power Mac :/. Forever the goat

    Dollar Getter

    His producer died?

  28. Tom Papaioannou

    Rest easy Mac

  29. grimuru


  30. Tsew Keelem

    Rip MAC

  31. enterthevoid

    RIP Larry b this is truly a masterpiece

  32. dominic

    this shit make u wanna crip walk in front of a police station

  33. Neal Padman



    Damn dis hard

  35. Benji Pesci

    Dummy underrated. Whole album shoulda been blown up

  36. Hitta

    This nigga clapped at the different Bible versions 😂😂 what a god


    "You be into rap beefs cuz you ain't never had beef" Real Spit Vince. These cats be living vicariously through their favorite rap artist, cuz their life ain't all that interesting! You know who you are? This song is still my shit....

  38. ZAYWOP

    Looking for the instrumental

  39. Feo 9acino

    This Nigga Literally Snapped

  40. eeericaa



    young joe montana throwin bullets thru your defense. that shit is hard

  42. Alex Swedock

    songs nuts

  43. Shawn Clark

    "You be into rap beef because you ain't never had beef."


  44. Shawn Clark

    I would sincerely nominate Vince's verse as the GOAT of this new generation...I mean the flow, the alliteration, the flow, the rhyme scheme, and the physical honest. It doesn't make much sense how he isn't mentioned with Kendrick.

    Jakub Gancarz

    cause he debuted at #16 on billboard. he is almost on par with kendrick rapping wise though

  45. vaporwave

    Yeah Vince we here 4 you regardless of radio play

  46. haider

    str8 bars!

  47. Johnny Twidds

    Holy fuck, if you have an Xbox 360 go turn it on while you listen to this song, 99% sure Mac sampled the sound. This just blew my mind haha

  48. bot 10

    get this on spotify smh

  49. Dillon A

    So good

  50. PsyintZ

    His rhyme scheme is fuckin' epic on this track.

  51. R Dawn

    Hi Alex lol

  52. Kodist

    wheres the instrumental at tho

  53. killer

    Underrated song

  54. Zelgaro

    i miss this era of Mac Miller (2013-2014)

    released Watching Movies and Faces, plus a bunch of shit with Vince, Earl, Q, Soul. I get why he had to move on but this shit was way better than what hes doing now


    Dab Savage you said it.


    Yes people ignore me when I say this was the best era of Mac but it was and during this time he bridge the gap between indie and mainstream rap and beatmaking.


    I disagree....tho that era was great af i think mac's shit was just different. No such thing as better. Just different

    hiiipower iii

    That's when he was heavy on dem drugs. I mean to say his music was still good after but 2013 - 2014, his music was more ill & I like those mean raps

  55. Matt Jason

    If Vince staples isn't in your top 10 you're most definitely wack

  56. Rasean Smith

    My Beretta Scott King Strong & Black As She Kan Be

  57. NidociV

    does this dude breathe lol


    NidociV no he has gills

  58. noah aquino

    love this song and it is slept on

  59. Dax Browne

    Swear if you from long beach this song hits home. Especially growing up hearing bout the shootings at football games.

  60. Julian T

    lmfaaooo turn on captions it makes no sense

  61. Nick Pearson

    one of the best rap songs

  62. Daniel Kelly

    me and white boi mac came to take em back

    max lindstrom

    way back, back when people used to learn from rap

    Jamin Forlong

    rip mac


    Im bout to show you motherfuckers what i learned from pax

  63. Lucas Buendia

    Swingin like t-woods so I can earn my strips... Damn

  64. John Tyler

    vince really came along way I remember listening to this on repeat😭 its so inspiring I hope I make it in music

    Hxllz Cxrtxz

    John Tyler there is no make it my nigga just enjoy what you do

  65. drakethesnakke


  66. Whole lotta juice

    If Vince wanted to he could the best rapper out right now. That nigga really be snapping he gave this beat zero breaks like he beat that shit up.

    Whole lotta juice

    +Babylonthegreat no buddy

    Whole lotta juice

    +Babylonthegreat he says it himself that until '06 he didn't give a fuck nor did he really try

    Whole lotta juice

    +Babylonthegreat so you're saying off one album he's the best out rn? I mean don't get me wrong he's up there for new school

  67. Whole lotta juice

    My favorite song by Vince is an outro

  68. free

    he needs to come back to twitter, I miss him lmao

  69. Blackbrainz Ontario

    "That 1911 hold 11..." too good! Vince best in the game atm

  70. young Vegeta

    this nigga spit fire on this track. undoubtedly a classic

  71. Tudors101



    Daniel Mendoza

    *Larry Fisherman


    Tudors101 all I do is rhyme

  72. sithaphong

    More bars than the Hershey factory

    young Vegeta

    Damn i never that one b4. W

    Jayce Neptune

    +Baby Vegeta fr

  73. Jayce Neptune

    "Divin' in the deep water like I know the sharks". The man is savage.

  74. faderunner

    "My Baretta Scott King strong & black as she can be".... LMFAOOOOOO!!!!

    Keenan R

    fuckin snapped

    Newest Trap Leaks

    what does it mean?!


    Baretta = a brand of gun

    Coretta Scott King = Dr. Martin Luther King's wife

    Baretta Scott King = his handgun is as strong and black as she can be

    William Brown

    That means Vince is Martin Ruger King, Jr.

  75. MellowHype

    "Same old stereotype got stereo hype"


    Newest Trap Leaks

    what does that mean?! please tell me

    Elvis G

    The same stereotypical trash hip hop songs are getting played on the radio (Young Thug, Lil Yachty, etc)

    Newest Trap Leaks

    @Elvis G OOOOH that really is some barz

    dandagod official

    Elvis G wtf they are the must creative artist rn, niggas just hate on the lil b side of rap all they life

  76. 22 DELFUEGO

    you be in to rap beef cause you ain't never had beef

    William Brown

    Well, I got a hamburger so I guess Vince and I are both eating beef.

  77. Seimenon777

    Im here to tell the world im from OSB. Divin' in the deep water like i know the sea.

  78. Seth Depp

    so fucking underrated

  79. Afghan Lion

    "white boy mac" haha.

  80. James Forgione

    Where can I find this instrumental?


    Ask Mac Miller I guess

    Daniel Mendoza

    *Larry Fisherman


    he is mac miller dude

  81. a young man

    Damn does Vince ever breathe when he raps?!?

    William Brown

    Vince Gills? On that note Staples should try country rap.

    fearchar goat

    It's those big ass nostrils that keeps him going.

    Unknown 447


    Benji Pesci

    Bruh its a struggle to rap along lol


    Yah but its subtle af if u listen close

  82. Fro White

    Turned a couple poly high games to the gun show

    Whole lotta juice

    He was really in that shit bro

  83. coriontatereed

    "Watch me burn the book of life and rewrite the pages in my favor, on some king James shit..."JEEEEESUS!!! Vince is a fucking savage

  84. Chris Gibson

    this whole CD was his best work in my opinion.


    hell no. Shyne Coldchain 2

    Milo Delgado

    Faces goes first.



    hiiipower iii

    Vince & Mac was always a great combination

  85. Maya

    Loooooooove !!!

  86. Aaron Williams

    this beat is fucking disgusting💥💥💥 and Vince won't stop mutilating it

    Chris Haugan

    +Aaron Williams never knew Mac was made so good beats before i listened to this mix tape

    Aaron Williams

    +Chris Jones !

    Rob Weirdo

    +Chris Jones which is why we need a song with this Vince and earl on a beat produced by Mac. Cuz that would be amazing

  87. Marquis Rivera

    1:14 best part

  88. Danny Lopez

    Vince Staples! 🙌🔥

  89. hollywoodgirls


  90. Jabari Walton

    coldest outro yo n one of my top rappers

  91. pulsd

    despize anyone (;?

  92. metalahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Damn, bwtween this, Hell Can Wait and Summertime 06 I cant decide which is best Ive never listened to this all the way thru this is amazing

    Mark Hinkel

    Both the shyne coldchain tapes are great too, and winter in Prague

  93. young Vegeta

    Vince got bars like a android son.
    word to the Androids.

  94. Gabe Gilmour

    i guess i'm not the only one that likes this cut...vince kills this shit..

  95. Sem Nome

    fuck everything since shyne coldchain 2

    Whole lotta juice

    You crazy summertime 06 was cold coldchain 2 was kinda trash