Vince Staples - Loca Lyrics

Baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby

Know your sick of all the same old thangs
Same club wit' the same champagne
Backwoods, tryin' to burn your brain
Wit' a broke-ass nigga in the CarMax Range
You ain't nothin' but a vibrant thang
Ass too thick for your 5' 10" frame
Want to spend all night in your nine lives?
Get to purrin' when that liquor get to burnin'
Get it crackin', why you actin' like a virgin?
Where it come from, mama or the surgeon?
You paid for it, did you pray for it? Get twerkin'
And a nigga gotta sit and wait for it, is it worth it?
Why I ask when I already know?
Don't mind me, mind already gone
Nigga better not keep callin' ya phone
Have my dogs in the yard at his home

Baby, baby, baby, baby
You know you drive me crazy
You know you drive me crazy
You know you drive me crazy
You know you drive me crazy

Girl, you lookin' like somethin' out of King
Magazine, fifteen in the magazine
Hope a nigga don't run up tweakin'
I'm tryna to have a good time this evening
91 Freeway, eastbound, speedin'
Late night but the face right, I need it
Mando, I'm the man though, you see it
Niggas wanna kill me, so I gotta keep it
I ain't really into clubs, into nightlife
Only kick it wit' the thugs, I ain't never did a drug
Weed blowin' what I does, need your mind right
They won't ever catch a nigga at the stoplight
What your life like?
Would you ride for a nigga, die for a nigga?
Court room lie for a nigga?
Switch up to set up a snitch on a nigga?
Maybe, still gon' drive me crazy

Baby, baby, baby, baby
You know you drive me crazy
You know you drive me crazy
You know you drive me crazy
You know you drive me crazy

Siempre quiere estar en la calle gusta con amigos como pendejo nunca quieres estar en la casa
Tienes cosas hacer en la casa también
Siempre quiere estar con mío en nunca quiere estar conmigo what the fuck
Yo no sé que pasa hacer, but you need to get your shit together
Because a mi no me vas a tratar como ninguna otra pendeja estupido

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Vince Staples Loca Comments
  1. duggie25

    I just want a bitch to yell at me like that at the end 😍

  2. Kurts Kurmis

    Thanks 🙏

  3. Brian Melendez

    This song is one of the most gangsta songs on the album. And I'm not even talking about just the lyrics, like this song sounds like a house party with hella 40's and blunts going crazy

  4. willtynellyworth

    Damn it's like I discovered a vibe for the first time!

  5. Condemnedya

    all about the Mesicans V. S. = King

  6. Ann

    sexy back vibes

  7. Yoku__

    ESCUCHANDOTE desde México pinche vato loco

  8. Alerog745


  9. Nate Boi

    Anyone here from nba live 16

  10. markallenwils


  11. Treetops97

    Dat mid 00s Pharrell vibe

  12. Nathan Howard

    same Spanish chick from the oddfuture albums

    Nancy Nebula

    Kilo kish

  13. Da Bossman

    These sound SO much better with good headphones


    I guess Loco is a continuation of this


    Is that Kilo Kish?


    Always Kilo Kish with em sweet whispers <3

  16. Jayswervooo

    who here cause of nba live 16

  17. Tyler G

    most slept on song

  18. Neurotic Sos

    He has a song called loco, and one called loca

  19. ONDI63

    Who's the girl at the end?


    It sounds like reverie lol

  20. vtricko

    2k at its worst is still better then live and that's sad😭

  21. Elijah Whitaker

    Kilo Kish is the shit

  22. Kevin Sainz

    I just received an earl sweatshirt sweatshirt for my birthday. Now i would like a vince staples stapler. Praise the sun.

    Ben Smith

    Praise the sun! 🌞

    Sascha Fuchs

    thx for the good laugh solaire of astora ;D

    clear energy

    Solaire Of Astora I would like some lil Wayne rain, a soul from ab-soul, a mac by Mac Miller and I'll be set


    Of Happy New Year of 2020 ✨. Praise The Sun ☀️.

  23. jenessa c

    this is such a solid jam

    Adam Drury

    damn u bitches got snapchat ?

    MarkM HD

    +A Drury thirsty nigga

    Adam Drury

    earl sweatshirt is your profile picture

  24. Captain Goku

    Dumbasses be like " Vince staples and Matty B Collab would be so lit"


    +Marcus Mariota no one has ever said that and that joke is horrible.

  25. Rudy Treize


  26. Joe achkar

    the transition is amazing between the verses and the hook

  27. mantra

    so many songs on this album put me in the mindset of YEEZUS.. but better

  28. kucker karlson

    sounds like sum orgy music

    alexander russo

    +Juan Carrion *your

    kucker karlson

    +alexander russo 😂😂😂

    Juan Carrion

    +Logan Jewkes that was a test and you passed 😂

    kucker karlson

    @Juan Carrion sureeee ittttt wassssss

    Jaivon Ballard

    Lmfaoo you hella wild 😂😂😂😂

  29. Jahquan Whithfield

    Yo your song is slamming

  30. BigA3guy

    why are yall playing nba live though...

    Zach Roth

    2k is a lot better


    Soundtrack is always on a1

    Jakob Meisner

    +Zach Roth have you tried nba live

    BOOM! idc Tv

    NBA live is wack lol but the demo free and the menu on 15 is sick

  31. Thoughtful

    he has a east coast flava with westcoast lingo and earlie 00's vibe Dope

  32. oasisbeyond

    No video yet one of the best songs

  33. Uderoles

    no se si soy la única persona en España que te escucha...


    @Jhon Henry Saludos Jhon

    G C

    Saludos desde el condado de Los Ángeles, donde vive Vince Staples 😀

    Alberto Lavín

    Saludos españolesss, west coast rula ahora no como en los 90

    lamparilla drom

    My país is never over lift my up

  34. Jose Gonzales

    This song is just fun to listen to

  35. LLG

    Wish this song was longer or at least one more verse because this is the best song on the whole album.

  36. Ally N

    really wish he performed this at camp flog gnaw

  37. Elijah Rose

    Kurt Cobain flow

  38. TMPxFranchise2112x

    I wish y'all coulda seen my face at 2:14 looool

  39. Stay Woke

    nba live 16

  40. SRBAlex

    NBA LIVE 16 soundtrack 🔥🔥🔥


    SRBAlex yes man

  41. Richard Bothington-Ashby

    such a good peice

  42. 5FaLlEn5

    That verse "broke in the Carmax Range" talk about real.

  43. Amari Lee

    I'm tryna eat jhene aiko booty


    get in line dude

    Amari Lee

    @iTWasntMyFalt 😂😂😋😋😋 lol

    long boi

    like groceries

    Noface_ Rshard

    I bet it taste like cinnamon