Vince Staples - Guns & Roses Lyrics

Guns and roses, another young boy lost, another fallen soldier
Younger brother tears falling on his mother shoulder
She got some tears of her own, wished she had loved him stronger.
13 but he grown, you see the gun he holding
That was made for a man, the rush he get when he load it
Is one you won’t understand, unless you hold it and blow it
Granny moved from New Orleans searching for better life
Her troubled cardiac is all she got
Eating at McDonald’s by the laundomat
Daughter was 17, she just want to know where the party at
Met somebody that night, fucked him, he never called her back
Now her oldest bastard son sitting in that casket young

Guns and roses, another young girl lost, you see her heart was broken
She used to love so strong, until she got done wrong
Ain’t wanna feel no guilt, she blamed it all on home
But still it felt so real, and since she lied so well
Her parents never could tell where she was really at
Now is it really love, or is it just another lie to fuck inside his mama truck
Raw like the emotions of her crying that night
Her pillow soaked, she missed the hope she had as a kid
But he doing all the things that her dad never did
He’ll be the dad of the kid if she had it, but still he'd rather not
Steal her mother's car, hit the bar just to grab a shot
From the guns and roses
Living young and hopeless

Guns and roses, I had it all in my home but mother never noticed
The neighborhood where I roamed was known for countless encounters of people pressing they line
I try to stay in my boundary, when bounty’s placed on your head for shit you never had did
You just conform to survive, not trying sit in no pit, I like me better alive
357’s for 6, 11 fit in your 9
I take them both when I dip cause I ain't dying today
The shit’s a game that we play what you bang where you stay
Before you answer just spray, they’ll never see it coming
Hit a man, woman, child or dog cause it’s mine before yours, its 2 weapons of war

Its guns and roses
Victim of the guns and roses

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Vince Staples Guns & Roses Comments
  1. Jajy 6

    2019 this is gonna pick up 💯

  2. Lorst dringus

    Thank you Larry fisherman for producing Vince's breakout album

  3. Sam Belyea

    Top 10 mixtape of this decade!!

  4. mark spoor

    This sample is from the moonrise kingdom soundtrack

  5. Raphir Merien

    rip Larry

  6. R.I.P. Larry Fisherman

  7. ***********

    Hear me out : )

  8. Colton Jones

    Rip Larry

  9. trenton raub

    This shits dark af my dudes

  10. Zack Martin

    R.I.P Mac Miller.

  11. baby duck

    real matters being spoken about in this song

  12. William Price

    RIP Mac

  13. Westside 310

    i was listening to mac and vince way back, so dont think im here just cuz hes gone or for the hype. Rip to the mac sauce

    Anthony Lyles

    Westside 310 no one thought that or cared

    Westside 310

    Anthony Lyles apparently you did because you replied, and im sure you are just here because of the hype lol

    Anthony Lyles

    Westside 310 nope vid popped up as recommended. No hype niggas die everyday 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Westside 310

    Anthony Lyles stick to lil yachty and lil pump. dont ever come here

    Anthony Lyles

    Westside 310 lmaoo that’s a random assumption.

  14. TM Nation

    RIP Mac

  15. Kudzai Mudzudza



    when I first found out Mac produced this tape I was blown away, IMO its Vince's best work and Mac literally did it because he thought Vince wasn't being appreciated enough and wanted to give him some dope beats to rap over. RIP

  16. Religion Is Cancer

    Larry Fisherman is dead

  17. Sincere Flowers

    Cold lyrics but there's too much going on in the instrumental.

  18. LA-SaintJust

    hit a man woman child or dog because its mine before yours THIS SHIT SLAPS SO HARD

  19. J Cole

    That sample tho

    Gilberto Vela

    J Cole I would say do a feature but I forgot u don’t do features🤣🤣🤣

  20. Tomas

    Larry's beats so hard what the fuck

  21. Эмиль Мирзоев

    Ak 47 посоветовал !!!

  22. Bryant Allen

    anyone know if this on Spotify or SoundCloud?

    Oluwatope Alofe

    Bryant Allen it’s from a mixtape so search datpiff or something

  23. What JACOB

    nigga could write some dope ass hood movie scripts

  24. Lupin III

    instrumental name?

    Conner Darrell

    This is the only song with this instrumental, what do you mean.

  25. Lucas Guarino

    why tf doesn't he have a hit-he is pure gold...


    Lucas Guarino they were playing big fish on the radio

  26. Yair Mondragón

    mac miller production on this album is perfect, respect

  27. Abe Lincoln

    This and like it is are pretty deep

  28. Jose

    Is the sample taken from the movie Moonrise Kingdom?

    Hotfun Bread

    I loved that movie


    +Hotfun Bread Same here, the cinematography is so good

  29. Thomas Pflanzer

    still my favourite tape from vince

    Underachievers 4Ever

    +Chris Cosenza L for bein dumb


    +Chris Cosenza smh just cause a nigga got some traction he sold out

    Hector Z

    +Chris Cosenza you're ignorant you don't know shit

    Sardine Juice

    it's definitely his best

    matt d

    just cause a nigga get money from rapping. he a sell out. isn't the that the point? don't you want people to know your name? ..maybe I'm missing something here.

  30. Pats Ballin Out This Year

    Vince Staples got shit loads of hot songs, this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Mohamoud Mohamed

    Another song he better play september 25 td echo beach baby!!!! rooollllliinnnn

  32. metalahhhhhhhhhhhh

    This beat reminds me of the end of the last episode of Cowboy Bebop

    jashard wallington

    metalahhhhhhhhhhhh it does

  33. Antonio Guerrero

    Man shit deep asf

    Abe Lincoln

    Yeah bro

  34. Zoheb4Real

    that beat

  35. jim baker

    He the only nigga that's real and still too lyrical


    jim baker you got childish gambino, earlsweatshirt, MF DOOM, bishop nehru, tyler the creator, hodgy beats, oodies, ski mask the slump god, and Eminem.


    inglorious J Amen bro, Joey Badass, Odd Future and Kool Ad get down with the get down too

  36. Mohamoud Mohamed

    SO underrated!

  37. Brandon Rodriguez

    Bruh lyrics go deep asf, nobody can fuck with vince, rap game on smash

  38. ernestthermo

    Best fucking rappee i sware

  39. Kdawg

    I don't understand some of these rappers from the west side, I understand Vince, but Schoolboy Q claims to be a crip, but he makes some of his music with Bloodz......can someone explain?


    Ab soul is all over this mixtape and he's a blood

    Josiah Velner

    Just look at the album cover there's blurred lines now. The rivalry between bloods and crips is not so much there anymore like the other people said bloods can be rivals against other bloods same with crips. Also kids are banging at younger ages now.

    The Failure In Progress

    +Luke95155 smh. he doesn't gang bang

    Kaleb Nelson

    Kian Legrand its not JUST Blood vs Crips on the west coast, snoop dogg is a crip and he's made music with every blood in California


    Money can make friends of enemies.

  40. Patchy

    underated af bruh

  41. xan


  42. Collin Gill

    is that vince, earl, and mac on the cover or naww lol

    Tomb of the Scarab

    I Thought i was school boy Joey Fats and Vince

    Sean Sprague

    Heze Chatmon considering mac miller produced the project I would assume that he's on the left lmao

    Damari Moland

    Sean Sprague it’s Mac🙏🏾, Vince, and Hardo

  43. privileged

    shy glizzy?? why did he do this

    Benji Pesci

    wait how is shy glizzy involved?


    they both came out with singles called guns n roses at about the same time

    Benji Pesci

    gotcha thanks. i kinda like glizzy but vince is better


    i agree. his guns n roses is really good too though

  44. juice 300

    Larry Fisherman is Mac Miller for the idiots

    VitaminsN Minerals

    Was it that serious to be called a idiot seriously.... Grow up you insipid human waste they didn't know they just asked a freaking question I hate jerk offs honestly!!!!

    Kahlil Sidibey

    yeah and only dickrider know dat

    Terroja Aniese

    @Kahlil Sidibey or people who follow him on insta fuck head

    Ari West

    just cause you riding mac like a rodeo show doesnt mean that peaple who dont know his name are idiots.

    Justin Foster

    you a bitch

  45. Aki Tyrisevä

    oh nice! thank didnt know that

  46. Rheo4

    Larry Fisherman is Mac's producing name

  47. Aki Tyrisevä

    did mac produce this or larry?

    Elijah Beck

    Larry fisherman is mac miller you slow fuck

  48. ProdriguezCSU

    throw it in the top 3 joints of 2013 so far for me. fire.

  49. butt naked

    white petals

  50. butt naked

    no one of the trillest that shits forreal

  51. butt naked

    prolly the trillest