Vince Staples - Back Sellin' Crack Lyrics

I done beat the breaks off niggas
Shot the face off niggas
Pending case with state, and I'm still out trippin'
All the feds take pictures, fuckin' up my image
Even mama bringin' drama, i don't trust no BITCHES
See these hoes be out here switching their sides
When its time for the killin i ride
Look right in my eyes, been ready to die, risk felony time for threatening mine
Better than I, nobody alive
Nobody live the life that i did
Fighting to live since I was kid
Playing in the yard with a 30-06
House look like a gun range
Room look like a gun store
Either you're gonna know my name, or niggas dying young and poor
Either way don't give a fuck, you gon find me northbound
With the shit, I'm in the shit
You know I love them gun sounds
7's cry, macs applaud
They taking shots, I had to call
You catch em out the shot gun, that's Roddy White from 50 yards
No body shots, I'm hitting jaws
Tryna run you Stephen Hawking
You see I mean this shit I'm talking
You don't want no problem

Slave to the rhythm, shoot my master in his back
2 dope boys, in the Cadillac strapped
Wood grain dash, windshield stained glass
Beating' down the ave, like we back selling' crack
Killing for the karma, but liven for my mama
Trouble what the call us, and nothing wit they offer
Off em, and they wonder why niggas get shot
And they wonder why niggas shot

Where you at, where you from?
Cause its hot where I'm at
Any time of the day you get robbed you get jumped
It’s a game we play, to get paid
From the wants to the needs to the young
Snakes slide through the grass
Blades slide in the back, of the used and abused
Tryna walk in my shoes
Get tripped by my fuse, too short
Ask God what you want, he said I want your life
Well I ain't live mine right
But if I do the crime I do the time
I ain't scared of shit, I was born to die
Extended clip, big .45 been quick to trip
Been lost my mind
When I die, please don't let mama cry
Cause she know it had to be him or I
And I got caught slippin'
Get a gun and go knock that nigga
Run up on him, no mask, no feelings, no room for that
They shoot at us, so we shootin' back
Burnin' shells till I burn in hell
And I'm cool with that, that uzi packed
I done learned a lot in these 19 years
Lot homies ain't shed one tear
God decide what my curfew is
So till that day, I'mma do my shit
I proved my shit, they know my name
Not proud of the outcome either have regrets or
Be out young, don't sleep


[ScHoolboy Q:]
I took the blue pill and it's evidence was shown
Homies from elementary some them niggas gone
I got this cocaine
But my stove ain't turning on
I got that knock-knock
Uuh, yeah you know
Riding in the whip for sure
No Ls in the whip for sure
All the homies strapped but it ain't for show
Tryna hit a lick, no envelope
Nigga, weed ain't the only thing get smoked
Cuz got ghost 'fore he even got ghost
Cuz got toast and he ain't old enough to drink
Shouldn't been singing
Now his ass Murder Inc
Sunny LA, where we never need a mink
Sunny LA, where the youngers don't think
Sunny LA, where the heat get sprayed
And every other word on the wall get K'ed
All the homies taking you to parking space
This my set, I ain't hearing whatcha say
Back then had to be in by 10
But out by 12
My man just said the word
I got the text on the cell
Back with the Locs raising Hell
Found out the homie in a cell
I know we hated school
But it's better than jail
Gotta thank God I was saved by the bell
Tryna spit bars
I ain't trying to live behind 'em
So I keep my face here
Right where I found them
Nigga my rawness
Fuck through a condom
Ready when I'm rapping
No wonder why they signed him
I'm with the house
So watcha still pining
Dead by the street lights
Boy you shining
Talk about you grinding

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Vince Staples Back Sellin' Crack Comments
  1. Android Lives Matter

    Dope as fuck.

  2. Cameron T

    2019 October heard this song when it first came out it still slaps

  3. Andrew Clawson

    God protect all of the people in this song.

  4. Scott Weiland

    Mac Miller has A LOT of great music out there for you to discover He helped bring many good artists together also, I could literally name dozenssss of collabos.

  5. violeta 562

    A classic

  6. Obscurity610

    7's cry, Mac's applaud... fire

  7. Billion Williams

    Fishing with Larry 4eva

  8. Jace King

    Can this mixtape PLEASE be put on spotify

  9. Viszualz


  10. kevinham

    It’s crazy this mixtape iconic fr and no one knows larry fish... R.I.P we love you mac

  11. Raphir Merien

    rip Larry fish

  12. Julie Dray

    ‘Slave to the rhythm, shoot my master in his back
    2 dope boys, in the Cadillac strapped
    Wood grain dash, windshield stained glass
    Beating' down the ave, like we back selling' crack’🔥🔥🔥

  13. Dirty Sparxx

    Vince put so so much work on Larry fisherman and it shows

  14. Cristian Mancillas

    Why can't they just make a whole tape together.... Vince and Groovy Q are a perfect sound together

  15. VanillaTheAngel

    Vince really likes his .45

  16. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    frankly i’m gonna be surprised if i don’t see this in the comments.

    he protecc.
    he attacc.
    but most importantly.
    he bacc sellin cracc.

  17. Angel Aquino

    never forget

  18. Follow The Grow


  19. Crisko Bangz

    Fuck I miss Mac smh

  20. Mike Wazowski


  21. Dan

    Rip mac

  22. FiR3FuSioNz

    RIP Fisherman

  23. Alex G

    Some Southern California game to the fullest

  24. The Magicians Love

    RIP Mac Miller

  25. UptonEmpire

    Rip Mac Miller. Greatest artist of all time.


    that is laughable at fucking best.......

    Cameron Baker

    Smeagle macs goat 🐐

  26. rick jay

    Mac was so slept on man may he Rest easy bruh thanks for all the music and memories when I seen you live last year🙏

  27. Justin Pettit

    Rip Mac.. hats off to a musical legend 😞☝️

  28. George Reddon

    Rip mac man

  29. Rocky R.

    rip mac

  30. xavier bankston

    Rip Mac 😭😭😭

  31. Jordan Jensen

    2018 still 🔥🔥

  32. THE DON

    Real talk bruh...x)

  33. THE DON

    Classic larry fisherman production.....

  34. pussyslayer 666

    Up there with kdot cole and whoever

  35. Jon Muniain

    best song name, great artists

  36. NidociV

    RIP Stephen Hawking, he couldn't run

  37. someblackkid2345

    Damn earl was killing these beats


    why hasn't this blew up already this a banger 💯hella

  39. 9FPS Playboy

    lets play who's not going to jail in this picture

  40. Jakub Gancarz

    "But if I do the crime I do the time
    I ain't scared of shit, I was born to die
    Extended clip, big .45 been quick to trip
    Been lost my mind"
    Under appreciated

  41. Jesus Christ

    aristocratic anarchy type beat🔥

  42. Todd Williams


  43. sumomad

    Fuck man. Q is underrated. He's got mad bars. U just rlly have to listen cause his style is so different

  44. Dalton Pappas

    Still listening to this in 2017 anyone else

  45. Lamar Naquan Allen

    crazy thing is this tha old Vince

    Gagi Ugrekhelidze

    this style fits him better tbh, the big fish and FM style a lil less

  46. ciel phantomhive

    i remember listenning to this song while riding through the hood in Florida. gewd times

  47. Isaiah FuxkWorth

    weak asf like bruh telling straight story tails fucking geek

  48. Esrah White

    yeah yeah it goes hard and all but its real shit too

  49. marchal slow

    best prod mac miller !

  50. Sarah M

    What's the vocal sample in the background? It's not on whosampled and I know it's been in another song and it's driving me crazy! Any help would be appreciated :)

  51. Condemnedya

    im trying to think....

    what the fuck was i doing three years ago to have missed this ?_?

  52. Julius juju Surratt

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 😊👍

  53. Grapjas

    Mac weak af as a producer, but i dislike him as a artist in general. He overrated. Q went hard though.


    GetPoopStuffed I don't 'just hate bruh' literally any producer in the game is better than him.

    Alec Grace

    Grapjas dawg you know how old this is?

  54. Gabe likes Frogs

    this song is so good that's all there is to say has to be on the list on one of the greatest rap songs of all time.

  55. mitch parizanski

    under the fuck rated

    Robin Waters

    I agree

  56. David Rivette

    Meechy darko could obliterate this beat


    So fuckin true

    temme wan

    Best comment

    Bobby Williams

    Meechy is a God

    Conner Smith

    Fucking facts we needa get him to hit a freestyle


    David Rivette i swear to god

  57. Sardine Juice

    beat is godly

  58. Rudy Endsley

    Dead by the streetlights boy u shining

  59. Molly Heinonen


  60. drakethesnakke

    The opposite of soft.

  61. Whole lotta juice

    I'm so glad I got into him I was late because I was sleeping on him but all his shit is straight flammable. And stolen youth speaks so much it truly is a slept on masterpiece

    All Day Hockey

    this mixtape is slept on especially vince. goes hard

  62. Ctsdx Cts Dx

    I being sleeping on Vince staples.

  63. El Shangonator

    damn vince..

    I’m Smarter Than You

    Can't wait for Ride Out.

    Kevindoh G

    Its fire isn't it

    max lindstrom

    and it was motherfucking fire too

  64. puddlez96

    This song hits hard.. I don't even know what to say man. Vince is too sharp.. too much respect, I'm done.

  65. Jayce Neptune

    my list. it's not in order though.
    Childish Gambino
    Chance The Rapper
    Super Duper KYLE
    Earl Sweatshirt
    Mac Miller
    Vince Staples

    Anthony Rupe

    denzel curry, flatbush zombies, joey bada$$, underacheivers, joyner lucas, check em out

    Andy Garcia

    I've never heard of Super duper Kyle

    Jayce Neptune

    @Andy Garcia there's more that haven't..😒

    Trs Drs

    my top 5 ever d.o.a. list : 1: Lloyd Banks
    2: Lloyd Banks
    3: Lloyd Banks
    4: Lloyd Banks
    5: Lloyd Banks
    6: Everyone else considered g.o.a.ts" including Vince of course


    Captain Goku did
    did you forget who kyle was?

  66. Scott H

    I'm late as shit on this but this. goes. HARD.

    I love God, On god

    I forgotten this hoe......


    @I love God, On god shes hot ay

    Sam GG

    yea man you better know every single song the month it comes out otherwise you will be "last as shit on this"

  67. Ryan Gosling

    Mac always kills the beats. Vince and Q did their thing too. 🔥🔥🔥

  68. Lyrical Myracle

    "Tryna hit a lick no ennnnnvelope!!"

  69. Mergeez

    Q snapped tho

  70. Mergeez

    Lowkey can't tell if that's Vince or Schoolboy on the hook

    Trouble Maker

    Obviously Vince


    That's obviously Vince dumbass get yourself some hearing aids

    Jordan Woodhouse

    when I heard this song for the first time I had the same problem

    oMFg Wonder

    +Warning: Explicit Content Parental Advisory r u 12?

  71. J S

    Damn.. after listening to a few tracks I'm an immediate fan of Vince.

    John Smith

    same for me lol

  72. GONZO C

    this was posted on my birthday ayeee


    +GONZO C Happy Bir-

    streaker sloth

    Happy Cripday

  73. Harry Boyle

    everytime this song ends, i have to ask myself "why do all good things always have to end?"

  74. LilRayBans

    Mac is pretty fresh when it comes the beats, he's something serious.

    Pedro a

    he a genius bro.


    "mac miller is the best rapper and producer of all time"

    Sardine Juice

    +FRISKO nope, that's Lil Ugly Mane, better than Mac at both

    Raven Rogers

    FRISKO he straight, you gassing.

  75. Ali Munir

    first hook by vince I really fuck with

    Sayne Lately

    +Ali Munir you dont fuck with the norf norf hook? you must be trippin

    Abadge Giubane

    +Taylor Wiley He said first hook. This came out way before norf norf

    Sayne Lately

    he said it 4 months ago 

  76. Malcolm Flex

    schoolboy q can flow on any song

  77. metalahhhhhhhhhhhh

    I know that the main child in the middle is Vince and the white one on the lefts obviously Mac but whose the other one??

    Deblanco Beats

    @metalahhhhhhhhhhhh Its the hybrid of both of them..the third dude


    You're overthinking this. I doubt they meant the kids on the album cover to actually be them. Don't hurt yourself.

    Wulf srednas

    +metalahhhhhhhhhhhh It could be Earl but I don't think he was on this tape

    Life of Tuby

    It's Vince, A$ton Mathews and Joey Fatts

  78. Eggsaregood4u

    West coast shit
    Two crips on a track 🔥🔥🔥

  79. Cesar Escamilla

    This beat goes hard... The verses go even harder!


    +julian gonzalez a nigga cant have an opinion? FUCK YOU DUMMY


    +julian gonzalez i want to dump rounds into your face

    Cesar Escamilla

    +stink stink #respeck

  80. J D

    been quick to trip and been lost my mind!

  81. Evan Capitain


  82. dondon j.

    Vince b spittin' straight fire

  83. jim baker

    Top 5 lyrical rappers
    Ab soul
    Joey badass
    J cole
    Vince staples


    Earl logic and Gambino...?

    Enzo Capone

    yo you don't even know half the rappers who are underground fire as fuck who could easily make it into this list

    Pretty Flackkko

    HitTheStixBRODIE earl really is on some other lyrical shit tho nigga tf you mean and ab soul has some crazy bars. Hopsin is corny idk why you mention ab soul with corny lmfao


    jim baker no Earl?

  84. Kid Bizarre

    Always wonder why Earl wasn't on this tape

    Kyrie Arroyo

    +miaya jones He wasn't, Hive came out like a month after this song did. Earl had been back for months at the time this released.

    rari favi

    +miaya jones lol no earl introduced vince to mac in late 2012. check your facts.

    Leandro Taylor

    Kid Bizarre knew niggas would pull the "gangster/hood" card about artists. Don't it ever fucking matter; discrimination is discrimination, a gun is a gun no matter if it got wood or all metal; pardon my stupid apologies but you niggas gotta understand it don't matter.

    Tupac Ain't No Bitxh!

    SalokinOolacile earl was never locKed up tf

    Mark Walters Media

    @Kid Bizarre Yeah but from what I've heard Mac put Vince on. The fact that he produced this tape for him really propelled his career.

  85. James

    Trippy flow . Very trippy .

  86. fuck youtube

    vinces flow isnt good to me
    but q killing it like always 

    fuck youtube

    @Jesse Himmelsbach he grew on me now got his ep hell can wait hes ill


    @fuck youtube imo thats the worst of all his albums/tapes. get Shyne Coldchain 1,2, and Winter in Prague. Stolen Youth is still the best though.

    the lel

    +Theslayerwins was just listening to it best track is trunk rattle

  87. Jordan Rhodes

    Tell me why I feel Mac is bringing amazing artists together?


    @Christopher Lopez You dont like Angel Dust?


    +Christopher Lopez maaaaaan funeral, colors and shapes, angel dust, objects in the mirror.. mac has some good verses man if you havent heard these songs give em a try

    Michiel Prak

    +Christopher Lopez Have you heard his new stuff though? If anything, he is definitely benefitting from beiing around those people lol.

    B Velez

    +Michiel Prak definitely. I'm not so sure about his new sound tho. I mean I like it but I just personally loved the vibe he gave from Macadelic, Watching Movies and Faces.

    Guerrilla Gaming

    Mac has always killed verses and always will.

  88. slick trill

    Damn, Q went in HARD!!!!

  89. Kentaya Price

    Watch him and earl do this shit live is Santa Cruz!!!! OMG the crowd goes crazy!

  90. Ben Swendsen

    This is the peak of Macs career, 1 or 2 tapes left, I hope he keeps producing though


    @Jake Will cuz im 20

    Jake Will

    @whalenchris94 and what have you done? he is and will be more successful than you will ever be

    john lee

    he just signed a $10 mill deal with Warner Bros. so expect more dope music for a while fuckboy

    Ben Swendsen



    you the only fuckboy here bra

  91. CA$H

    Keep going luh bruh this shit on point

  92. Marcelo

    Q snaps though!! One of his hardest verses ever

    Rose Guillen

    Brand New Guy better

    oMFg Wonder

    marcelo *DEMOLITION MEN*

    Woody Reese

    marcelo youre cooked u clearly havent listened to shot you down, feeling myself, cycle ,sky high, birds and he beez, nightmare on figg street

    Guerrilla Gaming

    Na he ruined it

  93. nothingmuch44

    Mac Miller should just quit rapping,. and stick to that boards,. that jewish muthafucker is sick on the board,.... and Q gets serious on people's song more than he does on his. 

    Dan FInnessee

    @Lucid Dreamer It has been. Since he's been hanging with Earl sweatshirt, Vince Staples, and TDE notice he immediately stepped his game up. He's getting better, but I already think he is good. I wouldn't take him over anyone in TDE tho, or well I like him and schoolboy q equally.

    Jordan Rhodes

    Nobody has bars like Mac. He is in another category from other rappers because of his content.

    miguel narvaez

    Yall motherfuckers tripping. Mac's an absolute genius. So is Vince. Just like Q. All different. None any worse. All legends.

    dondon j.

    Your dumb, mac is far more talented than q and vince at rapping, his word play and lyricism are godly and you're obviously too stupid to realized it and just base your music off of flow, rhythm, and the beat.

    Cameron Baker

    dondon j. Shout out to this whole tread , Mac will go down as goat 🐐 give it time

    Faces is the best piece of music ever made

  94. Gold Soul Toker

    I love Mac's beats!!!

  95. GONZO C

    holy shit q

  96. Monterrio Alexander

    Mac is a genius....the production on this mixtape is perfect for vince

    Kairo 4670

    Are you talking Mac Miller?

    Big Baby Jesus

    @Kairo 4670 Larry Fisherman is Mac Millers producer-moniker .

    J. Scott

    RIP Mac/Larry Fisherman

  97. SIurm

    i cant get over how dumb the album cover is, whatever the musics all that matters


    It makes sense though...stolen youth? It's got three babies who are posing like thugs. Plus they probably all represent a person