Vince Gill - Liza Jane Lyrics

You've got my number
You've got my name
So why don't you call me
Little Liza Jane

You've got that body
You've got that frame
So why don't you call me
Little Liza Jane

Girl I got it bad for you
There ain't nothin' I won't do
Just one kiss and I'll never be the same
Little Liza Jane, oh little Liza Jane

Now you've heard my story
You've got to know my name
So why don't you call me
Little Liza Jane


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Vince Gill Liza Jane Comments
  1. Josue2018

    one of my all time fave two step songs. love dancing to this one!

  2. Neltje Corry Lumowa

    Senang lagunya asik ...👍👍👌

  3. drummerfella 55

    Wow...never heard it before really...but, with the 'verb setting' on this vocal 'seriously doin'.... Kenny Loggin's. Neat! What a neo-classic this is! miss some of that 'burgeoning early 90's Country Wave'. i'm an old 70's - 80's Hard Rocker...but, recall playing some of this bulk of '3rd Gen Country' the 90's, and strangely now...i miss it. Making a playlist of all my fav's! Dwight, Chely Wright, Lorrie Morgan, Shania, Brooks n' Dunn, Bonnie Raitt, Wilburys, Faith Hill, Jo Dee Messina, Dixie Chicks, etc.... Some good stuff

  4. Major Wheelock

    who is liza jane?

  5. Melissa Mines

    This song make u dance around

  6. Michelle Q Hall

    Still love me some Vince Gill 😍

  7. Terry l Mullins

    Aces girls here u go 7

  8. Julie Reay

    Me and hubby were playing Vinces song in the car when this happened...
    Kind of works though 😊

  9. Do-b-do

    So good...Love it ...great rhythm 🎤🎶🎸teddy...always😙😍👄💋❤✌🍎❤

  10. Jan-Henrik Myllyluoma

    Real Music First

  11. wowens1218

    Back in 1985 Vince came to the Sunrise Beach Florida swap meet. There was a two story building there where every Sunday they featured a different band. One of the artists there was Vince Gill. I was 3rd row back, center stage. At the end of his 4th song he told the audience that there was a guy in the crowd that was singing word for word with him. That was me. The lady to my right shouted out " and he sings good too ". Vince asked her if I was good enough to come up on stage and she replied " oh most definitely". He asked me if I wanted to join him on stage. We did 3 songs together. At the end of the 3rd song Vince says " I gotta send him back to the audience or he'll steal my show today and I'll wind up doing nothing but play guitar ". Never will forget that day.

    Daniel Baker

    wowens1218 cool story

  12. Catherine Young

    What is Corey Glover doing in a Vince Gill video? Fun!

  13. Robert Jacobs

    Man I love his old tele with that perfect patina.

  14. Terry l Mullins

    For caycee

  15. xc5647321 xc5647321

    01:33-- woman in that yellow dress reminds me so much of that blonde who was the girlfriend of Brad Wesley in the movie ROAD HOUSE.

  16. Anolfo Luis Souto

    Who is the drummer??? The Elton John s´drummer??? NIGUEL OLSON???

  17. Liza Jane

    This song makes me LOL!

    It came out 2 years after I was born and I got called little Liza Jane soo many times after!

    Eliza Martinez

    Liza Jane same here

  18. Elkinsinboxinc Studios

    Good thing Jim Cantore wasn't there. Or things would've been a lot worse.

  19. Tyrone W. James

    But, isn't his name Vince Gill?

  20. Dave Newman

    I saw Titanic at this theater, in the back of my blue Chevy pickup, with my wife and my first born daughter Angela.

    Lance Smith

    Oh yeah? Well, who gives a flying fuck? I don't.

  21. June Lessord

    Get well Vince gill and God bless your health in the future and your family

  22. Jennifer Dijames

    Well Vince it's raining here too.I'm sorry to share the Bad news.

  23. Mayor Mr

    Mayor love too you

  24. Tamara Blaney

    My parents named my little sister after this song. Sadly she passed away 25 years ago. RIP sis.

  25. Bob McKinney

    Aw' Man , to be 25 again & know what I know now , DANG !~!~!

  26. Railfan Bryan

    Great song from a great era of Country music! Todays country just doesnt stack up to the '90s country!

  27. Railfan Bryan

    Vince Gill is one of my favorite musicians!

  28. Jim Kubin

    Love the “early days” appearance of one Rusty Young pre POCO days.

  29. Roger Barrett

    The guy on keyboard, with the shoulder-length blonde hair, played keyboard for Keith Whitley.

  30. Roger Barrett

    Vince rules!

  31. Mr Yuk

    my girlfriend loves this song because she has green eyes. she thinks he's calling Liza Jane "little eyes of jade" lmao! Ive never corrected her 😅

  32. Do It Now! video's yeah!

    Funny I was so far underground in the 1980's I am amazed at what happened in mainstream America. People really did dress like that with that hair, Verdad? Vince is an amzing guitar picker. Could have done fine with that if he also wasn't one of the best singers....

  33. wayne hammock

    The GIRLS???? Listen to Vince pick that lead!!!! Good god.

    Richie Ranno

    His lead is amazing ! He's one of the best guitarists ever! But, that girl in the yellow...:)

  34. Doretta Lawson

    This is an awesome song! I can't believe it doesn't have more likes. I love it!!

  35. Nicole Pugh

    I remember when my grandma was a live Vince Gill wasn't only one she will listen too and she liked this song I love you and miss you too grandma

  36. joseph skiver


  37. Lo Peezy


    Mayor Mr

    Lo Peezy ilove too you

  38. James Barker

    Girl I got it bad for you

  39. James Barker

    Americans to me are like Gods.A different Toady Species from English or anywhere else.So Wholesome.From a different World.I hope I get there one day.God Bless the USA!

    Martin Lehfeldt

    Yeah bro cause we don't take shit and we win.

    Hasty David

    Which Americans Canadians,Mexicans or Indians?🤔

  40. James Barker

    Liza Jane!!

    Bobby riley

    It's my favorite in my heart

  41. Amy Holley

    one of my clog dance routines from back in the day. Btw looks don't make a person!

  42. George Lloyd

    Best songs ever Thank you VINCE

    Bobby riley

    Best song ever

  43. Fawne Brown

    Lol Vince throwing shade at the video director for not checking the weather forecast. Really great upbeat song, fun video and Vince gets to jam out on guitar.

  44. Sandra Senner

    I love love love me some Vince ❤

  45. angel phillips

    fuck luke byayn

  46. Michael Graham

    Great song and the video looks like it was a blast to make, just going with the flow.

  47. Yummusic Poppy & Peter

    awesome guitar twang

  48. enigma

    Never understood why Vince wanted to be called Liza Jane? hehehe.
    back in early 90's I had a smoking hot neighbor that had a crush on me, she said I looked like Vince. (didn't find this out till years later though). DAMN IT! so whenever I hear Vince Gill I think of her and what could have been.

  49. blueslove61

    So he likes to be called Liza Jane, so what.

  50. Billy Sargent

    Good music, just plain fun song. 😸

  51. Brittany Holmes

    stolen from the great nina simone. sounds nothing. like her song

    Jo Ann Herrman

    +Brittany Holmes Not unlike Whitney stole Dolly's song. Happens all the time.

    floyd hannan


  52. Antoine Meunier

    Very good !!!

  53. Debbie Wilson

    The Swing the sway , Love It that way . Go Vince

  54. Dale Parker

    I used to go the Broadway drive-in in high school...

  55. alworkedup

    Vince Gill can do ballads (Go Rest High On That Mountain, Whenever You Come Around, Look At Us) and upbeat songs (Liza Jane, What the Cowgirls Do, One More Last Chance) equally well.  Great, great, great  :)

  56. BuffaloSpringgal

    And Rusty Young on back-up guitar / vocals.... dang. Didn't realize he played with Vince.


    I recognized him right off after Cing POCO'S CALL IT LOVE.

    Richard Neubauer

    Saw Poco live at "Pirate's World" in 1970. Were they ever loud!

  57. jim turley

    i really do like this guys music

  58. wesley mccurtain

    Okay Vince , you are now Little  Liza Jane! Now I called you Little Liza Jane!     

  59. Tom D

    chick in the yellow dress good lord,,

    lal beli

    Tammy Dobbs god

    14.1 guy

    This guy can play!

    Nancy Brown

    Vince noticed her too

    Richie Ranno

    That's funny ! I was just thinking how she really stands out :) !

    xc5647321 xc5647321

    Imagine her sitting on your face! Woooohoooooo

  60. Bonnie Baker

    Vince Gill is the best country artist
    That I have ever listened too. I wish
    He would come out with some new
    Songs. I love love love Vince Gill.


    Actually he's continually producing some of the best country music. New albums even better than the old.

  61. Monique baldassare baumann

    Super country +++

  62. sparrow Helm

    he has a voice of an angel he is just amazing! love him!

  63. Scott Bowers

    Pure country at its finest

  64. MechanicalDragon687

    Just enjoy the song and who sings it!  I had never been interested in Country Music until I happened to hear 'Go Rest High' and 'When I call your name'.on radio.  Since then I have become a huge fan of Vince and have been researching everything about him.  The deeper I research the more I love everything about him.

    countrygirl country musiclover

    MechanicalDragon687 when did the c in country and m in music need capitalizing

  65. joe shmoe

    Too bad women don't look like this anymore....Nothin' but a bunch of fat asses that dress like men today !!

    joe shmoe

    Hey Renee G......Just heard from Earl Bailey on XM Radio that Don Henley wants to do a tour this summer with Vince Gill replacing Glenn Frey....I'm not really sure if it's more than a rumor at this point....I would go see that concert.......How 'bout you ???

    joe shmoe

    Well my comment was totally tongue in cheek also......Have a great day Renee !!!

  66. kbfhaunt

    Yellow Dress Gets A 10++ nom nom nom !!!

  67. Charlie Harper

    oh ya the yellow dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. cosbyutube

    who did bowie steal it from ?

  69. cosbyutube

    more of the yellow dress !!! 9 people didn't like this video. they musta missed the yellow dress.

  70. cosbyutube

    i'll take care of watching the yellow dress

  71. LeonardLeeson

    bowie has nothing to do with this, vince gills rocking him a little lizza jane... no one does it better

  72. kandy1958

    Lotta hot girls, but that yellow dress, wow!

  73. kandy1958

    Lotta hot girls, but that yellow dress, wow!

  74. Gary Dymski

    That song, some of the same lyrics, etc., has been around for 100 years or so. Gill rearranged it and modernized it. But that's happened for ages in music. .. what's the big deal?

  75. Gary Dymski

    Gal in yellow dress. Yowser.

  76. Kevin Canavan

    He robbed the name of the song from David Bowie. Have a nice day.

  77. Hal Goodwin

    Give me MORE! Great, Great, Great!

  78. MissSusieQue1

    Somebody is colour blind.......its a yellow dress..either way...."I dunnOo"..:o|

  79. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #75 song of '91. God bless ya, VEVO, for postin' it. Thanx!

  80. roadglid88twin

    yeah love this song makes you want to get up and dance yeah man

  81. jimu57

    Who IS the girl in the green dress?????????

  82. tim addams

    the original little liza jane was better in my opinion but this ones really good too

  83. Rich Tancredi

    has a kenny Loggins feel to it.

  84. alan jackson

    Vince gill is an icon

  85. Lisa Douglas

    How funny! My mom used to call me this all the time when she was alive. This song always brings a smile to my face. ;)

  86. mguygh

    look the two gallants cover you can beat it

  87. zybeco

    The chick at 2:16 is a 1990's version of Snookie

  88. Livio Gravini

    great sound and song!

  89. Alan Colwill

    Great Voice and can he play.

  90. msccadams

    OMG. My mom (3:17) and uncle (3:07) are both in this video dancing. :)

  91. Devon Wesch

    This is the song I was named after. I can dig it. :)

  92. frank mark

    S.T.R.A.O.R.D.I.N.A.R.I.O. !!!!!!

  93. Matt Stati

    Good luck trying to duplicate his guitar style.

    Jeff Richardson

    The only musician that comes even close to duplicating Vince’s guitar style is Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits!

  94. tomstrat1

    Great Song.

  95. 57thefox

    love that country music

  96. trudeau123

    everybody wanted to learn this lik!!!!!!!

  97. joe shmoe

    Vince can sure make telecaster chirp !!

  98. tfleming722

    I'll never forget when he came to little ol Idaho and he wore this jacket..played when I call your name..and I got to talk with him and his band after..told Vince..he has the most amazing voice..and he will be big..guess what..he sure did! Awesome song!