Vince Gill - I Can't Tell You Why Lyrics

Look at us baby
Up all night
Tearin' our love apart
Aren't we the same two people
Who lived through years in the dark

Every time I try to walk away
Somethin' makes me turn and stay

I can't tell you why

When we get crazy
It just ain't right
(Try to keep your head on, girl)
'Cause girl I get lonely too
You don't have to worry
Just hold on tight
(Don't get caught in your little world)
'Cause I love you

Nothin's wrong as far as I can see
We make it harder than it has to be

I can't tell you why
No, baby, I can't tell you why
I can't tell you why

Every time I try to walk away
Somethin' makes me turn around and stay

I can't tell you why
No, baby, I can't tell you why
I can't tell you why
I can't tell you why... yeah

No, baby
Ooooh, I can't tell you why

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Vince Gill I Can't Tell You Why Comments
  1. sugar celica

    very nice

  2. davrsmania

    Veeeeeeeery good!!!!!!

  3. Mr MEMé

    Ugh, Saxophone playing over lead WTF

  4. Thanakrit Klinchan


    Sulley Monster CN2

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  5. jm big

    hello, could you tell me where are the beautiful landscapes of the videos? thank you

  6. Linda Richardson

    If you are going to cover an Eagles classic do a good job....Vince GREAT JOB!!!!!

  7. jeremy stewert

    Good version but your no Timothy.

  8. Karen Foley

    Awesome! Vince Gill is a great fit!

  9. garlicdawg

    the voice is great..but failed on the guitar piece.....good try but the eagles are still on top...

  10. kimcreate1

    Awesome! Vince Gill is superb

  11. Robert Glancy

    that is good stuff.

  12. Holly Entel

    love it

  13. Jason Barnwell


  14. Robin Quivers

    He has the voice of an angel and is truly one of the greatest guy ever! No wonder the Eagles grabbed him, a great asset to one of the best bands ever!!!

  15. Michael Trowbridge

    Very good

  16. Kevin Welty

    I have seen the Eagles 5 times live I like Vince but just not the same

  17. ปรานอม สําราญ


  18. Paul Smallriver

    Would love to hear Vince and Timothy do this together. Damn!

  19. mark duncan

    Nothing against Vince! Nashville has taken a bite out of The Eagles!!

  20. Bob Lee

    Wow Vince Gill is definitely a super talent!

  21. ZhangJao

    This was a lot better than I thought it would be. Must have listened like 20 times now.

    Katie Chaffin

    This is a daily listen for me.

  22. Nini joy

    Timothy B' owns this...sorry Vince'

  23. Colene Rung

    Vince nails those high notes! awesome, so happy the Eagles and Gill found each other, it was a match from heaven!

  24. ken wilson

    Good god almighty this is fantastic. Vince is perfect.

  25. Roger Muncy

    Vince nailed this one, didn't he? Hope he can do this on all the tunes with the Eagles. (I'm sure he will!)

  26. John Daniels

    ill tell ya I can still ember when I first heard this song years ago and it never gets old this song holds a very true meaning of words that has lingered in my heart for years and when I hear it I cry. because I just can't help it its home of my all time favorite. I think the eagles song are all my favorite. god rest glens soul god love him. he's a true pioneer in music and Vince your filling some pretty big shoes there ya sound really awesome keep it up buddie

  27. Lana Rayphole

    ummmmm this is Timothys song. HE'S STILL ALIVE.

    Michael Beerbados

    YOU are hot Lana..Stick to being a teenage sex toy and not a critic of shit you don't understand

  28. Belinda Reeves

    Beautiful Version

  29. Joe DiSantis

    Absolutely great cover by Gill.I m not surprised because this song is perfect for his voice.He s super talented but everyone who knows of him already knows that.Musically was excellent.Yep this is Timothy Schmidt s song but Vince didn t hurt it in the least.Really enjoyed it alot.

  30. Dwayne Wladyka

    Amazing rendition here.

  31. karen miller

    Vince has a great talent!! Just love this song it's on one of his CD's I can't tell you why!! I usually listen to this song 6 or 7 times before I change the CD in!!

  32. Scott B

    Can you imagine how good Vince will sound with the Eagles??

  33. Mark Williams

    I didn't think Don Henley would put the band back together without Glenn well with Glenn's son and Vince Gill holy shit this band has new life although Glenn can never ever be replaced his memory and his spirit will be in every performance bravo Don Henley

  34. Kerryman

    Vince Gill is our favorite. Who sings and plays better than this guy. One of the best concerts, too. He's ours!

  35. 1951ledsled

    The one and only one thing i don't like is that they replaced the guitar with horns and i know Vince Gill as dam good as a guitar player he is he could have pulled that off with no problems. But no one and i mean no one can do it better than Don Felder.


    1951ledsled I quite like the horns myself. Gives it this bluesy feel, at least for me.

  36. frank 6000

    Vince Gill is great but I'm not sure he added anything to the Eagles version here ...


    hard to top perfection....hope you can come close, without ruining it. If anybody could do's Vince.

  37. Rabemanisa Anthony

    1- This song is already a great great great and great song, lyrics, instrumental, arrangement, Timothy's voice, Felder's guitar...everything is ok!! 2- and like if it were not enough, Gill's voice comes in and make it more and more magic! 3- and also this saxophone solo alongside guitar makes me fly over the moon

  38. tuxguys

    It's official.
    He's an Eagle.
    Great version of one of the few Eagles tunes I have ever really liked.

  39. linswango

    As if this song isn't great enough, now Vince Gill singing it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Miss Noname

    linswango Don't get too excited. It's still Timothy's song! TBS forever!😍❤️

    mike kastner


  40. jeff avis

    The show must go on ! Vince Gill with the Eagles 4tw !!

  41. Roger Muncy

    Damn, I knew Vince was good but this version of this song is fantastic! He nailed it!!

  42. lovensmarie

    Beautiful video. Eagles are my favorite group of all times. Love this cover by Vince Gill. Thank You......

    Sulley Monster CN2

    Thank you as for following my work.

  43. Linda Wehmueller

    I used to have this album on cassette. it's fabulous

  44. Judith Dowla

    Wonderful version of this song and the scenery is mind boggling, just love those colors and it all goes so well together. Thanks ever so much for bringing this to us out here all over this big big world.

    Sulley Monster CN2

    Thank you too. I'm happy to make this MV.
    And I hope you and others will be happy like me. This big world has many beautiful things.

  45. Sandra St.

    Awesome video, his rendition is truly the best, thank you 😃

    Sulley Monster CN2

    Thank you as for supported.

    Sandra St.

    @Sulley Monster CN2 you're very welcome🙋

  46. William H. Baird

    Always Hard to beat any Eagles original and VINCE GILL pulls it off here!

    Sulley Monster CN2

    I'm sorry sir. This original song and many songs of THE EAGLES is copyright in my country. I can't post here. I follow social rules and hope you understand.

    Isabel S

    Sulley Monster CN2 you didn't understand. When he says Vince Gill "pulls it off" he means the singing is just as good as the original Eagles song. Did you know Vince is joining the Eagles?

    Sulley Monster CN2

    Thank you very much for the advice.

    I just want to tell everyone who has watched all The Eagles MV on my channel (Sulley Monster channel and Sulley Monster CN2 channel this) . I want to make every original Song for Eagles band. This first version of MV is the original song of The Eagle. But it copyrighted in my country. I deleted first MV versions of The Eagles and post a version of Vince Gill instead and part of me chose Vince Gill's version because Vince is joining the Eagles.I already understood the word "pulls it off"

    Sorry, If you and many people misunderstand and thanks to everyone who follows my channel.

    Gerald Herrmann

    he´s an eagle now :-)

    Miss Noname

    Gerald Herrmann Yes, & even though I'm happy he his, this is still Timothy's song & always will be. Vince has a beautiful voice. I saw him live probably 30 years ago at an amusement park for $1. Really small setting. He did a meet & greet after. Wish now I'd stayed. Hope they tour since I can't attend East concert.

  47. You 123dd

    beautiful song remake lovely voice makes you feel love even for your enemy lol

  48. Khem Pattaya


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  49. Jing Jing

    ภาพสวยเพลงเพราะ ครับ

  50. อิ๋งเจิ้ง

    หุหุ...สบายใจจัง เพลงก็เพราะเบียร์ก็อร่อย ขอบคุณครับ ^_^

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