Vince Gill - A World Without Haggard Lyrics

I was on the road in Georgia
When I heard Merle had passed away
Hell, I thought he'd live forever
He saved every note I played
These old white lines look different
Then they usually do
He was my greatest inspiration
The reason why I sing the blues
Taught me how to play the guitar and write a country song
As a kid he went to prison for the thing he done wrong
Made me proud to be an Okie
God knows we paid our dues
He was my greatest inspiration
The reason why I sing the blues

Oh I'm lost in a world without Haggard
Who'll tell the truth to you and me
Oh I'm lost in a world without Haggard
It's a world I thought I would never see

Gave his life to country music
He's the best that's ever been
Was an honest voice of reason
Like we won't see again
If I was down to my last song
It's Merle that I would choose
He was my greatest inspiration
The reason why I sing the blues

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Vince Gill A World Without Haggard Comments
  1. dan bo

  2. ScottJossFan

    Scott Joss had the pleasure of playing fiddle and backup vocals for Merle for the last 15 years..... a true loss, not only to country music, but for those that knew him and loved him....

  3. Dan D

    I was on the road in Georgia, when I heard Merle had passed away
    Hell, I thought he'd live forever, he shaped every note I played
    Tonight these old white lines look different than they usually do
    He was my greatest inspiration, the reason why I sing the blues
    He taught me how to play the guitar and write a country song
    He spent time in San Quentin for the things that he'd done wrong
    Made me proud to be an Okie, God knows we paid our dues
    He was my greatest inspiration, the reason why I sing the blues
    Oh I'm lost in a world without Haggard
    Oh who'll tell the truth to you and me
    Oh I'm lost in a world without Haggard
    It's a world I thought I would never see
    He gave his life to country music, he's the best that's ever been
    An honest voice of reason, like we won't see again
    If I could hear one last song, it's Merle that I would choose
    He was my greatest inspiration, the reason why I sing the blues
    He was my greatest inspiration, the reason why I sing the blues

  4. Chris Perdue

    Can we dig him up, pump his lungs, an hear big city one more time. God I miss him so much.

  5. Phapitto De Mansa

    Best of Best from all the singers

  6. Sion Mar

    Great song, Vince. I love it.I hope someone will make a song for you,too.

  7. Lee Brook

    Can this song *be* any more country?! So beautiful it brings tears to my eyes!!! Not that there is anything wrong with that!!!!! Thanks Vince for putting out *such* beautiful song (album)!!!!! Something that is lacking in today's country!!!

  8. Sue Cook

    Vince Gills album okie is so wonderful.

  9. Knut Oskar Løkka

    I grew up listening to Merle. I must have been 10-12 years old when my dad bought me my first Haggard LP and along with my mom's never ending support inspired me to start listening to country music. They have both passed but now, at 65 I'm still a fan. I also wanna thank you, Vince, for your long time contribution to real country music.

  10. Primrose Haran

    Simply fantastic love merle a legend and so are you love your voice and song

  11. Squee Dow

    The emotions this song evokes! I feel sad for the passing of Merle and for the pain that prompted Vince to write it. Then I feel happy that I'm getting to enjoy *true country music* once again. Then I go back to feeling sad again because of what they've done to country music. Thank God for YouTube (+ all the vinyl that I've collected over the decades). I think I'll head over to listen to "Murder on Music Row."

  12. Mark Ehrlich

    Beautiful Tribute To My Favorite Country Singer Of All. Miss Merle Every Day. There Is And Will Never Be Anybody Like The Hag Again. Vince I Have Been A Fan Since 1980 When I Heard I'm Almost Ready. Love That Song By You And Pure Prairie League. You Are A Legend Right Up There With Haggard & Jones. Your Song Says What All We Who Love Merle Feel.

  13. Linda Parker

    I love this song ,

  14. Donald Duck

    The best song from Vince ever

  15. Brenda RAlph

    This is a real tear jerker. Merle was a "outlaw" but some of the best country songs ever came for him

  16. Lisa Lowery

    I grew up in the best years, the Haggard, Cash and Waylon years, there were many other greats as well, to many to mention. There is so few of them left now and as the great George Jones asked "Whose gonna fill their shoes?" None, because true country is almost dead and gone, replaced with what is now considered as country, loud, lewd, and in your face whether you want it or not.

  17. Rebecca Murphy

    a good tribute to merle haggard sad but it is a great song thank you Vince

  18. William Kirkland

    Tears are dripping off of that steel guitar like OKIE rain : ....(

  19. Randy Rowland

    Vince sounds better than ever and his subtle guitar playing shows that he is still a master of his instrument. Please keep singing and playing Vince because you are a true talent and a gift to us all.

  20. Glenroy Newton

    One legend paying respect to another great song vince

  21. Suzanne Noel

    Another true country singer has passed away. When the last old timer is gone is when true to the soul country music dies.

  22. Trucker Ray

    Big wheels rolling moving on.
    If you're a trucker, you'll remember this line from the intro of the trucking show moving on. There will never be another Merle Haggard. He is a country king.
    32 years driving a rig, his music got me through a lot of lonely and rough nights. He's singing for the angels now. God bless the Hagg,
    gone but never to be forgotten.

  23. Norma M. Atchley

    I can hardly get thru life without Waylon, George, and especially my dear Merle. When Willie passes I will grieve like I’ve lost a dad. Because in away I have, I feel I love with Willie when he played at Panther Hall in Ft. Worth. Age 6 now I’m 63. George once asked who’s gonna fill their shoes and I’d say your would win that award. Now I’m gonna talk to you like your mom, where have you been, missed you so much don’t wait so long to make more just PERFECT music, cause you see I love you like a son I never had. I’ve really, really missed you. Mountain woman Norma

  24. jim draper

    Great song about a great Legend by a great legend.

  25. Solid Gold

    Thank you Vince for putting to music what so many of us Merle fans feel. Just hear this song on your Sirius XM show on Prime Country, and it really touched me.

  26. Zachary Gregory

    got the privilege of getting to see this guy in concert just last night, it was the first time I ever heard this song, and being a huge Haggard fan myself this song gave me chills way2go Vince

  27. Doug Covert

    Payin it forward..nicely done Vince...forever live the hagg!

  28. Steve Pouliot

    Great song and tribute, and the steel is phenomenal 😔

  29. Dennis Mays

    I'm 68 and a world without Haggard is sad enough. I really really hope I never have to live in a world without Gill.

  30. James Kidd

    What an awsome and touching song and tribute to one of all time greats of real, true country music......💯🔥😎

  31. Andrew Veal

    Watched him sing this song August 9th in Hiawassee Georgia at Anderson Music Hall. Great show

  32. Lois Enochs

    Thanks, Vinca

  33. George W. Spradlin

    Beautiful tribute to the great Merle Haggard, well done Vince.

  34. Campfire

    Super Song

  35. phil holloway

    Not a big Vince Gill fan, but this ought to be song of the year!!!! Nashville, this IS COUNTRY MUSIC!!! Merle would roll over in his grave if he could see what Music City has become!!! RIP Hag miss you so much 🙏😢💔

  36. andrew kiesling

    all I have to say is as good as real country music should sound

  37. Wayne Merryman

    REAL Country music is almost a memory. This new wave "rap" crap has ruined it.

  38. Colette' G.

    🎶♥️🎶 Country isn’t country anymore. Sad but true . Will we ever get it back? Thanks Vince for a great song❣️

  39. Larry H

    What a great tribute to "The Hag" To the person playing that steel guitar in the background, man the strings were crying and so was I! Outstanding!!

  40. Olivia Olifirenko

    Wooow What a Music!!!!

  41. Ron Mansker


  42. Pete Weber


  43. Geoffrey Rodgers

    Wow, this song is sublime, best country song I have heard in years and if there was any justice, this song would be No. 1 on the Billboard Country Songs Chart.

  44. T-Bone 91LX

    We love ya Vince . You’re awesome 👍🏻❤️

  45. Eric Elvis


  46. Ed Stutsman

    Vince is the best guitar player ever, Great singer too.

  47. Keny Charles

    Thank you Vince.

  48. Brogan Moffet

    From a huge haggard fan. Thank you Vince. Merles smiling

  49. Dakota Blessing

    Such a Great Beautiful Song Vince God Bless you and Merle Haggard God knows i so love you both and your Music

  50. Johnny Tyler

    Very good song !!!

  51. Jason Harper

    This is country music love ya Vince

  52. Loves Greatness

    Awesome tribute song for one of the greatest. Who's this Vince Gill, he's pretty good.......just joking, it's been a long time, dang it's good to hear Vince again.


    Old buddy, y'all knocked this one out of the park ! This is the best thing that I've heard in quite a while !

  54. Adam Kaylor

    Amazing! Loved every word and beautiful melody

  55. Marika Crockett

    Merle Ronald Haggard (April 6, 1937 – April 6, 2016) RIP!!!! I love this song!!!

  56. Ken Gamble

    In our head we know the end will come
    But in our hearts it can never be done
    Have listened to the Hag for the last fifty years
    Has never failed to bring the hope and the tears !

  57. Jolien Fourie

    Vince Gill...a world without Haggard...Awesome song..

  58. littlewolf 299

    A definite Musical🎶Goosebumps Experience listing to this song🖤it

  59. Hello Hello 2019


  60. Jo-Anne Squadrilla

    LIVE ❤️

  61. RJTheWrestlingGuy

    Beautiful song

  62. Phill Robinson

    Another 3 chord wonder

  63. Terina LeBlanc

    What a beautiful song to honor such a great legend.

  64. sardi syura

    Im from Indonesia and I really like to hear every country songs by Vince Gill, very good song👍👍👍

  65. Teresa Murray

    Beautiful tribute song the the magnificent HAG done by the wonderfully talented V.G.

  66. Sandra Hudson the song and love your voice..

  67. Luiggi Michael Riwu-Kaho

    Great great great🔈🔉🔊

  68. TMS

    Vince, I've been a fan of yours since I 1st heard you in '86. Wow! Yeah, it's been that long!

  69. claudette claudette shaw


  70. mr fat beard

    Thank you Vince for staying staying country and keeping real country alive

  71. Brandy Brewer

    Wow very touching song!

  72. Carl Ramsey

    Merle has always been my favorite country singer/songwriter, Vince, I'd have to say is 2nd. I'm 62 & when I was younger I was strictly rock/hard rock/ metal. Now I'm fairly strictly REAL COUNTRY (not radio, ain't listened to radio in probly 2 yrs)I, especially now, love all kind of music but didnt really spread out till last 10 yrs or so. BUT even when I was fairly strictly rock, I still loved Merle

  73. Carl Ramsey

    & the 👎s keep coming regardles of the greatness....I could surely ramble about all the reasons, pop top 40 so-called country fans, Nashville itself b/c they never really cared for Merle Haggard anyway or whatever the reason.....UNBELIEVABLE & quite frankly MORONIC! I'm speechless! Cant you tell??

  74. Terry Porche

    Fantastic job Vince. We do miss the Hag

  75. Tammy M

    Tears. Love Vince for doing this.

  76. Nathan Sedgewick

    Classic VG sound. Love the old country men.

  77. stavros333

    this is a great song thank God for you Vince

  78. Greg Vincent

    Awesome song and Great voice.....still !

  79. joespappa

    A world without Haggard. Great song. But I think it's not just Haggard. It's a way of life that has gone. A good life. That is no more. And I miss it. And I am sorry for all those who will never know it.

    Ravens Brood

    I couldnt agree more, now we're stuck with the likes of Taylor Swifts, Luke Bryans, the heart of Country is silenced. I look forward to the Ken Burns PBS series The History of Country Music, it'll show the true pioneers that made the people's music. Thank goodness we still have true country singers like Vince Gill, Alan Jackson, George Strait, so called Country radio won't play them much, but we know they're still there.

    R. McBride

    I agree. It's a world without Merle, George, Waylon, Johnny and June, Patsy, Marty, and a host of other rare talents now lost to the world. I'm glad I was around to see it all. There's not much out there now that compares well.

    Rebecca Whitt

    Very way I feel. I was so very lucky to have lived in a time when going to bed with unlocked doors. Playing outdoors, tv off until evening
    Family eatng and giving thanks together. I am so very thankful learning to garden and harvest safe chemical free food. Listening to the true legends of real country music.
    Life wasnt perect but pretty close.

    Oscar Gonzalez

    joespappa No one will ever be able to experience!! This !! When we could live a True good hearted life!!!!! Because you would be in Trouble!! ✌🏼❤️


    @Oscar Gonzalez Oscar, do you even know what you just said?

  80. bacmrl

    Love Vince.

    P.S. look up Ben Haggard - he’s Merle’s youngest son and he sounds so much like his dad it’s amazing!

    Mwaba Mwaba

    Definitely on it

  81. Sean Campbell

    What a singer what a song what a legend..both..

  82. lyle miller

    Nice very well done Vince, thanks paul for the pedal!! Haggard is dearly missed

    Pat Dennis

    Another great song by the best of Country Music Vince Gill

  83. Smitty

    What a great tribute to Merle!!
    Love you Vince are my guy I grew up with in country music.....but the old country favorite is Merle!!❤👍🇨🇦
    My husband still has albums we play.....Big City....Mama Tried.....Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star.......I'll Never Swim Kern River Again 🎵🎶 so many great story songs!!

  84. CountryBoy Williams


  85. زينب زوالفقار

    Great song

  86. aimee smith

    What a beautiful song ♡

  87. Born to ride

    I'll say it till I die, Vince Gill is, in my opinion one of the greatest country singer/songwriters that ever lived. I'll never forget when his first big hits played on the radio in 1988, and he's still going strong today!!

    Ann Landys

    Born to ride Brandi carlie

  88. tiffany bittman

    Great song, great video. Sad and true.

  89. Suzanne Liner

    Yes Merle Haggard will be missed. Thanks for the beautiful memories Vince Gill.

  90. Amanda Kohler

    When Hagg died, it was like losing a favorite uncle. For my dad it was like losing a best friend or another father. Dad was devastated, he was quiet for a few days, and I hadn't seen him like that since his own father passed.

  91. Lynn Pethick

    So glad to hear Country STAY Country and Vince is just a handful that's keeping it that way. Such a great tribute to Merle what a sweet voice, always and forever. You're the best Vince! Love this song, he inspired alot of true Country that no longer is w us God Bless you

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Anyone in country stays country

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    A lot not alot. Also anyone in recent country are all equally as country as vince and haggard

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    There's more,than a handful because everybody in the genre these days keeps it country fucking psycho

  92. Clark Nickerson

    May the circle be unbroken, Vinnie.

  93. Liz McGushin

    Wonderful song, i love it and Vince his voice.

  94. Teresa McClanahan

    Wow you never cease to amaze me. You write such beautiful songs that always seems to touch my heart in some way. I Love this song & you Vince from one of your biggest fans! 🥰😍♥️🎶

  95. Nightingale of sorrow

    Awesome song Vince! Still touching hearts after all these years. God bless ya...

  96. Brenda Kirby

    Brautiful arrangement. Still has that down home country voice you could listen to all day. A brilliant songwriter.

  97. Robert barnes

    Words of a True country song ..Couldn’t have been sung by any better singer..
    Makes my heart cry to know that we are losing all the great country song writers and singers...

  98. Gabriele Fusi

    Oh my vince..thanks for this beautiful country song.merle miss so much

  99. Bill Greene

    Great job Vince and yes the world will miss Haggard !!!


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