Villere, Zack - Minivan Lyrics

[Zack Villere:]
We're riding in my minivan
And I don't have any plans
And nobody can tell us what
To do or where to go
We're riding in my minivan
And I don't have any plans
And nobody can tell us what
To do or where to go

What what what
Okay I'm on one
Oh and this go round it's J'Von a.k.a. Mr. Long Gun
A legend within the song sung
And that journey to Pirate Mountain's a long one
And he the wrong one
He gon' be long gone bein' he ain't belong in the long run
And the alarm rung
Hop out the bed with the swag activated
Tight as Y-3's, his denim looking lacerated
A tie-tee in his hand and hand that was a fashion statement but
No time to brag a rack acclimated it's cold out
Floated the route with the rose out
Planned to hand it to the sand princess, Janet
And her name ain't really Janet but
You wouldn't understand it
Back to the road with no speed spare
His baby was shocked and didn't think even he'd care
For lasagna in the oven with two meats and like three cheese layers
But I told baby I'd be there
Hover boards on E and
And E is how an mc can be squared
I didn't want to take the shortcut east where
There's rumors of mythological beasts there
And extra giant bees there
Sneezing and fighting I can't stand it
Hands shift with a spirit gun and can it
I reach to grab my phone and tell the peeps to understand it
If I'm late
And to just continue
No piece of justice within the venue but
Make sure that you grab another menu
I'm on my way still
Roadblocks, construction had to lay still
And the giant bees had laid still
Calm before the night by which the day spills
He fell asleep chasing his dismay with DayQuil
I'm not where I'm supposed to be but it was a good day still
And I'm on a roll like the honor roll
And my grades chill, I display skills like
I was raised in a bag of green grapes
The way the age feels
But it's way chill

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Villere, Zack Minivan Comments
  1. Haakon Christer Sand

    How the fuck can i get my hands on the instrumental

  2. The1977Punk

    If you like Zack Villere, check out Ted Duchamp - Better Days, think you'll enjoy it, have a nice day!:)

  3. Cherry Ella

    Me parking in gta good song


    To dooooooo


    This track is so wavy, the beat is surreal, j'von is so smooth with his lyrics, and Zack voice just makes it all that much better.
    But man, the beat is so gooood

  6. Forrest K.

    Never knew they produced anything together, and never crossed my mind that it was possible. This is the sickest.

  7. drippy

    man i cant believe this still only has around 3,000 views...

  8. j’von



    I fuck with yal love from Atlanta


    J'Von your lyrical flow is so good, and the beat is.. Surreal.

  9. Alex Phipps

    oo ive come to just the right place

  10. The Great Great

    If you like Zack Villere, check out TED DUCHAMP - CARS BY NIGHT, think you'll enjoy it! need more music like this xx

  11. Darius Nixon

    Nice content, just subbed. Sub back?

  12. VersaceBoyEnt

    New MASH-UP Video!

  13. Testedant

    the sound makes me feel like I'm staring out the window whilst high as Fuck eating a milky way on the way to McDonald's where my friend is gonna split a medium fry with me and buy me a dollar tea

    izm GM

    Testedant mcdobble cuz dabble cheese burgers are more expensive

  14. GhettoMagic

    Just me or this team sound so good together shit literally feel like a 2017 Madvillainy

    Diagnostikx S


    Diagnostikx S

    when you cant get kendrick,but dope song


    GhettoMagic it does