Villegas, Jasmine - Who That Lyrics

Who that is acting like she can say that?
Who that is boy you know I don't play that
Hold on let me finish
Who that is, why don't you reply?
Tell me who that is this late at night

Who that, who that
Who that, who that
Who that, who that
Who that is
Tell me who that is

So you tired ain't ya
Boy you don't look tired to me
You just a liar ain't ya
You in the bed right next to me telling her goodnight
Like yo ass 'bout to go sleep, what does this look like?
Think you tryna make a fool out of me
But you're the fool

There's only one fool in the room, it's you
Only thing I've ever asked of you is that you don't lie, don't lie
Look me in the eye tell me why shit could feel like, you ain't mine
Hitting your phone talking 'bout your my baby

Who that is acting like she can say that?
Who that is boy you know I don't play that
Hold on let me finish
Who that is, why don't you reply?
Tell me who that is this late at night

Who that, who that
Who that, who that
Who that, who that
Who that is
Tell me who that is

You let a text message, get you all caught up
Never even second guessed it, how do you know her?
Think back to the night, while you was dancing all on her
What if I said I, was the one who set it all up
Now you're the fool

Only one fool in the room, and it's you
Only thing I've ever asked of you is that you don't lie, don't lie
Look me in the eye tell why shit could feel like, you ain't mine
Hitting your phone talking 'bout your my baby

Who that is acting like she can say that?
Who that is boy you know I don't play that
Hold on let me finish
Who that is, why don't you reply?
Tell me who that is this late at night

Who that, who that
Who that, who that
Who that, who that
Who that is
Tell me who that is

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Villegas, Jasmine Who That Comments
  1. cornbreadthedog

    Never ever heard of her up until now. This girl is on fire! Awesome vocals and super-tight productions on these here tracks! New fan now and I'm putting my Nintendo Switch down to listen to you make these cold beats to tear up these streets! Go get 'em!

  2. Anita Mercado

    Start making Music Again!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Kahlan Turner

    This is honestly one of my most favorite songs that she has ever made!!🔥🔥except for that’s me right there & gimme more 😍

  4. Azir Kurtisi

    beautiful song

  5. King TravisSearles

    Absolutely beautiful in so many different ways!! Did you know Taylor Swift is a Reptilian Shapeshifting lizard who was ploting to take over the world? Seriously!

  6. Rahul Mahay

    SZA is a queen for giving this to Jaz✨

  7. Love Evelyn

    people say this song is about Ronnie Banks but her and Ronnie only dated for a year which was after this song

  8. Riddled Rhythms

    Loving how this one makes me feel. Time to get back to work myself! 😌💫💟🥁❤️💗

  9. Andrew Burns

    Really fantastic work! Time to go and make something new with all the inspiration I’m getting from it. Wonderful!

  10. Alice Lopez

    ur amazing ❤

  11. Maria Barrera

    2018 anyone?

  12. Kasey

    the instro gives me vibes

  13. RaphaCool Johnson


  14. Nikiya Brown

    I didn't know she cussed 😅

  15. Ad Contreras

    Oh shit this song is strong oh shit

  16. l0v3ly garina

    Damn...I love jasmine v so much💎❤

  17. Camila Azocar

    traducción al español :(

  18. Kimari bush

    Answer her ,Who that ?😂


    que tl hermosa jas villegas saludos y espero tengas buena vida siempre les deseo alas buenas artistas mejor mundo universo

  20. Latreah Stevenson

    love the song please make more!

  21. BEA ᴇɪʟɪsʜ ღ

    _I love this danm song_ 🎶

  22. Marissa Alvarez

    love this song!!😜

  23. Alice Lopez

    i luv this song ! babe keep doing ur thang ✌💋

  24. Moo Cow

    love this song 😘😍🎵🎶🎤🎧

  25. llLunarMoonsll Lifeislit

    Really good songs I've jasmine she's my fav artist.

  26. V.S

    love this song 😘😍😳❤⭐🎤

  27. JVLUV

    Can people stop comparing this song to Sizas song like the only similar is the beat but the songs are completely different. And isnt completely the same some of its different and the beat also has a different effect.

  28. princess crystalisnice

    Love this song. 🎶🎤Who that ? Who that? Tell who that is 🎵

  29. First Matter Model

    Koooooooool:-) :-) :-) :-) --

  30. فروكسك \ FROKSK

    l Love jasmine V 😍💋

  31. Evans

    At least now I know who the song is for....

    Justminator 97

    +Venus Evans Well who is it for then?

    Dani wavy

    Justminator 97 its about her baby daddy/fiancé Ronnie Banks


    actually its not bc at the time she released this song she wasnt dating ronnie

  32. jaquavious jones

    I love you Jasmine so so much and I am so happy about your new baby girl
    don't listen to these people who are hateing on because you got somebody else song some shit they was talking about but who cares
    we love you Jasmine

  33. Luccas Dhanyel

    Música Maneira !!!

  34. Becky G

    like Becky G say I Love It I love this song

  35. Quentin The Fawn

    The sinister sound only matches the original it was used in, Teen Spirit by SZA -.-

    Yana Mays

    you're acting as if a sinister sound is good or something lmao😭😑

  36. Anastasia Thms

    i like this song...
    This song need a clip video

  37. Offblac Productions

    is this sza's beat ?? sza- teen spirit


    The producer sold it to Jasmine and her team, her names Wondagurl (I think)


    Tay Cartier yes I just found out

  38. Amadi Hall

    She stole this from SZA - Teen Spirit😑

    Amadi Hall

    +Brenda Villegas LOL, ur an idiot 😂😩💀

    Afeni Graceland

    +Amadi Hall no you're the idiot who doesn't knows what 'sample' means bitch.

    Amadi Hall

    +Afeni Nefertiti lmfao u mad or nah B? She's unoriginal AF😴👀💅🏾


    +Amadi Hall If she stole the song then it would be exactly the same. The lyrics are different and vocals are too the only thing that is the same is the beat except this one is a lot lighter than SZA.

  39. kaytanna kemp

    I love this song

  40. Shonte Mcduffie

    She is beautiful she can sing she
    Should be making thousands

  41. Hasan Ross


  42. Daphne Leemans

    shes got such a good voice

  43. TheMaKenzieLover

    I-G-G-Y..? Lol jk

    Geitan Kabongo

    😭😂😂 💀smh

  44. Lilith's pet

    sampled SZA... i see what u did there.

  45. Melissa Browder

    SZA-teen spirit... Better than this dumb shit . oh who sang it better?! ...SZA!

  46. Shelby Garcia

    And everybody on her that is putting her down can stfu she is amazing and has a lot more than one hit

  47. Shelby Garcia

    (Uhhhh Amelia Davis 100) that is my cousin how can you say she Isent doing well she is doing amazing and she has made a lot more songs and she has been threw a lot so if you ain't got nothing nice to say then be posting on her videos that is my cousin and I'll stick up for her quicker than anything she is better than you you will ever be 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😈😈😈😈😈

  48. JediJediJedi

    This is a good song.

  49. Eddie Escobar

    You Rock Jasmine 🎤🎺🎷🎸🎶🎵

  50. Eddie Escobar

    Her Career Is Getting Better
    And If Your A Fan Of Jasmine Villegas
    You Should Write Positive Comments
    Instead Of Negative Ones

    Its Ya Girl Jass 17!!

    Eddie Escobar right

  51. David Cruz

    Team jasmine 😍😍😍

  52. Oriejfperjfgr fokjer'fjefj

    SZA teen spirit shouldn't be touched by anyone in Anyway but this is okay

  53. Fae Santana



    I actually liked this version the only thing I like about that song Teen Spirit was her voice the lyrics weren't so great to me

  54. Hallana Beatriz

    Hold on, let me finish. I love this part!!!! Wtf jas voice is so good.

  55. Aaliyah Nodman

    sounds good

  56. Misana

    love this voice.

  57. Shaquira Jay

    Tell me why I started humming SZA's Teen Spirit BEFORE I even heard this?! Wow. But anyways...Jazz is killin' the game.

  58. Frances Montoya

    she looks like JLo in this snippet

  59. Leticia Lopes

    I love you Jasmine ! <3 Come to Brazil !

  60. Andrea Hankins

    Y'all do realize that its just an EP its like a mixtape but you have to buy it just something to help build her brand and her music career instead of just putting out an album and people not no who she is and You never know That's me right there might not be her only hit you are not god you cant predict the future so shut the fuck up!

  61. Hallana Beatriz

    I'm so proud to call myself Jasminator. U are such a special amazing and hot person/idol u will always blessed my Jas 💖

  62. Willow Mezyk

    I can't control what any one says. But Jasmine V is MY FRIEND and I know her. She's a strong beautiful girl and has a AMAZING voice! ILY Jasmine keep going girl

  63. i’m the one I should love

    I really got obssesed with Jasmine when I saw the Uptown Funk cover, I didn't knew she was back for real in the industry, I remember that I was crazy with Just A Friend and Werk and now that she actually discovered her sound is even more amazing!

    Jessicah H.

    Omgg same i loved those two songs broo

    Promise Greene

    Omg me too I love those songs

  64. LanaPrimeTime

    Don't know about sampling SZA...

  65. Orhe Onomake

    Her voice reminds me of Keshia Chante a lot....

  66. mscardioqueen

    I like it!

  67. Navena Moore

    Don't get me wrong that my girl

  68. Tyeisha Perkins

    i love her she amazing 

  69. Aznek

    She sampling "Teen Spirit" by SZA.

  70. Britt 26/09/2015

    this is not good  :p

  71. Noodle Op

    This is honestly the best song she's made. It's a shame her career isn't taking off like it should.Let's be real, Bieber is the main reason she's gotten this far. Girl needs to find a new management team to push her more "out there", because her current one is acting nonexistent(if that makes sense lol)

    Jessicah H.


    seyven dreon

    She's expecting a baby know lol if she hasn't had it so happy for her

    Josh Garmon

    Um No its Not

    Taina Iserael

    Noodle Op so you saying Justin Bieber's the one singing right now

    Destiny Foster

    Noodle Op your wrong cause she gotten that far cause she has a beautiful voice

  72. Ishvari Gajadhar

    Super !

    لّيِسَ غٌرٍوَرٍ گٍبُرٍيِآٍئيِ

    @Soerris Gajadhar sorry my net bad 😔

    Ishvari Gajadhar

    Who are you

    soerris Gajadhar

    i,am you re brother

  73. Jasmine Fuentes

    I love this song so much ☆☆^_^

  74. j j

    She is repeating her self , when she was talking about fools like i didnt understand why it was evan in the song.. and she cant speak good her voice is mumbled

  75. aleesha Johnson

    I love jasmine v

  76. Quisha Collins


  77. Daisy Harris

    Stop comparing Jasmine's songs if u like it then that's all u have to say

    This happens to be my favorite song on her EP

  78. Dajhanna Chung

    I thought it was a man singing

    Carlie Seaver

    You should get your hearing checked...

    Keyarra Edwards

    Yeah seriously. ..get your hearing checked or clean the wax out of them.


    @Dajhanna Chung lol i agree i thought it was a man singing at first

    Alonja s

    Really really first look at the pic of the song second that doesn't sound like a guy to me and third go get your ears checked like for real

  79. Kemi116

    Omgg, wow!! What a tuneee, first time I heard this and I gotta say that this has got to be one of my favess of her new music. I love this even as much as her song 'I Love Your Crazy'. Love you Jasmine V 💜

  80. Creepsy Power


  81. 5ooshOfficial

    Watch Jasmine V singing "Who That" LIVE to a very lucky fan, only on @5ooshOfficial 

    Guy Beigel

    She the best

  82. Roxy Chic


  83. Chaleyki Leshauna

    Great song. So straight forward and true!

  84. Destiny Brown

    I'm in love with this song but can somebody explain to me what's it about I thought getting the actual would help but it doesn't thanks

    Chaleyki Leshauna

    Another girl is texting her man's phone late at nights and she is wondering why this person doesnt repect the boundaries of texting a guy who is already taken. Shes basically thinking the girl texting him so late at night does not know he is taken and that he is trying to cheat on her.

  85. marian nabialczyk

    u'are remarkable it improbable but it turns out is possible that after such excellent songs in so a short span of time. .. was writing a new song this time "who that " - which is a next excellent work in every respect ;)

  86. Ivan V

    wow she is really pretty and a good singer to

  87. Kiana Caceda

    Honestly "That's me right there" is her hit song. 

    j j

    its not even good

    Tathiane Almeida

    Her EP's so good and TMRT is the worst song in it. Who dat, Walk Away >>>>>>>>>>>>>> TMRT

  88. l'alchimie mancunienne

    Omg For me the best song of th best of the best in the world jasmine v is the best

  89. Aline Medeiros

    DESTRUIDORAAAAAA!!!! Come to Brazil bobona 

  90. sharabreean

    i love jasmine but this has to be my least favorite song from her EP just because it's just like Sza's- Teen Spirit and unfortunately i like Sza's version just because i think jasmine's voice is too harsh for the beat 


    +sharabrezzy I agree

  91. Rita Lima

    I'm so in love for this song! You're perfect Jasmine! Love you

  92. Mg3o31

    Her EP showed so much of her talent in just a few songs. Can't wait for the full album so Jas can show way more!

  93. Kyla Martinez

    The thumbnail looks like jlo