Villegas, Jasmine - Me Without You Lyrics

I don't wanna be me without you
Day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day
I don't wanna be me without you
Day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day
I don't wanna be me without you

[Verse 1:]
Lights off, days lost, crying on my bed
Heart beats slowly, try to clear my head
But I ain't talkin' I'm not even walkin'
I just wanna miss you, I just wanna kiss you
Cold fever, now that I can't feel ya
Guess I gotta tell you right now, now, now, now

And I'm sorry, for the way that I scream,
Said those things I don't mean
But I'm sorry, and I want you know that
I'm taking it all back

I love the way you love me yeah
Laying on my body
I love the way you love me yeah
Love me like you do
I love the way you love me yeah
Boy I'm sorry
I don't want lonely
I don't wanna be me without you

Day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day
Day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day

[Verse 2:]
Your trip, I flip, stupid words are said
I make you believe you're nothin' to me
To blame you for walking away
But tears fallin' and waitin' for you callin'
Daddy gonna fix it, I'm not gonna risk it
I'm playin' bitter, truth is I need ya
Boy can you hear me (out, out out, out)



[Outro x2:]
Day, day, day, day
I want you every
Day, day, day, day
Cause I love you
Day, day, day, day
I need you every
Day, day, day, day

I don't wanna be me without you
I don't wanna be me without you
I don't wanna be me without you

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Villegas, Jasmine Me Without You Comments
  1. Lena Benjii

    2019 anyone?

  2. I Own The Jamz

    baby baby baby ohhhh

  3. Bestter Way

    I still listen this song

  4. Baby D

    Shouldn't listen to this high😩 lmfao... In My Feelins Like A mf

  5. Sha Rani

    2019 and forever love this 💗✨

  6. Robin Jones


  7. Paula

    Still one of my fav songs ❤ No matter how long it's been, your lyrics speak to me🔈🎶...#LoveYouJas

  8. jezebell ortigoza

    11:20 pm (night) wed Aug 1 2018

  9. jezebell ortigoza

    I love the way u love me ya.

    Sorry about what i said In Instagram and I'm sorry 😔

    Sometimes I'm a bitch kind of

    I love you ❤️💘

  10. Amber Beckford

    Amazing song❤❤

  11. Summer K

    Love this song 💘🦋

  12. Jason Vales

    That‘s dope ✌🏼


    Dam i didnt know u before jb

  14. mika benjamin

    I love this song it be have me in my feelings about my bae

  15. Melinda Garcia

    Love your music Jasmine V. You and your family are amazing

  16. Alexus

    I remember this song

  17. a day in life with lissa

    whos here in 2017

  18. harry sinyangwe

    where are you now jas? I miss you

  19. Lyric Aria

    Still obsessed with this song.

  20. Natori Williams

    whoever disliked this song y'all crazy she has a beautiful voice❤

  21. Kylasha Dewer

    out of all her songs my favorite my top 3 favorite ones are me without you, jealous, and that's me right there

  22. Gea Forino

    this girl deserves wayy more credit! she isnt out there as much as she should be! her music is amazing and her voice is golden! smh, she needs a better manager who puts her out there more!

  23. Egg Suarez

    with jasmine's case its the label who is not supporting bigtime! some artist makes the song big by and with they're voice, some artist made it b'coz of the song and some hit it jockpot b'coz of the featured artist! Jasmine's case guess must change the stile from RNB to Pop Ballad

  24. jit van

    I just heard these new songs. Im really loving her new style of music and shes growing up more and more beautiful..!!! love your stuff Jasmine.. WHoever made the lyric videos is awesone too !!

  25. Abilene Freeland

    Ugh this song 😍

  26. Michele Oliveira

    pleno 2017 e eu ainda escuto essa musica ❤😍

  27. chocolategal20

    I wanna hear this on the radio😥 Why they always play the same ish...

  28. Uhime

    love this song !

  29. Infamous Karnage

    Jasmine and Justin should've lasted but Ronnie gave her ameera so Ronnie and jasmine are the perfect couple

  30. Mia Ford

    this is a good song

  31. Larissa Simões

    cadê o clipe dessa porra

  32. Dee Rich Houston

    that was hot beautiful

  33. Infamous Karnage

    Jasmine had nice tits

  34. Aliyah Smith

    I love her songs you go girl

  35. Carmoni Jefferson

    I don't like that day part but it's a good song

  36. Jessica Moore

    my daughter love jasmine and her songs

  37. Deashia Leonard

    this song get me in my feelings and I love this song so much

  38. Natori Williams

    day day day day

  39. Jessica Moore

    i love this song

  40. Charity Mujeyi

    I don't wanna be me without u!

  41. Keyon Edmore

    I like this song by Jasmine v

  42. josselin Mora

    jasmine villegas el love

  43. Sierra Cox

    my fav song into my feels

  44. puppy love

    who ever doesn't like this song is stupid

    BEA ᴇɪʟɪsʜ ღ

    _It doesn't mean they're stupid, it's just not they're tastes_

  45. puppy love

    I love u jasmine v

  46. IExoTicSwiTchI EXO

    Can't wait till Ameera grows up then looks like back at all her moms Jasmine's songs lol and see her listening to it all day

    Isa Nefertiti

    Exactly lol

    Destiny Bah

    I ҡռօա right

    c a t a

    omg exo

    DoYou KnowMe

    IExoTicSwiTchI EXO KPOP fan everywhere ☺😊

  47. Paola Quiroz

    the dance is fuccin sexy and nice omg

  48. Larissa Smith

    and let me know what u think 😗

  49. Larissa Smith

    check out my small cover to close to you rihanna

    Ciara Horne

    u did good

    Larissa Smith

    +Ciara Horne thanks boo 😌

    Ciara Horne

    +Larissa Smith np

  50. Lateisha Clarke

    i love all her songs

  51. Jerry Barker

    I love her music

  52. Bianca M

    This song is so good! I have liked her music since the beginning! She is super talented. She definitely deserves more recognition 🙌

  53. ninanile

    I like this 😊
    I wrote a poem Hate Me Enough by ninanile. Please check it out.

  54. Leslie Lopez

    I'm so over everything you done to me, I ain't talking, I'm just missing you! I'm sorry for yelling @ u, I can't be me if your not here with me. My baby 05/11/15

    Destiny Bah

    +Rebecca Thomas օɦ I ʄɛɛʟ sօ bad

    Rebecca Thomas

    @Hassatou Bah thank u I'm taking it one day at a time if you got someone hold to them cause tomorrow is never promise


    God Bless you and your child

    Rebecca Thomas

    @Samantha Smith thank u


    my pleasure

  55. dharmagirl28

    i'm a Jasmine fan. just wanna tell love you.

  56. iicloud

    Jasmine if your feeling down cause of all the negativity just know that we supporters love you and you should only think about the live none of haters know how amazing and beautiful you are and the haters are just jealous of you and love your voice I hav admired you since I was five love your hair color!😜😍😘😝😛

  57. Sagar Jimee

    good song also voice♥

  58. Jessi G

    Your voice is super amazing and You're so beautiful!!!!

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    This one needs a video

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    Lovin It

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    Great song!!

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    Hooray ! Ameera Reign Is So Adorably Beautiful Like Jasmine V But more Look aLike Like Ronnie B :D GratZ to Both Of You <3

    natalia kusmierz

    she has kids?

    Isa Nefertiti

    +natalia kusmierz she only has Ameera

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    That voice 😍😍

  66. Sharese

    Also still like this

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    All her songs the best

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    Bitch can Sing

    Brittanie Hall

    hangouts me josh

    Lizbeth Meza

    Josh don't be calling her like the she's not that what u tell her

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  72. Katlin Littlepage

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    209 can live without you hahaha LOVE U JAS ♥

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    and your very pretty love you 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  77. Dulce maria Flores

    love all your song jasmine Im sure that there not a song I don't like of your because I love all your song Love you jasmine keep up the good work!!😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💜💜💜💜💘💘💘💘💘

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