Villegas, Jasmine - Gimme More Lyrics

Infatuation, I ain't never had a lover that can make me feel this way
(Drop that shit, gone drop that shit)
I'm usually patient, but every moment I'm with you baby I can hardly wait
(Drop that shit, gone drop that shit)
Motivation, tell me how you do what you do to me
(Drop that shit, gone drop that shit)
Temptation, everything on you looks good to me
(Drop that shit)
So I'm just saying boy

No more holding back that's how I like it (oh)
Left-right bring it back that's how I like it
It's it all right? That I want a little bit more
This time I'm not the one that's gonna take it slow
Cuz your all mine, and I want a little bit more
Ain't I never felt this, I ain't never felt this before
I ain't never felt this before

Gimme more, gimme more
Baby it's whatever tonight
Gimme more, gimme more
We can do whatever you like

Persuasion, baby Ima keep going til you let me get my way
(Drop that shit, gone drop that shit)
Oh what sensation, all I want is more of that feeling
(Drop that shit, gone drop that shit)
So I'm just saying boy

No more holding back that's how I like it (oh)
Left-right bring it back that's how I like it
It's it all right? That I want a little bit more
This time I'm not the one that's gonna take it slow
Cuz your all mine, and I want a little bit more
Ain't I never felt this, I ain't never felt this before
I ain't never felt this before

Gimme more, gimme more
Baby it's whatever tonight
Gimme more, gimme more
We can do whatever you like

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Villegas, Jasmine Gimme More Comments
  1. Courtney Mitchell

    Eour wour sour sour our sour our wour noue our sour our sour boue sour sour

  2. Desiree Johnson


  3. Jess VC

    I feel like she did the snapchat thing because she was pregnant you can see it

  4. Gods Son

    Gabriel Joel roque #1 hmu

  5. Komal Kour

    The song is really good though

  6. King TravisSearles

    Jasmine has great potential as a musician! She has an exceptional voice & shes absolutely beautiful as well which are the 2 key components! Good management is another must!

  7. jessica r


  8. 93291 ALL DAY


  9. yaneiz rios

    Get back into music and focus on yourself you’re really talented you got this !

  10. TUKOMI Channel

    Go villegas family

  11. Jasmin Solis


  12. some kid

    If this was actually made on her phone and she randomly dropped this, I feel like no one complain. But when you think of a music video you don’t think of this, which is why everyone seems so dissatisfied.

  13. Luis Montoya

    Wow Jasmine this is just bad...

  14. xxkhmerbloodxx

    Love the song and the video. It was very Creative

  15. Princesss Lena

    2018 i love this song

  16. Aida Aston

    She is so pretty with blonde hair

  17. Onel Morales

  18. Keyisha Williams


  19. Keyisha Williams

    bout ronnie I bet lol and aww

  20. shannon wasser

    oh and y'all use snap chat all the time. looking dumb with those filters. and looking dumb lyp singing to songs..just saying.

  21. Rica Chica

    Is she straight or bi? 😕 she's attractive asf! 💯👌

  22. Jennah Rolnad

    And your new song Gimme more the video likes good and you are having fun with your friends:)

  23. Jennah Rolnad

    and One night with Jeremiah that song is so good it be so good if Jasmine have a video of that song One night:)

  24. Jennah Rolnad

    I love Jasmine her songs and her video so good my favorite song is Thats me right there with ft.Kendrick Lamer that video was so great jasmine outfits so great all her videos:)

  25. Antonio Rodriguez

    Who's the girl at 2:24 😍

    val jeanette

    Antonio Rodriguez queenpee on instagram or something like that I think

  26. Ca Martins

    flop :/

  27. Joana Castro

    great song woman and me me two two

  28. A̷l̷e̷x̷ ̷ M̷r̷s̷B̷e̷a̷u̷t̷y̷ ̷Q̷u̷e̷e̷n̷

    Now this is MY type of music and the music I was waiting for. Love you, J <3

  29. Lua Cassoli

    i love ❤

  30. Briar Foskey

    Anyone else thinks she sounds like Ariana Grande in the chrous?


    thats what I thought when I first heard it

  31. Fatou Doudou

    I want a Jasmine x Tinashe !

  32. vip5hawol

    Holy shiet, she still makes music ?!?! :o I'll go check out her other stuff now haha~

  33. Joana Castro

    so much this music felt in me

  34. Mikaela Da Silva

    Love u Jas 💘

  35. Alexa Gomez

    l love you Jasmine you're are my iteal for years

  36. Jasmine Propps

    y'all dumb asf. okay A) this is the official video for this song and B) the girl just came back from having a fucking baby. let her slide back into it damn. if y'all were true fans y'all would support her and what she does no matter what. if you don't like the video so fucking what you don't need to comment on her shit. grow the fuck up!!!!

  37. Daisy Munoz

    Alfredo was behind the whole video, wasnt he? I expected better. Sadly disappointed. Still love ya Jasmine!

  38. kosha dillz

    this is a great concept. found you via Tim La Ghetoo ayyy

  39. Aideth bby


    When your favorite singer had a baby about a year ago and still looks good

  40. Alexa Gomez

    I LOVE Jasmine.v

    Alexa Gomez

    bigest fan ever belive upsest😜😜😜😍😍😻😻💘💘💘💘💖💖💖💞

  41. MuzicXLoveR

    the video is cute. who even cares about the video, when the song is so good.

  42. shannon wasser

    this is better than seeing drugs & half naked chicks in music videos.

  43. shannon wasser

    yall prolly dont got a job so dont be talking shit 💯💯💯. at least shes making money. whats yall doing?

  44. JVLUV

    #GimmeMore music lol!!! I Love this song <3

  45. Chiara Picara

    When I think back at the time when I was a super hyped Jasminator... it is still the same now Jasmine always released stuff like some good songs a mixtape and her EP in 2014 that got way more attention than all the other things she did. But the point is that there was like never an album and a real breakthrough. I've been waiting since 2011 for an album. And the other point is that everyone knows this girl has potential!! I mean TMRT was even played in Germany in several H&M stores!! But it always seems like nothing big will happen. There is something missing like a real boom. Now it's been 5 years and I am watching all her stuff again and I still love it and I am happy that she did all this music but I think Jasmine will never make it bigger than it was 2014 with TMRT. Sometimes it makes me sad because I truly believed in her potential and I was really patient all the years long. But still I will always like Jasmine and check her stuff because with her music she never disappointed!! And even though Jasmine was my role model and she was my world back then so I'll always have a special place for her and her stuff even if I think it's sad that she never got bigger.

  46. Najjah

    This is a really cool video. Also I met Jasmine V at a concert in Michigan either 1 or 2 years ago. And we got a picture together

  47. ANNA Georgia

    I like this song an she has a beautiful voice an she's pretty

  48. Kayla fernandez

    your a mom now so you cant be getting more.

  49. Christina Alisa

    Her videos different it's cute . I couldn't do so many snaps tho 😂

  50. Sterling land

    When I first heard that she was going to release I was so excited now I'm not saying like 😱 OMG I am her #1 fan because y'all would argue a point but I was like ooh Ok there's like so many things she could do to vamp the song maybe add in some choreography, add in some choreography, look fly as ever, and of course kill I didn't per say like this video I like the song just wish it was longer ♥ ♥ and she would've done more with this overall it's 🔥 🔥 glad to see she did come back out with something since people kept begging her for something ever since her last Ep I don't know what happened I think the drag came about after she left Interscope so she'll have to work her way up again to get to where she was back then her daughter is beyond gorgeous and hope the best for her and her family 😍😍😚😚 #JV4EV

  51. Nay Ataide


  52. Jennifer Moran

    Oh my gosh, total girl crush alert so pretty!

  53. Michelle Hernandez

    Why does every damn girl always end up the same? WHY

    Justminator 97

    Probably bc it sells?

  54. Mariel

    i like the video and the song, chica you're the best

  55. NIVEA

    Who else tapped their screen because they were idiots and thought they were on snapchat

  56. kriselda garza

    I think the video idea is cool af

  57. shay mitchie

    the reason you keep getting dropped from other labels is cos of your poor work ethic, this video just seems like its lacking any creativity and effort. good luck with your music.... 'career'

    Justminator 97

    Actually interscope didn't drop her. She left on her own bc she wants to be an independant artist. But yeah her going independant is prolly going to kill her career for good...


    this isnt an actual music video lol.

  58. Jas monroy

    The song is catchy! I appreciate the snapchat theme of this video,, it was different, but I was hoping the video would go full screen before you got out of bed. This was just too painful to watch. Overall I feel like you let us all down. As somebody else said ( I second that) You could have been famous way too many times in your life, could have sold so many more records, and made better music. You had so many chances, yet you always failed to come through. I have completely lost hope in you. Your poor work ethic shows why you keep getting dropped from labels and couldn't have anybody write you a decent song. Just stick to youtube vloggs. you got something to learn about work ethic but don't do it with music because its not for you.

    Justminator 97

    Sad but true..

    Aideth bby

    Jas monroy actually lots of people like the idea of the song and jasmine never has ever lost record deals she had one but sadly lost it only because she was pregnant with her baby. You are just a hater who doesn't like jasmine she letdown everybody but there's an explanation, she just started coming back into music she forgot how to make her viewers excited.

    norma creation

    I agree with jas, jasmines music sucks now.

  59. RitchelleFSvan

    This is HoT! Jasmine Villegas​ Love that you are back =) Your baby is so beautiful! Her cheeks is wonderful!

  60. Roselyn K y H

    I love you jasmine

  61. Mila Leon

    so madly in love with you girrl

    Antonio Rios

    Mila Leon.

  62. Kyla Martinez

    Am i the only one but at one point I actually tapped the screen😂

  63. trollsdontexist

    i used to be a huge fan of jasmine but she fucked up her career over a lame ass dude and if it wasnt dead before. which it was. its dead now. plus when she had potential, all of 2014 and 2015 she did was trip over a 16 year old boy who got her knocked up in the end. mess. her career is dead tbh. bye

    america garcia

    Kidrcuhling and what are you doing? (:

    Aaliyah Martinez

    The fuck she has a family?! What tf you getting mad for? She pick family over fame

  64. President Stewart

    She was on the way to becoming the next big thing. Until she got pregnant. Now she has to work her way from the bottom all over again.

    JayyChaks Jocelyne

    President Stewart she will make it.

    Aaliyah Martinez

    President Stewart lmao yet she is gonna make it she happy with her family more then her fame

  65. Vicente Meraz

    Wow I'm so impressed Jasmine I love it

  66. Lashay Caldwell

    Honestly the song isnt that bad, not really the best song but its okay. BUt the music video was wack i didnt like it

  67. Devyn Jenkins


  68. antoniomiranda gomez

    love Pérou Joan regarde photos

  69. AntonioMiranda Bazan

    I love régarde oui photo Antonio longueuil

  70. Isa Nefertiti

    Alfredo we love you 😘💕✨💫

  71. Isa Nefertiti


  72. Isa Nefertiti


  73. Isa Nefertiti


  74. Zahide Duman

    she's best song 👌👍

  75. cocoberrymochi

    What a bop. & ok y'all we get it, you didn't like the video. But Jasmine is a mother with priorities now and filming an expensive MV is not one of them right now. Just be lucky that she's putting anything out here for us at all, damn.

    Justminator 97

    It didn't ruin her life but it did ruin her career. Now she has to start all over again.

    Jas monroy

    It doesn't matter. If you want to be an entertainer you have to produce quality music and videos. She should just quit since she's a mom because clearly she can't do both. Im sure she's an amazing mom but that something her music will never be. jas just sits on her a$$

    Jas monroy

    It doesn't matter. If you want to be an entertainer you have to produce quality music and videos. She should just quit since she's a mom because clearly she can't do both. Im sure she's an amazing mom but that something her music will never be. jas just sits on her a$$

    shannon wasser

    Jojo Howard yess!!

    Tasha Harris

    You do Jasmine left Inerscope and is now an independent artist. Her daughter comes first

  76. Jarae Conley

    love the song but the video was trash sorry but jasmine you could've gave it more effort

  77. Monique Love

    I love your black hair. But change is good.

  78. Alondra Evans

    I love jasmine but this video wasnt her best this theme is good for a more fun up beat song but this song needed another type of video idea

    Antonio Rodriguez

    Alondra Evans it's not even the music video lol

  79. jj darling

    I thought you said you were ganna make music

  80. Karen Vega


  81. Karen Vega


  82. Karen Vega


  83. Christina Cerna


  84. SimplyMusicJB4

    Love love looooove that you and Alfredo did something different and unique with this video! It's refreshing not to see a typical video like everyone else would do. And the song is amazing. Keep slaying💘💘

  85. freesia 143

    Has she had the baby yet? I dont see no babybump here

    Hillary Gonzalez

    yes she did back in February

  86. freesia 143

    Shes so pretty!!

  87. Jennifer Cano

    i love this Song!! ❤❤❤

  88. Ariel Artayare

    el vídeo no me gusto pero la música está genial ... #gimmemore

  89. Deronica Msp

    the songs horrible. I thought it would be nice when she was posting it on insta.

  90. Jahniesce C

    This is what I waited weeks for ? God I'm like madly in love w Jasmine & I love her music but this video is just disapointing 😕 And lame lol sorry there could have been so much more effort deadass

    Antonio Rodriguez

    Jahniesce Bae it's not the music video for this song

    Sofi C

    hmm, u have to remember she is busy with Ameera she cant do everything

    Aaliyah Martinez

    This not the official music and video and everything in the world is perfect

  91. Ezabel Nena

    yass jasmine😍👏💯😜❤

  92. Acid

    hiiii bb

  93. Yas Gonka

    i love the song but the way that the vídeo is recorded is a little anoying.🤔💕💕💕💕

    america garcia

    Yas Tube record a new one for her then

    Yas Gonka

    america garcia if you think that i was hating on her,you're wrong...Im a fan and the way that the vídeo is recorded is anoying not bad.

  94. Tülay Şahin


  95. LucyAndLydia

    This is a TUNEEEEEEEE

  96. Fifi Villegas

    Loved the song Jasmine! I want more music, gimme more!

  97. RockGodLoveMe

    I love the song SO MUCH.
    But the music video? She could have done SO MUCH BETTER. She has a lot of potential but I feel like she doesn't exploit it.

    angela g

    RockGodLoveMe this is why I stopped being a hardcore fan years ago and only drop by occasionally. people talking about how she's a mother now but she has always done the bare mininum


    angela g Yeah I agree with you.

    Tasha Harris

    She is an independent artist its going be really expensive to make a good music video and given the fact she has baby most of her money mostly likely goes into getting for her baby

  98. burikikay

    U have wide waist now😭

    america garcia

    burikikay and ??

  99. jlyxx

    So sad to see negative comments :( But yea i agree that its kinda inconvenient how sometimes the screen turns etc.. Jasmine has still so much potential. Its not a bad song and yes the video could be better but HEY keep going jasmine! Im still rooting for you 💪