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There's a mile long queue at the chippy
I wish I was at my Gran's for tea
These people call me their friend, but they don't think the same as me

Are you fed up chasing your tail round this housing scheme
Drinkin' your drink now
And staying up too early in the morning

I wander through the streets of Dundee
Mum said you shouldn't walk them alone
A fight's a fight, 'n' that's quite alright
But please leave the tools at home

You lower standards and expectations of love
You never aim for people that you think are levels above
You're always chasing the same skirts round
Round the local pub

Where were you when I needed you?
Up the posh end of town
You're supposed to protect and serve
You're out for a perve just driving around

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  1. hameesh

    i’m on my way to dundee now lmao

  2. Kristian Smith

    I stay in Dundee it's a song a meau Fir a chippy haha

  3. John Sergison

    Don't listen to this song! It is very inaccurate! Me and my girlfriend went to Dundee last night and there was no queue in the chippy! Don't know what they're on about!

    kevin martin

    +John Sergison Inaccurate??

    Daniel Elder

    Right you really know nothing about anything, this isnt about experiences.